Wave Trees of The Atlantis’ Cycle


This article is related to the wave trees which are a gateway to the multidimensional and magical world of New Atlantis. There is a knowledge stored in the trees and every part of it will show up progressively.

So I am posting here the channels I received from the trees while drawing them.

I also feel that the trees are part of the information I receive during my astral projections and that they behave as true signs of the energetic material I can see and feel during the process.

Since I began drawing them, I felt that their energy was changing in all ways. They are all different from one another. They may relate to earth trees but also to themselves as multidimensional beings holding the current shift in consciousness.

The process took me some time because I had to adjust with the energy which is made of light and information, and allow any one who is perceptive enough to really enter these parallel dimensions and worlds and get the knowledge stored within it.

Everyone will have access to it in different ways and I am happy to post it here so that the Pleiadian starseeds from this site and even those who feel drawn to it, would find their way home.

The messages I channeled are from the trees or let’s say the beings who are in/behind the trees. They have their own language which I receive from time to time and it is vibrational, coming from higher dimensions.

I-Wave Tree of The Water Land : Atlantis (Part 1)

wave tree 1 - Out of Body Experiences The Atlantis Cycle New Timelines and Space-Lines
The Wave Tree of the Water Land

Released October 2017:

“The Water Land has its own seeds like any plant on earth. The seeds are crystal blue. The deeper the blue is, the brighter are the spirits of this land. If you want to tap into this world, to enter its land and experience its magic, you have to be wise.

Wisdom comes when intuitively you behave freeing yourself from any personal interest, as Ego is a very important part of this experience, learn to behave out of it, meaning out of any personal interest. Behave in the only purpose of spiritual growth.

This wisdom is from a higher dimension than you would think at first connection. But once you are in The Water Land, you can enjoy freedom and complete release of your whole spiritual potentials.

So walk on this path that we are showing you now, you are supported and as a healer you are also blessed, meant to learn more and more in infinity.
INFINITY is your symbol. Take it in you, it will shine in your bodies as you deepen your knowledge. The Water Land is the Land of Infinity, it is your home.

Your guides are in you, you can notice their messages and hear their call to freedom: free yourself as you are infinity. You are drawing the magical Land of The New Atlantis, as it is in every fiber of your DNA. It is part of who you are.

In bringing its energy back here on Gaia, you are bringing the peace and wonder it is, to make the good choices and the best achievements for humanity.
Be the Infinite You Are.”

The tree actually has three spines one is red, blue and yellow located in the center of the trunk and the tree and which communicate with the upper and lower dimensions. Its upper parts seem to extend forming hands over at the top of the spine and embracing the second spine which is made of triangular shapes and arrows. The triangles are holding the blue energy of Atlantis and are like sacred spaces of transmutation and DNA upgrade. The third spine is made of dragons.

Dragons are beings related to the new Atlantis too. They are connected to Earth spiritually and helping with the shift now. They hold the energy of the pyramids and triangles. The colors of the arrows are each one characterized by a specific frequency of light and information. Theses frequencies are all part of the DNA upgrade we are now experiencing.

1-The Water Land

The channeled message

Friday 10 November, 2017, 3:30 am.

“Water Land is a parallel world to an old city in the old Atlantis.

There live ascended beings who are called the Pleiadian.They are living a peaceful life surrounded by an amazing sea, where creatures from cetaceans to other beings from the old Earth animal kingdom. They are now free and happy.

They are not killed for their meat or bones or skin, they are respected, and have psychic abilities as they have their own language in the new frequency of the city. They also are empaths and wise souls, who incarnated there and who lived in many other planets including earth.

From the Water Land, earth is receiving the current energetic upgrades, as the sea is not like those you have been used to.

The Water Land is surrounded by a sea that has no huge waves or tempests, or hurricanes. Their energy is made of tiny waves which you can notice when you are near by, like a very thin vibration or soft tingling.

That is the energy of the Water Land made of soft, tiny particles of waves and light codes. It is a place to learn the new language of the crystalline lights and codes.

The sea is deep blue, the energy of protection and power, with new ways to communicate with the water through the quantum field. The old geometry is evolving to a futuristic world, as a part of the new crystalline earth grid.

You are guided to learn and integrate the knowledge coming in you. Once you feel open to it, it will come to you and flow like the water that flows in your body.”

II-Wave Tree of The Redland: Hindera and Atlantis (Part 2)

wave tree 2 - Out of Body Experiences The Atlantis Cycle New Timelines and Space-Lines
Wave Tree of the Redland

Such information need to be known by those who feel drawn to it because it is part of the learning process at a soul level.

So if I post it here, even though it is personal, it is for the only purpose of spiritual growth and learning.

“When entering this world you will see that all is red, but your heart will show you the true colors that are part of its energy field. You may think that colors have nothing to do with vibration, energy, or information. But this is not true.

Energy may show up in different colors and shapes. Your goal is to decipher it as it is given to you to do so.

A New Ley Line in between the North side of Loch Ness to a magical land is the way to this transformational travel. You know deep inside why you had to go there, flying in between spaces and times, to meet that part of your divided soul, as your soul’s energy flows with the harmony of That Which Is.

You are drawing your home land, integrating an important part of your divided soul.

You are guided to integrate it as your soul has been yearning for it ! So Now please remember who you were / who you are.

Your majestic bird took you there to show you the way home, as you are noticing the evolutionary process of the energetic grid lines of Gaia.

You are acknowledging now the crystalline grid lines with all the information that it holds within. It is already stored in you. Take your time to adjust with these new waves coming through you.

Take your time to connect to Hindera.”

Wave Tree of December 2017: The Quantum Leap and The Rise of New Atlantis ( Part 3)

Wave Tree of December 2017 - The Quantum Leap and the Rise of Atlantis
Wave Tree of December 2017: The Quantum Leap and the Rise of Atlantis

On December 10, I received the message from this tree. So here it is:

“The New Atlantis is rising now more than ever before in the history of humanity

From giant spaceships we are sending the crystalline energy on Earth to help you shift in a new way, the newest way you have never experienced before. Watch all these signs : you may feel warm and even burning energy flowing in your bodies, making you vibrate so much during the day or  your night sleep.

Your crown chakra is opening more receiving fine and sometime buzzing frequencies both on the left of right temples and ears.

Your own frequency is being upgraded so let this work be done because it is a huge quantum leap that is taking place now !

From the Crystal Spine of Atlantis, the energy is rising. It may take many colors as you see them in this wave tree. Everyone has its own frequency and it is sent in you and on Earth in tiny waves. You may see them floating around you, if you take that time to watch these wonders. The colors hold more than symbols.

They hold the frequency of the new Atlantis sent to the New Earth in many but progressive amounts of waves.

Your bodies are feeling this shift, so let it just be!”

Meeting The Intergalactic Council 

In a recent post on my professional facebook page I talked about an event that happened to me in the swimming pool on December 13, 2017. During this event I was nearly abducted and had to ground myself not to let my energetic body leave my physical while swimming.

I was astral projecting and it was prepared and organized by a legion of benevolent beings from many planets who gathered around the name The Intergalactic Council and made me their contactee.

So here is the link to that article and the channeled message I received at 3:15 am on December 14 as confirmation of they wanted me to be.

This event was unexpected and very hard for me to bear as I felt a huge energy opening my third eye, crown chakra and my upper star chakras (8, 9, 11 & 12). These chakras are being more and more activated in many of us now during the December shift. Many will experience, if not already headaches and an unusual energy work in these areas.

I also noticed that our base chakra is also opening more than usual to connect us to our 10th chakra and the Earth Star System. These symptoms are part of a huge plasma activity and the crystalline energy at its highest level. You may feel suddenly a very warm, sweating energy in your body. This is not an external energy intrusion, but your bodies receiving the crystalline earth at its 5D.

Having this special connection to the Intergalactic Council was a very important event in my life and in my journey. I always had special connections to some benevolent beings of light from Pleadians, Sirians and from Atlantis and Orion. But this time is a time of gathering forces so that the Earth and all creatures would open to a new cycle and to their potentials.


This is an important moment where we may see so many changes coming our way. The Wave Trees of the Atlantis Cycle are holding the energy of the New Earth but also a spiritual and futuristic knowledge that will be revealed or reveal itself.

My latest astral projections were showing me parallel lives, and also past lives. There are no boundaries as timelines and space lines are connected in a different way. Sometimes I am in between an awake and sleep state and see a parallel world from a screen.

I feel myself moving and I can see everything from a rectangular screen as if I were in a spaceship or a computer.

I will have more and more to say in an upcoming article about Chiron’s Sanctuary of Healing and the grid I have been drawing.

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Henda , your post really resonates with me.


Henda , I saved the pictures. When I look at them, I feel something that I don’t fully understand at the conscious level. It does remind me of rising kundalini.

Very thankful!