Merging of Parallel Timelines & the ‘Dark’ Influence | A QHHT Session by Sian Chua


This past life regression session, facilitated by Sian Chua using Dolores Cannons QHHT method, was conducted in June this year. While there are a number of topics that I have briefly summarized below, one of the more important ones is mention of the parallel timelines. At the end of this transcribed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session, I will include some more information for the seeker on this topic.

For those wondering about the influence of the ‘dark’, or groups(s) out there — such as the cabal — that control aspects of life, multidimensionally and not just practically, this is a great source of information to further expand your knowledge and will likely help the ‘warriors’ out there, who actively pursue the light.

Areas covered:

  • Pulled from her home on the surface of an alien world and taken to a space ship where she is held captive. Her memory is wiped from not performing her task, and she is sent back in time, in the same lifetime she was previously a part of. Leading a rally against the government who are suppressing the people’s psychic gifts, and is later imprisoned and tortured.
  • Higher self answers questions around that life and explains how lives occur simultaneously within parallel realities. HS mentions the importance of resolving specific things in other timelines so that they can merge, but also shift together.
  • Missing memories and the Mandela effect is discussed as parts of symptoms of this timeline shift.
  • Information on the darker influences behind slowing down the shift and lowering the vibration of our timeline through various activities is mentioned.
  • Ways we can act to help raise the vibrations and shift our timeline, including working with heart energy.
  • A block placed on a community that Judy moved to, which caused a lot of negativity in the lives of people and how Judy was sent to bring positive energy to that area.
  • Beings who cause dark, or negative based problems through residing at certain energy centers of the earth, including the chakras of the Earth.
  • The existence of a fake aura around Judy’s true aura, causing problems for her and how benevolent ETs  can help.


Judy is a gifted Spiritual Healer, in the USA, married with 3 children. This was her 3rd QHHT session.

In her 2nd session in 2016, she was advised to sell her house and move to another State.  This was a surprise, as she was established and well known where she was, with a flourishing network of clients, doing her spiritual work, full time.

Although the family had to re-establish itself, she has always had strong guidance and trusted Spirit.  She was assured that this was for the highest good of the family.  Her husband would find work and she would have no problem getting clients. They were eventually guided to a remote, but beautiful rural community, surrounded by Nature, with lakes, mountains and forests, and a “dream home.”

Her elation soon turned into a nightmare. There were major issues with the purchase of their new home, to do with title deeds and contractual misrepresentation, involving fraud. Unable to move into the home for 9 months, they were forced to live in cramped rental accommodation.

The children were bullied at school. Despite their best efforts to be friendly and integrate, the family was not embraced by the community, for reasons she could not fathom.  They ended up isolated, ostracized and marginalized.

Her husband couldn’t find work either, for a year.  He eventually found, but was retrenched, from 2 jobs, in short time.  She had no clients either.

Nothing was going as planned.

She was also under severe and relentless psychic attack all this time. Her health deteriorated to the point where she had chest pains, muscle wasting, general weakness and chronic fatigue. She was an emotional wreck, had brain fog, could not think rationally or be decisive, and was suicidal. Her nervous system, adrenals and other systems had collapsed. Her body had started to shut down. A few months prior to this session, she had a nervous breakdown.

She wanted to leave, but felt there was no way out, with no resources.  Being so remote, houses remained unsold for 10 years!

Brought to their knees, with no money, they were very unhappy and miserable She was feeling abandoned by God and questioning her guidance. She wanted to know ‘what had gone wrong,’ and why they were in such a terrible predicament.

S = Sian the facilitator
J = Judy the client
SC = Sub Conscious or Higher Self 


Judy comes off the cloud and finds herself on her own property, in this timeline.

S:  Very good, what is happening this day?

J:  It is not divided into the sections as it is in current time.

S:  Is there anything important happening this day?

J:  There are no people there.

S:  It is just very quiet and you are there by yourself?

Judy recalls that while she was floating on the cloud she went through some energy and a thought popped into her head that said ‘crossing timelines’.

Sian, thinking that Judy has gone to her present life age regresses Judy back into the past and childhood to some happy memories, and then takes her further back and asks her to find an appropriate time that will help her with her current life challenges.

S:  Go back to a time that is appropriate, maybe in this time, maybe in another time, maybe on another planet or dimension, an appropriate time and place where there is information we’d like to find to help you in the very best way we can, going back, and back and back there now. When I get to three you will be at an appropriate time and place. 1….2…3 where are you?

J:  I don’t know.

S:  You may not know the place. I want you to look around and observe, feel, sense, hear or imagine and describe what is around you.

J:  There are flashing lights, under me.

S:  Are you on some kind of a surface? Or are you up in the air looking down? Where are you, in relation to the lights?

J:  I think I am on a ship again. The lights are underneath me (at the bottom of the ship). I am dressed in a one piece suit, like a wet suit.

S:  Are you standing, sitting, lying down or in some other position?

J:  I am standing and I can see someone in a chair in front of me who is sitting. They are in a suit as well but a brown colour.  (Judy recalls later, she is in handcuffs with her arms behind her back)

S:  What does that person look like? Do they look human? Humanoid?

J:  Yes.

S:  Do you know this person?

J:  Yes, and I do not like them.

S:  Who is this person in relation to you? Why don’t you like them?

J:  It is someone I am supposed to be taking orders from but I don’t like their intentions.

S:  Do you know what their intentions are?

J:  Their intentions are selfish.

S:  Is this person male or female?

J:  Male.

S:  Tell me what happens next.

J:  I am being punished or I have done something wrong.

S:  How are you being punished?

J:  That decision has not been made yet, I have to stand there and wait.

S:  While you are waiting I’d like you to just move backwards in time to find out how you ended up on this ship. Go back there now.

J:  I was gathering flowers and plants, specimens. I’m 23 years old.

S:  So you were gathering plants, flowers and specimens.  Where were you gathering them from?  Was this in your garden?

J:  No, this was on a planet or environment we were studying.

S:  And what happened?

J:  I was pulled away from that and blindfolded and held, hostage but by my own people, in order to scare me so that I did not escape, so I could be reprimanded.

S:  So, this is how you found yourself on the ship. I want you to move forward in time now to see how they punished you. What did they do?

J:  I am confined in a dark space and I am angry.

S:  Do you feel this is justified?

J:  No, not at all.

S: Do you know what you are being punished for?

J:  Not following orders. To destroy a life form, on the planet we were studying. I refused and I assisted the life form. I allowed them time to hide and pretended they were not there.

S:  Does there come a point in time where you are released from there, the dark space?

J:  Yes I am sent back home. My memory is erased.

S:  Do you mean your memory of what just happened on the ship? Or, something else?

J:  I do not know. I see nothing and I heard ‘my memory is erased’.

S: Now do you remember where you were or what happened before you went home?

J:  No.

S:  What is home like?  Can you describe it? Do you live on your own with others?

J:  Um.. I am younger.

S:  You are younger than 23?

NB# After the session Judy explains that it was like she had her mind deleted and she was sent back in time to her family.

J:  Yes.

S:  Can you describe your home?

J:  I am with my mum and dad, they are human, they are quite tall and thin, over 6 foot.

S:  Where do you live?

J:  In a highrise apartment

S:  Is it like highrise apartments that we know this day and time on planet Earth?

J:  No, different, more like the ones you see in Star Wars movies.

S:  How do you feel about your parents?

J:  I feel they are distracted and disconnected. They don’t really know what is going on.

S:  You do?

J:   Yes.

S:  So tell me, what is going on?

J:  I know there is more to life, there is more to me.  There are things going on in the world that they can’t see.

S:  How do you know these things?

J:  I just know them.

S:  They don’t know?

J:  No

S: I guess it is advantageous for you to know these things, to have a knowing, for when you know, you are forewarned, you have wisdom and knowledge?

J:  It just causes trouble.

S:  It causes trouble? How?

J:  Because they think I am an upstart, and I am argumentative.

S:  You are only that way because you know these things, right?

J:  Yes.

S:  It has its pros and it has its cons, it is what it is and you do know these things and you can’t take that away. 


J:  I am leading some kind of rally, or march. We have been downtrodden and suppressed.

S:  By whom?

J:  The governing bodies.

S:  Who is we? Is this a very big group?

J:  Yes, thousands.

S:  What have they done to suppress you?

J:  We are not allowed to think certain things, our minds are monitored.

S:  What sort of things are you thinking?

J:  Of how to use my gifts.

S:  What sort of gifts?

J:  Telepathy. They would monitor our thoughts and put implants in our heads and then we would be targeted and punished.

S:  Can all of you do this? All of you have telepathy?

J:  Yes.

S:  Is this a natural thing? All of you are able to do this?

J:  Yes.

S:  Well, if everyone is able to do this then why is it that they are targeting your group, the ones that are rallying?

J:  Because we are telling others that they can do it, use their gifts.

S:  I don’t understand.. why did you have to tell others to use their gifts, isn’t it natural, didn’t they already have them, and were using them?

J:  No.

S:  You mean, some of these gifts are innate but some people do not know they are there? Is this how you became a group of thousands?

J:  Yes, but others are awake like I am awake.

S:  So what do they do, now they are rallying, what will that achieve?

J:  To wake up the others to their own innate abilities so we are not slaves anymore, slaves to the governing bodies.

S:  So what happens at the end of that march or rally, do you get to reach out to large segments of the community, to let them know?

J:  No, we are attacked and shot down.

S:  Shot down? What happens to your group?

J:  They use weapons on us, they blast us, some die. I have a team who pull me aside and rescue me and we hide.

(Judy recalls that the weapons were not like any she had seen, they were like a handheld foghorn or bullhorn, it made no sound. It was a blast of energy and it killed people.)

S:  Do they eventually find you. Are you able to not be found?

J:  On that day, I am not found. Eventually, I am found.

S:  Go to the day they find you….

(Judy begins to cry so Sian asks her to detach from the scene, as an observer, so she can observe, without feeling any pain or emotion.)

J:  They torture me.

S:  Do you survive the torture? Are you released?

J:  I am not released but I survive the torture and they make me watch my husband be tortured and murdered.

(Judy sees that her husband in that life is also her husband in her current life)

S:  I am so sorry. What happens to you eventually?

J:  I am left in a cell.

S:  Move ahead to the end of that scene.

J:  I choose to leave my body.

S:  Oh, you can do that at will?

J:  I did not know I could do it, but I do.

S:  How do you do that?

J:  I ask to leave, to let go of the body and be returned to Source.

S:  And then what, it just happened? Was it easy, quick?

J:  No, I am old. I made the request when I was old. I realised I was never going to get out of there.

S:  So you were incarcerated for many years, you were only young when you went in. Did you get any news? Were you allowed visitors?

J:  They would bring people in (handcuffed and beaten) and ask if I knew them.

S:  Only for that purpose, hmm. You have left the body now. Go to the moment of your last breath. What happens?

J:  I am escorted by a group of celestial beings. My soul is taken to a healing room and then I am integrated back into a soul group or conglomerate. It feels warm, comfortable and safe.

S:  You are Home now?

J:  Yes.


S:  Of all the lifetimes you have chosen to show Judy today, why did you chose to show her that life on that other planet where she was able to use her telepathic powers, where she knew things, and was a part of a rally group to awaken others to use their gifts only to find herself monitored and incarcerated by the governing body, and eventually found a way to leave her body at will, when she was old. Why did she choose to show her this life?

J:  She wonders why she is attacked.

S:  Talk to her about that. Of course she wonders why she is attacked. It is highly unusual, what is going on, Talk to her, what has this got to do with that past life?

J:  They are parallel lives.

S:  Parallel? I have an understanding of what that means but I would like to hear from you. What does that mean?

J:  They are occurring simultaneously to her current life.

S:  Can you tell me why and how that parallel life has not, in the past, had that ability to bleed through, so to speak, and affect her current life.

J:  Because of the merging timelines. There was a timeline shift and these two timelines ended up connected and running parallel to each other.

S:  So, before…. they were apart? There was a timeline separation? And now they have come together?

J:  Yes and Judy is doing similar work in this lifetime, as she was, and is, in the parallel lifetime.

S:  She is doing work with her gifts and her abilities and much more that has been shared with her in the previous sessions, bringing Light to planet Earth.

J:  The two lifetimes are attracted to each other because they have the same resonance.

S:  What are the similarities?

J:  That she has power and refuses to be shut down and she intends to wake others up to their true power.

S:  Ok, this is starting to make sense. This is very distracting and overwhelming for Judy. For these timelines to come together and for her to live parallel lives because she is constantly being attacked, when she wasn’t, before. Is there something we can do about this, end these attacks, so she is left alone, and allowed to do her work this time, without the conjunction of lives.

Will you help her? What do you suggest? This is a highly unusual situation.

J:  The suggestion that they be merged is incorrect, but in a sense come together, the parallel life needs to meet a certain resonance in order to shift.

S:  Please explain this slowly, so we can understand you.

J:  Like when you have the Earth in its orbit, and you have meteorites coming in close. They start affecting the Earth. Changing the energy, its temperature, the resonance. But… in order for the meteorite to pass safely through, or around the Earth, it has to come in close enough, in order to receive the correct resonance in order to spin off. The parallel life is like the meteorite. It is coming in close and causing trouble and it needs to be spun off.

S: Are a lot of people experiencing something similar?

J:  The whole Earth is, everyone on Earth, the whole Earth. The whole of humanity. This is not just Judy’s parallel life. This is a parallel earth timeline, affecting the whole of current Earth.

S:  So this is a timeline shift for the whole of humanity? I see. What brought about this timeline shift? How did this come about and when?

J:  It came about with the decision of many. In the atmosphere of the Earth and on the Earth. To change the pathway of the Earth. And in doing so, the timeline shift was not on purpose. The intention was to shift the Earth and this occurred with the shift. It was unintended.

S: If there is a timeline shift, how is it affecting other awakened humans?

J:  They will feel like they are not quite solid, physical pain, shaking and shivering, insomnia, dreams of other lives, or dreams of being another person. There are time blips, missing time. There is forgetfulness, missing memory, things won’t be where they were left. Properties shift, energy shifts. Nothing is as it was, it has become unstable.

S:  There has been talk about the Mandela effect. Is that a consequence of this timeline shift?

J:  The Mandela effect is the kindergarten version of this.

S:  So on a bigger scale, these things are happening to many light seeds around the planet, many awakened ones?

J:  It is happening to EVERYONE, but those that may be aware, may be the ones feeling it. This is a timeline We would hope to avoid.

S:  But it has been brought forth now, an unintended consequence of the collective intention of the awakened ones on this planet to assist planetary ascension. They asked for something and this came about. So it is here now. You said it needs to be “spun off,” like the meteorite. What can be done to spin off this parallel timeline?

J:  We need to shift ABOVE its resonance. Currently we are IN its resonance, so as we shifted up (previously), we shifted INTO its resonance. We need to continue shifting UP to shift OUT of its resonance.

S:  How is this done? Can you help us and do this for Earth?

J:  No.

S:  So how do we shift up even more?

J:  Love.

S:  How much love is needed before we can go up to that level or degree, where the trajectory of that parallel timeline no longer affects Earth?

J:  We were on course, until the darker beings, bodies, began the wars, and the terror attacks, and infiltrated a new campaign to bring in fear, and has not stopped us from raising up, to where we had intended to be.

S:  When did this happen, when did these attacks start, and the wars start?

J:  July, last year.

S:  When you mention terror attacks are you talking about the physical terror attacks, or are you talking about other types of attacks?

J:  Physical, energetic, radio attacks, suppression by electromagnetic frequencies, there are occult practices, spell casting, all negative intentions. They have, you might say, intensified and prevented the raising of the vibration to the projection we had hoped to be on. So instead, we have resonated and attracted this parallel life.

S:  I am taking notes because this is a new concept and idea to me and I believe it may be the first time this has  been mentioned and brought forth. I thank you for that because this will help many. It will help humanity understand what is happening to them. I have many clients who think they are going crazy and insane because of….

J:  These energies will cause that.

S:  So who is responsible? I have an idea but if Judy allows this recording to be shared with a wider audience then who is behind all these attacks? Who are we talking about, the darker beings, the bodies, who are You referring to?

J:  These are non-human. They are not a single ‘race’ as you might say. They are a conglomerate.

S:  Where do they come from? There are people who are new to this and I would like you to explain this.

J: They have travelled far from in the Universe to be here. Orion, Jakai (phonetic – spelling unknown).

S:  Is Jakai another star system or what?

J:  It is another galaxy in this Universe.

S:  Is close to Orion or any galaxy that we know?

J:  No

S:  Who are the others? Who else is involved in these attacks?

J:  There are three main groups. The Ahigi’s (phonetic -spelling unknown). They don’t have a planet.

S:  What happened?

J:  Their planet no longer exists. It was destroyed. (Judy later recalls it was a natural erosion of the planet).

S:  What is their purpose? Why do they want to do this to Earth?

J:  Control, pleasure.

S:  For fun?

J:  Yes.

S:  What about control? What are they trying to control?

J:  They would say their little ants in their colonies. They would think of us as ants in their colonies.

S:  So what is the objective of controlling the ants in their colonies. What do they hope to achieve with the control? Is it just sadistic pleasure or something else?

J:  They feed off us. They are empowered by our fear.

S: I have heard it said — it is the negative emotions of humans, fear, anger, lust, jealousy, guilt greed, feeling less than, sadness, grief, loss, shame, all of those things they feed off?

J:  It is orgasmic to them. It is their creative energy.

S:  I have also heard that there are benevolent Light beings, such as yourself, meaning the one who is speaking to her now, that are helping us and helping Earth. Can you not do something to ward or fend off these attacks? Can you help us in this way?

J:  We need external help. This has gone too far. It is beyond what the humans can do. The situation is extremely unjust. This is only recent.  Prior to this, it was becoming balanced.

S:  It seems like, energetically, we were on a good roll and then people started noticing that something had shifted but they couldn’t quite put their finger on it, but you have nailed it today. Judy is caught up in all of this. You said the only thing that will help keep lifting the vibrations up, so we go beyond that merged timeline trajectory, is love.

J:  Which is very difficult under the current circumstances.

S:  Indeed. A vicious cycle. What else can we do to shift and raise the vibration?

J:  We MUST connect to our hearts. Even through the fear, and the pain, we must connect to the heart.

S:  It’s like catch 22. Like when you are down in that deep hole you can’t even reach out to the light, you don’t even see it.

J:  I understand.

S:  What is the easiest way to connect to our hearts?

J: The simplest way is to just BREATHE, breathe into the heart, that is a good start. From there, you can call in and bring down Source. Pure source, pure light, pure love. You may not feel it immediately but the intention will create it. The idea of the love vibration and connection to the heart was understood by many but not completely practiced (previously). Though the idea in itself, and the intention, had a positive effect, it is in a sense ‘faking it’.

(Judy recalls later, that she was being shown, that prior to this timeline merge a great number of people ‘understood’ with their minds about the love vibration and some were actually active in connecting to it and that was enough before, but now it is not enough, it is life faking it and not actually doing it, it is mentally understanding but not emotionally connecting)

S:  So are you saying that we need to fake it till it becomes real?

J:  No, we need to do it, REALLY do it and even if you can’t feel it, TRUST! Too many people are thinking it, thinking they are doing it and they are not. It is just a ‘new age’ concept to them.

S:  It is not real, the faking?  They are not really feeling it?

J:  Yes.

S:  My guides have said an easy way to connect to the heart, is to just think of a moment of great love or joy. An example they gave was:  if you have a grandchild or child that you love, go back to that time when they were born and you looked into their eyes and you carried them for the first time, you FEEL the love. If you have a pet cat or dog, imagine yourself patting it, loving it, imagining the dog jumping on you and remember and FEEL the joy. Allow the cat to purr on your lap. All this,  will just bring you immediately into heart space. Just do something or think of something or someone you love. Be out in Nature, or if your heart opens up by being near the ocean or watching a sunset, smelling roses or flowers or looking at something that is beautiful then go and be there and this is how you open up to heart space.

J:  Yes all of those things are effective.

S:  Good, because some people find it difficult to breathe into their heart. Especially those who are very left brained, they have difficulty even doing that, or even imagining or feeling their physical heart.

J:  You have to go back to basics.

S: Thank you for that. Coming back to Judy now. How do we help her? She has been under considerable attack from last year. Let’s start at the beginning. You know that I did a holographic session on her today and we cleared several entities. There were four Reptilian ones today. She has been in overwhelm, despair, panic, worry, stress, anxiety, had a nervous breakdown, depression, sadness, since she moved to her new place.

J:  This was never the intention. This was not supposed to happen.

S:  So this has only happened because of that merging timeline, yes? She was wondering why. Why was I guided to go to this place? It has been hell. She has not been able to do her work because she has been so distracted by this. Her husband has waited 12 months to get a job, he had one for two weeks and was let go. Got another job and had it for only a short time and lost it. They had to live for 9 months in cramped rental accommodation before they could move into their house. Everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.  Was all of that caused and created by the shifting of timelines?

J:  Most of it.

S: Well it is going to take a whole lot of love to rise above this timeline shift? (Yes) So what is going to happen to us, those of us who have been affected by this?

J:  We have to walk our talk and use every ‘tool in the toolbox.’

S:  Are there enough of us to be able to do this?

J:  Yes, the consequence of not doing it is not worthy of consideration. There is no alternative.

S:  Will You help us? There are so many benevolent beings here with us.  Will you help us as well?

J:  Yes. And Judy does continue to help, even through her own struggles.

S:  She still does her work at night when she is able to get some shuteye. A brave one, a valiant one, a warrior for the Earth, this planet. She needs all the help she can get. So apart from forcing herself to go into heart space and breathe into her heart, is there anything else she can do to help her family.

J:  They will need to move (again)

S:  How is this going to happen? They have no resources, no money. They sold up everything to make this move in the first place. Houses are for sale down there, for over 10 years. Her house was for sale for 7 years before they bought it.

J:  They did not know that.

S:  How will they move? Will they be out of pocket if they sell this house?

J:  The house will not be sold.

S:  So they will need to move but the house will not be sold? What is going to happen. How do we get them out of this predicament?

J: This has not been set in a timeline yet. There is no path. There is a block.

S:  What is causing the block, what is the block?

J:  There is a block around the whole community.

S:  Who put it there?

J:  There is a source of darkness in the town and it has spread its tentacles out. The block has been there for 20 years.

S:  Well, why did you send her there?

J:  To bring Light. In the previous timeline, she would have had enough power to have shut it down and freed the town, but with the shift and merging of timelines, it nearly destroyed her instead. There is an important energy vortex there and they know that.

S:  Where is the vortex?

J:  It is central to three lines, below the mountain and “they” know that.

S:  Who are “they” that know that? Who is the source of darkness in the town?

J:  There are many minions but the source is not human. The source is one of the beings from the three conglomerates. They have planted themselves in certain locations around the world.

S:  Where are they mainly based?

J:  Under the ground. Washington (DC), Antarctica, Russia (north, not quite Siberia). There is one  that they have implanted in every spiritual and energetic vortex. You may call them chakras of the earth. There are ‘overseers’ in every town near these chakra points, where they bury their energy and create negative vortexes to suppress the energy of the town and the people. To create confusion, sadness and fear. So the people cannot connect with their hearts and in doing so, cannot connect to these (positive) energy vortexes, and then, so raising the vibration of the Earth. They are poisoning the Earth.

S: Are there any other places?

J:  Many.

S:  So these are the main ones. You said that they were not human but they are based at these places and towns. When you say they are based there, are the non humans there, or, are they working through human minions?

J:  They work through human minions. Their human minions would not even know that they are not human themselves. They are hypnotised and entrapped. Greed, fear — of the human — has a resonating emotion to suit. Then they are easily trapped and they are easily manipulated to do the work. They have a hive mind. They have an individual, and hive mind. They are able to instantaneously communicate with all other implants around the world.

S:  Many have been implanted, yes?

J:  Through the shift in the timeline.

S:  How did these implants get there, were they out there by a separate act of creation, or are you saying that the shift of the timelines…

J:  They have appeared since the shift in the timeline, since the parallel timeline has been affecting the earth, these implants were not in existence prior.

S: They just appeared since the timeline shift? (Yes). So the shift caused implants to be created and people got implanted just like that?

J:  No. The implants into the Earth. The implants into the people have occurred since.

S:  So the implants near the important energy chakras have occurred since this timeline shift?

J:  Yes.

S:  You know Richard and our group have recently been to Mt Shasta and Moraine Lake (Banff – Canada) and there was a mass meditation in LA as well. Has that helped at all?

J:  Yes.

S: They work though human mediums/minions, now where she lives, can you shed some light on this since you have not spoken about them. One day last year she was driving past the Masonic Lodge in the town and she felt, she got ‘hit.’ It was during a full moon. She felt under psychic attack and there was chanting in her room for three nights in a row. She was attacked by unknown entities three nights in a row (Yes).

Then she was asked to work on someone whom she later found out was a witch. She thinks this woman put curses on her and her health deteriorated quite rapidly after that and the attacks were relentless. Panic attacks, heart pain, muscle wasting, no strength she couldn’t even lift light things. She had suicidal thoughts but  knew they weren’t hers as she was able to recognize them immediately as “suicide programming”, or entities. (As soon as they were removed the suicidal thoughts ceased) She became weaker and irrational and would scream at her husband for no reason and then this constant fickleness, “yes, we want to move,” then “no we won’t move,” so what is going on?

That Masonic Lodge incident and then the lady who is a witch, what is going on there?

J: That is the source of darkness in that town and her light, albeit accidentally, or unintentionally, triggered the ‘alarm’ system. They have shields and protections, psychic alarms and her energy, unintentionally, triggered their alarm system and she was made known to them.

S:  So they knew then, because she triggered their (energetic) alarm system, that it was her. And so they targeted her? (Viciously) How have they been doing that?

J:  By destroying her nervous system and splitting her mind.

S:  How do they do this? How did they try to destroy her nervous system? She spoke of a ‘fake’ auric field (Yes), How did they destroy her nervous system and split her mind?

J:  Due to the stress that she was under, she was open to attack and they found a way in, in a concerted effort with a group of nine, Masons and witches, all of the same group.

S:  I am just being “”told, and I need to confirm this with you. I am just being shown now that there are Satanic rituals? Going on in the town? I don’t even know anything about this.

J: That is correct, they are a satanic strong hold in that area.

S: Oh, ok.

J:  And their power has increased exponentially since the shift in the parallel timeline.

S:  I see, I am trying to wrap my head around this. So they attacked her and that witch is a part of that as well?

J:  No, she is not a part of that, she was disgruntled.

S:  Is it true she threw cruses at Judy?

J:  She dabbled, she tried, it was uncomfortable but Judy has dealt with worse than that. She is not a threat.

S:  So has all that been cleared?

J:  Yes, she is not a threat anymore

S:  But what the Free Masons did to her, is it still having an effect on her now?

J:  Yes, it is.

S:  Can you help her clear this? This fake aura, whatever they have done. She said that, one day, she pulled off this fake aura, that had started to meld with her own and it was causing all those issues, all the debilitating physical and emotional symptoms and it took her 6 days to remove it.  She was told by her guides that she couldn’t remove it immediately because it had alarms and would kill her. So she had to do it slowly over 6 days and she believes she finally pulled it all off because it had affected her nervous system and her adrenals, like a poison, is this correct?

J:  Yes that is correct. It was a lot more severe than she can comprehend.

S:  Is it all cleared now?

J:  Yes.

S:  Are there any residues left? (Yes) Where?

J:  In her kidneys, her lungs and her heart.

S:  How are they affecting her?

J:  Her body is under intense recovery as if she has had cancer.

S:  Can you do something about this? Will You help her, can you clear this residue?

J:  No, there is a danger, of triggering more attacks.

S:  How will this get triggered?

J:  They will sense the healing.

S:  Well she already removed the majority of it, didn’t they sense that?

J:  Yes, they ‘allowed her to’, like a cat playing with a mouse.

S:  Well, they know that most of it is gone and the residue is there. So if you remove the residue it will put her at risk of them attacking her again? (Yes) So can you do anything to protect her from future attacks? (No) So this can only be done through love and raising her vibrations constantly?

J:  No, she needs external help.

S:  What sort? She needs to call in some benevolent ET’s.

(Judy recalls that during the 6 days of removing the fake aura and the curse, she was assisted by a group of beings, who she knew to be ET’s. She was not able to remove some of the curse, so They did. It seems as though they are needed again, to clear the residue).

S:  Are They not here today, present, in this room as we speak?

J:  They are at a distance. They have been pushed back.

S:  By whom?

J:  The parallel shift.

S:  How do we bring them in closer so she is able to summons and invoke them?

J:  She will need to set up a ceremony and create a vortex for them to enter through.

S:  She knows how to do this? (Not yet) Can you tell her how?

J:  Yes.

S:  Will you tell her now?

J:  Yes.

J:  She cannot do it on the property.

S:  Where should she do it then?

J:  She must do it, the ceremony, with her husband but not on their property. Anywhere in Nature where they will not be disturbed.

S:  Does she have in mind a certain place right now?

J:  No

S:  Can you suggest a place for her?

J:  The place is not important as long as it is in Nature and undisturbed.

S:  That is the first step. What is the next step?

J:  Once it is removed, she will be shielded and protected for an amount of time to allow her to move. Once she is out of the vicinity ‘owned’ by the dark in that area, where they live, the area they ‘prey’ over, the area that is contained. Once she is out of that area, (and her husband), they will no longer be a threat to her.

S:  You said earlier, they had put some sort of a grid over that whole area like 20 years ago, and that stops houses there from being sold. Is that right?

J:  You cannot enter that community unless they want you there. You cannot leave that community unless they want you to leave.

S:  So how is she going to sell that house and leave?

J:  We will create a ‘vortex’ tunnel of protection.

S:  Through this vortex?

J:   Yes, it will be within their shields but unfelt by them.

S:  It is pretty imperative that she do this as soon as possible?

J:  Yes.

S:  So that will allow her and the family to be able to exit the energy. Where do they go from there? Without their house being sold, they do not have the resources to set up and move to another place. They have no jobs. Where do you recommend that they go?

J:  They may need to stay with family initially.

S:  So are you suggesting they go back there?

J:  That is an option.

S:  Will they return? To their current home?

J:  They can return. It is an option.

S:  So what is for their highest good? Once the timeline has shifted and the vibrations have been raised up..

J:  Their highest good, as was originally intended, was to be in that property. Right now it is not safe.

S:  And they should not go back again?

J:  There will be a time when it will be safe to go back.

S:  When will that be?

J:  Depending on timelines.  Possibly 2 years.

S:  Yes, ok while it will not be safe to go back because of the timeline shift, and there are still those dark forces there, I mean a horrendous number of them. Not just the freemasons, but the satanic ones too. Why should she go back at all?

J:  She is still needed to go back to transmute the darkness. It has only intensified because of the shift.

Once the shift is complete, the intensity will have lessened and the darkness will not be as dark. It is our intention that all over the world to continue extinguishing these ‘fires’. As We had first intended.

S: Hmm…  and that is why she was sent there in the 1st place? And her job is not finished. That, she needs to complete.

J:  She needs temporary lodgings, due to this ‘emergency’ situation.

S:  When she goes back to where she originally came from? Is that what you mean?

J:  Instead of staying on her property she needs temporary lodgings because this was an unforseen ‘emergency’.

S:  Alright, if I am understanding correctly, she has a few options. One, is that she can go back to family. The other option is to stay where she is now and go through the vortex, that she creates and go somewhere else. But you are saying do not sell the house?

J:  Correct, the house will be safe to live in, later.

S:  Ok how will she live? Without money, without resources?

J:  Out of that space, she will have clients, she will have health. Out of that space, she will have everything she imagined she would have when they moved to that house in the first place.

S:  But for the timeline shift…?

J:  But for the timeline shift…. We understand her disappointment, she feels she was betrayed. She feels she was betrayed. She was not betrayed.

S:  What about the husband? Once he moves out, will he be able to get a job too?

J:  No. (Why not?) There is a path being created for him. His current path has been ceased.

S:  Yes, you told him that a while ago anyway. Though he has changed now, he really wants to work with her, work on his own gifts, do healing  and other work. is this for his highest good?

J:  Yes but not straight away. He has much to learn about himself. He needs to align his ego.

S:  Who is going to help him with that?

J:  (laughs) LIFE!

S:  (laugh) ok, she is too close to him I guess to do much. Ok and the children. What about the panic attacks, all this is part of what is going on, when this is all settled, will they be fine?

J:  That is correct.

S:  Is it in the children’s highest good to continue their current schooling?

J:  It is an option.

S:  So when they move to a different community, I guess, they won’t have the issues they have had. If they all chose to, they can attend local school?

J:  That is correct yes. They may not go to standard schooling initially, until everyone feels safe and settled.

S:  And that is fine. Is she feeling better, listening to all this?

J:  She is very upset

S:  She is upset? Even though it has all been explained now? And solutions (Yes)

Judy, it is what it is. It was totally unintended what happened. Nobody could have foreseen this. Nobody. (No) And we need to deal with it as best as we can. At least we know what is going on and that is so important. Before, we did not know. (It was very confusing) Now I need to ask you. Who is speaking to her today please?

J:  I am of her soul.

S: Please tell me. Are there any more entities in her field?

J:  Yes.

S:  Are you able to clear and remove them?

J:  No, this will need to be done when the residual poison has been removed from her lungs, heart and kidneys.

S:  How is that going to be cleared?

J:  She will need to bring in a vortex to allow the benevolent Beings to enter.

S:  As you said earlier.

J:  Yes

S: Can she do this here, away from her home?

J:   Yes but she needs to be with her husband

S:  So he is over there?

J:  Yes. We would prefer he was here with her now.

S:  And they can do this here away from the forces there? (Yes) Is the husband able to come over here to visit and do this healing?

J:  He has the ability to if he chooses to. There are things to attend to at the home that will need to be considered.

S:  So she does need to go back? To tidy things up? (No, the husband can do this) So she can stay here while things are attended to and then her husband can come over? For a visit and they do the vortex healing? (Yes) and then when she feels better or when the timeline shifts in possibly two years, they can all move back there for the better. Then she can do her work as originally intended.

J:  Yes, there is much work for her to do there.

S:  Well I guess as another way of looking at that is, if she decides to stay with her family, there are already people who know her and trust her work, she has an established network of clients from before, right? So she will have no shortage of clients? So these options are all ok, whatever she chooses? (Correct).

Now why was her son bullied and beaten at that school? Is it to do with the shifting timelines or something to do with a soul contract?

J:  It is the energy of that town.

S:  And that is why they have to leave, ok. Is there a malevolent energy in the house, below or above it? (No) She also has a vague idea that she was abducted and taken on a ship and attacked. We had been talking about that.

J:  That was a false, implanted memory. She was attacked but not taken. Implanted memory for her to believe she was abducted in order to trigger fear and trauma.

S:  So it would seem that even though she has been doing her protections religiously, all the time, it has not been enough.

J:  Under the circumstance, it is not enough.

S:  Hmmm ok, I would like you to do a body scan, please check on Judy, particularly her heart, adrenals, respiratory system, all the chakras, all her organs, her whole field, tell us if there is anything else that needs healing?

J:  She has a fracture right down the centre, through many levels and energy bodies, she has removed the implant, the curse, there are no more, but it has done great damage to her body and her systems. We can do some healing.

Sian asks that they begin the healing process and some time passes while she is being healed.

J: She will need to rest and recalibrate for a while, for a few days.

S:  Is there anything else she needs to know? Do you have a final message for her?

J:  The reason why she was attacked. She was weak and got into a weakened state due to the attack. The reason she survived is because she was assisted and protected by many and she has a strong power inside of her. Had she not had this assistance and this innate ability to question and find answers, a ‘lesser’ being will have perished.

S:  She is very strong and brave.

J:  She questions where her assistance was. What she doesn’t realise is that it was keeping her alive.

S:  Understandable that she should question it but I hope she doesn’t question it again because it’s there, always. You are always there for her even though she doesn’t understand or feel, or see your presence (Yes) and she is much much loved. (Yes)

I would like to as a personal question is that possible?(Yes) I am just wondering if you could give me some enlightenment as to what is going on with my shoulder? What I have been experiencing over the last few months has been pretty extreme (rotator cuff and trapezius muscle tears and dislocated shoulder) and it is like there is no reason why I am this way.

J: With the parallel timelines to the Earth, with the bleeding through, sometimes what is happening in that life time… what is happening in this parallel life has fragments of what is happening in this lifetime. For instance, when Judy was at the march in her parallel life and they blasted them with energy weapons, she received this blast and attack here in this timeline. So the shoulder issues that you are having is a bleed through from the parallel life. The damage in the parallel life is causing your shoulder issue. In healing yourself in this life, you are assisting yourself in that life.

S: I thought there was a connection since you spoke of the timeline shifts.

J: Many people are experiencing random and spontaneous incidents that cannot be explained.

(Judy was shown that the bleed through can also be positive. She was shown that her husband in the parallel life is wide awake and using his spiritual gifts. This has pushed her husband in this timeline to become awake and aware at a faster rate than his original path.)

#NB earlier in the year Judy had been told in a meditation that there was a wave of new people waking up that were not originally going to. ‘New’ starseeds that were not born as starseeds in this life, timeline, but due to a timeline shift they were suddenly awake in this timeline. She accepted it at the time but now with this information it makes more sense.

Sian wraps up the session and brings Judy back to the present time. The healing is complete.


Sian Chua is one of Dolores Cannon’s most experienced practitioners and is based in Perth, Australia but travels regularly to the US, Canada and other countries.
E: [email protected]

* * *

Returning back to what I mentioned in my introduction, David Topi has been discussing the shift, which he calls the evolutionary changes, for a number of years now and I have covered all of his material, with his permission, through translated Spanish to English articles on transients. You can find his last article about this topic posted last month, right here. Note that you can click on the tab, “MORE FROM AUTHOR”, under the article to find all the rest.

For more information about what past life regression is, and the QHHT method, you can look at these articles here, and here, on transients’ community forum, The Roundtable.

I’m also a QHHT practitioner and was able to learn the method in 2011, including her advanced course (level 2), from Dolores Cannon before she passed, in Australia. I’m soon to be based in Houston, Texas, for a few months, and will be available for sessions. To find my own transcribed sessions, check this link, accessible also through the menu here on transients. Transcribed sessions from other practitioners can also be found there, including more from Sian Chua. You can contact me via the contact page here on the site, or through Facebook.

I highly encourage past life regression practitioners to share their sessions, so welcome submissions through the site here. These entries get thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of reads by those out there online. Feel free to also contact me using those methods above if you have any transcribed sessions you may wish to share.


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Editing done by Laron, Sian and Judy. Thumbnail photo by Daniele Nicolucci (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

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In thinking about 2016 being an important year mentioned in this article, I feel like personally, I can pinpoint when things shifted towards the "bad earth," as I have experienced it. At the end of March of 2016, both my husband and I had the worst flu I have ever had. We were both flat on our backs for a week. I felt really different after that, very obviously so. I marvel that our children did so well with us out of commission for the most part. About seven weeks after that, my husband lost his job, and it just… Read more »

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Sheila said In thinking about 2016 being an important year mentioned in this article, I feel like personally, I can pinpoint when things shifted towards the "bad earth," as I have experienced it. At the end of March of 2016, both my husband and I had the worst flu I have ever had. We were both flat on our backs for a week. I felt really different after that, very obviously so. I marvel that our children did so well with us out of commission for the most part. About seven weeks after that, my husband lost his job, and… Read more »