Remote Viewing & Meditation — Other Worldly Realms


Courtney Brown from the Farsight Institute just released a new video on the FarsightPress channel on YouTube. The topic is remote viewing and meditation.

I have transcribed the two minute video below, which you can also find at the bottom of this article.

“I want to explore the question of how meditation works and how is this connected to remote viewing?

Meditation is a particularly interesting technique. It aids in expanding a person’s awareness. It both sidetracks the conscious mind by throwing it into a mantra loop, and settles the minds conscious mental activity for a period ranging from a few minutes to an hour or more.

When doing so, a person’s awareness  soon shifts to perceive information arriving from the physical subspace interface, and that is when the probability of couscous recognition of perceptions from the subspace realm increase.

For beginning meditators, mediation typically  gives an experience of calmness, but it is not rare to hear advanced meditators to report perceptions of other worldly realms. Indeed, the more consistently one practices meditation, the more regularly these perceptions seem to occur.

In my view, it would be wrong to dismiss all of these reports as merely delusions, even though there is currently no way to confirm these perceptions.

What we gain from meditation is a suspicion that there is something real behind the veil of consciousness. What we gain from remote viewing is both a confirmation that a larger reality does exist, and an ability to immediate our interactions with that reality.

More specifically, remote viewing adds a level of control to perceptions made through the physical subspace interface, that is not available through any other known means.

It is a way to minimize interference from the conscious mind, to re-direct a viewer’s attention to the subspace signal, to record perceptions in a systematic fashion and then evaluate these perceptions using objective criteria.

It may not be easy to remote view accurately but for those who are willing to work to attain the required proficiency, the rewards to both individuals and science, can be great.”


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