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“8 Brutally Honest Truths You Need to Hear If You Want To Get Your Sh*t Together”. READ IT. Believe it. Like it or not – this IS it.

“The world has laughed heartily at “Kim Fatty the Third” — the irreverent nickname the Chinese have given to North Korea’s moon-faced dynastic leader (…) Suddenly, the screeching engines of his regime’s most successful long-range missile test have drowned out the mirth and are forcing a rapid re-think of his intentions.”

“North Korea is sitting on a stockpile of minerals worth trillions. With Trump threatening military action against N. Korea, I wonder what if this is all a ploy to take control of minerals that are in the country. In fact, this sounds suspiciously like Iraq and Afghanistan.“

“US says it is ready to use force against North Korea, as Donald Trump questions China’s trade relations”. Champing at the bit …..

“How Accidental are America’s Accidental Civilian Killings Across the Middle East?”

“Those responsible for shooting down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and killing 38 Australians may face prosecution in the Netherlands.” Is that B/S that I smell?

The ICH hacking appears to have been by first class hackers – “we have been unable to restore our office network since it was hacked last week. We are purchasing and installing new equipment and we are planning to be be back online within the next 48 hours.”

“The US and Kazakhstan have signed bilateral defense cooperation plan for the years 2018-2022, the press service of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry said Wednesday in a statement.” That one sentence should tell you volumes…

“’N. Korea now has capacity to target heart of US Pacific Command’”


“A fifth of male fish are now transgender because of chemicals from the contraceptive pill being flushed down household drains, a study by has suggested.” Just brilliant ……

“Further heavy rain in parts of central and southern China has caused flooding and landslides, affecting 11 provinces and around 9.5 million people.”

“Heavy monsoon rains, flash floods claim 43 lives in Pakistan, 61 injured”

“Contrary to what the media is rattling off about above normal temperatures in the Arctic, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) shows that temperatures are record low and just 1C above freezing. Also for the first time ever in history Squaw Valley and Tahoe ski areas will remain open for July 4th skiing”

“… the Arctic is experiencing record cold.“The short polar melt season is almost half over, and hasn’t actually begun yet,”

“Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy would inflict major land, wildlife, resource damage; Demands that the world replace fossil fuels with wind, solar and biofuel energy – to prevent supposed catastrophes caused by manmade global warming and climate change – ignore three fundamental flaws.” Pros and cons, eh?

“Extremely heavy rainfall hits Japan, 398 mm (15.6 inches) within 4 hours”. Chaotic, violent, dangerous …..

Read this and Weep….. “Cell Phone ‘Towers’ Are NOT What We Were Lead To Believe“.
Oh golly-gosh, what a surprise … those dumb-ass conspiracy theory jerks might have a point?

“If you’re not familiar with the beautiful Heart-healing technique know as Ho’Oponopono, you should be. It’s the simplest, yet most profound technique I know for opening your heart chakra. Right here. Right now.”

“The life story of the most famous person who has ever lived is, in fact, filled with a mysterious gaping hole. From the age of 13 to 29 there is no Biblical, Western, or Middle Eastern record of Jesus‘s whereabouts or activities in Palestine. Known as “The Lost Years,” this gaping hole remained a mystery until one explorer’s remarkable discovery in 1887.” Buddha, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammed were ALL spiritual Masters/teachers. Now look at the example of Buddha. Guess the Z’s didn’t get far enough east to shut him up? Go Figure. Deeply.


“The fastest-moving stars in our galaxy may have been shot off the bow of a passing smaller galaxy. These so-called “galactic hypervelocity stars” are large and short-lived but travel up to 1,000 kilometres per second.“

“A high-speed stream of solar wind is approaching Earth. Estimated time of arrival: July 8th or 9th.”
ALSO – “This marks the 44th day in 2017 without sunspots. So many blank suns is a clear sign that Solar Minimum is approaching.” AND NB the last para of this item – Interesting!!!

“The Martian Polar Vortices” “… the twin spiral shapes at the Martian poles are representative of the electric dipole effect that has been demonstrated at the poles of both Venus and Saturn.”

Could be a useful reference site ….


“To belittle, you have to be little.”

~~ Kahlil Gibran

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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