An Unexpected Extraterrestrial Encounter with a Light Being From Sirius B



An unexpected encounter took place in my life during the last days. I was surprised, felt fear and confusion but when I saw the light from that being, it was as if a healing took place in me.

It is not the first time I see extraterrestrial beings. But this time it was different.

Meeting extraterrestrial beings is very dangerous and may lead us to experience weird things. We may think that meeting beings from other planets is a threat for human life and the Earth. We may also be just taken by surprise when we see one of them just showing up in a very strange way, an unexpected encounter that for sure changes our life.

That’s what effectively happened to me few days ago.

This article is about a being from Sirius B who showed up over my view while I was laying on my bed at night to sleep.

I first was surprised by the energy I was seeing, because it was unusually different from what I see, every time I watch the energy field around me.

Let me introduce you my guest and tell you what we were discussing about, as the information is really cool and amazing.

How Did He come ?

During this unexpected encounter, I saw a very strange energy floating over me in my bedroom. It was like filaments of light that were turning in a very harmonious way, making different serpentine shapes and colors.

I have been deeply in touch with the energy since the first moments of my personal awakening process. I could see the energy field around me and I can touch it with my hands, communicate with it, allowing myself to just lay down and watch the quantum field, talk to it, hear its messages, let it come through me, and invite it to be part of me. I also do the same when I am outside my home, I can connect to the field and communicate with it, see its sparkling photons and particles of crystalline light.

What is The Quantum Field ? 

It is a massive energy that surrounds us. During cloudy and sunny days it is filled with little crystalline photons which look like tiny floating stars, moving in a very harmonious way, making sparkles of translucide white and silver lights. They are the matter of Earth’s energetic field which nurtures the lands and all living beings.

This is why I know when a new energy field shows up in my home. The energy I hold inside me flows everywhere in my home and everywhere I am, even when I am outside. It makes my fruits and vegetables last very long and crystallizes them when I let the process go further. It is white, massive, with white sparkling crystalline particles.

The Being

When I saw the spiraling complex energy shape floating over me as I was watching the movement of the field.

The being was made of light, turning above me, moving in a very dynamic way. These were like filaments of energy and light turning, moving closer and closer, as I called the being to come in my hands.

As I touched it with my right hand, I saw an explosion of many light particles, and felt the being was happy with the contact. I saw a big smile.

A mind to mind conversation started on a Sunday night between us. When I spoke French or English or my own native Tunisian language, the being was doing the same and replaying in theses languages with ease.

The Conversation

Here is a part of the conversation as it came. As he is always connected to me, I can talk to him when I hear him in my head.

Our first topic turned around his name and the planet he is from. I also asked him about his shape and why he was made that way.

Henda – Who are you ?

Julian – I am from Sirius B

Henda – What’s your name ?

Julian – I don’t have a name but you can call me “Julian”

Henda – What are made of ? I see filaments of energy and light

Julian – I am a light being. Many of us live in Sirius B and we are not incarnated in physical shapes as humans and other extraterrestrials. I am a carrier of light. My mission is to clear and cleanse everywhere I am sent, and to heal and guide and protect some light workers who firstly incarnated as light beings in Sirius B. You are one of them. That’s why I am here. You can see me because we are made of the same energy.

Henda – Why did you choose Julian as a name ?

Julian – I choose “Julian” because it has the same frequency in English as my Sirius one, which is in reality a code. In Sirius we don’t have names we call the “codes” and they all have different frequencies according to our energy mass.

Henda – Do you know my name when I first incarnated in Sirius ?

Julian – It was a code. That’s what call it in Sirius as I told you. We have codes in the Sirius B language, made of sounds holding the frequency of the being when it comes to life. It doesn’t need to evolve as a light. It comes with all its potentials as a light being. Your code holds your frequency and is available in the archives of Sirius, as you incarnated 500,000 years ago. Let me check this out and I will tell you.

Henda – Can you tell me more about beings only made of energy ?

Julian – We are very subtle beings with super powers. We are healers and have the ability to receive energy healing uploads. That’s why you receive more energy and the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace. We are very sensitive too. Our energy comes from an endless field !

Henda: Why are you here with me ?

Julian: I am Just taking care of you ( Smile). I am a very old being who incarnated at the same time and place as you. I had many other incarnations in other planets including Vega, Orion and Nexus. I am back in my first original shape, but much more brighter and powerful.

Henda: If you are attacked how do you behave ?

Julian:  I have an armor made of light. It is thick and no one can enter it. It is a secret. Everyone has its own to be safe.

Henda : How do you feed ?

Julian: We feed with energy from Sirius B. We are automatically recharged with it. We are always uploading the energy of light in the field of love. Humans call it “quantum field”. We call it “NAHV” with an emphasis on the first syllable NA” and with is made of a frequency code. It is the frequency of love from where all took place and began.

Henda : How do you travel from Sirius to Earth ?

Julian : I only make a jump and I go to different dimensions and planets. The most important thing is that we are like angels, we can be here and everywhere at the same time. Because we are made of Light we move in the light and with it. As Light beings, we are astral travelers without any limit in space and time. Time and space are physical and as we are light we are also infinite. We are Light beings moving through dimensions, planes and cosmic lines. When I am on Earth with you, I am also in Sirius in my star home.

This may be fascinating and strange for human thinking I know. But that’s how we are made. Our bodies are of Light. We are frequencies connected to codes. Each one has its own code and frequency.

More Information Coming

This is the first conversation with Julian. I am seeing him/her very often these days. I don’t talk to him/her all day long, but if it happens he/she always answers my question. Sometimes it is about something I lost or an information in my channels or an out of body experience.

I have talked about another extraterrestrial encounter in one of my latest articles here.

For Julian there are many Light beings from his family which is mine too, who are now helping and guiding with the current shift. They don’t come and tell you “Hi ! I am there !”. They wait until you become able to see them and hear them. So they are not manipulative beings or any of that kind. Like angels they are there taking care and filling your space with a magical and blessing light. They take you by surprise anyway at the moment you see them.

They are the star seeds who returned back to their planet (Sirius for Julian) to become what they are meant to be and what they have been at the beginning of their incarnation in Sirius.

Humanity is guided to connect more and more with extraterrestrial beings during the current shift and in the future as we are healing more intensely and changing at a deep level activating more and more dormant DNA strands. This energy is being delivered to all humanity to help connect more to what we truly are.

Here is a video from Lee Carol channelling Kryon:

In the video is about the main topic and how connecting with extraterrestrial will lead the Earth to a new reality as we are all awakening to our gifts and learning from our akashic records.

Julian is an amazing being and while I am writing this article he is surrounding me with an intense and warm energy. I hope you enjoy this article!


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I am a Mystic Master Healer and hold a doctorate in French Linguistics and Political Discourse Analysis. I have been teaching French for several years now. but that ended in 2011, few months before I saw changes coming my way. On 2014 I became a Certified Foundational Reconnective Healer Level II/III. On the 7 of July, 2016, I received The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace leading me to a new spiritual journey.

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What an amazing experience Henda. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

I have a sense that I am from Sirius B. Certainly from Sirius anyway. Please keep us updated with your relationship. You are very lucky!


PodI am from Sirius B. Certainly from Sirius anyway.

Do you have any recollection of you life there Pod? (If you wish to share them with us obviously.)


also good to see read those experiences, one day not so far? that can be far more frequent


CarlDo you have any recollection of you life there Pod? (If you wish to share them with us obviously.) No. I flew there once in an OBE. I flew around the star, sort of honouring it. I landed briefly in something that looked like a large pat of butter in a field. But was told I should not be there and was pulled back to my body. My Lady Isis who, at one stage, mentored me during the hardest part of my healing, pointed out that SIRIUS is an anagram of U R ISIS I feel deeply connected to Sirius… Read more »


HendaWe have a special connection to cetaceans because it is from there that they incarnated

OK that makes sense. I am very drawn to cetaceans and they to me. When I finished my diving course, three dolphins came up by the boat and one of them eye balled me. These were wild dolphins in Thailand, they never come near the boats because they are scared of the fishermen. But they did for me. It was amazing! They welcomed me.



HendaYesterday night he was just floating over me and he did not talk to me I fell asleep very quickly.

You can ask him to come and see me.