Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot June 28: Turning Our Eyes to the Prize


Pleiadian Tarot reading for the world and for you, for the week beginning June 28: Turning Our Eyes to the Prize. Oh what times we live in, awakened ones! From the Pleiadians of the League of Light, transmitting through the lens of Nine (see below for more information on the Science of Nine) comes this week’s insight, from the family of channeled communications that makes up the core of the site Opalescent Nine. I’ll be posting these here every week, so be sure to check back regularly to see the next step in collective evolution that the Pleaidians have clues for. For those who don’t yet know my work, I’ve been posting transmissions for the last decade from the Pleiadians and others in service to the League of Light, and am currently preparing my fifth book for publication. These tarot-themed insights are the latest iteration of their service to awakening humanity. For more insights, visit the links below, and stay connected to this vital, vibrant, and very personable line of sentience.

Knight of Swords — Ten of Rods — High Priestess (reversed)

Summary: From now on, you are riding fast and with extreme focus toward the culmination of what has been your soul purpose, lifetime after lifetime. The edifice of artifice is breaking down under the imminent emergence of the empowered, aware humanity that approaches the gates so long obscured by words and rituals of control. Take heart in the help that has given encouragement and cleared the way, for it’s come to the point of no return… forward and homeward! The time has come to reclaim the true state of human beingness, enlightened and empowered.

Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot June 28, 2017
Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot June 28, 2017

Foundation: Knight of Swords

Charging forward at breakneck speed, driving the idea home in spite of the turbulence building in the background, comes the bearer of the singular thought that light must now break through. There is no turning back, there is no saying “no” to what is inevitably coming out of the shadows. There is only the encouragement from the one who arrives to go forward in the stream of life, keeping your truth emblazoned upon your mind like a triumph song building in intensity within. You know you will be victorious in the tasks that are before you now. The appearance of this card accompanies the appearance of justifications for following your own path and the direct messages from your soul, spoken through the ones who come into your field of perception now. Use your ability to see with your mind, trust your gut, and answer the call. It’s time to step out of the shadows and into your own light.

Lodestone: Ten of Rods

Deep in your heart of hearts, you know you have been striving for something that brings truth and authenticity to the message that you have encoded within your self. You have carried it through lifetimes of duty to a higher calling and kept your eyes inwardly focused on the light of home. The home of your soul is a memory you cannot lose, though the travail and heaviness of journeying through this matrix has given many the feeling that the test of mettle has gone on a little too long. The time of rest is near, and the experiences you have had have given you wisdom and core strength, even as they have brought you to your knees time and again. You are closer than you think. People are ready to hear what you have honed to essential truth and inescapable awareness is dawning. Give yourself a split second to breathe before you move forward with your soul’s gift. In a moment of reflection, you embrace the truth of your purpose and gather your strength for the way forward.

Most OMward Direction: High Priestess (reversed)

It is not the hidden ways of magic and sorcery that will bring humanity home to their natural state of empowered knowledge and sacred self-awareness. The tablets and incantations have had their time and hold little power in the face of the underlying heartbeat of terrestrial burgeoning consciousness breaking free from the limitations which agents of demonic employment have erected. Gone are the speculations of truth and lie, irrelevant are the demarcations of light and dark, for in the shadow of the eviscerated priesthood of power arises the timeless internal knowing that surpasses all other equivalencies that the mind has constructed to keep the status quo. The inner awareness that you have the divine heart within you that has hitherto been the object of celebration for a select few in a hierarchy of secrecy will bring you to a new understanding of the reality of being human altogether.

Card 1: Foundation
Quick meaning: The core of current thoughtstreams underlying your situation.

Card 2: Lodestone
Quick meaning: Give this card the grace of seeing what direction it points toward.

Card 3: Most OM-ward Direction
Quick meaning: Looking into the sun as it appears in the mirror, you see the way home.

More insight on the cards and their positions are found on this page. Please visit the Nine’s Path blog for more detailed information on the card positions, background on Nine, and links to a newsletter, a Facebook group, and more. Discover more from the League of Light, the Pleiadian Renegades, and Nine, the source of wisdom for these readings, at Opalescent Nine.

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The cards fit in with what’s going on in my life a lot. Thanks for the reading Maryann!