The Black Knight satellite has remained a true mystery to many for over half a century. While it’s commonly known by the photos from NASA’s website which have been distributed online, astronomers from around the globe first noticed radio transmissions originating from it back in the 1930’s. A number of well known publications, including Time Magazine, first wrote about it in the 50’s.

With the help of Maryann Rada, a Pleiadian channel and healer, Daz Smith, a well known remote viewer and photographer who has worked with the Farsight Institute, and Lynn, an accurate psychic known for her internet blog Focus Sessions, I will be sharing some intuitive insight into the purpose and origin of the Black Knight satellite.

Black Knight Satellite
The Black Knight satellite. Taken by NASA in 1998.

Internet rumors say that Nikola Tesla was one of the first to intercept signals from the Black Knight satellite. Back in 1899 he is said to have built a high-voltage radio based device in Colorado Springs, which picked up on its transmission.

In 1957 an object was visually observed shadowing the Sputnik 1 satellite, but before 1958. At the time no countries — including Russia and the United States — had the technological capability to maintain a spacecraft or satellite in orbit, yet the first mention in the media of the Black Knight satellite was way back in the 1940’s. The San Francisco Examiner in the US, and the St. Louis Dispatch, wrote about it in May, 1954. Time Magazine also mentioned it in a publication on the 7th of March, 1960. (Source)

Articles on Black Knight Satellite
Articles from the San Francisco Examiner and the St. Louis Dispatch.

Back in 1954, Space Technology and the magazine Aviation Week, released a story about the Black Knight satellite. Those publications are said to have angered the Pentagon in the US, as they were trying to keep certain information hidden from the public.

Back in the 60’s the Black Knight satellite was observed in polar orbit. Scientists and Astronomers calculated that the object’s weight must be over ten tons. This would mean it was the heaviest artificial satellite to orbit the planet at the time.

The Black Knight Satellite
Most likely the The Black Knight satellite in shadow. Taken by NASA in 1998.

The Grumman Aircraft Corporation is reported to have detected the object on radar; on September the 3rd, 1960, seven months later, they took a picture  of the Black Knight satellite using a tracking camera. It’s recorded that they created a committee to go over the data, but nothing was released to the public. (Source)

Ham radio operator and astronomer Duncan Lunan apparently decoded a series of signals that were received from the Black Knight satellite. The data supposedly showed a star-chart centered on the Epsilon Boötis star system, and that it first came from there about 13,000 years ago.

Daz’s Remote Viewing

Daz Smith, based in Somerset in England, has twenty years experience with remote viewing. He was originally trained in CRV — controlled remote viewing which is a military technique. Daz has used his remote viewing ability on over 250 missing persons cases for police forces and private clients. For the past decade Daz has worked for some of the main players in the field of remote viewing, such as Lyn Buchanan, Courtney Brown Ph.D., Paul H smith Ph.D., Angela T Smith Ph.D. and  Alexis Champion.

Based on two separate remote viewing sessions, he was given a blind target, meaning he was not aware of what he was viewing, and was asked to sketch and describe the purpose of the target. The target was of course the Black Knight satellite which he didn’t find out until after he finished; beforehand he was instructed to sketch the target and describe its purpose.

His initial impressions was that it was a structure of some sort, that it had a connection to life, emotional energy, and motion.

The structure felt manmade, that there was an ornate based design at the top and that it rose up in levels. He picked up overlapping components with a strong linear edged component where angled edges meet and are very prominent. What I understand, based on his results, is that this is some kind of building incasing the target.

Structure 1 - Black Knight Satellite
© Daz Smith
Structure 1 - Black Knight Satellite
© Daz Smith

The energy he sensed was like a heavy emotional cloud. The masculine life component aspect was strong. Additional feelings were that of happiness, creativity, bubbly emotions that were very energized and expressive. My interpretation here is that people were involved with a project, perhaps a lot of males, and that it was something very important to them.

For the life aspect, he picked up on a single male who was thin and struck him as a leader. He was loud, happy, expressive and creative.

His brief notes said that it felt like a target from the past and that it was very strange. After the two separate attempts at the target he didn’t feel completely right on either of them, and that a slight esoteric feeling came through.

Based on his sketches and additional notes, what I interpret is that he picked up on the people involved with the initial design of the Black Knight satellite. He connected into how they felt about its purpose, the location it was designed, and possibly when it was launched into space.

Orbit - The Black Knight Satellite 6
© Daz Smith

His drawings indicate components of it, from how the outside is designed, and possibly to its eventual space flight and orbit (circular motion sketches). When he writes “life inside using it”, this could indicate that life in general, whether that is human or otherwise, is using what is inside, but could also indicate when it was being made. He also stated that it was used more in the past and that it felt ancient.

He specified that “life” felt very invested and attached to the target, meaning it was something important created that would be of great use. Notes also showed, “Where people can release?” which could mean a launch of some sort. Additional words he added were voices, loud, echoes and a hum. Echoes could mean noise inside a structure, and a hum from the equipment used to assemble it.

Launch 3 - Black Knight Satellite
© Daz Smith
Launch 4 - Black Knight Satellite
© Daz Smith
Launch 5 - Black Knight Satellite
© Daz Smith

As for the location it may have been made, he picked up dry, dusty, hot and parched. He writes that energy and motion was involved in the past, and a structure is affected by this — the initial launch I suspect.

Launch - Black Knight Satellite
© Daz Smith

What Daz Smith picked up on was unique. Instead of picking u on the object in space, he has gone back to its origin, but not only that, he picked up on the main person (human?) involved with the project. This is why blind targets can be very effective to seeing a fuller picture, and why remote viewing can be a fascinating method for information gathering.

With one of the images it looks like a building that may have contained the object before it was launched, rather than the actual object itself, hinting that he was picking up on multiple structures.

One thing comes to mind — he was asked to describe its purpose. This was not exactly clear in this remote viewing, but what Lynn and Maryann provide below may bring us such insight.

Lynn’s Reading

Lynn has been providing private readings through her blog Focus Sessions for years now. I have featured some of her work in articles here on transients, and heard feedback from a number of people who have had private readings. From following her for so long now, and hearing from others, I have concluded that she is a very reliable psychic and has a clearer connection, in addition to her skilled interpretation, of the intuitive data that comes to her.

 The Black Knight Satellite
A close up of the Black Knight satellite. Image Credit: NASA.

Here is what she picked up on the Black Knight satellite.

“I see this as a fixed object that has a metallic base component to it. I want to say iron, but it is a hybrid iron?

It monitors magnetic pull, vibrations / frequencies and energetic fluctuations.

I see that this is a post that ETs use when traveling to, or near, earth to “pre-read” the conditions and to see what portals of travel are safe, or open, for use at any specific time.

It was placed here thousands of years ago when ETs made more galactic travel here. I see many are already in close proximity and have no need for the additional satellite readings.

I also get this is outdated technology from the ETs, however still occasionally used. I also get that if you were able to “ping” it in some way, you could communicate back to them.”

From Lynn’s reading above, there is a heavy influence of extraterrestrial involvement. With Daz Smith’s remote viewing reading, he said it was manmade, but didn’t really get into the physical appearance or details of the individuals involved. Does this mean that it could have been man made on Earth, perhaps with some direction by the ETs?

Lynn didn’t specify that it was made by the ETs, but that it had alien technology.

Maryann’s Reading

Maryann Rada is a trained healer and author. Her career has crossed many diverse paths, including energy work, holistic therapy, meditation, yoga and metaphysics. She’s helped countless people find their way to empowerment through forgiveness and knowing of the self. As a channel for the Pleiadians, her personal readings for those who have contacted her for guidance have helped many. I asked her for a reading on the Black Knight satellite, and here is what her Pleiadian contact(s) said.

“The truth of the thing that is orbiting your Earth is that it is not a remnant of an early trial for satellite deployment by your terrestrial scientists, nor is it a piece of debris from one that was left to die the slow death of orbital decay. Rather, the thing in question is a relic from a time when the planet was inhabited by a humanity that knew of the traffic from one to another star, and from one planet to another nearby.

As long as he has been lurking unnoticed in the echelons of atmosphere beyond that which you know as Earth’s breathing room, there is a band of magnetic skin that houses its trajectory high above your ken. Its purpose, as far as we know it, is to relay a frequency from one station to another. Itself, it does not emanate information. Itself, it is merely a point of contact. One end of its relay is on the Earth in a location that we will not disclose, but which is securely within the body of the planetary brain. The other point of relay which it is entrained to is within the labyrinth of stellar byways magnetically interconnected, and pointing to the nexus of timekeepers watching from a location within the timespace of Orion’s lords of terrestrial management.

While there is no danger presented itself from the thing in its hoverance above the planetary body, it is itself the instrument of an intelligence that considers this sector of the galactic panorama to be its territory to govern. As such, it represents a tiny participle of pulsation.

Now, the question to ask is, do others know of its presence, and use it to their own ends? The answer to this is a “well, of course” from various other interested parties, most of whom claim no overlordship of your world. It is monitored, and it is useful to a variety of players in the field of your world’s movement.

When you as a unified humanity are able to infiltrate the workings of such a device as this, you will have already come to the point of fully interacting with the sentience of your worldly body, your Earth, Gaia, Terra. By that point in your journey through the development of human potential, the device will have such a minimal impact on the consciousness and networking of the system of galactic humanity that it will seem like a delinquent piece of space junk, left in place by civilizations long gone from the landscape of humanity’s home territory within the galactic arm you know as home turf.”

Conclusion  — The Black Knight satellite

When combining the information above, we have a more fully formed picture of the purpose, and origin, of this object up there above the Earth. It’s rare to have such an ancient structure noticed by so many, with extraterrestrial, and possibly Atlantian ties.

I mention Atlantis based on the information out there about when their civilization existed, what occurred during their end, and how advanced their technology was. The fact that there is a possibility of human involvement with its design, and based on Duncan Lunan’s analysis of the data coming from it that says it’s up to 13,000 years old, to me is a strong indication of this. I also get that intuitive feeling.

To support the work of Lynn, Maryann and Daz, here is some additional information. You can find Daz Smith’s website here, and his published RV work here. Maryann can be contacted for readings through her site here, and you can sign up to her newsletter here.  Lynn can also be contacted for readings through this link, and her regular articles can be found on her blog here.


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I like Maryann’s channelled wrap-up: it is detritus left on our home turf.

Do advanced ET who come here really need satellites like this to observe Earth (not meaning the Moon as a possible station now)? It could make sense if it is really ancient, then it could even be one of our own (Atlantis, etc.)?

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