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By Melanie Robinson via Empath Cleansing (June 12, 2017)

I have a confession to make.

I am a Reiki Master. I have been since the year 2000. I have introduced countless students to Reiki. I have talked about Reiki being the best, easiest way to step into the healing arena. I have given Reiki and I have received Reiki. Reiki put me resolutely onto my healing path and assisted me to become the healer I am today….but I will not teach Reiki anymore. I will not call myself a Reiki Master, I will not recommend it nor will I use its symbols.

Reiki has become redundant.

I sincerely apologise to all my students, especially the most recent ones, who I have trained and gave confidence to, to use this ‘modality’. No doubt, like me, it had changed your life and rocketed you onto a healing path and that is not something to just forget about or brush aside!

After my last Reiki Master group in September 2016, I had just said good bye to my last student. I was sitting down, relieved that my last course run so well, when I heard the words ‘You are no longer a Reiki teacher’……WTF SERIOUSLY???!!! I just literally just taught a Master class and now you tell me I am not to teach it anymore????

Tears started to fall down my cheeks as I continued to channel my higherself who was instructing me that Reiki has become redundant. It took me a while to release the grief I felt that this healing method, that I placed so much importance on, was no longer…………did it mean everything I knew was wrong? Was I a fake? What would my students think? How could this be???

I kept this info to myself not knowing how to tell my students or my friends or the thousands of people who follow my healing page. I wanted to wait until I was sure. Until I was sure of why and how and could answer any questions anyone asked of me. It has been 10 months since I stopped being a Reiki Master. In that time I have distanced myself from the Reiki teaching and courses. I did post that my courses were changing but I have not explained why.

Last week I had a FB friend msg me questioning me about Reiki and I had to out myself to them that I no longer practice Reiki, teach it or recommend it. I did wonder at the time if I was ready to let everyone know and remove Reiki master from my advertising and my FB template. In the shower this morning I suddenly thought that I had to talk to you all about Reiki ASAP. Low and behold I came across a Fb post talking about no longer doing Reiki! I knew it was confirmation for me to let it all out!

I guess this really starts way before September last year, more likely around June/July of 2017. I had just met the wonderful Amanda Hair from Energy, Balance, Harmony and we had been discussing the energy of particular symbols. During this discussion we realised that the symbols we had been using were symbols of the false light. It hit us hard and I know Amanda struggled for days to deal with it, as did I.

When I speak of the false light let me explain what that means. Everyone knows the theory of heaven and hell. We have been told that when you die you go ‘to the light’. We say ‘love and light’ to others and we represent all that is loving, pure and kind as ‘light’ as apposed to ‘dark’ which represents all that is evil and death and decay. We are programmed from prebirth, through our DNA, though community consciousness to  remain unaware, or asleep of your true energetic nature. The evil that controls our world have set it up like this so we never question why it is the way it is. We live in an energetic matrix, where EVERYTHING in it, is programmed and manipulated by a darker force. To keep us in the matrix, blind, asleep, unquestioning we were given tidbits or inversions of truths so we could ‘keep the faith’. The false light is one of those inversions. The light in the afterlife is a false light. It is a part of the programming to keep us asleep. Until recently souls that went into the light were stuck in the karmic cycle, the karmic prison and fed on by the dark beings. This light, was light, but it was a limited light, it was not actually connected to the true source and infinite wisdom of the divine universe. Our TRUE light and source goes far beyond and higher in vibration then what we have been taught, far beyond the limits of the false light we have been programmed to believe is ‘the all’.

Imagine it to be a holographic world, much like the hologram in ‘The Hunger Games’. In this movie a fake environment is projected onto the participants of the game, it has night and day, it has sounds and atmosphere but it is contained within the control of its creators. The light we have been taught exists, but within the control of the creators of the matrix. Our soul and our freedom lies far beyond this prison/matrix. The light that we have been taught is Reiki, exists only within this matrix.

Let me reassure you that Reiki is not evil, bad, controlling or unloving- though it can be if used by a person set in the ego and self service. Reiki is still love, it is still light…however it is limited within the matrix and we are infinite!

The matrix is crumbling and everything in it is becoming redundant or being transmuted. Reiki is being out grown. We are rising above the limits  that Reiki holds for us and we are expanding out to a far higher, brighter and more  powerful potential of healing.

For more on the false light-

When Mikao Usui first channelled the symbols of Reiki and ‘created’ the healing modality he did it to heal, to create healing, to share light and love. I do not believe he knew it was a construct of the matrix or the false light. Within the matrix he used Reiki to shine light and heal others and it has been used this way by millions of people since. Being attuned to Reiki and using the divine life force energy is what has assisted us to raise our vibration to exit the matrix in the first place, but we have outgrown it. It is time to say Thank you, I love you but I must move on.

Think of it this way. Imagine you are in a small paddling pool and some one teaches you doggy paddle in order to get you from one side to the other safely, without drowning. Imagine doggy paddle is Reiki and the water is our world/the matrix. Doggy paddle allows to you breathe and creates movement to get you moving from one side of the water to the other. When we first learn doggy paddle, we are so proud of ourselves, we have learnt something we can independently use to benefit our lives. It keeps us alive and safe. Now if we only ever knew the small paddling pool was the only body of water we could ever exist in then doggy paddling is perfect and fits the needs. But we live in an unlimited expanse of ‘water’ and there are other, stronger, more powerful, more efficient ways to keep you afloat to cross the water. It is here that you would need to move on from doggy paddle and perhaps start freestyle or survival backstroke or even get a jet ski! Can you see what I am saying? Reiki, just like doggy paddling in the ocean, has become redundant.

But lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Here are somethings to know about how you can still use the underlying fundamentals of Reiki in your new healing practice.

Reiki teaches you (or should, if you had a connected Master) to connect to source and bring the energy down through you and allow it to flow uninhibited to where it needed to go for the healing. This principal is still important but it is to what energy you are connected to that changes. We are taught in Reiki to connect to the light or to source but this source was limited within the matrix. To access true light and true source you will need to connect only to your higherself. You are connected to the infinite wisdom, you have complete access to the divine consciousness, through yourself, your higherself. YOU. The full potential of creation is in very single cell in your body, infinitely!

Reiki teaches you to be present, mindful and to allow healing to go where it is needed. This is also still very important. It is not for us to control or manipulate healing energy. A souls higherself will direct the energy to where it needs it. That is not to say, just like in Reiki II, that you can not guide the energy, intensify or soften it for a particular intention.

You do not need symbols to be a powerful healer. Certain symbols will increase power and have a certain intention and focus that will absolutely increase the power of energy they are being used with BUT you can tap into your own power without symbols.

I have since, guided by my own higherself, unattuned myself and removed the symbols from my energy field because of their limiting effect within the matrix. Let me be clear, Reiki symbols are not evil or dark but they are limiting and like all things that are limiting we must move past them and set ourselves free.

Reiki could be used to bridge time and space and access the karmic records, this can still be done without the symbols and as we evolve we abolish the karmic wheel and evolve on from it.

Reiki did not teach us about the truth of the karmic wheel and the prison trap. It did not teach us how to deal with negative ET’s and entities, it did not teach us cord cutting or energy balancing. It did give us a very simple look at energy healing, a kindergarteners version, but we are moving onto primary school!

There’s a whole lot more I could write about intuitive/energy healing VS Reiki but that would probably be best left for a course down the track where we look at how healing is used and accessed for the self and for others.

So. I have unmastered my self, unattuned myself and in the last 10 months my healing, intuition and spiritual abilities have increased exponentially.

I will no longer call myself a Reiki Master because I no longer do or teach Reiki.

I will continue healing and teaching healing but it has evolved and changed and is not restricted by symbols, hand positions or the limitations within the matirx by the false light. Personally I think this is so much more powerful then Reiki ever was to me and if I am honest I never used Reiki how it was taught to me and I never taught it traditionally. I out my own spin on it and included ways to use healing outside of the Reiki parameters that felt more authentic to me. If you have ever been a student of mine you would have heard me say ‘here are the symbols, but I don’t use them’, you would have also heard me say ‘here is the traditional Reiki format, that I do not use’ and I would have gone ahead and taught you energy healing the way I do it anyway, so I have not been an authentic Reiki healer in the first place!

Oh man I am so relieved to have that off my chest and out of my heart.

I can’t not be authentic and this Reiki situation has been making me uncomfortable for months!

Where to from here if you are currently practising Reiki….keep going. Keep going until you get to a point you feel you need to evolve from it, then do it with blessings and respect for the method that got you to where you are.

Dear Reiki, I turned to you when my gifts were out of control and you helped me focus my energy and my abilities. For that I will be forever grateful *tears stream down my face as I say goodbye to an old and dear friend*. I now need to expand and let go of control. I need to be free.

Good bye, I love you. Love Melanie.

Melanie Robinson
Reiki Master~Spiritual Healer~Empath~Emmett Therapy~Massage Therapy

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Bert L.
Bert L.

thanks for the great article I only followed Reiki I but have a similar experience. I followed the course 1,5 years ago. It was a real eye opener for me and really connected me with my healing abilities. After doing Reiki for half a year it just didn’t feel good anymore. I had a feeling that the Reiki energy was “tainted” in some way and needed to directly connect to the primary energy source of the universe and not via the Reiki channel. I also felt the need to clear my aura of all symbols of Reiki that could have… Read more »


Thanks for sharing your experience. As a Reiki Master I have had a similar experience to Melanie. I’ve never sensed anything dark or negative about Reiki, the teachings or energy, symbols.. etc, but I know that it is ‘limiting’ when you move beyond. I still offer it as that is what people know, but I prefer to use my own methods of healing where I work directly with energy centers after sensing which ones need the work and using source energy, as that is the ‘source’ of all of these healing modalties, no matter what they say, it all comes… Read more »