The “Train” Seen by Dolphins and Whales


The Train Seen by Dolphins and Whales

This morning, working with those who assist us to understand the process in which we are stuck from other higher levels, there was a communication with group minds of dolphins and whales, mainly interested in publicizing their vision of the “train” in the we are using the analogy that we had published in previous articles. Not much I can comment on it, just as it did this get it transcribed. My words are the answers in normal text in italics. Distortions can do are solely my responsibility, because the receiving process always goes through all filters, programs and components of the mind, which, as we have said on several occasions, screened and colors all external communication, much as not we like.


Comes this first package of communication in a single block:

“There are many humans who are interested in the connection with the group mind of our species, even though they are and come from afar to help. The fact that you see us like animals, and not more evolved beings, hinders our understanding with you, since you do not possess the ability to see what lies behind our mammalian bodies. This is not our true evolutionary vehicle beyond our planet. We came because Mother Earth, Kumar, asked us to help keep the seas and oceans under constant supervision, because of the number of manipulations and inputs and outputs races who have come here to colonize, and needed a system maintenance balance of aquatic life in order to ensure that other life, animal, could enjoy an environment as healthy as possible for its evolution and purpose. This now being an odyssey, your fellow hunt us some knowing what we are but not others, they eat our flesh from our bodies, and we have become a carnival and circus. We do it because there is some purity in your part and because we know what you are subject, but we do not like. Kumar will continue here as long as we need, then we’ll leave. Thanks for listening.”

I thank you for your communication and your work. I ask your forgiveness on behalf of my race, do not even know if I’m allowed to do so, at least for the part that touches me I ask forgiveness. We are not aware of anything, we are not aware of life on the planet, of your work or that of so many others. We are blind, scheduled, veiled, are being used as resources, but do not want to wake up, we move emotions and thoughts of low level, we are disconnected from the planet and ourselves. There is no way, at least for now, that this change is a huge huge job, and I think we can do little to be reversed if no outside help. I wantto thank you for a job that does not have any gratification rather than the service doing the planet and aquatic life. Hopefully we can at some point, my race and yours communicate together in understanding, peace, harmony, hopefully we can repayyou somehow for your help and service. Thanks, and sorry again.

Returns the answer.

“It’s very hard what you’re trying to do, reversing a process of enslavement to a race that was created to serve. Not so reproach you only see that time is running out, and we see that we must intervene. It hurts the cruelty with which we you try, do not always have immediate hand understanding of why you do it, when if you mirarais within your heart we are not sure that you would do. But right now there is not much to forgive, you are as you are at the mercy of those who you consider your resources and your masters are considered. In any case, we will continue helping here, if one of you wakes up and is able to communicate with us and is a sign of hope, others did in the past, but everything remained the same. Let’s see where it leads us. “

Whales ask your turn, here is communication.

“We tune communication with our brothers dolphins, are his elder brothers, we come from the same origin and place and we have a similar function. We are two races that occupy at present two different types of vehicle in your seas, as well as the deal on our home planet. Our role is to maintain water and contain energetic movements destabilizing part of life on Earth. We can work a lot of depth and sustain, modify or amplify energetic movements to offset certain disharmonies under your oceans. We also you hunt, but if it happens, let us die to leave one body and enter another, unlike our brothers dolphins, sometimes we prefer to give our animal evolutionary vehicle when it has fulfilled the purpose and retreated to enter another . We cause a lot of damage pollution of the planet and therefore we can not keep too many years consciousness within the same body type. We help cleaning of your seas, but that can not be done without technology now those who dwell beyond your atmosphere. We do not belong to the alliance made by other groups to help because we have another task, aligned with Kumar [consciousness, the soul of the Earth, also called Gaia and many other names as culture or native tradition] rather than the human race but at the end of the day we all inhabit the same planet and we all need everyone to cooperate with everyone. “

It gives me something to feel your huge force fields and consciousness, feeling beings we now consider part of animal life. I have no words for your work. Thank you , we are also at your service.

Here concluded this transmission, my intention was to continue to seek state data energetic process in which lies the planet, and had intended to ask my Higher an update of it. It was rewarding and instructive. No one who can not establish this communication are part of our ecosystem, and prejudices aside and filters, we remain two species trying out the best way possible to bring the work we have commissioned.

With hugs,
David Topi


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This article was translated automatically (Google) from Spanish to English.

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