Healing with the Pink Ray



The pink ray is the third one of the seven divine rays and is directed by ascended master Paul the Venetian and his twin flame Lady Rowena. Kwan Yin is also manifesting more and more with this flame.

Archangel Chamuel whose name means “He Who Sees God / He Who Seeks God”, is the great provider of the Pink Ray energies.

This is the Ray of divine unconditional love, of tenderness, beauty, tolerance, patience, compassion, perseverance, softness and self-giving.

It is the Ray of mediators conciliators referees and all those who work for love

How to Use it ?

We have to use it every time we need love in all its forms. It soothes the soul, comforts us brings tenderness and allows comprehension and forgiveness to be part of our journey.

It is very important to use this ray these days because many of the human sicknesses and problems are related to the loss of love and uncontrolled emotions.

When the energy of love is blocked it creates in us discomforts and diseases.

The pink ray helps in freeing the blockages caused by deep wounds that the soul may have kept for so long, and the feelings of abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal or injustice.

Healers can use it at the end of a treatment to soothe the different bodies and send energy healing through the heart.

It is the ray of the deep wounds, to heal children, pregnant women etc… It heals the mourning and those emotional situation of reject and separation we may

The Essence of the Pink Ray

This ray is very present on Earth on Tuesday it is the symbol of divine love. A love that is like a floral pledge that flows through the plains and adorns the cradle of the imagination of the beauty of the arbutus, the scent of the rose…

Love is joyful and magnificent. With its power humans learn to communicate better to each other the beauty and the compassion they received from Source. The gift of this love represents a honest exchange between all the souls ennobled by the real meaning of God.

For more information you can read this article:

Archangel Chamuel is part of the 7 most important Archangels and is a great leader in the Angelic Hierarchy of Powers.

The Powers are angels who have the mission to protect the world against the lower energies and fear.

Chamuel protects our personnel environment and helps us clear out all types of relationships we have, to give more importance to our existence, to trust ourselves and even to find some of the things we lost.

He assist us in building solid foundations in our relationships and career making things more balanced healthy and long lasting in our life.

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