An Astral Travel and Visions from a Pleiadian Starship


An Astral Travel and Visions from a Pleiadian Starship


On July 19, 2017, I had an astral travel in a Pleiadian starship early in the morning from 5:30 to 10:30 am. I was in-between dimensions and fully conscious of the experience. I felt my physical body stuck in my bed unable to get up or open my eyes.

I received two energy transmissions, later after this experience. They were sent through me, the first few hours after the astral travel, and the second few days later.

The words “truth, wisdom, love and new knowledge” were coming through the messages I received during the transmissions.

I was teleported to a chamber with a huge table.

A Huge Table to Gather Around

This time, I was sitting around a white huge table with luminescent beings around me. They were wearing white robes and radiating a blue aura. They had no faces and no physical shapes.

I first had a deep feeling of being with family before seeing them for real. It was like coming back home and there were no specific sounds or frequencies. The welcome back home was sent in me with laughs and smiles.

The place was oval shaped and looked like a table. It was one of the chambers in the starship. From the table a white light was flowing all around. It was a very intelligent machine with mutliple bottoms to release the energy in different amounts, and nurture those who are around it. I let myself enjoy the moment.

I was aware of the experience but did not yet know where and with whom I was.The energy was somehow very familiar and I felt ease and happiness. I felt secure and clear. The healing was on. I heard: ” Sit here and enjoy the moment !”. And so I did.

I said:”All right ! Happy to meet you here ! But I feel I am home. Is this for real?”. The answer came quickly: ” yes sure you are!”.

A mind to mind conversation was on and I knew that I was there to witness an event: ” We are flying not so far from Earth. We are going to show you something.”

From my third eye a screen just opened and I saw green lands. We passed over them very fast and I could not see all of what was there. I heard we were in UK.

After that, I saw the new crop circle in a Merkaba shape that has been drawn over the night on July 18, 2017. Then another one done with circles on July 19.

The First Chamber

All around the chamber, I saw screens that looked like framed pictures on a wall. It was very subtle how they could direct my vision over all the place. I was not allowed to see all of what was in the chamber. I just was seeing these screens as pictures passing in my third eye and head. Then I saw the earth from above and from time to time the ship was very near the ground. We flew over the ocean doing spirals all around the place.  Then I was taken to that huge green field to see the crop circles holding the new energies coming on earth now. The information is that they also hold the energy of the new earth.

The crop circle with a Merkaba holds a new light transmission from many light beings. Its frequency is of a higher level than the old Merkaba many have been using before the release of new earth, the 5D Earth. The energy of this crop circle is meant to spread all over the earth and many will be re-activated at a core star level. The old Merkaba has been disabled. So that will create a huge wave of energy uploads in all light beings : healers, volunteers, star seeds and so on. Even those who are not conscious of it will feel the energy in them at different levels. The message I had is that a space has to be held for adjusting and uploading this new shift.

Here is a link to the latest one in UK

To a Second Chamber

I was moving through a corridor, all was white. I saw a baby child who came calling my name. He was not human but looked like. I knew it was not a baby for real. The information was sent into my mind at every moment of the trip. The baby called my name then fell down. I took him in my arms and I was projected in a crystalline world.

I was flying over the city of Atlantis while everything was being shown to me through my third eye opening and closing as much as their system would allow me to see from there. I probably was not allowed to access some other information. All was programmed and I guess that we are not allowed to see what we are not yet ready for. Pleiadians are known to be very respectful for human sensitivity.

Atlantis and the Golden Crystalline Energy

I huge city with crystalline pyramids and dragons looking like futuristic machines and ships. All is made of energy, the lights are golden-white.

While flying over the city with that baby child I was on a dragon. This part of the trip was short. I was then led to the green pyramid where I met Thêta my guide from Atlantis during an attunement to the Atlantis Trilogy (December 28 until January 12). The Frequency of Atlantis is Unity. Its symbols are 9, 333, 999, to the infinite.

The infinite is an energy carried by archangel Metatron who is the bringer and holder of the Golden Crystalline Energy. It is the completion of the soul, the unity of love and light : 9 is the infinite of what is the universe. It is love and light unified by the Golden Crystalline energy sent from Atlantis to the Earth during this awakening process.

They are builder of the new era and the new earth, creating the new we are as the process is on, integration of the soul mission, and actually allowing the energy to flow from within the heart to the heart of the universe. This is how we can now evolve on a spiritual level. All seems to be stored in our hearts. Once we find a way to the heart, a world of magic will open and all the golden crystalline energy will flow with ease and perfection.

I was in a ship watching the city lights and crystalline buildings from a spinning tunnel, it was like those images we see from a TV screen. Crystalline rainbow lights were falling over the city like rain falls illuminating the city in a dark night. Everything was glowing.

The White Flower of Atlantis

This flower is surrounded by a magnetic field connected to Earth. It is an energetic center helping from the core of Atlantis to the core of Gaia now. It is filtered through invisible Ley Lines and geometrical new shapes and features. It is also flowing through some parts of the quantum strings.

The White Flower is the center of the crystal connected to Source, a place where the crystalline golden energy is channeled. It reflects the harmony of the opposite sides of life in the universe: the feminine and masculine, darkness and light, crystal and water, fire and air. They would join in harmony through this flower to create love as it is the source of it all, the energy and the aim of all the opposites : ” The path of love is an eternal walk in the White Flower, a magical space you have to enter with wisdom and faith and humility” (Thêta).

A white Golden Energy Around Gaia

The Pleiadians are now sending this energy from their spaceships connected to the city of Atlantis. Its is meant to cleanse all old energies and transmute them into light. So there has been much healing and cleansing during the last months and many others for the next ones. This is brought on earth with the help of the Ascended Masters from the Circle of the sun where they are.

The Golden crystalline energy will open up more and more the third eye, the heart chakra and improve the connection to Source from the crown chakra. These three centers of energy are directed by this main energy bringing healing and complete cleansing when needed overtime. As I asked for opening again my third eye it opened again and I saw  the city from a window.

I asked more and wanted them to show me how I was in their ship and they showed me a rainbow colored bubble surrounded by a golden white aura. I was moving softly as we do when we are diving in a sea. That was my energetic body. I saw smiles around me.

Back in my Physical

When back in my physical body it was done softly. I just needed sometime to be completely aware of it and the space around me. I was urged to wait before getting up !

I finally could stand up although I felt a little unsteady as if I was levitating. I guess it is the gravity. It was very weird to feel that way. Our physical body is a good host to live on earth but not to travel dimensions. Many feelings came through me then and it was very intense.

I felt this as an astral travel with beings from my starred family. They were very close and welcoming and cheerful. I was asked to work on remembering that part of me, as they are my family. It is hard to feel stuck in a physical body when I know I am a traveller.  I suddenly felt strange of being on earth now, but my higher self always reminds me that I have been here for many reasons.

Receiving the Pleiadians’ Starlight Transmission (Wednesday, July 19, 2017 from 12:00 to 12:44)

I was sitting on a chair taking breakfast. But suddenly I felt heaviness and was guided to just lay down immediately as I could no more stay in that position.

I closed my eyes and felt the energy flowing in me. I saw golden, yellow and blue purplish orbs floating in me and over my energetic body. Then I saw a deep blue purplish orb ans it was more and more intense like blackberries. The energy was entering through my heart and I felt a pressure at the beginning of the transmission through the heart chakra.

I just stood there waiting for the pain to stop as the energy was huge and very intense. I then saw green and golden orbs with purplish pink energy. I felt that the energy was perfect for healing the heart and bringing a higher frequency of love and compassion.

After bathing into these orbs the stress I felt in the heart was gone and a bright white light was surrounding me. The pressure moved to my crown chakra and from there all was deep blue purplish in me. I heard a voice talking through me saying:


Then I heard:

“Healing is connecting to Wisdom not to fame”. Fame is the prejudice of the ancient world led by the Cabal troops where healers run to make money and fame. Those who have been running very agressive business with healing left Atlantis’ and the Pleiadians’ energy to stick to the ancient world. This world is falling with the Cabal”.

So I asked if I am allowed to transmit the information. The voice was clear and solennel :

Yes ! You are being shaken as earth is transmuting the old energies to the new ones, a new way of exchange is programmed and you won’t need money to live at the end of this process”

Can I know your name ? I asked.

I am an entity who will reveal itself when time comes. Now you can help with this transmission. It is a complete and updated energy you can use and help with it. It will work differently on every creature, a new service for healing human kind, an energy of the heart and crown chakras, the energy of Love and Wisdom.


On July 23, 2017, I received another Energy Transmission from what I heard is The Sanctuary of Wisdom and Truth: The Teachings of Moses.

I heard ” You are here to spread words of Wisdom and Truth, and a sanctuary has open for you so that you can learn from it. To this Sanctuary sweet one, you are guided to enter as his golden walls and lights are made of the divine energy of Moses and archangel Metatron.

The energy you are uploading and bathing in is the power of Transcendance and Will. You are walking on the path of mysteries where you are gaining a new knowledge: the knowledge of Wisdom and Truth Combined. It is part of Christ Consciousness and the golden lights are shining brighter as you merge into this sacred space. take few deep breaths and let it flow in you, in your entire body…”

This came in synchronicity with the Pleiadians’ starship travel and energy transmission.

I feel guided to help with these transmissions as they are one same energy.

When reading this article, and the messages I received you will probably feel the energy stored within, if you are perceptive enough.


Article image by Rainbowlarium (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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