Evolutionary Changes Review Of The Planet (New Earth) | David Topi — Part 2/2

(Part 2 of 2) Translated by José, this article is extensive and can be used for reference on future updates for the evolutionary change that we are living. (AKA The 'New Earth' and 'Shift in Consciousness


Evolutionary Changes Review Of The Planet (New Earth) | David Topi — Part 2/2

It is said, that when people come to realize completely the answers they have been looking for are within their inner-selves and not outside, they have discovered one of the most yearned for and best kept secrets of all times. Effectively, the connection of our personality with our own self is what provides us the access to that knowledge, information and answers that we all try to look for in many other places.

This is because by nature, by programming and by design, the physical vehicle we use was genetically modified, and our mental structures were modified, too. In order to guide our conscious sphere towards the outside, towards the material world completely, the portion which “looks the inside”, towards our self, and towards our Higher self was disconnected. We lost the link that allowed the information and knowledge to flow that was needed to manage the reality in our own way without asking for help from whatever external sources.

Afterward, as all of you know, these information sources were usurped and occupied by the power structures that created the dogmas, belief systems, religions, and anything that would provide the humans the answers for which they were looking.

A reversion process in a large scale

Since the access to our inner-self became something that needed great effort and a huge amount of de-programming in order to become fluent and natural, only a few persons throughout history were able to revert to their conscious sphere completely. These people were able to return to the original state of total inner connection while they managed their outside reality. Esoteric schools from the ancient times restricted this knowledge and the way of doing it, and it only was conveyed to a few who were able to demonstrate the skills of patience and willingness in order to undo what the “ancient Gods” did to every human.

Fast forward several millennia, and we are in the current situation where it is imperative that the human beings recover the control of their reality and the connection to what they really are before the cycle, which rules the macro octaves of the evolutionary processes, completely split the two main realities that exist now. (See Part One for more information.)

Parallel realities and sub-realities

In Part One, we talked about the two co-existing realities called “matrix 7.8Hz” and “matrix 15.6Hz” briefly. Now we can dive deeper into the content, to explain the parallel subdivisions or sub-realities that exist in each, and how they are changing, too.

We know that we fully exist in one of those “matrixes”. Let’s take the 7.8 Hz (although its base frequency  actually is around 12 Hz, 13Hz, or whatever). This reality, at the same time, has a lot of sub-realities co-existing inside, so we aren’t only inside a holographic structure that joins all together, but multiple parallel realities are part of it too. In a place of 4 dimensions (3 spatial 1 temporal) there are 16 main parallel realities, within which other multiple sub-realities co-exist. This is complex, but a basic understanding about the idea will be enough to comprehend that not only changes are happening in the matrix 7.8 Hz in general only, but a lot of its inner realities are collapsing and converge each other too.

Union and collapse between realities

Just visualize a lot of soap bubbles intertwined each other, and all of them inside a much bigger one that joins them. The larger and global bubble is the common reality agreed for all of us, which has the generic name of “matrix 7.8 Hz” or “matrix 15.6 Hz”, while the smaller inner bubbles are the different sub-realities which live together with each matrix.

In quantum terms, or in terms of the theories that try to explain the existence of those realities besides our own, we say that we live in a multiverse. To make it simple, we are going to understand that these soap bubbles are joining each other, collapsing into each other, melting and converging, to try to provide one macro-reality for each matrix. So, with just one macro-reality per matrix, in a global sense, we can jump from the lower matrix (minor frequency) to the higher one (mayor frequency) jointly.

Diagram - Evolutionary Changes Review Of The Planet (New Earth) - David Topi — Part 2 2

I’m aware that this explanation is quite complex, but this is what we need in order to complete the puzzle pieces about what is really going on nowadays in regard to the changes that we are living.

Why this?

If it is this way, how does it affect me and why should I care about what is happening in other realities?

This is a good question because in principle, we are only conscious of one of the realities, the one to which we are anchored and tuned up to. Carlos Castaneda describes it as an “anchored point”. This is only a part of the energy structure of the human being which keeps us “joined” and without any possibility to move to the next reality (unless, like a Shaman or initiate, you were able to move between realities and reach your other anchored point).

The answer to why we care about what is happening is because of the repercussion that it has in ourselves, and because of the effects generated by the collapse and convergence of different sub-realities into only one.

These processes have associated an increase of weird phenomena of every kind such as, Mandela Effect and “deja-vu”, which are reality alterations where things happen but we can’t explain them, yet we are aware that they happened and we lived them. They are not the product of the imagination or our mental deliriums but are the result of energy movements on a greater scale that sometimes displaces ourselves.

Since each of us has our own counterparts in other parallel realities (films like “Coherence” or “Mr. Nobody” are highly recommended to check this out), we are feeling and living with more intensity, without knowing it. The effects from causes that are not located in our same network or sub-sub-reality, but belong to causes originated in other versions of ourselves and our multidimensional structures are felt by us.

Once again, it is complex, and not always correctly understood, but I hope being able to introduce the idea that inside of the two main matrixes already explained, multiple mini-realities exist that are affected by many changes, too. These changes affect us greatly in a straightforward way in our day-to-day life. We even have to sum the internal evolutionary processes that each of us has to complete and the experiences we are going through in order to close and transit our own evolutionary octaves. So it is quite normal to have the sensation that everything is a bit messy and to feel ourselves “Unsynchronized” with many of the things that happen to us.


You can find part one here.

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Article translated by José and edited by Linda.

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