Stress & Anxiety? There’s No Shame In Taking Care Of Your Mental Health


In today’s world, as a human being, we can be born and therefore come from pretty much anywhere on the planet. From how the globe and society has flowed and changed, with air travel to the internet for communication, we can end up anywhere as well.

Anxiety, stress and many other factors relating to our mental health is common for many people and we should do better at not just encouraging others to speak out, but to speak out ourselves.

“I felt suffocated by the rigid architecture of the African masculinity.” — Sangu Delle

Sangu Delle tells his story of addressing his own mental health, but puts the point across that there is no shame in dealing with your issues, no matter what culture or sex you originate from.

Delle explains that 90% of his African people have no access to treatment and that African’s often respond to mental health with distance, ignorance, guilt, fear and anger.

“…dare to declare depression and your local pastor will be driving our demons and blaming witches in your village.”

This short nine minute talk is a much needed and helpful reminder for all of us so that we don’t forget to not be ashamed. After all, the more we all do something, the more that thing becomes common, and the less it is frowned upon.

“The next time you hear mental, do not just think of the mad man, think of me.” — Sangu Delle.

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