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One Out Of The Box

Why are so many countries and companies launching so many satellites and secret payloads into Earth orbit?

How many communications satellites and how many spy satellites do we need?

Does this activity have anything to do with what Ramtha refers to as The War In The Heavens and the “great armada” that he spoke of in Last Waltz Of The Tyrants?

Ramtha:- “The return of the host is already here. An armada is already in its sojourn. You will see more and more of these in your heavens, as I have promised, and one day the whole host will be seen in the skies.” – Ramtha, Last Waltz OThe Tyrants, p 97.

We’re heading for deep water space in this article, so you’re encouraged to take note of this image of the new game of noughts and crosses. Keep it in mind as we tiptoe in.

Space-X Ups And Downs

Just before Christmas Bloomberg reported that Space-X had launched its 18th rocket and payload for the year, and they expected to launch 30 more missions in 2018.

But, as Space-X discovered with the explosion on the launch pad of one of its rockets in 2016, things can change in a heartbeat.

Consider too the apparent failure of a secret payload to separate from the successful launch of yet another Falcon 9 last week.

It was designated as the “Zuma” mission, carrying a top-secret spy satellite (or something).

Space-X also carried the top secret X37B into space for another mission a few months ago.

Many countries are involved in this space-age activity.

Last February, India deployed 104 satellites in space in a matter of 18 minutes, all carried by one rocket.

That’s how far things have advanced, and as far as the public is concerned, it’s all about commercial satellites and Internet access and watching Netflix on line, or those movies available through Amazon Prime and other outlets.

Today’s communication satellites weigh as little as two pounds, but that comes at a price – apparently some of them only have a service life of about two years, after which they become space junk (if they haven’t collided with one of the other several thousand little satellites that are buzzing around this planet every minute of the day – and night).

Going Knee-Deep

Keeping up with the news and current events is what we do here – which brings us to a LiveScience headline and article of Jan 12 2017. “Wild Rumors Fly as Pentagon Shuts Down Questions on Secretive ‘Zuma’ Mission.”

LiveScience staff writer Rafi Letzter deserves his own version of the new noughts and crosses game, because we learn from him that whatever was on board the Falcon-9 Space-X rocket was reputedly worth a billion dollars, and that “the Department of Defense might not be involved at all.

“But the sheer weirdness of the Pentagon’s behavior (in not answering questions) has been enough to convince veteran space reporters that something deeply weird is afoot here. And if it’s deeply weird space speculation o’clock, why not wonder about strange experimental vehicles (or weapons for that matter).”

He speculates that it might have been a test of something developed by defense contractor Northrop Grumman; or “it’s also possible that the satellite belonged to the CIA;” or “it may not have been a spy satellite at all. Conceivably it could have been a space-plane or some experimental vehicle.”

Outside the mainstream “fake news” shows, there are a lot of good reporters, and when veteran reporters write things like that, it’s a fair bet that they know a lot more than they are telling. The best they can do is hint and speculate and plant seeds of thought that readers can contemplate or follow up on if they wish.

For my part, I am speculating that at least some of these launches are carrying things that have something to do with the War In The Heavens – which the vast majority of people know nothing about, but which Ramtha reveals in detail in the book UFOs And The Nature Of Reality, from which comes the following single sentence.

Ramtha:- The war in the heavens is a planetary, galactic thing. You shouldn’t tolerate one more day your superstition and your really small-mindedness.” – Ramtha, UFOs And The Nature Of Reality, p 202.

Inside The Box

And then there’s the use of the mainstream, including the use of inside-the-box reporters who don’t know any better, in order to push a narrative that keeps the public entertained but simple-minded.

Can You Say Oumuamua?

It’s a Hawaiian word, pronounced oo-mua-mua, and according to an article in, (November 2017) “Houston, we have a visitor—and astronomers think there could be 10,000 more just like it ‘lurking’ in wait, as the Guardian puts it. Meet 1I/2017 U1, or ‘Oumuamua (Hawaiian for “messenger” or “scout”), which scientists say is an asteroid from another solar system—a cosmic first for observers on Earth.”

Reporter Jenn Gidman goes on to note that The Guardian and CNN also covered the story, reporting that scientists have “determined it’s probably not so different than our native asteroids and comets ”

Fascinated by this first discovery of such an object, scientists started scribbling math on their chalkboards and came up with the conclusion that a thousand of these enter our solar system every year, and another thousand depart, and there could be 10,000 more just like it.

WOW! All that making mainstream headlines, based on the sighting of just ONE object?

Is there a hidden intent there? Am I being subliminally conditioned to unconsciously believe that there could be 10,000 alien spacecraft heading for Earth? Or have I just damaged my head by banging it on the side of my box? Who am I to dismiss such scientific speculation?

After all, this object got the attention of the eminent scientist Dr Stephen Hawking and his colleagues at Breakthrough Listen – which, according to the UK Daily Star,has been “working on long-distance space transportation (and has) previously suggested that a cigar or needle shape is the most likely architecture for an interstellar spacecraft, since this would minimize friction and damage from interstellar gas and dust.”

Enough of that.

Suffice to say the official story is that it’s an asteroid of unusual shape, 1300 feet long, covered in space dust that has accumulated over millions of years, and monitoring it to see if it emitted any radio signals got a nil result. So it’s a dead rock . Now go back to sleep, or watching Star Trek or something. It’s all a fantasy.

But “mainstream,” even at the level of the tabloids, which you’ll know from the movie “Men In Black” is the place for the “real” news, isn’t the only place to find observations about current events; observations that are so far out of the box that it just might make your head spin.

So take a deep breath, because we’re about to go head first into deep water space, several astronomical units outside the box.

Wilcock And Goode

In his latest post, David Wilcock of DivineCosmos mentions a series of books titled The Law Of One.

I have never personally read them, but at an early age they formed the basis of his life’s work, which revolves around disclosure of the Deep State, the UFO phenomena, and the spiritual path as conveyed by those entities (ETs?) credited with the writing of The Law Of One.

That path can be a battle between the intellect and the Spirit – but that’s another story.

He’s a hard man to get hold of if one wants permission to use excerpts from his works, so we’ll settle for just a few, along with some paraphrasing – especially because these two articles are extremely long, and justifiably so, considering the breadth an d depth of their content.

Wilcock says he has, over the years, spoken with and validated what he has learned interdependently from numerous whistle-blowers, one of whom is Corey Goode.

Goode, says Wilcock, is a graduate of a Secret Space Program (of which there is more than one) and he has recovered not only memories of those many years in space, but is now a go-between who is on call to assist a variety of alien species who are engaged in a war over the future of our planet.

Before we get to Goode, however, a few words from David’s article.

“As I have been discussing every week now in my show Wisdom Teachings, our entire solar system is undergoing massive climate change like we see on earth.

“We are seeing the sun and planets becoming brighter, hotter, more magnetic, having more ozone and charged particles, more X-ray emissions, and so forth.

“Thirty-five different ancient traditions, as compiled by historians Santillana and von Dechend, all predicted we would enter into a ‘Golden Age’ after going through this process.

“The best of these traditions clearly predict that this quantum leap will be kicked into high gear as the sun gives off an epic flash of bright white light — much greater than usual.’

Sidestep – Ramtha

Ramtha:- I want you to think really big and to look at really big bodies and then look at your sun and the tantrum it is throwing.

It is going to get worse, and the politics of rebuilding infrastructure won’t get done because they know what is coming will knock out the Earth’s shield and fry everyone’s electronics, which at the heart of it is what every consumer depends upon. – Ramtha, UFOs And The Nature Of Reality, p 202

The Goode Report

According to Corey Goode, in the 10 minutes he was away from his home – taken elsewhere by the ETs who needed his assistance – he spent several days attending conferences, visiting a base on the moon, meeting a wide variety of alien species, and bringing back a certain amount of information that he could pass on to the rest of us.

Of particular interest as far as this article is concerned, are his recollections concerning Oumuamua.

He says one of the Secret Space Programs dispatched a spacecraft to the asteroid, which was found to indeed be an ancient but derelict spaceship, which he was told about at a meeting inside a base on the moon, where he was accompanied by another man named Gonzales.


Goode:- “The person leading the meeting then brought our attention to a large smart-glass pad monitor that was lowering from the ceiling.

“Sigmund stood up and said ‘I have a treat for the both of you.’ He walked up to the monitor and stared at it while talking.

“He said they had been monitoring what appeared to be a derelict space craft that was headed towards our Sol System.

“This would prove to be the same cigar-shaped ‘asteroid’ that NASA and the mainstream media dubbed Oumuamua, and had publicized widely in this same time-frame.

” …. Gonzales asked, “Whose technology is this?”

“Sigmund looked over at us both and responded.

“Well, we can only date the organics back to a little under a billion years ago. We tracked its trajectory to a star system not too far away. This craft was apparently stuck in that system’s orbit for millions of years before it was pulled to our system by our star.”

Those who managed to enter the craft also found “intricate hieroglyph-looking characters,” which were “a mixture of a language and a hyper-dimensional form of mathematics. … They were able to interpret most of the messages from the craft, and have sent the results to a few of their research groups.”

Ramtha’s Record

T o be clear, Ramtha has been speaking, through his exclusive channel, JZ Knight (no relation), since 1977 – long before Wilcock and Goode came to public attention – at least on the Internet and at various gatherings of the UFO community.

Ramtha alerted thousands of people to the role of “the graymen” in the book “Last Waltz Of The Tyrants,” and has specifically spoken about The War In The Heavens on many occasions, and in the book, UFOs And The Nature Of Reality.

He has taught about the role of alien scientists in the genesis of the human being (that’s us and our true physical/DNA ancestry) and while the concept of a great War In The Heavens is the focus of this issue of the North Star Newsletter, much better times are ahead.

But for the moment, and probably for a year or two or three ahead, that war is being fought on many fronts, the objective of the “good guys” being to rid this planet of its hidden alien (and human) controllers.

However, although they do have what you might call a rescuing agenda, especially for the planet itself which we are so busy trashing to death, we’re told quite emphatically, by both Ramtha and those Goode has interacted with, that they are not our saviors.

We might be what Ramtha calls the “forgotten gods” (having forgotten our beginnings as the sons and daughters of that which is God – the Source – the Mother/Father principle) but there are things we must do for ourselves and our own evolution.

Gaining knowledge is one of them – hence the theme of “thinking outside the box.” And yes, it has been a stretch for me too!!!

Within Wilcock’s vast series of essays, there is mention of Draconians – reptilian-type aliens – some of whom have sought, behind the scenes for thousands of years, to control and enslave humanity in order to claim this entire planet as theirs and theirs alone.

Those times are coming to an end, which is (in part) what the War In The Heavens is about.

Corey Goode:-


“I was shocked and said, ‘The Sphere Being Alliance is non-violent; how will they confront the reptilians?'”

“He said, ‘I think we will have to watch that play out together. After the series of solar events, the Draco will be energetically expelled from this system.

‘An incompatible energy will emanate from the Sun for about a thousand years. Many reptilians will try to remain hidden on Earth in temporal fields and within heavily shielded bases deep in the Earth, as they have for prior cycles. Humans will be responsible for rooting them out of their hiding places.

‘During that time, the Draco will be unable to return to this system.’ ”

“After Humanity has been through disclosure and the solar events, the reptilians will be of little threat.”

[Wilcock:- “I checked on this data point for The Ascension Mysteries and found NASA data confirming that there is a huge “plasma chimney” near our sun that may head out to a neighboring galaxy.]

“It is very interesting to think about the perspective of beings who live in these higher densities or dimensions. In some ways it is very foreign to us. They live in a realm of unconditional love. The kind of hate we routinely encounter here, such as in social media, doesn’t even exist as a thought — at least in the positive groups.”

Hate On Earth

The engineered hate on Earth that has resulted in the deaths of billions because of wars through the centuries and tol this present day  is not the only type of war underway at present.

There’s that one in the heavens, and then there’s another one in that [email protected]#hole (to use a Trumpism featured in this week’s news) called Washington DC.

Details of that have been well covered in previous issues, including Ramtha’s prophecy about this new president – a prophecy used as the backbone of my paperback and Kindle book, President Trump And The New World Order – The Ramtha Trump Prophecy (details below).

What the book does not include is what we might expect to happen as this war with the Deep State progresses into 2018.

Last week a special issue offered a link to a site where the whole New World Order scenario was laid out in detail, including numerous chat board entries by one known as QAnon. QAnon has proven to many that he/she is on the side of right. Trump’s side. Others have their doubts (so what’s new about that?)

He (or she) also posted many images – and mentioned as well that the board would likely come under attack by trolls and shills and Deep State adversaries, which appears to have been the case.

However, if one takes sides in any of this, or gets involved in the impossible task of figuring out which anonymous is anonymous is QAnonymous …. rather than remaining as objective as possible, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that this country was on the point of collapse before Trump got elected.

And now, the silent war is on. QAnon has proven to many that he/she is on the side of right. Trump’s side. The side related to Ramtha’s prophecy.

In sum, DC is in chaos, and that’s because the world needs to be cleansed of pedophiles, rapists, spirit cookers, child killers, mind-controllers (and their programs), subliminal messages in everything from the nightly news to very pharmaceutical advertisement to Disney children’s movies, slave trading, kidnapping, extortion, corruption, blackmail, satanic rituals, pedophiles in religion, politics, corporations … the harvesting of aborted children’s bodies for organs and blood (drunk by some in the belief it imparts longevity) – and if I’ve missed any of the shocking realities, fill in the blanks yourself.

It’s a worthy war, but before we get to Ramtha’s encouraging Last Words, here is an image that was posted by QAnon. If you’re objective, you’ll see it merely as information, a message independent of the messenger, intended simply to make you aware of some future possibilities – though probabilities would be a better choice, considering the fact that the Deep State people are clearly fighting their demise with every dirty trick they can think of.

Unfortunately the image is a bit blurry and closely typed, but  you can enlarge the image by holding down the CTRL key and tapping the + (plus) key.  I had to tap three times in testing it. Make it smaller by holding down CTRL and tapping the – (minus) key.

Last Words

Ramtha:- I don’t care what kind of UFO or mother ship you have, you cannot blot out our sun, the giver of life — the giver of life.

That is your champion and is at once the terror that defeats the enemy.” – Ramtha, UFOs And The Nature Of Reality, p 202

Ramtha:- Those who have lived for the glory of the Lord God within them will rejoice, for that which they always knew is out in the open and that which they had always experienced, suspected, and talked to — the God that everyone thought must be someone’s imagination — will be revealed.

They will hear the voice of all life as it reverberates in the last days, that the last is the beginning of the new.  Ramtha, Last Waltz OThe Tyrants, p 97.


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Think outside the flocks.

Think outside the seed (they do). And the caterpillar.

copyright 2018 North Star Publishing Inc


About the Author
Michael Knight (no relation to Ramtha’s channel, JZ Knight) started his international journalism career in New Zealand in 1960. He has been a student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) since 1988 and now lives in Washington state. USA. He is president of North Star Publishing Inc, and Editor of the weekly subscription-based North Star Newsletter. Michael Knight is also author of the new book, President Trump And The New World Order: The Ramtha Trump Prophecy (Kindle Edition Print Edition).

Reprinted with permission. Some of the contents of this article are based on Ramtha Dialogues®, a series of magnetic recordings registered with the United States Copyright Office, and books published by JZK Inc, used by the author with permission from JZ Knight and JZK, Inc. For more information about Ramtha’s teachings contact: Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, PO Box 1210, Yelm, WA 98597, USA.


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