Tips on Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences can be very helpful to understand the process. In this first part, I will talk about astral projection: How does it happen? What and how do we feel? What do we see?

Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming and traveling to Parallel Worlds may seem unclear and weird topics at first, but with time we begin noticing each journey’s peculiarities, and how to make sense of them.

We see the differences as they begin showing up progressively. The more we get involved in the process, the more we learn. It’s a matter of experience.

Astral Projection may appear the same as an Out Of Body Experience. But there are some distinctions between the two as they give us access to certain planes and increase our shift in consciousness in different ways. I talked about few of these differences in one of my articles about the same topic here:

I am actually sure that AP’s and OBE’s are different even though we tend to mix the two. But anyway, it is a way to connect to the true we are. I find one very prevalent argument about their distinction : when we astral project we see our physical body on the bed. This is a currency. When we are in an Out of Body Experience we are really in another reality that can be also physical. We can see ourselves as physical beings in a parallel world and we also integrate it in that world. This is not a dream, but a real experience we have to learn about our souls’ mission and how the soul is multidimensional.

For me these two terms even though for many they mean the same thing, are very different in terms of experience out of the body on a multidimensional level. I have been having these experiences for nearly 2 years now.

During astral travel we can receive and send messages and healing, receive information about our spiritual journey, and more. The astral plane can be also reached through deep meditation, healing received from another, or through self-healing.

We don’t need to close our eyes to see the astral plane. It is a dimension near the Earth that we can access once we perceive its energy field. Trees have auras, plants and animals like us, and the energetic body is an extension directly linked to the astral plane. It is common occurrence for me to see my furniture floating on energy, as well as my candles and their flames, too. All fluid energy.

During an out of body experience, information can come to us in a very subtle way, sometimes accompanied by symbols rather than the more concrete reality we perceive in the physical. In other words, reality on the astral plane and in the other dimensions is shown to us in ways we are not very accustomed to on Earth’s dimensions. The rules may be somewhat similar, but aren’t quite the same.

In this article, I will explain some concepts and provide a few examples from my own experience. Because respective life journeys are different, how astral projection manifests from person to person may likewise be different. It is a personal means of self-expression and creation, and an individual way to explore different dimensions and planes.

Information and Tips on Out Of Body Experiences

Astral Projection, How Does it happen?

One way of looking at Astral Projection is to define it as a conscious departure from the physical body.

While at times we may be not conscious of it at the beginning when it happens involuntarily – we may think we are dreaming. But in reality, we are exploring the astral world through the energetic body. For the uninitiated, this is a mostly unexplored part of who we are. However, when reading about the topic we take the first steps to learn how to master the process.

With the way I split off from my physical body, the way the astral plane appears, I have found many similarities matching those described in books such as those by Sandie Gustus, Belsebuub, Robert Monroe and Robert Bruce.

It’s like being in a high vibrational state, feeling like a shivering, sometimes with fatigue preceding the split off of the physical that is always accompanied with a need not only to sit but really lay down, as the astral body leaves the physical body. Astral travel is not just something that happens only during the sleeping hours, as sometimes it happens to me often during the day too. It can happen at any time, and always when I give distance healing sessions. In this manner I am considered a “spontaneous projector”.

The symptoms that I personally experience before my astral body leaves my physical and they are very specific:

1-The Vibrational State

My bodies (both physical and energetic) are in a highly vibrational state. This means also that to astral travel our being must necessarily be in a high vibrational state or frequency to begin with.

Usually I feel a vibration that begins at my feet, expanding to my legs and traverses to the upper parts of my body. I can feel my third eye spinning fast – and sometimes this is painful. The same goes for my crown chakra where I feel the energy most intensely, especially during the split off of the astral body from the physical. I feel a loosening of the connection to the “physical consciousness”, meaning a loss of all that is physically tangible.

It is like a wheel of perception unscrewing from the physical, freeing the astral body – much like smoke drawn from a fire, or steam rising from a pressure cooker. I usually feel my head opening up. And sometimes it’s painful.

Often I hear a really loud noise, as if I were on a high windy mountain. This noise can really be disturbing as it can inundate the ears, and the heart begins beating fast. For those not familiar with this experience, it can also ramp up one’s fear and thus increase the likelihood of failing to split off from the physical body. During the split, I can also hear the beating of my own heart and its vibrations within my chest.

These same things happen when we die, and thus many people may perceive this as actual death.

But what’s really happening here is one’s awareness is getting a running start before leaping off the cliff of perception. Accelerating to help the soul leave the body. It is a very powerful and strong momentum in the physical realm, expanding to the spiritual aspect of the senses, now awakening.

Here is a video from William Buhlman about the vibrational state.

The noise is related to the astral body when leaving the physical

I remember one day when I heard the wind blowing and screaming voices (like children’s voices) melting into the sound of falling rain. I first thought it was raining outside as I was fully aware of myself. So I tried to get up, and saw my bed beneath me, I was floating in my room. I could see my bed, the sheets, the furniture around me, but everything was somehow different: the colors were brighter and the furniture seemed to be like orbs moving around with me. My dresser was nearly yellow (it is clear brown), the closet was a shining white (it is actually grey), and somehow all is united: there is no separation between space. The colors we see are vestigial effects of the physical on our perceptions and feelings in astral.

The astral body is like a bubble, it floats, it can move fast or slow down. It can cross walls and I sometimes find myself in my daughter’s room (April 1, 2017) and could enter her dreaming world: I once saw her was eating flowers!

The Astral body is a magnificent shape with a wide range of powerful possibilities and potentials we can discover and experience through astral travel. It has a very high vibration and any contact with entities and light beings can be really profound. Many times, healing arises from these encounters.

Many times we remain in the physical because of fear.
Fear is a feeling that comes from sense of limitations we derive from the heaviness of the physical – not from the lightness of energy associated with Astral. If we bring fear with us, and other elementals, we will have limited experiences on the Astral plane. That is why traveling the astral plane and having OBE is a stage where we first have to be out of the heavy influence of the ego. That is the hardest part of it. But once there, the journey begins. All is related to spiritual growth. When you’re ready to sacrifice your ego, the door to the Astral opens up.

A high vibrational state is not only saying we are love and compassion and that we have forgiven everyone who hurt us. It is also a state of being. The more we work with energy, the more we heal ourselves and keep a high vibrational state. Being a healer can also be very helpful. Being a natural (spontaneous) projector is also a gift but it took me time to realize it.

2-We no more feel pain

Once the astral body projected we don’t feel physical pain, any other physical sensation or feeling

The physical body is lying on the bed and while in Astral we can see it from wherever we are – even if we go very far.

There may be time when you also may not see it because you only skipped that phase of detachment. The distance is not a problem as energy is vibration that covers any distance. It spans the entire universe across a wide field. There are no limits to what we can experience. We are out of the limits of space and time. And that is the real unity we feel in the quantum field.

You may find yourself flying, or just moving softly or turning one a way or another. One may also fall down and find oneself on the ground in a place unknown. Do not panic. For myself, I find if there is nothing to do, then the challenge is to consciously look around and try to find a way to get out of it. Flying is also something I experience during astral projection. I would say that we can go very fast when we fly, and sometimes we try to fly but fear can slow us.

One day I found myself in a big room that looked like a construction site. I was down on the floor, there were many rocks, pieces of woods and nails all around. I was hearing the sound of a radio outside the construction. I was in Tunisia. All was floating in the space where I was. But it was not material: All was made of energy. The walls were grey and the sand on the floor was moving few inches above it. The door was closed and when I realized that I was astral travelling, I flew and got out of that room through a small rift over the door.

Sometimes I am just in front of my parents’ house in Tunisia. I just enter through doors, walls, or any other body or field. At the beginning, when I saw members of my family, I thought they would hear me. But we don’t speak. Instead we vibrate in thoughts and we realize that thought is powerful and vastly different from words. Thought is part of the stream of consciousness. We can build worlds with it. The astral plane is a world we also create for ourselves when we begin having these uncommon experiences out of the physical body.

3-We can meet people from the spiritual realms during astral projection

You also can meet your ancestors from past lives and have amazing experiences in learning who you are and knowing more about your soul. Everyone is free to choose whether to have these experiences or not. It is up to you and your special path.

During astral travel you may stay near the Earth. For some projectors, the first experiences may take place on Earth in the 5th dimension, for as explorers we need to proceed in progressive manageable steps. But this is not always so, as we can project into higher dimensions during the first astral projections.

My first conscious astral projection happened during a professional appointment. I was sitting on a chair waiting for my turn, I felt I was falling asleep and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Suddenly I found myself in a very high dimension where I met beings wearing robes with crystals.

They had almond-shaped eyes and were very happy to see me. I don’t know if it was an encounter with aliens. They looked like humans but with a different twist on the human anatomy. In one of my articles I talked about this experience which happened to me few days after my spiritual reconnection. I learned that I projected astrally, and I met my spiritual guides in Orion. Here is the link to my first article where I talked about this experience

We are multidimensional souls.

The soul knows better about the entire process, as it lays out the map of our spiritual journey. We can also be guided in parallel worlds or past lives in other dimensions.

I met children I had in past lives and helped them pass from one plane to another. I also met some people from my family in my current incarnation and had amazing times walking and talking with them.

Conversations are through thought – an amazing mind-to-mind conversation. There are no emotions and no physical feelings. We are just light like feathers. And for most of the time, when I am back in my physical, it is like a feather entering a box from one of its sides.

We are souls in boxes!

4-When I Astral Project I Am Not Always Prepared…

It Just Happens Suddenly

When I project at night during sleep, I usually find myself floating. It begins with an urgent need to lie down. When it happens during the day as I lose complete control of my physical body, as if passing out.

One day I realized I was in my car and all was dark. I first thought I was driving and said to myself “you are driving at night, you have to switch on the lights!”. That was the moment I knew I was on astral outside my apartment on the parking lot, «sitting/floating» in front of my car’s steering wheel. Before that, I remember seeing the road I drove every day when going home.
I was floating softly there, then I moved in the car and realized that I was not driving my car, but that I was on astral.

Why does this happen?

I asked because it happens to me all the time. So I was guided to understand the whys and hows of it.

It happens actually because my soul urges for it, so as a natural astral traveler, my soul is always aching for these type of experiences. My soul needs to do this without getting any permission from my physical body. I sometimes feel like an entity that is completely devoid of any physical attachment. That explains why I have always been less inclined to earn money and surrounding myself with material possessions.

My most treasured possessions are my books and the spiritual energy I can gain in reading, writing, and sharing my experiences. The Universe has always provided for me and still it is doing so. I’m not afraid any more, and living outside of fear helps so much during astral projection.

The Soul’s Urge 

In knowing this part of my soul, I have released so much pain and frustration arising from the way others wanted me to behave and be. When I am on astral, I have nothing left behind, nothing to do – just BE! That is the most real and most intense experience we may have as we shift in consciousness. We are not afraid of anything. Life just flows.

When it happens, it is because my soul is urging for escaping my body, it does, I cannot prevent it from doing so. I let it be. It is very important to understand the needs of our souls in terms of independence and self and individuality.

When there is a new life on physical to incarnate (to be born), souls lie in waiting before they get the opportunity to enter the body. Souls even connect and gather with other soul-mates and soul family who are incarnating at the same time as they.
This is really interesting because we understand why we have that feeling of deja vu with some people we meet. And sometimes we meet on astral, people we never knew on the physical plane. Then few times after, they may show up in your physical life! Amazing! This happened to me recently, and when I met the person I was at first feeling weird. I understood that the astral travels can also give us information about events to happen on physical. It is part of the psychic phenomena and activity through consciousness.

The soul is a perfect energy / entity that can behave under the influence of a blockage. It can make you feel messed up as well as help you be happy. When you behave out of base needs you are messed up. But when you listen and connect to it, it makes you happy and you can live a life of fulfillments.

5-Astral Projection Happens In Between Two States

Astral projection actually happens early in the morning or in the night when we wake up and are back to sleep I usually feel my body freezing at the beginning of the process. I also feel my physical body shivering and I cover myself.

Sandie Gustus says:

“The ideal temperature is one that will prevent the body from becoming too hot or too cold throughout the duration of the experience, and thus, from calling the extra physical body back to the physical body. Anything at all that calls attention to the physical body will cause a projection to end, so you must be comfortable all the time. When we are too hot, we become mentally sluggish, which reduces our lucidity. Prior to applying any technique for leaving the body, you should work with energies for the purpose of making the energy body more flexible and facilitating the separation of the extra physical body, working with energies can make us feel colder” Less Incomplete ( p. 235-236)

When I go to sleep I do cleansing and healing on myself daily. The healing frequencies carry on working on me during my sleep time and that is why I split off of my physical body so naturally.

I also leave my window open or half open to maintain a decent temperature in my room. A feeling of being cold naturally precedes the split off of the astral body from the physical. It is also a consequence of the vibrational state which moves from lower to higher parts of the body.

Projecting can happen during a day nap when we feel a need to go to sleep for a while, or during a meditation – but we have to be in a deep meditative state, nearly in trance, because of the high vibrational state we can experience then. During astral projection the physical body may feel dizzy.

Anyway, Astral Projection is not a trance state of being. We are conscious of it.

It requires healthy energetic bodies and harmonious flow between the different energetic centers (the chakras). Disharmony is easily felt when we are a projector: being very sensitive to the energies around us. It is easy to detect intruders in our energetic field. It is always advisable to be rid of all that disconnect us from ourselves. It is something we experience with lots of suffering. That’s why cleansing and healing should be done on a daily basis.

6-Taking a Shower before Going to Bed Helps

This is a good way to astral project. The water cleanses the energetic body and helps at a vibrational level, as water is mostly what our bodies are made of. So having a bottle of water near by, can also help so much. Don’t use the bottle of water for drinking, rather intend its use as a media to absorb negative energies throughout the night when you rest. Later in the morning, pour it down a drain or flush it down the toilet to send away the negativity. Putting a pinch of salt in the water doesn’t hurt either.

Sandie Gustus says in her book something very interesting about “taking a hydromagnetic shower” before going to bed. I would like to share this because when I read her book I found many occurrences with what I have been doing intuitevly for year now : that shower before going to bed.

“You may even like to take a what’s known as a hydromagnetic shower in preparation for a projection. This involves sending energies out through your crown chakra (at the top of the head) against the flow of the water when you are standing under the shower. The water will then come back and cleanse your energy body, improving the condition of your energies a little from their current condition” (p.240)

Here is a link to her site

And here is the link to her book I really enjoyed reading it.

The astral plane is near the Earth. The nearest plane to us when we are on physical. But it is divided into many real-ms and they can be at different places both [physically and energetically, according to their frequencies. Each plane of the astral has its own frequency.

So this means that lower planes are those where the vibration and frequency are the lowest. The energy is dense, and many people who experience nightmares are usually in touch with low entities who are kept there because they choose to be there.


Each person according to one’s own vibrational state has access to certain planes of the astral. That is very obvious when certain needs show up during sleep time because they have been hidden inside when we are awake.

Astral projection is given to anyone who is really interested in having that kind of experience and feeling a natural bent toward experiencing it. These are keys to gain much more ability and learning before, during and after the projection.

We can connect to family members and friends who have passed away and they come to bring light into our hearts or ask for help if they need to pass to an upper plane when they know you have access to them and the ability to help them. That happened to me many times.

Astral projection is not a crazy activity but part of our spiritual growth and development. A much expanded form of consciousness.

To end this part, I want to share an old but very interesting video by Robert Monroe where he explains how he experienced astral projection. I find it very relevant to what I experience in terms of vibrational state, the sounds we hear when we are out of our body.


Article edited by John Helios. 

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I found this very helpful.
Thanks again, Henda<3


I am very glad to see that you explain with clarity the distinction between these experiences because it is personally something that has always left me wondering exactly what kinds of experiences do I have. I guess that based on your description I have done, at least to a degree some of these procedures for the goals you describe.This sheds light with much clarity on some personal questions about these kinds of experiences.

Thank you very much, excellent article. <3