Perhaps some of you have heard of Charlotte King. She is a woman who came to predict earthquakes and especially volcanic activity based on her symptoms. These symptoms included migraines, hearing low frequency sounds and skin spots. Over time, she predicted many such events and became known for predicting the 1981 eruption of Mt St Helens to within 12 minutes.

From the site she set up after living through much agony:

She was tested in Hyperbaric Decompression Chambers, in Anchoic Chambers and Thermographic Research Labs as well as the State Schools for the Deaf and the US Bureau of Standards. ALL the tests revealed the same thing – that she could hear in the lower frequencies not normally heard by humans, and that she had a very high sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

Also from the site, in hopes that it may help someone out there who is dealing with symptoms that they cannot understand or get help for:

“If you walk into a room and bump into furniture or you go to pour some juice and miss the glass, or go to put sugar in your tea and end up with sugar on the table, you may be clumsy, or you may be a potential biological sensitive..

If you go to pick up your car keys or a book and drop it, and pick it up again and again it slips through your fingers, these are all symptoms of problems being caused by depth perception, which is affected by the EMF changes your body is responding to..

If you never get headaches and all the sudden you get one without any particular stress or other trigger, and then just as suddenly it is gone, watch the papers or listen to the news, and see where the earthquake strikes in 12-72 hours.. usually over 5.0 unless it is local to where you are.

Do you all the sudden crave popcorn.. you don’t know why.. you just want it.. this is a definite precursor to earthquakes or volcanic eruptions… the event will hit within 12-24 hours.” (Source)

In the “Charlotte’s Story” section of her site (which I recommend as a fascinating read) there is an excerpt about her going to hospital in California while miserable from her symptoms. Apparently her doctor took one look at her and summarized that she seemed to be affected by the environment, asking if he was correct? She was surprised he’d know this but he told her that, back home in South Africa, many sensitive people were affected by winds called the Swanees and Fones.

Context and culture can make such a difference when one is sick! <3Spread the word, start the conversations; maybe it will help someone who is starting to think they are crazy.;)

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Ppl like King are like the white crows of the world!

It must be agonizing to be that sensitive. And there must be coping mechanisms learned to deal with it too or the ability to turn it off and on or atleast mute it when needed.

At the end of the day, this ability is a gift worth recognition & reverance, a person to learn from & create a supportive environment for.

Personally, I consider myself sensitive, but not that sensitive. Grounding techniques are particullary helpful, as well as connecting w nature.


By choosing to live there, I wonder if she feels a duty to warn. Although difficult, it sounds as if she embraced her gift. <3


I really enjoyed learning about Charlotte King and all those situations you mentioned. I think it's really important that people become aware of such things, as sometimes we think up something negative about ourselves, yet it is actually a positive, however we have no idea!


This is a great article Lila. Thank you so much. I used to weep before major earthquakes, now I just weep (joke?) I would feel just terrible, anxious and sick and the worst was Fukushima. I went for a visa run that day, my friend drove and despite doing this journey many times, I could not remember the way and we arrived just after the earthquake struck, hours late. I am OK now I feel I have embraced them, the earthquakes I mean, they are within me, a part of me, so I do not get affected. This lady Charlotte… Read more »