What’s The Sacred Plant? — Healing Secrets Exposed


This 7 part series discusses “The Sacred Plant” which has been used for many diseases over the course of history. In the series, experts, patients and other advocates discuss the use of this plant for conditions such as diverse as cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, chronic pain and other inflammatory, antimicrobial and neurologic conditions.

The co-evolution of this plant with humans, who used it both for health and sacred reasons, is reviewed in some detail. Also discussed is how human physiology has receptors all over the body and an internal system based on the multiple medically active compounds found in this plant. The economics of plant medicines and barriers to their use are also discussed as well as some fascinating history.

Perhaps the most touching is following the story of a Princeton professor who is desperate to obtain some to help with her lung cancer which had spread into her brain or the hospice patient that was fired .

Now comes the fun part: Can you guess the plant? Fun facts from the series:

  • It was used to make the paper on which the US Declaration of Independence + the Constitution were printed.
  • The original Ford Model T was made from its fibers and ran on fuel made from this plant
  • In the late 17 century, US taxes could be paid with this plant!
  • A bit later, some New World farmers were required to grow it and all American “founding fathers” farmed it.
  • Then, in 1937 the US renamed and taxed this plant. Renaming it played was pivotal because, initially, the AMA didn’t recognize the new name and so did not protest the tax soon enough to prevent it. There are some great historic pics of posters vilifying it.

Episodes 5 + 6 give instructions on DIY ‘how-to’s to make your own medicine.

The series is available for a short time only, so watch it quick!

Episode 1 can be found here: https://thesacredplant.com/docuseries/episode1/. (Also below)

(The name of the plant is revealed at about 20 minutes for those who want a quick answer.)

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