Are ‘Wave X’ And The ‘Event’ The Same? What Will Happen?

Lynn, a very accurate psychic, does a reading on the event and wave x which looks at their similarities, plus how they will impact us down here on Earth.


By Lynn via Focus Sessions (June 5, 2017)

Q. A number of people/groups say a Wave is coming which will change / bring a new frequency to humans … ( positive ).  Is this the same as your “EVENT”? Could you do a short reading / update on the event? Timing and any other feelings? I think the PTW know its coming and want to pull the dollar down before hand to keep us busy / distracted. Thank you.

I do see the Wave or Event (they in my mind are the same thing) happening. Every time I focus on it, I hear sounds much like a baby’s heartbeat as heard through a doppler (found an example here).  It is like the Wave is and has been coming, and the main function is to help ease our individual vibrations to a higher density, so the collective consciousness as a whole can elevate.

Are 'Wave X' And The 'Event' The Same? What Will Happen?I see this transformation as a slow and gradual process because our human 3D bodies cannot take all the energy shifts and upgrades to our frequency all at once.  It may be called a Wave or Event, but in reality, it looks to span over at least the next one to two years (then it hear it is similar to how people will refer to a War, but in reality it was an event spanning over several months or years).

The PTW (Powers That Were) are doing what they can to distract us to keep the vibrations low.  Things like false flags, negativity in media and now Hollywood (entertainment for many) has become a source of lower vibrations.  This is because the PTW are scared, and they know that if the collective consciousness rises, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished, and things will be seen for what they are and NOT what they creates with illusion.

Since the PTW realize their time is slowly coming to an end they are trying to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible in hopes that it will help to carry them forward.  This is the reason for the suppression of precious metals and I see a newer electronic currency being created (doesn’t feel like bitcoin though).   They also see the value in resources, like oil (aka “black gold”), other minerals and farm land (but I will say it looks like GMO companies are working frantically to try to alleviate this concern).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Sick to your intuition, and try not to get pulled into the illusion.  Question everything, and if it feels off, it probably is.  Love and light-


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