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While you weren’t looking … “Over the last two decades we have witnessed an abrupt increase in the number of private military companies (PMC) operating across the globe. It’s curious that some of those companies have budgets that far surpass defends budgets of certain independent states.”

PEPE ESCOBAR – “The Chinese dream is not possible without a peaceful international environment and a stable international order.”

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM – “America’s War Addiction“

“’No longer for sale’: Foreigners banned from buying houses in New Zealand”. The knee-jerk is “Good on her!” …. but then you think of the fear on display. Is that a curly conflict or what?

“The Australian Catholic Church estimates it will be liable for $1 billion in compensation to child sexual abuse victims as part of the new national redress scheme, but this comes with a really big ‘but’.” You just BET it does… Since it is often a part of the job description…

“The [Aust] Federal Government has tabled a bill that would entitle victims of child sexual abuse in Commonwealth and Territory institutions up to $150,000 in compensation, but it excludes victims who have served time in jail.” So how perversely distorted is THAT??


“Europe delays phasing out ‘probably carcinogenic’ glyphosate herbicide as farmers, scientists say it is safe”. Just IMAGINE the back-handers floating around here…..

“A visit to Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary shines light on the benefits of safeguarding oceans for everyone.” Of course – Naturally!

Oz – “BOM issues severe thunderstorm warning for parts of NSW as 4cm hail hits mid-north coast”. OUCH!

Oz – Qld – “Severe thunderstorms have lashed south-east Queensland with destructive winds and golf ball-sized hailstones hitting parts of the Darling Downs and Scenic Rim.”

“Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.” ~~Director of Global Security and Special Programs for the recently launched To The Stars Academy.

JON RAPPOPORT – “Moving deeper into the universal con job”. Good brain-fodder here.

“Thirty-six different offences in the Bible qualified for capital punishment. How many of these apply to you?” And no-one has been imprisoned for inciting murder in the name of god?


“Deep inside the orbit of Mercury, unusual comet 96P/Machholz is diving toward the sun today. At closest approach on Oct. 27th, it will swoop through the sun’s gravity well just 0.12 AU from the star.”

“… how come birds don’t land, nor perch, on tops of microwave, cell, mast and GWEN towers? What do birds know and are ‘telling’ us by their actions, which we are not paying attention to, especially since birds, reptiles, and insects use Earth’s magnetic field for navigation?” PAYING ATTENTION ARE WE? If this article doesn’t scare the hell out of you – it should.

“A new study conducted at the (…) University of Washington (HealthData.org) and published in The Lancet medical journal finds that a shocking 20 percent of global deaths are caused by toxic foods, junk foods, processed foods and harmful food ingredients. In essence, the study reveals that the toxic food industry is now about as dangerous as Big Tobacco.”
ALSO – http://bit.ly/2i3fbr6

“Dutch study finds men who receive a blood transfusion from a once pregnant woman are more likely to die, research reveals. But the Red Cross is refusing to change its rules.”

“New Algorithm Could Let Us Reprogram Any Cell Into Any Other Cell Type”. Hmmmmm. Can this be weaponised?

“The connection between mercury and autism explained”

“Wound care: What you need to know for your cuts, scrapes, grazes and burns”

Quite apart from the sheer competitive fun, the technology on display here is VERY impressive! (To me, anyway….)

* At the turn of the 20th century, 5% of war casualties were civilians
* In World War I, 15% were civilians
* In World War II, the figure leapt to a 65% civilian death toll, as whole cities were bombed
* By the mid-nineties, 75% of war deaths were civilians
* Today, 90% of the human war toll are civilians – the majority women and children

~~ Joan Chittister

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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