Questions and Answers — Changes in Timelines (David Topi)


Questions and answers about changes in timelines

Here are some common questions that arise based on the changes occurring to the timelines. This should help to further understand the process.

When it is said that there is no time to wait longer for humanity to advance alone, and can no longer do anything for line # 33, what point is there with little “time” left for people to change to # 42 in order to move forward with our evolutionary processes?

When movements concatenated between planetary systems, in this case within the system Alcyone which our solar system belongs occur, to go forward, all systems rely on everyone, and everyone needs that every part of the structure Alcyone is synchronized to a certain frequency to facilitate conscious life in these systems, and to a lesser extent the consciousness of the Logos that governs it, to go ahead on their way. It is not considered acceptable by many races and groups, the whole system of life that is governed by Alcyone have to be delayed, (which could) just because one of the neighboring planets in the solar system, Earth, is aeons, so to speak, lagging behind the eighth note would behoove you to be to go in harmony with the whole.

In addition, our system of life on Earth, and this is already known, generates enormous instability in other systems such negative energetic charge that has been seen from the point of view of the greater good of many other groups and races, not desired, nor advisable, to further delay the evolutionary process of the planet.

So, why no time, and not only by Kumar / Gaia / Mother Earth, our logos, that if by himself in an isolated environment would have no problem in stopping or delaying its eighth, but other systems? They depend on the central sun of the Pleiades. Right now, the last orbit of Alcyone to which we belong has to climb the spiral one octave, which is the same as saying that our entire solar system has to go up an octave, and all planetary systems in our solar system and they have indeed, only this Earth is pending. And they can not wait any longer because other groups are “protesting” and waiting for our situation for them to continue their evolutionary processes to be resolved.

What is the scenario in which we find ourselves from now with this shield line 42, with cutting anchors and line spacing, etc.?

In principle, the very short term, does not change anything, since it is still necessary to spend a few weeks to move more people who are somehow ready, albeit very justito form, or have hopes their soul can continue onto line 42, as happens to many people who are still far from the level that would be required for an organic and natural jump, but they will be moved going through a “justito” note to advance, albeit more effort and having to “study” more, evolutionary speaking, once they are 100% anchored to it. Then after a while, there may be no one on line 42 that is “infected” by the programs and “virus” of unconsciousness, it is a line of conscious growth, where all those who complete it have to be self-aware of the road being traveled. So, many people now choose to move their soul because they see the possibility of carrying out the work they have not yet completed here, will have to squeeze a little throttle to go faster.

That’s in the short term. As we mentioned, in the coming weeks still will be moving people, and dropping loops and hooks, anchors and others between the lines, to separate them entirely, then some unidirectional gateway steps will be maintained, so that only you can go to 42 but not return from it, so that by the end of the year, most likely will already be difficult, but not impossible to change timelines, which will be totally impossible in a few years time.

Then once the timelines are shielded off and with each person they touch, mental realities begin to separate, so that within the same physical reality we will experience things that others do not. There will be things in # 33 that will reach us, an echo from # 42, and transfers information from the physical plane, but not affect equally to those who are at 42. This means that if something happens in the 33 on the physical plane, so would the 42, as it would be happening now that both lines share physical reality, but the setbacks that have a supposed event for one in the 42 are not nearly the same as those who experience them who are at 33.

Eventually, the physical realities also will spread, and within a few years, something happens in the 33 will not pass on to the 42 and vice versa. This is the most complicated part of understanding, and perhaps later when the lines completely separate and we will have to investigate further to find out how this separation mechanism works in relation to our physical reality.

What happens to people they are close to? What happens to people who every day interact with their family and where everyone is on a separate timelines?

It is very difficult for groups or family systems separate. It will be a bit like everyone shifts to a line, or all toward to each other. Why? For though there are people who believe themselves to be far more advanced than their relatives and friends, they are literally at a level of expansion of their own sphere of consciousness (which is what marks the evolution of a person) equal to or only slightly better. Maybe you just know something more evolutionary level things, or realize something more than the situation in which they are in, but you have not come to expand your consciousness enough to separate from your earthly level group.

Thus, it is more than likely that families should stay together on the same timeline, forcing those who are on the edge toward one end or the other, depending on family collective unconscious. While others are now together, but possibly at very different ends evolutionary speaking, they end up separating naturally, organically, or forced by the situation in the years before the separation of physical realities.

It becomes very difficult to understand this, because it is almost unthinkable to imagine the separation of a family, because one parent, for example, may go to 42 and the rest of the family is not ready for it, but it will not happen practically — all families will stay together in the timeline to mark their group collective unconscious (say the total sum of the evolutionary level that have among them, to further understand), and when they die their members on line 33 will have the opportunity to play individually on line 42 if your level of consciousness allows. Otherwise, they will reenter line 33 while available on the planet and will continue completing its evolution in the current reality that marks the matrix 7.8Hz.

Gangways that bind to # 33 to # 42, are the gateways that transfer us, or other anchors are also related? And how does a gateway timeline change?

Gateways that connect both lines vs the points to anchor between them are different, some things are like that, and other energy gateways are chains that keep both lines as close as possible so they can be achieved with relative ease. Now, about moving our soul — the structure of the human being from one line to another? Varying the frequency of vibration of the structure as a whole is tuned to the frequency of the line you want. That is the effect of the request put in time on a previous article and now an update:

I remove what prevents, and anchors me, and what keeps me permanently being tuned in and 100% with the time line 42. I completely disconnect from line 33, and request assistance for me become aware of the evolutionary process where I’m experiencing a new vibration of truth and love, and where I’m learning harmoniously and quickly everything that is not being assimilated to enter this new line.

This means that when we say that it has completed 10% of the pitch line, we are saying that 10% of the multidimensional structure that makes up what we found in the frequency of 42, while the rest is still in the 33 or at an intermediate point. The process usually relies first to move the upper body and the highest structures of any person, so that for example, for someone who is starting the transfer, his spirit is at 42, but his soul and the rest still vibrate to 33.

In the process, this is a mismatch in the spirit-soul-personality connection between lower bodies, because vibration and instructions in one hand can not reach, not so easily, the rest by the difference in vibration and tuning between the lines. The different symptoms that many have experienced these days are due to this mess between different parts of our structure each vibrating at a different frequency. Thus, the subtle body shift between each frequency, from the highest to the densest line, our soul is gradually making this change.

So why do we need “bridges” between the lines if our soul who simply have to increase the frequency to move us from one to another? Because benchmarks are needed, ie beacons that can be used to adjust each subtle body in each plane corresponding to vibration. Right now, all of our soul is involved. It references the lines as they are out of space and time, so they have no measure for ourselves to consult with, regarding the vibration to which it has adjusted each subtle body to, to resonate with the line 42.

So our soul uses beacons for this step between the lines, that mark how often we must adjust each of us to implement the change. It’s like knowing you have to change the radio dial to tune to another station but not knowing memory frequency is the station you want to hear, so viewing a list / beacon that tells you to vibrate, you have to adjust every subtle body so that they are all in tune with the new “station” (timeline).

What happens when we are blocked or have no reference points that help us to step between the lines?

Where there are no points or reference beacons, ie, when no catwalks, even our Higher Self can still make the line change. So for example, a part of our soul (higher self) already existing on the other line (42) makes reference to tune our lower self (33). But it’s another way of making that connection and shift, so we said that once the current “beacons” disappear, and the lines are separated from all bodies, to change lines will only occur in specific and isolated cases.

What is the reaction of the control system, based on the races in power, etc., in relation to this change?

The “forces of darkness” do not want to let anyone to go to line 42, hence, the effort we are putting in. If that fails to materialize, for us to to move lines, is because they have put in place all the mechanisms possible to avoid any humans making that shift, and also to eliminate or at least leave empty 42.

So they placed or inserted huge “energy chains” (for lack of a better description) to prevent the line 42 may be separated from 33. These chains and artificial anchors have been removed and broken by those who assist us, but this last weekend there was a huge counter-offensive to restore bridges between lines that had already broken. Forces in control attempted to put all engineers, so to speak, to work to recover connections 33 to 42. Successive interventions have restored breaks.

At present, the situation this last weekend which tried to rebuild bridges between the lines has been standardized, but they have not given up the attempt. Each of us can start walking in the direction that corresponds to our vibratory nature, as we continue doing the work that touches our line which helps us and others move as quickly as possible to timeline 42.

A hug,
David Topi


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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here,

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