Turn from Belief toward Knowing: Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot, Week of July 26


Tarot interpreted by the Pleiadians of the League of Light: this week, we’re encouraged to turn our focus from the crumbling remnants of belief to core inner knowing. And in a strange twist of the story, following last week’s appearance of the Knight and King of Swords, now the court is complete with the arrival of the Queen and Page to round out the narrative of shift. Again, we are guided toward inner awareness. Read on for details about each of the cards in this week’s Pleiadian tarot spread.

Queen of Swords (reversed) — Page of Swords — The Star

Summary: Are you seeing that the truth has been turned on its head, that the knowingness you’ve been so sure of has slipped into emptiness as the wild storms of change have blown? Truths and deceits no longer can be hidden, least of all from yourself. It is time to step down from the certainty you have held, and rather hold tight to a growing awareness of knowing arising from the evergreen field of your heart. Keep your eyes focused on the way ahead as it is set to appear, and allow your mind to rise to higher realms of consciousness. Connect with your whole being to the light that guides you home, and surrender to the wisdom that flows therefrom. Your timebound self is watching. Stand in grace and know that the moment is sacred.

Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot, week of July 26, 2017
Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot, week of July 26, 2017

FOUNDATION: Queen of Swords (reversed)

There is a cool, calculating energy this week. Where you are situated, are you able to discern the true nature of someone or something that guides your thoughts toward the lower echelons of human integrity? The Queen of Swords has lost herself to the sinister side of her mind. Her empty hand once held promise, her eyes mercy, yet now she has let slip from her grip the essence of her noble bearing. We find ourselves seeing her with new eyes, yet can we recognize within ourselves what noble bearing we have betrayed? In what way have you succumbed to the downward-pulling spiral of thoughts of dark sourcing? How have you turned the focus of your mind on what has been driven from your grasp, swept by winds of change you cannot control? Whatever it is, the time for its power in your world is done. Let it go and let the winds blow.

LODESTONE: Page of Swords

Rising up with the promise of new life, the Page of Swords beckons us to look beyond the stark surroundings of a land stripped nearly bare of meaning, and to hold our truth close to the heart. Awareness is rising and has not yet reached its pinnacle, yet already the balloon of gloom has been pierced and its shadow dissipates. Eternal truths apprehended give strength to you now, so acknowledge what your heart whispers to you. Know it to be pure, defined not by what you have been taught but by what you recognize to be true. Look in the direction of the future, for the time yet to be reveals more than you can at this moment fully appreciate. Prepare yourself, and guard your mind in the field of self-conquerable love. You already know where you’re going, and the way will be made clear when the moment arrives.


Toward the star turn the eyes of those who seek higher guidance, just as ancestral travelers found their way to a new home in the deserts of time. Have you not seen one star that outshines the rest? You carry its light in your heart, for you recognize the dream it streams its song through. As it guides you home, you — in the depths of pooled human consciousness — stand as a beacon for those outside of the limits of recognition. Allow your thoughts to rise, earthbound one, and as your attention anchors itself upon a star, let the wisdom flow. You are a conduit by which higher mind pours itself into the planetary mind of humanity. Open to that and hold firm in the joy you sense emanating from the light of your mind. Receive and release.

* * * * * * *

A note about the spread used in Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot: The first card represents the foundation, the second the lodestone (or inner knowing), and the third, the most OMward direction (path to highest understanding and experience). More insight on Pleiadian Tarot and the path of Nine is at the Nine’s Path website; information about the League of Light and their Pleiadian teachings, along with the work of contact Maryann Rada, are at Opalescent Nine. New insights for the world and for individuals are posted here on transients.info every week (just a bit earlier than on the Nine’s Path site), so be sure to check back regularly to see the Pleiadians’ clues for the next step in our collective evolution. Please visit the Roundtable Forum and the Nine’s Path Facebook Group as well!

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Thank you Maryann…….a very powerful reading with much truth at the moment. I think people in the UK will recognise the Queen of Swords reversed in our current Prime Minister Theresa May. She was recently elected on a manifesto she is rapidly abandoning now, the latest being free school breakfasts for all primary school children. For myself, I find her in my unconscious, she is fast rising from it’s depths with much grief as I come to real*eyes that I cannot heal everyone, only myself. I deal with it and keep my gaze on The Star. A lovely card, the… Read more »

Hailstones Melt
Hailstones Melt

I resonate with being a conduit through which higher mind can find a place to touch my earthbound being. Not judging what flows, but just revelling in the flow. When I view the card, The Star, I am reminded that nothing is permanent, all is flow. The light from on high reflects luminescent in the water. Where the eyes of the being gaze, there is a strong point of focus in the third eye, bringing connection. It is good to be reminded that even knowing is not static. What you knew yesterday is no more. What you may know tomorrow… Read more »