As most of us learned during early science or physics classes, everything in our universe is composed of energy. Everything we perceive as “solid” and “matter” is simply “stored energy”. Isn’t this amazing when you stop and contemplate it? It means that the chair we sit on, or the floor we’re standing on, and even the entire planet we live on – things that feel so solid and tangible — are nothing more than energy!

What’s equally interesting is the space between matter also contains energy. The air all around you contains oxygen, sound waves, radio waves, cell phone signals, television signals, allergens and a wide range of particles.

Our human bodies are a microcosm and replication of this same phenomenon. Our bodies are made up of a mixture of “matter” and “space”. They contain a collage of various energies, all vibrating at different rates, yet existing in total symbiosis to form a larger and functioning unified energy field that we call the human body. It’s a bit like an orchestra: different instruments seated together and playing unique sounds and vibrations that each create lovely sounds, yet when they function in harmony and unity the result is moving and exquisite music.

This collage of energies that forms our bodies consists of many different such vibrational “instruments”. The cells in your liver are a collection of cells vibrating at the same frequency, yet that frequency is different from the cells of the kidney or those of the brain or muscles or skin. It’s akin to the sound of a flute differing from that of a tuba or oboe. In addition to the energy fields that form the “matter” of our bodies, there are many intangible energy fields within us. These intangibles — nerve impulses, brain waves, thoughts, and others – have no physical form yet serve a specific purpose. They are the “conductor” and sheet music of our orchestra. Even our emotions, the tempo and tenor, are a form of energy. Our emotions are essentially a “conversation” between the body and subconscious, and this conversation can be initiated by either the subconscious… or the body. For example, if you are worried about something and are feeling a great deal of stress, your palms may begin to sweat, your pulse may elevate, your muscles may tense and so on. And if your body is tired, hungry, in pain or pleasure, it can send these messages to the subconscious where they are then relayed to the conscious. The body and subconscious are always in communication.

One of the intangible energy fields in our body is something I like to call the “Hurt Locker”. This energy field has been called many things – “The darkness”, “The pain body”, and “The shadow self” — but all these descriptors loosely refer to the same field of negative “like-energies” .

So what is this Hurt Locker and what does it do?

To understand this, imagine you have a friend who loses a loved one and this friend is the type of person who “holds things in” and never cries or grieves over the loss. As we know from science and physics classes, energy can be transformed, but it can neither be created nor destroyed. So all the pain and hurt and the negative feelings of loss that are not being expressed or processed (transformed) in your friend are being “stored” in what I call the Hurt Locker.

But the Hurt Locker is more than simply the pain of loss. Because of the laws of attraction, all the negative “like-energies” merge together to become part of the Hurt Locker. If you were bullied as a child, emotionally abused while growing up, jilted or rejected by a lover, or endured any other negative treatment (as all of us have), any of that negativity that is not processed becomes part of the Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker is that secret place where we try to lock away memories and harms we’d prefer to forget. In a sense, it’s where our demons hide.

Your Hurt Locker began before you were ever born. Again, because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, portions of your Hurt Locker – that energy field – were shared from your mother (and even your father). In this manner, the “sins of the father are visited upon the children”. And also in this manner, people with true psychic abilities can “misread” others by inadvertently tapping into the energy of the Hurt Locker.

The Hurt Locker is a living entity of its own. It often spends long periods of time in hibernation, but occasionally it awakens to “feed”. It does this by working lock-step with the Ego (they make good bedfellows) to make you dwell on past injustices and harms. When the Ego dredges up past pains and harm, you are feeling the pain from an event that is not presently occurring and are compounding the pain of that event. The harm has already occurred and is done and gone, but here we are literally “adding to the pain” that event caused us by dwelling on it and “re-living” it. How silly is that?

Have you ever had one of “those days” where you feel all this pain is adding up and “if one more thing goes wrong” you’ll either lash out at someone or burst into tears? If so, that is the Hurt Locker feeding. It loves to highlight every little pain because it knows that while you are thinking of that pain, you are adding to it. It can even make the slightest wrong seem like a major offense. If someone gives you a casual sideways glance or beats you into a parking space it can feel like a major harm that will take years of therapy to heal. It can be like death by papercuts.

Above all, every time we are dealing with the Hurt Locker we are in a low state of vibration and existence. It becomes hard to be grateful for the countless blessings in our lives and difficult to experience bliss, joy, love and happiness.

So how do we deal with the Hurt Locker?

We have five very essential weapons in our spiritual war chest that are fatal to the pesky little gremlins in our Hurt Locker. You can employ these weapons after experiencing any harm or loss. I like to refer to these tools as “A.F.T.E.R.”, because this go-to acronym is easy to recall “after” any hurt.

A. — First is Acceptance. We must understand that just because we know what the Hurt Locker is, that will not prevent the future loss of loved ones, or betrayals, or someone judging us and speaking ill, or the loss of a cherished pet, or even the lessor slight of someone whipping their car into our traffic lane. Whether accidental or purposely, people will wrong us. To prevent adding more hurt into the Hurt Locker, we must accept that “hurt happens”. It is a part of existence on this Earthly plane.

F. — Second is Forgiveness. When we can forgive others of their trespasses (like stealing that coveted parking space), we also process any pain this caused and prevent it from bloating our Hurt Locker.

T. — Third is Tears. When we experience a loss where forgiveness isn’t applicable, such as the loss of a parent, spouse, child, pet, or any other loved one, the loss of their presence in our lives can be excruciating. It may be that we hold inexorable faith that they have transitioned to a better place, but their absence is still painful. And this is where we unleash the power of our tears. Tears are as sacred as Love or Joy. They have the power to heal the heart and cleanse the soul. They allow us to “process” pain and convert it so it doesn’t become the newest resident in “Hotel Hurt Locker”. So never view tears as a weakness: they are our strength.

E. — Fourth is existing in the present. So long as we stay in the present moment, neither dwelling on the past or the future, any pain in our Hurt Locker holds no power.

R. – Fifth is Release. Once you have returned to the present moment, “let it go”. Release any remaining pain, understanding that “after” you have accepted its existence, forgiven (if applicable), shed any tears (if applicable) and returned to the existing moment, any remaining pain cannot serve you. That baggage in the Hurt Locker has no benefit to you. So empty it. Choose to “let it all go”. And if you cannot simply release it, process it through the “AFTER” filter: Accept, Forgive, shed Tears, Exist in the present and Release the rest. If necessary, rinse and repeat. Know that everything in the Hurt Locker only prevents you from remaining in the present. It will never bring you joy or love or happiness or raise your spiritual vibration. Allow yourself to forget the pain but remember the lessons it has taught you. Be thankful for it and joyfully release it.

Empty your hurt and open your heart.

Blessings and Bliss,

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Hailstones MeltGlo, I hope you can still love your Dad, even though he hadn't grown past his seed stage.

Oh yes most definately, I forgave a lot of things and people back in 1983. All is well my friend and I never stopped loving anyone! For what I know love to be! Your a blessing Miss Melt! Much love to you always!


Really beautiful thoughts and insights in this thread by all participants!
After many years of priding myself on never crying and the numbness which ensued from that, I now treasure any water which comes from my eyes! It is proof I still feel, am a human, am engaging viscerally with life as intended.
Such a lesson!