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THE SAKER – “I realized that there might be many more people out there who, like myself, are desperately trying to open the eye of good but completely mislead people about the reality of Empire. I am sharing this letter in the hope that it might maybe offer a few useful talking points to others in their efforts to open the eyes of their friends and relatives.”

“Rohingya genocide – links to corporatism, geopolitics and Wahhabism“ And essential to Chinas’ Great Silk Road.

“CIA Wants Authority to Conduct Drone Strikes in Afghanistan; (…) The expansion of US military operations around the drone has coincided with the Pentagon having an increasingly large drone arsenal to carry out unmanned airstrikes around the world. That’s given them an opportunity to massively increase spending on drone warfare.”

“Israel and the U.S. inaugurated the first American military base on Israeli soil on Monday, which will serve dozens of soldiers operating a missile defence system.” Yassuh, Massa…

“Donald Trump warns United States will ‘totally destroy’ North Korea if threatened at UN debut”
ALSO – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47838.htm

“Fundamental And Constitutional Rights Negated In The Realm Of Totalitarian Corporatocracy”. And don’t even THINK ‘Only in America’.

“China, Russia conduct joint drills near North Korea … ahead of UN general assembly meeting“

“US Missile Machinations Undoes Non-Proliferation Efforts”

“In a democracy, no one should be comforted to hear that generals have imposed discipline on an elected head of state. That was never supposed to happen in the United States. Now it has.”

“Israeli Website Claims ISIS Commander Revealed As Mossad Agent”. Gosh, how amazing!

“Britain has sold Saudi Arabia £6bn in weapons since Yemen war began”. Six Billion Quid. Now THAT’s a few schools and hospitals and meals….

“8 Japan Nuclear Reactors At High Risk Of Volcano Damage, NRA Confirms”

“Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be “totally wrong” … temperatures aren’t rising as predicted … hoax unraveling.” Oh gosh, what a surprise. Not.
ALSO – “Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new research suggests“. (If you prefer freezing to roasting?)
ALSO – “Massive Arctic Ice Gain Over The Past Five Years; Arctic sea ice extent is up 40% from this date five years ago.”

“Irma’s Aftermath: “For The First Time In 300 Years, There’s Not A Single Living Person On Barbuda”. See the pix – the island is TRASHED.

“The fourth major Atlantic hurricane of the year has ploughed into the small Caribbean island of Dominica as a category five storm, and will likely bring its roof-ripping winds, torrential rain and pounding surf later in the week to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.” Perhaps, at last, we are really seeing some CLIMATE changes? But I hope not….
ALSO – “Hurricane Maria: Storm pummels Dominica; barrels toward US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico“

“A magnitude 7.1 magnitude earthquake has hit Mexico, collapsing buildings and trapping an unknown number of people.”
ALSO – M7.1 @ 50km, Puebla, Mexico.

“Greenland’s Petermann Glacier Advancing Ten Feet Per Day” – “Greenland’s most famous glacier, the Petermann Glacier, has grown more than 5km over the past five years,”

NZ – “Record breaking snow base on Mt Hutt,”

“Monster dust storm and gustnado on a violent HP supercell over Vojvodina, Serbia”

“Hurricane “Jose” is a large tropical cyclone now swirling off the coast of the eastern United States, producing dangerous surf and rip conditions along the coast for several more days.“

If this is factual, it says a lot about what is going on in America ….. “The war on humanity continues unabated in Texas, where over one million acres of land are being carpet-bombed with the aerial spraying of neurotoxic chemicals in an effort to kill mosquitoes. “

Brain Hacking – “According to a former Google product manager you are about to hear from, Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked.”

“We are being systematically conditioned to get offended at everything these days, and there is an important reason why we must become aware of this trend and not fall into the trap.”

“Back in June of 2017 an announcement was made publicly about a new mummy that was unearthed in Nazca Peru that began showing incredible signs of being a species we have not yet found. Now, new bodies have been revealed and they are proving to be highly interesting as well.” Note the skull shape in the 1st photo – all done with bandages, no doubt? ALSO – 4th photo – the bone lump on the upper sternum – anchor point for wing muscles?


“For the 5th day in a row, Earth is inside a stream of fast-moving solar wind. It arrived abruptly on Sept. 14th and has been sparking polar auroras ever since.”

“When astronomical advances in the 1980s revealed intense radiometric activity around galaxies and galaxy clusters, the role of magnetic fields in space prompted renewed interest in Birkeland’s theories and observations.” MHR, Kristian!

“Grounding, or ‘earthing,’ as some people call it, involves placing your feet directly on the ground without shoes or socks as a barrier. The logic behind this practice relates to the intense negative charge carried by the Earth. This charge is electron-rich, theoretically serving as a good supply of antioxidants and free-radical destroying electrons.“ The same information applies to other Earthing/grounding means too – I always sleep earthed, and my computer has an earthed mouse mat and an earthed foot mat.
ALSO SEE – http://www.earthingoz.com.au

“Forced to have whooping cough vaccine before being able to see his new born son in hospital – Ben has been wheelchair bound ever since.” 5 years and counting …..

New delivery drone – and WHAT a brilliant piece of design work!!!!

“Tiny houses: Interest is growing but who wants them and why?”

Religion – “It is yet another Civilised Power, with its banner of the Prince of Peace in one hand and its loot-basket and its butcher-knife in the other. Is there no salvation for us but to adopt Civilisation and lift ourselves down to its level?”

~~ Mark Twain

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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