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“Yemen is in the grip of an unprecedented cholera epidemic that is killing one person nearly every hour.” That’s OK – the Zaudis will fix it – one rocket at a time….

“Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has denied media reports claiming he requested US Special Forces assistance in the battle for Marawi City, saying on Sunday that he “never approached America” for help. “ “I am not aware of that until they arrived,” Duterte said when discussing the latest developments in Marawi City.” Message received?

“The strongly-worded warning issued to Qatar on Friday by US President Donald Trump – accusing it of being a “funder of terrorism… at a very high level” and demanding that it “stop immediately supporting terrorism” — suggests that the US has not only signed up fully to the Saudi-UAE-Egyptian-Bahraini alliance against Qatar, but assumed its leadership. It also confirms that the steps taken by the four countries to blockade Qatar and suffocate it economically had prior American approval.”

“The new and seemingly prolonged row between Saudi Arabia and Qatar is having some curious and almost shocking knock-on effects.”

“Israeli Chief Rabbis Endorse Ethnic Cleansing, Palestinian Servitude”

“Images taken by witnesses in Syria and Iraq have found that the US-led coalition which is currently fighting Daesh may have used the dangerous and life-threatening white phosphorus chemical munitions, prohibited under international law, in densely populated areas.” What ‘law’?

“Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the World”. ….. “The same is true of Saudi Arabia’s long campaign to pull the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims back to the 7th century. We barely notice it, but every day, from Mumbai to Manchester, we feel its effects.” This article particularly refers to Indonesia – a need-to-know in Oz.

“China’s ‘Sharing Economy’ Is Booming. But Can It Last?” Sounds like a BRILLIANT way to have an economy, to me!

ROBERT FISK – “This Is The Real Story Behind The Crisis Unfolding In Qatar”. An illuminating read … as he says – “Only Shakespeare’s plays could come close to describing such treachery….”

“Does Oliver Stone Have a Weak Spot for Dictators?” A VERY instructive read ….


INDIA – “A severe dust storm claimed the lives of at least five people, including two minor girls and two elderly people, on Saturday night in Bahawalnagar district.”

“Eruption updates & news from Stromboli: Stromboli volcano (Eolian Islands, Italy): strong activity, shift from eastern to western vents, report 11 June 2017

M5.6 @ 30km, offshore Coquimbo, Chile.

M6.3 @ 9km, near coast of western Turkey.

“Coleman points out that 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying the global warming “consensus” is not valid.” Interesting – what now?

“Tropical Storm “Calvin” dumping heavy rain on Mexico, flash floods and mudslides expected”

“Hong Kong shuts down overnight as Tropical Storm “Merbok” makes landfall”

“A rare, winter-like June storm hit Northern California early Sunday afternoon, June 11, 2017, bringing sharp temperatures drop, heavy rain, hail, frequent lightning, and even snow in some higher elevations.”

Oz – SE Qld & NSW cop flooding rains again…. Severe weather warnings issued.

If you know nothing about CERN, you’ll ignore this. If you know a tiny bit, it will scare the hell out of you. If you are a physicist who knows a lot – you’re probably AT CERN right now …. praying.
“CERN Plasma Running Hot/Earth’s Shields Collapse”

“CERN is Tearing the Veil in 2017”

ALSO see below under “BOOK” (repeat entry)


John Hogue – prophecies posted 8 June 17…..

“The sun is blank–no sunspots.”
ALSO – Jovian radio storm – recording.

“From an Electric Universe point of view, anomalous readings are a normal property of plasma interaction between clusters. Saying that matter in the millions of Kelvin is nothing more than hot gas, or that X-rays are the result of colliding particles, betrays a lack of understanding about how plasmas in space work.” Interesting article!

“A study in the journal Stroke showed a correlation between drinking diet soda and both stroke and dementia: people who drank at least one diet soda a day were three times as likely to have a stroke or develop dementia as those who avoided the beverages.”

“The first images of half-light, half-matter quasiparticles called exciton-polaritons have been captured by scientists. The discovery could be an early step to developing nanophotonic circuits that are up to 1 million times faster than current electrical circuits.”

Joseph Farrell’s ‘The Third Way.’ O-M-G, indeed! Not an easy read – but very VERY rewarding, especially pps 242 – 284, regarding CERN. Did you know that for all practical, economic, and political purposes, CERN is an independent nation? As to its potential to do small things on the side – like actually, literally, really, destroy the Sun – well, just remember that Joseph Farrell is a very diligent, sober, reliable and intelligent researcher indeed.
HIGHLY recommended. Enjoy ……. if you can.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

~~ Nikola Tesla

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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