Deep Soul Retrieval


When we think to ourselves that we have done enough healing work over the years, we find ourselves wrestling in a dose of discomfort once a trigger presents itself to us. We might have recovered certain troubling memories of our past that we had long forgotten and we know we did our job precisely because we remember now.

However, we notice that the more we remember that scene, the more we feel it as we progress in our journey towards wholeness. If we vaguely remember those disturbing moments, of our childhood, of our youth, and we haven’t had access to the feelings, then we might have missed something.

During a healing session, or a moment of meditation, pondering about those painful lapses in our life, we might be able to incorporate them where once there was a hole in our soul. We know that something happened back then, yet we forgot. We retrieve the soul fragment, place it there, where it should be, and now we have access to the memory.

What we might have missed all this time is the fact that once we retrieve a shattered piece of our soul, we need to bring down the energy to all the layers of our multidimensional self and multidensity self until it reaches the physical level within our DNA. What often happens during a soul retrieval session is that, in order to protect our mental, emotional and physical integrity, a traumatic experience might be retrieved and stored only on certain layers of our being. There is a sense of more wholeness, but there is still something missing, because we know the trauma is still there. The trauma becomes activated once something triggers it and it might even bring sickness at many levels.

It is not until we manage to complete the healing process of the traumatic events that we no longer feel triggered during certain situations or by certain individuals in a negative way that brings back to our awareness that same feeling that we felt during the traumatic event.

Usually, a trauma that is retrieved must be healed in stages, in such a way that we can handle the pain at all levels. This is especially true when we are talking about the most traumatic events during our earlier stages of human development that shape our beliefs, our attitudes and the ways in which we relate to others and to our environment.

Scars of abandonment, rejection, neglectfulness are not easy to heal when we gather a record of repeating situations that mirror the original wounds that have long been forgotten and hidden within a deep corner of our subconsciousness, outside of our auric range. It touches us, subtly, yet painfully, in the form of some monstrous dark entity that chases us, and reminds us how much this part of us needs our love and our welcoming embrace.

It is this energy, that once it is retrieved, might not be reflected in the deep healing that we long to feel, that can take us away from the cycle of suffering. We might have asked a skilled healer to help us with a touch of magic and expertise, only to find out that the problem persists.

It is then when you must ask yourself how much have you worked on this wound, how many angles and perspectives you tried, in order to bring it to full closure. Perhaps as much effort as you placed on healing this apparently eternal wound, you just have not been able to bring it down, to the level of your physical DNA, after moving down through the gates of the mental and emotional realms. Otherwise, you keep it there, stirred just above you, at a level you thought would bring wholeness to you, but it is still not placed where it should.

With some special exercises you can finish the work that you or someone else started for you during your retrieval process.  Some visualizations and conscious work with a tool like a crystal can assist you. Mostly, your persistence, your patience and determination will be your greatest tools to help you close those painful gaps within your etheric and physical template, activating all your potential for wholeness and joy.

Once you manage to come out of an oppressive situation, work on your patterns consciously to release their blueprints from all your layers.

If you are able to see the different layers of your etheric and auric system, then you might be able to see that there are small and large parts of your greater Cosmic soul stuck like shards outside and inside your system.

Imagine that each soul piece or shard carries pieces of traumatic moments that are being played over and over again as you walk through the labyrinths of life. You might have brought through a healing session or as a natural occurrence of transformation these soul pieces from some other space and time outside of your reach.

Visualize these soul pieces above your physical body and feel how they come back to you, down through all your layers and down to your physical body at DNA level. Do this for every part of your body, especially where disease or discomfort is present.

deep soul retrieval

You can intend to do a clearing of all your layers by visualizing the seven main basic layers of your etheric system connected to each chakra, along with the layers above these seven basic layers. Scan each layer and bring down the energies of traumas through each layer until you reach your physical layer.

Blending and Activating - deep soul retrieval

Intend to do this form of soul retrieval each day for at least 15 minutes and you will notice that you might start processing more repressed emotions and feeling clear from feelings of heaviness and blocks.

It is of utmost importance to do healing work with your inner child by allowing him/her to come back to your arms and your heart by giving to this part of yourself space, time and your protection. Play with him/her, let him/her know how much you care about him/her even if others close to you were not able to give to you all the love that you needed and that you deserved as a child. Work with your inner child and bring this part of you deeper into your soul and your heart with love and dedication.

By doing these daily exercises you will blend your currently incarnated aspect with your integrated aspects from other timelines and activate your capacities to heal yourself, feel your wholeness and to remove yourself from difficult situations with more ease, as new opportunities open up and you close the door to the pains of the past.

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It is an interesting feeling to know that you've managed to recover and heal from a great trauma. Very empowering 🙂