Evolutionary Changes Review Of The Planet (New Earth) | David Topi — Part 1/2

Translated by José, this article is extensive and can be used for reference on future updates for the evolutionary change that we are living. (AKA The 'New Earth' and 'Shift in Consciousness')


Review On The Evolutionary Changes Of The Planet | David Topi (New Earth — Part 1/2)

Some days ago, in another article, we made a reference to this evolutionary and awareness change that we have already talked about previously. This explanation below shows my understanding about the issues facing us right now.

The Space-time Framework Of The New Evolutionary Level

Since I’m trying to avoid being dogmatic with the terminology, I know that the new evolutionary changes have been named in too many different ways, so probably in all the material related to this (books, podcasts, whatever…) it is mentioned as a “way to the fourth density” or “change to the fifth dimension” or “change of the evolutionary level” or “change of the consciousness level” or “quantum jump” etc.

The concept, whatever we call it, is that inside the octave which rules the evolutionary progress of the Earth, and inside of its being-consciousness, are different “bands” or “ “frequency and evolutionary jumps” which lead it from one state or grade to another, in an upward spiral.

This is explained like going from one musical note to another (Mi to Fa) or the passage from one “cosmic” band represented by yellow frequencies to a new space-time band green. Something similar to the next figure:

Figure 1 - Review On The Evolutionary Changes Of The Planet David Topi (New Earth — Part 12)

This way, the planet, as it is, some years ago, is completely settled in a vibration of energy level of consciousness associated to the new state/dimension/density where a new cycle of learning, growth and evolution for the Earth and a priori, for all the conscious life  present in its interior.

A 3D Reality In A Superior Evolutionary Environment

Nevertheless, our human reality is far away about being and reflects that evolutionary-energetic environment which surrounds us externally, and imbues us and in which our planet is already located. Why is this happening?

Basically, because our reality, our “matrix” (the two main one’s that exit, I will explain it now) shifted into two “holoquantum bubbles” that, inside the planet, maintain us in a “3D” substrate — as we still were in the transit process by the Mi musical note in the octave, or if we were still transiting (but we aren’t actually) in the cycle by the “yellow” band of frequencies, which corresponded to the last evolution period lived by the planet.

It’s like — for the ones who are “inside” — nothing has happened in the time-space structural level in which we exist (based on the three spatial dimensions plus one temporal) with the transit of our planet to the new frequency band.

7.8 Reality And 15.6 Reality

Everybody knows that the Schumann resonance frequency, based off of the 3D reality fromn long ago, was of 7.82 Hz, which has marked the common reality that all we share, the agreed reality, that is  the result of the sum of all individual realities of the people in the planet.

This reality has always been guided, directed and manipulated by a deep, powerful, and complex control system. With the progressive input of our planet in other bands of the Galaxy with different vibrational components, the core frequency started growing, as did the consciousness level of the human race, allowing for the 3D 7.8 Hz to became a core reality of 8Hz, 9Hz, 10Hz, etc., growing in vibration, and increasing this way, little by little, during the last decades.

On the other hand, the other type of reality {the new earth} was being consolidated and built. This matrix slowly has been “anchored” and the core frequency of 15.6Hz has doubled because it is one octave above. This is the actual matrix that people are entering because of their inner work, consciousness expansion, and growth. It is a more agreeable reality – higher – to all the senses. It is a new model of existence for us that is based on a set of rules more aligned with the true human values. It is less dependent but still under partial control of the main races that manage the planetary way of life.

Even so, all of this is inside a 3D environment for the human being, but in a “4D/5D” substratum or environment (or the next evolutionary level) for the planet.

Figure 2 - Review On The Evolutionary Changes Of The Planet David Topi (New Earth — Part 12)
“4D” Environment/ Higher Evolutionary Level

Overlapped Realities

What happens with both realities? Are both overlapped? Are both interfering each other?  Actually both of them co-exist “side by side” and they can be perceived and lived simultaneously, or one at times, depending on how you turn up or decrease your vibration.

In old articles I talked about a concept called “pronoia”, a level of consciousness-vibration-energy which allows you to experience life from other vibrations, visions, belief systems, and with a broad level of consciousness.

That is the 15.6 Hz reality for all the ones who are anchored perfectly on it. From the 15.6 “matrix” the 7.8Hz one is perceived perfectly because they are still overlapped, but from the lower one, the higher is no longer perceived, I don’t know if this is understood.

Basically, people and events vibrating in the 7.8 Hz reality are still

trapped in various situations that are denser and more negative than for the ones who have one foot in the other “matrix”, {new earth} despite the comings and goings. So, to tune up the others still depends on the evolutionary and conscious state of each of us.

If you would look at it like two bubbles or soap bubbles, the “lower” reality is contained in a “higher” one, one bubble (or agreed reality) is inside the other. So the ones who resonate with the “lower” reality perceive the events that happen from the denser vision and experience, while the ones in the higher bubble perceive those same events and happenings from a much higher vision and vibration.

Then, there are events and situations that only happens in one or the other reality, but they aren’t shared; somebody resonating in the 15.6 Hz won’t ever be aware of happenings from the 7.8 Hz one and somebody resonating with the 7.8 Hz one won’t ever be aware about what is happening in the 15.6 Hz one.

Sometime, we don’t know when, both realities will finish getting completely separated, and a priori, you will only exist in one or another.

Moving The Population To The 15.6 Hz Reality

Nevertheless, the forces and processes which rule the evolution of our race and species, working just to make possible this evolutionary changes for all of us, are since long ago implementing energy changes and helping to allow the people, “in masse”, to perform this jump to the 15.6 Hz reality, a necessary prelude for the future and final new change to the fourth density, fifth dimension, evolutionary change, etc…

In order to get there, the majority of the population exist only in the 15.6 Hz matrix at the end, a critical mass of  “people number 4”needs to be reached to produce enough changes in the agreed collective unconscious to move the rest, or to help them to exist in that new reality.

All the macro adjustments on an energy level happening now are focused to increase the number of people who are able to balance the levels that the human has in his lower triad: physic-instinctive, emotional and mental.

When a person reaches that balance permanently, and crystallizes it in his conscious sphere, she or he reaches a level called “number 4” by Gurdjieff, the required one for the change to the new matrix permanently, and which is the one we used to understand when we start working with these concepts.

The “Matrix 15.6 Hz” Step To The “Fourth Density” / ”Fifth Dimension” / New “Evolutionary Level”

Once achieved, the 3D 15.6 HZ reality becomes the base reality for all of us, the 7.8 Hz will be discontinued — will stop existing — so, at any moment in our temporal line (we will talk about that later on) all of us will be tuned up in a tridimensional environment much more “elevated” regarding frequency and conscious terms, but still inside the current reality we know, see and which we interact.

The years, or generations, or centuries, we take in order to achieve it depends on the time we take in order to get that critical mass and the internal changes to be produced in the persons just to allow them to move from one matrix to the other one in a personal and individual level.

After that, the next step in the evolutionary changes will be to move ourselves from the 3D 15.6Hz reality to the 4D or above dimensions. This is called, from the “new age” point of view, ”the rise”  or dozens of similar names that you have heard for sure {ascension}. For this to happen first, many other events should happen in advance and a lot of changes have to happen in the collective unconscious of our race to bring this about.

Temporal Lines To Jump To The 15.6 Hz Matrix

In order to jump from one 3D “reality” to the other, two main temporal lines co-exist , or much better said, there is a temporal line which keeps you in a loop in the 7.8 Hz reality (or in the base frequency which already exists now) called temporal line #33. You should already have heard about this in my other articles and interviews.

This temporal line is the one that the “elite”, the human management system and the powers that be {cabal}, are trying to handle, expand and boost in order to collect the maximum number of people attached/anchored to it.

The fear vibration anchors you to this line, the love vibration take out you of it.

The other line, which takes you to the direct and strong change of the matrix, is the temporal line that has been called the line #42. This is the line that supports the evolutionary changes and growth processes of the human race, and that the forces, both internal and exoplanetary, are trying to boost, expand and strengthen.

All the current efforts of everybody {volunteers} working for the evolutionary changes are placed (without violating the free will of anybody) to provide tools, information and possibilities to live tuned up as much as possible within the new matrix. ………..and I have no idea what that last part means

To Summarize

Lastly, right now on an individual level, all the efforts are focused to allow each person to reach his necessary level to balance his triad physic-emotion-mental, to finish his pending lessons and teachings, to heal himself, and to take out ballast, loads and fears from his backpack, to close his processes and ongoing octaves etc.

What we call our “Higher Self” is already expanding in our consciousness and terrestrial experiences, providing everything needed for it, although it means our life becomes topsy-turvy sometimes.

Everything has a sense and a purpose, although, sometimes — from the limited perception of our present conscious state — we cannot see beyond the effects we live on, without knowing the causes or the macro movements that generate them.

Everything is ok, everything is happening as it should be, waiting for us to complete the steps in order to be able to start closing stages in this transition, long in human terms, but deep and needed in evolutionary and existential terms for our development like human species accountable of his own destiny.


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Translated from Spanish into English by José and edited by Laron and Linda. 

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