Upside-Down Rainbows And Their Meaning


Have you ever seen a rainbow upside down? Did you know what causes them to appear? Have you wondered about their symbolic meaning?

“The spiritually inverted rainbow addresses itself precisely to the human soul who, having fully developed his consciousness via the kingdoms of cosmic evolution, now finds himself, in an excessively human or non-natural world, ironically inverted vis-à-vis the spiritual planes through which he must ascend via involution: Having achieved full consciousness as man, he has already arrived at his destination, for he now possesses the capacity to become fully conscious of his Soul. Besides representing the seven planes of consciousness, these colors also represent sanskaras. The colors, inverted, signify mans rise from the grossest of impressions of lust and anger symbolized by red, to the culmination in the highest state of spirituality and oneness with God, symbolized by sky blue.” — From, The Inverted Rainbow: A Note on the Spiritual Significance of the Color Spectrum, by Nocola Masciandaro.


An Upside-Down Rainbow - The Meaning Behind Upside-Down Rainbows
“At first landing (a park in Virginia, USA) today, we stopped on a bridge where I tossed several pine needles into the water to let the current carry them. As I gazed into the water, I meditated on blessings for the New Year and noticed a rainbow in the reflection. I looked up and we saw one of these — a circumzenithal arc.”

The above photo of an upside-down rainbow, or what is also commonly called a circumzenithal arc, was taken by my wife’s sister a few months back. I’ve included her description of the moment within the caption above.

Upside-down rainbows are actually circumzenithal arcs, also known as circumzenith arcs and Bravais’ arcs. They are an optical phenomenon belonging to the family of halos arising from refraction of sunlight through ice crystals, usually from cirrus or cirrostratus clouds, rather than raindrops like with regular rainbows.

They have also been called “a smile in the sky” and are known as one of the brightest and most colorful members of the halo family. Their colors, ranging from red at the bottom to violet at the top, are more pure than those of a rainbow because there is much less overlap in their formation.

The photo below of another upside-down rainbow was taken by my wife a few weeks ago here in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Another Upside-Down Rainbow - The Meaning Behind Upside-Down Rainbows

Have you ever seen a circumzenithal arc upside-down rainbow? Feel free to comment and share if you took a photo.

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Wow! I missed this article years back. Thank you for bumping it. Rainbows have a special meaning for me because I have been seeing a lot of them since my dad crossed over. Have not seen an upside down rainbow…yet. I will be looking.
Hailstones Melt
When I saw my first upside down rainbow, it was actually a full circle – they were conjoined!