A Guided Meditation into Multidimensional Higher Self Realities

Lorna Wilson, an advanced hypnotherapist, life coach, spiritual mentor, author and Shamanic healer, takes us all on a journey in this guided meditation she conducted during a Dolores Cannon QHHT practitioner reunion.


I did this meditation/journey for the QHHT practitioners first reunion at Dolores Cannons transformation conference. A client surprised me by offering to make it available to everyone, and she put this together. You might also. find it useful.

This is best listened with head/earphones before falling asleep while keeping the intention of the visual and sensory continuation during sleep.

If you don’t already keep a dream journal it’s recommend that you do pay attention to your dreams after listening to this journey.

As consciousness expands and the finer realms become more easily accessible to a larger portion of the population, first hand experiential knowledge of these realms is becoming more common.

A great deal of abstract sensory material that used to be thought of as paranormal has now shifted position into mainstream ‘normal’ and is thought of as familiar and ordinary phenomena.

The human mind is now able to perceive, absorb, interpret, and communicate with more raw data and abstract information than ever before.

When we shift our awareness inward into the more subtle realms, we discover colors, sounds and other sensory activity that interacts with our consciousness and in many cases, such phenomena will actually communicate and dialogue with us in very ‘normal’ ways.


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After spending a very successful 25 years in the fashion industry, I moved into the therapeutic fields and trained in a variety of modalities to assist others in personal growth. My approach to your session is quite similar to the skills I used as PR executive except now I am devoted to assisting the individual - you - become the person you know yourself to really be inside. I am a deeply spiritual woman with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the mind. I am very optimistic and always choose to see the brighter perspectives presented within our life stories. As far as I'm concerned a glass is never half empty but always half full! I love to inspire and to be inspired and my goal and passion is to provide the sacred space where you can explore your own subconscious mind.

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