When it comes to remote viewing, I often wonder how much involvement meditation and spiritual practices relate for those actively using the method. Courtney Brown, director of the Farsight Institute — a remote viewing based organization that conducts regular RV projects — has helped to answer such question through a couple of his recent videos.

Some people are naturally gifted when it comes to psychic abilities, such as remote viewing, but others can dedicate time through daily exercises so that they can learn and build upon psychic skills.

In Courtney Brown’s most recent video from Farsight below, he touches on the spiritual connection and quotes parts of Ken Wilber’s book, The Spectrum of Consciousness, looking at two specific examples.

Back on the 21st of May, as  you can view below, in another video focused on meditation, Dr Brown explained how meditation can help with connecting into the remote viewing signal, as well as how certain sounds can help to adjust and focus our awareness.

Meditation can not only help with remote viewing, but so much more. For more information on meditation, I have a long-detailed thread here on our community Forum, The Roundtable, which covers what true meditation is, along with some advice and techniques. One of my personal favorite methods that I came to resonate with years ago, is using a mantra, as explained in this article. This is actually similar to the method Courtney Brown uses for his meditations.

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