Visions of the Upcoming Waves on Earth during Astral Projection in Parallel Lives



As an astral projector, I have access to lots of information about our multidimensional reality, and the parallel lives we are living in.

Astral projection increases one’s psychic abilities as it lends a degree of perceptive and energetic that helps one see and feel things with more ease.

As a psychic healer who does astral projection, I am more than happy to offer you services if you wish to heal past issues, that can unknowingly affect your health, sense of well-being, and personal achievement. 

Also see my other articles about astral realms and astral travels here.

On the astral there are no emotion, no pain etc… In recent weeks I have been asked to take up “soul carrying”-a task that entails recently departed souls. So when I carry souls it seems like a celebration, a trip with much joy in it. In contrast to what we have been taught-we have been taught to view death as an event to be feared or at least mourned-for then most part, the souls I carry are not sad. They know where they go and thus feel a sense of direction, purpose and joy of being able to proceed with their personal development.

Those who are unhappy are souls who could not reach upper realms and lighter densities, and thus choose to stay in the lower astral planes to keep in touch with their family and friends. I have been helping so many of these souls from my friends, their family and those within my own family too.

Few Things to Begin With…

Since May 2017, I have received several psychic messages about soul carrying, and I share them here with you. They relate to the afterlife and the two next waves of energy coming on earth for the next months.

I guess we all have our idea about life mysterious aspects, we can gather this from others opinion or research that we do. But rather than have a mere idea, wouldn’t it be best to have direct access to that knowledge ?

To access this knowledge, we must access the universe of knowledge stored within us. Once we allow ourselves to receive it, we then have that needed access.

How to access this knowledge is fodder for discussion elsewhere. But here I share some information on what we have to expect in the coming months waves of energy and information.

I did not ask any question before receiving this information. But It came while I was helping carry the souls of the Manchester (London) attack on May 22, one night before the event took place. I wondered why I was driving them into the forest that night.

When I woke up on May 22, I understood what happened to me and what I was doing that night as I saw myself in a car carrying young teenagers in a place that looked like a forest.

A portal was opening every time and I was there doing many astral travels from a place to that forest, carrying teenagers. The portal was a gate to parallel worlds. The passed ones were sent to different realms. Some of them reached a parallel life of the one they have been living on Earth here in this reality.

I mentioned that event in one of my posts here on transients community forum, The Roundtable, and also about the way the cabal works with the Rainbow and Indigos souls.

While not true for all of them, many kids are now sent to earth after having been intercepted by the cabal. ISIS is even training some of them to become terrorists. With this humanity is facing a new challenge on a spiritual level.

Many others are being abused by humans from the cabal after arriving through birth  as human.

And in this way the cabal choose to block the current shift in Consciousness and dissipate the positive energies brought by, through the recently arrived Rainbow and Indigo generation of children.

So here is the channel of information I received. I hope it helps lend clarity to recent and upcoming events.

“You are multidimensional souls”

You have to work on your own awareness. The awareness that you are part of a bigger picture. You are part of a very wide and expanding space called “Consciousness” and it is composed of many planes. You are a multidimensional being in a multidimensional Consciousness.

These planes are part of the infinite as they are created by an expanding consciousness. All is growing in you once you have a connection to them. It is given to you to help you on your journey.

Every time you die, you leave a plane of Consciousness to reach another one. It can be another world, parallel to the one you are living in on Earth now, or another plane of a past incarnation you had before this life or another one.You move on from a world to another one because you are Consciousness. Rather than a mere traumatic experience as we are taught in this society,  death brings about a portal for relocation to a different band or world of perception.

You have a digital program stored in your brain and in your soul, and thus you know where to go after dying in this life. You already knew that before incarnating here in physical.  Among these many places is the higher plane of Gaia You may reach a higher plane of Gaia, as it is also a multidimensional place.

In this life before your death from it you are actually surrounded by parallel worlds. This is one of the magical elements of your life here. You need to know this, because it is part of who you are.

“Back in the Spirit Realm”

The spirit realm is also multidimensional. You can go back there, once you leave your physical incarnation for guidance and healing. It is a kind of layover point before leaping off to a new place of growth and expansion. The spirit world is a place of expansion to settle down for a while and take time to reconsider your last incarnation and the Karma you had to learn from, to move on to a new level of awareness.

Some of those who choose to skip this stage are sent to another plane or dimension of the Earth. It is their choice for evolving at a soul level.

You have to recognize that you are masters of your lives. Free willing souls you are now and fully awakened to see the unseen, now and feel what you could not feel previously. All is part of your spiritual growth, all helps you reach more light and wisdom.

Your Consciousness is Divided 

Your consciousness is divided among different dimensions. You exist in many times places and realities. In each plane you are evolving in different ways.

Likewise you are a divided soul. Many divided souls are now incarnating on Earth. Many are becoming aware of it as a part of their conscious reality.

For those who receive messages throughout this body experiences and vivid dreaming, it would be of a great help for you to keep taking notes of your adventures as these experiences are given to you for a reason. They are key to your personal enlightenment and growth.

If you are seeing yourself in another plane, with people you have never met or you already know, you need to understand the connections you have with them. Ask your soul and higher self to go back there to watch your life there and see what is happening.

You are receiving troves of precious information about your soul, you soul’s mission and you spiritual growth. But you have to connect with the heart to reach more and more your soul’s mission and the information stored within you.

All will flow by itself in you as this energy is already in you. Listen and take time to feel these changes. This time is given to you for a reason.

You are a huge sphere of knowledge ! Feel free to bathe inside of it, to explore its different sides as you dive in it. Waves of light and information are in your entire bodies. You are part of an infinite field of love. Hear the sounds of divine love in you, you are amazing  beings risen in new from very old ages who chose long ago to play within the myriad frequencies of the multiverse !

Feel your heart and breathe in the love ! Release emotions if this is too strong to bear !

This energy is now flowing from your crystalline core connecting to the crystalline light codes coming from so far : the eternal stars’ energy”

The Two Upcoming Waves on Gaia 

I have been noticing new energies coming since May 2017. They seemed contradictory working on both sides of the human soul. The quantum field is charged with etheric battles between different energies.

Many light workers experience attacks in different ways. Their situation is not getting for the better as they struggle just to keep alive, let alone, live well. The attacks took also place during their sleep time, and I have been experiencing this during the last weeks.

Ben Woodhead: the Two Spheres During a Mutual Astral Projection

Thankfully, some of my friends were there to help me.  My friend Ben Woodhead sent me this message recently:

“I was on an elevated steel platform very high up in the air looking down on the planet from the height off the atmosphere. From the surface some tracks like rail tracks started to form moving upwards spherically from both sides. There were small cars like on a roller coaster that kept stretching upwards forcing the sphere to become more solid as more and more people in tiny little vehicles sped upwards. This eventually formed an entirely new planet surface above the current one but adjacent to the side. I realized that this was the human hive mind forming the New Earth! I was witnessing it from just outside either dimension, probably 6th.

You were in a house being held prisoner by a Japanese gangster who claimed to be your father but wasn’t. He placed a gun in my mouth and fired but I managed to will the bullet to stop and jam his gun. I threw him aside and we escaped through a maze of tunnels that were owned by various extremist groups. We ended up on the steel platform again but this time we realised it was held there by an enormous tree, bigger than both planets, Web way? Does this have any meaning for you?”

I actually have been facing etheric and astral attacks, and felt for approximately two weeks on June 2017 as if someone or some machine were erasing my memories from my astral projections.

This was being done subtlety, but in a very agressive way. I thought that may be some information we can get are not meant to be shared publicly. But this erasure has never happened that way for me before.

The attacks have been programmed to help dark energies from the cabal spread faster.

The attacks slowed the crystalline starlight codes sent to help everyone on this planet during the shift in consciousness and the flow of the light energy channels from all light workers.

All this is being done now and many are not aware of it, even though, through some uncertainties people have been through, it can be definitely understood.

I have been receiving many energy upgrading during April and May 2017, on June, the energy shift has been slowed down and less people were asking for healing though many were facing darkness. This is a project that darkness has taken on in earnest  to prevent the Light to spread more to promote the 6D new shift in consciousness. The 6D energy is huge and can take time to be uploaded.

The power that can help to reach a higher level of consciousness is the energy of love. So there is so much clearing that has to be done to be fully on the sphere of love, which starts with the 6D sphere. The 5D was the sphere of the soul which needs to be elevated even higher now as love is the answer to all our questions.

Out of Body Experience  and Vision of the Upcoming waves on Earth

During that astral projection, I was in a futuristic world, and I was surrounded by beings who looked like humans but they were not-at least not common humans as we know them-because they have special powers. Levitation was very easy for us in that world. An announcement was saying that we were in “The Night of The Shooting Stars”. There were many space ships who looked like baby dolphins. They were flying everywhere in the night sky. Little tiny lights were projected everywhere from them.

In a moment, I saw many others ships coming and they were numerous. It was a celebration of the new light codes coming on Gaia for the next months.

One of these small ships approached me and settled down. I wanted to touch it. It had a small entry but it did not open. I was only allowed to touch the ships and to connect that way to the beings who were inside of them. They actually were so little and from Sirius.

The first wave is coming from there and since the new Solstice on June 21 we have been receiving the first part of it. The energy is conducted from there to the sun and to many others stars around it. It is different from the sun energy waves we experienced on April and May 2017. The frequency will be very subtle in the ears. It will be very accurate and acute on the left ear. Once we hear it our bodies will upload it. And many will experience tiredness as their energy flow will need adjustment.

The starships I saw are designed to spread the energies held by this wave. From time to time, there will be also periods of cleansing and many will notice them. The cleansing is being done at a heart level. So it would be good to connect always with the heart to each other and to free one subtle energy centers-all the chakras-from the old things that no more serve this shift, as the night sky of Gaia is already filled with these spaceships.

These spaceships are centers of energy communicating with the star system around the Earth and upper densities from the 8D, the angelic dimension where we can find beautiful and magical gardens connected to the crystalline world.

During June 23, 24, 25, I have been experiencing leaps of time. Earth’s time has been accelerating. It began on 22 June which is a master number. June is a month of transition with many questions and quests.The acceleration of time is due to the wave coming very soon on August 11-which is another master number- and will flow very intensely during four days. The sky will be filled again with shooting stars. The gate of Leo will open during this period. Many will feel the intensity of the lights held by this wave during the last week of July.

The wave will have many consequences on the shift in Consciousness affecting us on a spiritual level. We will be more able to burn down our old world, as it is an energy of fire. It will for sure create a moment of emptiness but it is a way to rebirth. The path will seem clearer progressively. Trust is very important to keep up the pace.

We can already feel that urge now and how it is pushing us to question ourselves about our future. But this is only a moment of uncertainty. A place to settle down for a moment and understand the process we are in.

The last wave of this year will begin on the 21 of September. It has to bring, with more intensity, the energies of the 5D. As Earth entered 5D since the beginning of 2017, a cycle is ending giving birth to a new one. The 5D is about caring about each other and helping every creature on Earth. We have to move to the next step which will allow humans to be more sensitive and aware of the necessary help at a universal level, to strengthen the feeling of oneness. The animal kingdom will also send big waves of energy flow from Sirius and humans will notice how their old ways to communicate with animals has changed.

The upcoming Waves Seen from other Astral Projections

Two of my last astral projections took place in that planet I talked about in my latest article where I saw that huge  blue wave. That was the first vision of the upcoming waves on Earth.

During the first astral projection in that world, on June 27, I am a teacher helping teenagers to learn how to go down a cliff and how to climb it. The cliff was very high, and down there was green clear sea. I have placed bottles of water in the rocks of the cliff  for the kids, in case they need to drink. But the bottles are also path markers. Each step is related to a bottle of water.

In that world we have to learn how to climb these cliffs without levitating, as it is a powerful tool everybody already has. The challenge is to grow stronger spiritually by using a slowing tool. The message was clear in that world : challenges are educational tools and a way to learn how to connect much deeper to the soul.   Sometimes one has to use slowing tools to learn more. Taking time to understand each step of the waves coming on Earth is part of this picture. One may feel he is not evolving as fast as he thinks or would. But the reality is that Earth is changing according to different steps and cycles and it is that way humans have to evolve too, with a necessary step by step process.

During the second astral projection on June 30 in that same  parallel world I was again with my teenagers in a swimming competition. We swam from one side of the sea to another farther away. When we arrived there, the sea was less shallow and the water would arrive to our knees. This happens very often in the Earth’s sea’s too during the moon cycles. At the end, we saw back to the other side but we took another way where many tiny waves were slowing us. The competition was harder at that moment.

This second astral projection in that parallel world was holding information about the September upcoming wave which is composed of little tiny waves but more intensity will be felt during this shift because the 5D Earth is completing its first cycle.


The waves coming on Earth are part of the crystallization we are experiencing since 2012. On 2015, we entered a new phase of this process and many of us, as healers, received this energy to be more and more connected to the flow of the universal shift in Consciousness. The crystalline world has a very subtle way to evolve. Many will feel it on a spiritual and even physical levels. The crystalline Earth is part of what the new Atlantis has is store for us and the energy is golden. It is the most powerful and pure energy Earth has never received before. As channelers of this flow we are able to pass it on and help more and more for the next cycle coming on 2018.

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I am a Mystic Master Healer and hold a doctorate in French Linguistics and Political Discourse Analysis. I have been teaching French for several years now. but that ended in 2011, few months before I saw changes coming my way. On 2014 I became a Certified Foundational Reconnective Healer Level II/III. On the 7 of July, 2016, I received The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace leading me to a new spiritual journey.

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That is a great article Henda. Very informative. Thank you!

Henda Zaghouani

Thank you Pod


Fantastic article Henda!

The part about how sometimes one has to use slowing tools to learn more resonated deeply, specifically in the last month. June was an intense month for me and the information you provided puts a lot into perspective and clarifies the emotions and intense energies I have been experiencing.

Thank you and many blessings

Henda Zaghouani

Yeah June was one of the hardest for all of us. So many darkness has been around Earth. We have been through many attacks from the cabal to slow us down. But we are stronger than ever now

Henda Zaghouani

The first of the 2 waves coming is on now. Since the last week we are experiencing very intense solar flairs.