Unspun Readers — An Update on Bernie’s Health


You may have noticed the latest editions of Unspun have not been published. On Sunday afternoon, Australian time, Bernie had to have emergency surgery because of a health issue. The surgery went well and he is recovering.

On Thursday I was aware of his health condition so I organised some of us to send healing that day, through our community forum the Roundtable. I also made a request for some healing within our recurring weekend distant healing session.

If you were not aware, back in June last year Bernie had a triple bypass procedure performed on his heart, in Melbourne. One of Australia’s top cardiac surgeons was at the helm.

As for Unspun, well, I’m not sure when Bernie is going to be fully recovered at this stage.

My thoughts are with him, and so are many others.

For more information, do check out this thread here on transients’ Roundtable Forum. I will also update that thread when I receive more information. 

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And I must say, it's WONDERFUL to see Bernie posting personally on the forum! 🙂 Lots of thanks…and hugs for you, Bernie!

Bless you Bernie. I so enjoyed your contribution to Transients.
I so enjoyed your contribution to Transients.

He is missed for sure! Hoping the best for him.