Ceasing to be System Batteries and Eliminating Confusing Mind Routines


 Ceasing To be System Batteries and Eliminating Confusing Mind Routines

We took several weeks to provide some guidelines to go by that helped us release everything in our multidimensional structure that anchors us, and to tune in with the highest vibrational timeline. We discussed the the subject of much tension and anxiety with maneuvers by both sides, and the objects planted like seeds for all kinds of events that increase the negativity, chaos and complexity of the lives of those attuned to manifest it.

If you are aware of the different areas of world tension, you will see that some situations are very close to causing sparks that have no reverse gear. In addition, far above our heads, figuratively speaking, witnessing things we can only imagine in our TV series and science fiction films, and for which we feel powerless in many cases, as indeed we are, as few people in the world who understand, if anything, aspects involved within the current situation that human species is going through.

But, as we said in the previous article , those who are “below”, also speaking symbolically, are able to keep doing internal work, without stopping, to adjust to a number of realities in which the situation is sufficiently different, which can help to stop manifest the plans of those who pretend to control parts of the system of life in which we are immersed.

Fear is the best ally for them to encourage their plans to manifest. Focusing in on what we have to do is the best weapon to keep moving forward. Many wonder what we can do to intervene in a “battle of titans”, talking about the forces and races that manage the planet vs forces and groups seeking help in their evolutionary process.

The answer is still open within consciousness, moving timelines temporarily, and to learn to work closely with our selves is outside the whole arrangement, and is not affected by it, providing a balance by being centered first.

From focusing on what we each wish to do to move forward, and by not falling into the global dynamics launched to destabilize things completely, either physically, geopolitically or on many other levels in relation to Earth.

A new review of the internal work

Let us therefore follow these guidelines for personal work, but first, let’s review a few things for those who read these articles and for other deprogramming, and do not understand the motive or the mechanics of it all:

We return to the start box. We are all multidimensional beings, we are not our bodies or our personality. We identify with the latter, and when we talk about other parts of ourselves we put them in the third person, and rightly so, it is a way of understanding, and terminology.

Imagine a rubber band, stretching everything we can, the bottom hooked to the floor with the top above this. Is there a difference between the parts of the rubber band, because a piece is touching the physical floor and another is in suspension in the air? There is little difference, roughly, when we work with ourselves, we are working with that part of the rubber band, the multidimensional structure that forms us, so that part which is suspended, the “high” up part helps the “low” part. In the “high” part we come to call the over-soul, the higher self, or other names, and is the part that holds the human and divine potential we have.

Analogy aside, this means that when we say “ask to be something more and higher to help us deprogram,” you only have to do that — ask. It is a unique conscious, focused, concentrated request from the personality (the lower part of the elastic rubber), toward being, the higher self, the “divine” part, and elevate ourselves (the upper part of the same rubber). There is no moment of our lives where our being is not aware of our personality, lives, experience or requests, but there are rules of this evolutionary game, indicating that it can not violate free will, even among parts of oneself. This means that if we don’t ask consciously to help us with something, then no aid is given, at least not directly. In this case, since our personality has obtained knowledge of what we may request, such as through previous articles — that is what our Higher Self wants and is ready to deprogram us safely, only with the request to do so , and then that deprogramming is executed.

I hope that this will help you understand how the process works for future articles, and everyone can do this and work with it.

Confusion routines

We then go to another of the most important routines used to keep us in a state of submission: confusion.

The confusion was introduced as a “virus” into the human psyche when the different languages in which we communicate, our famous Tower of Babel, by Enlil and his faction, to maintain control over the human species were introduced. Remember that a race or species can’t understand each other, can never be together, something that has always been exploited against us.

This is why there is confusion based on how it affects the mental processes of human beings to prevent us to be able to understand what is real, right, where it comes from, or which manipulation is the truth? Because it is the only way to have millions of people inactive and paralyzed, something we had spoken about long ago, when we introduced the concept of cross programming in mental areas where you have two parameters, archetypes and completely opposed programs and antagonistic installed in yourself that are activated as needed to make us believe that something is white and the next week have us believe that it is black.

Make us as simple or absurd, it seems the most natural thing in the world has no mystery when you create your structures of the human mind [which the races did] and have the tools to activate aspects through the collective unconscious and the media communication, the program that suits you in each case. To stop being subject to these vagaries, we will dismantle this program shortly.

Leaving batteries for the system to be

What is the first thing you have to do to cause a catastrophe event, crisis, conflict, etc., on the physical plane?

It must be created first in the causal plane, then added detail on the mental plane, then it has to be structured on the etheric level and finally bursts, or is manifested physically.

Everything works in this way, so everything that is now happening right now in the physical reality of Earth in any part thereof in which you live, was once created at higher levels, where it has been building, malice aforethought or the laws of cause and effect. In the first case, when done with malice aforethought, it has to create a mold or template for the event to be manifest, and that is accumulating energy. That energy, in general, links to humans, which unconsciously, we are still those “batteries” of the matrix we already know, and what we have already spoken on multiple occasions.

When formed and accumulated, energy that triggers conflict or events of confusion are activated in the collective unconscious and we may not realize that, mentally, that they are orchestrating different situations using our energy.

If human beings were aware that the battery used to cause sparks and ignite fires around the globe, have the ability to refuse to do so and claim that their energy is not to be used in this way, among other things, by asking our Higher self to block such use. So the first thing we’re going to do, ask to stop being conscious batteries with a request:

I request that any attempt to use my energy for purposes not aligned with light, love, peace and the greater good of this conscious life on the planet is neutralized. I request that all energy capture systems present within me are removed.

This request must be added to all others you may be using, if you’re doing what we explained in previous articles. Every day you may spend 10 minutes making conscious requests, then it would have long term to have results, constantly, and for a long time until, again, we are certain that it has served its purpose 100%.

Deconstructing confusion

Then the next step we have to dismantle programs of confusion, and such, inserted in various mental spheres, which are activated every time you try to insert into the human psyche that can go against the control system to activate the best routines that deny or block the information provided, or in most of them, activating the programming filters that discard any new information that is inconsistent with belief systems that we have imbued .

I request that all programs and routines that create confusion, lack of discernment and conflict in my mental spheres are eliminated, negating their activation and erasing all mental bubbles generated by them. I request that my mental spheres of all programming associated with these are cleaned.

As we said, some of those who see the whole process from out there, although we are at a critical moment with our continuity as a species, there is always hope, and as Jane Roberts (American author, poet, self-proclaimed psychic, and spirit medium), author of the 70’s said:

“To change the world for the better, you must begin by changing your own life. There is no other way.

a hug,
David Topi


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