Disconnecting from Networks of Energy Absorption


Disconnecting from Networks of Energy Absorption

In the last article we said that everything that happens on the planet needs energy to manifest on the physical plane, born of thoughts and mental concentration, and then down slowly towards tangible and solid reality. We have said that the main energy source is human beings, ourselves the energy which emits out and is collected, which constantly emanates into the physical, etheric and mental planes.

This concept that everything that happens is determined by ourselves, where we co-create without knowing the problems in the world, is subject to much disbelief and a lot of denial, unconscious in one, partly conscious in another, because it makes us indirectly responsible for the situation on a planetary level, and that cost is hard to accept.

If I am aware that some powers, races and groups that do not see, do not know, have not explained to me they exist and take millennia controlling the life system under which I exist, then I can not turn a blind eye, look away and tell myself that what happens anywhere on the planet has nothing to do with me, that I am not involved in it in any way and I can not do anything to change anything.

All false, but understandably so because we see that we are programmed to believe in certain things. This means, as we said, there is nothing that is now happening anywhere on our globe, in our society and common reality, that is not being nourished with energy processes.

No event, situation, process, problem or event does not have an energy component, which is being fed by the same energy emitted by humans. This is by design. In a world free of manipulation, drivers, and races, each species or society is responsible for creating its own physical and energetic environment, which is the same as saying that each race is responsible for its reality, which manifests and creates.

The energy that society or a group generates, which is used to create the world that these people perceive, is captured and used on a basis for evolutionary experiences.

Since we can not stop emitting energy, because we are generating it in nature, we have to give the order to ourselves, as you saw in the previous article, and in which we talked about still being batteries for the system, which is prohibited, energetically that our emissions are used for purposes not aligned with our highest good.

If you have executed the request, with help from the part of the human structure, that being our Higher Self, that clears these changes of personality, then you are reading this because you are disconnecting and blocking that from being done, thus one point for mankind, and a setback for the system and its “drivers”.

But we still do not understand how this could happen, how is it possible that our energy is captured, it is stored and distributed across the globe? We lack much knowledge of the structure of the Earth, and channel energy systems that form, and energy storage means and forwarding that exist throughout. We will try to shed some light on this and understand better because each issue of energy forms that could be generating now, can be used to express, strengthen or promote anything on the other side of the planet.

Earth energy structure

All know that there are energy lines distributed along the etheric body of planet, roughly, equivalent to system energy channels within the physical body.

These lines, called Law, Hartmann, Curry, etc. are those with the flow and energy that sustain life and all structures of the Earth from one point to another.

In addition to this network of natural channels, also different races in control have been built from the etheric to the mental, its own energy aqueducts, to call in some way, their own pipes, storage, acquisition, processing and distribution everything that comes both from Earth as a planet, as human beings.

Thus exist, across the etheric plane, and also physical level but outside the visible frequencies to the human eye, first, systems energy collection consisting of different networks that simulate what would be a network catch fish, but in this case, would gatherer networks human and planetary energy.

They are located everywhere, and have the function to understand, to suck and suck many emissions we do constantly. Imagine the cities where we live full of scavenging networks that absorb without realizing what in a city, its million inhabitants are constantly generating. Then these networks catchment are connected to each other by different distributor channels around the globe, so that they can forward, as if an irrigation system it were, through technological procedures of races that manage Earth, the energy captured from one point to another.

If you visualize a system of cranks, gates, storage systems water like we have everywhere, and imagine etheric and mental level, then you have already a real simile of what is mounted on the planet but we do not see or know of its existence, at least not most, or at least so far.

This makes for example, the energy captured at a point on the planet can be collected in a football field, in a concentration of people in a massive event or just by the joint and constant emission of that which emanate, then stored, and forwarded to any other point thereof, from where it then can be channeled through distribution systems, and hence “dips in frequency” into the physical plane, to, for example, enhance a conflict, generate a “natural” disaster imbuing in different parts manipulated energy charges, handling a local or regional collective unconscious, etc., etc.

This is not science fiction, it is science and technology Dracos, Annunakis, Mantis and other races that take thousands of years to advance knowledge about handling the physical and nonphysical structures of planetary systems.

Fortunately, on the other hand, each of us has the power to cut your connection to any network to which we are engaged, anchored or tuned, because we are connected and we are in tune with them regularly, without us being aware, every time we are in any area where such systems exist. To do this, as always, we can order the disconnection of all recruitment networks to which we have been, or are, connected with the following:

I request that my connection and anchorage is removed with any network capturing and absorbing my energy, which I am tuned, connected or attached into, with or without my permission, removing all systems that allow my energy to be used for purposes not aligned with my greater good. I request that all networks are in places of which I am responsible are dismantled and energies eliminated, along with all transmission systems, distribution, storage and collection of it.

What is being energy responsible for a place?

When we live in a place, we are responsible to keep it clean, do cleaning, we vacuum, remove dust, etc. We maintain our home, office, shop, office, in good condition because it live more comfortable, and we have permission and responsibility to do so.

The same energy, we have permission and responsibility to eliminate negative energy remaining and systems present in these same areas because we are energy responsible for them. It is not necessary to indicate now the details of the possible location of the network, if it is in this house or there, if it’s in this office or the other, etc., for the above request is sufficient for our higher self to follow energy wires for which we are connected to, arere moved, and remove anything that is part of the systems that have connected us, for violation of our free will, because nobody asked us for permission to connect to these networks and use our energy, so without specific places or sites, whether you can run this disconnect and remove everything from which we have with energy responsibility.

With this, well, if we’ve disassembled only a small part of the whole collection system and energy absorption and will disconnect from of them, another win for humanity, another setback for the system.

David Topi


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