Last year past life regression practitioners trained in the Dolores Cannon QHHT method, Tai Ashley-Jones and Lorna Wilson, got together for a session. Tai was the facilitator of this session and a lot of information came through on a range of different topics — including some great information on higher self — which I have listed below for part one in this two part series.

A special thanks goes to Linda for transcribing down and editing most of this session. Linda’s an administrator and global moderator over on transients’ community forum, The Roundtable. Note that Lorna is also one of our long term Global Moderators on the Roundtable and you can find her website here.


  • How we can each be ready on a spiritual level without needing spirit or some higher power to show us the way and directly guide us, as we can be ready right now
  • By using such terms as higher self, we are limiting our understanding and thought processes to being lower down, when in fact we are all equal at every level.
  • A detailed look at the structure of the higher self.
  • A long section about thoughtforms and harnessing your inner power.
  • The makeup of the spirit in connection to our source and function in this universe.

Tai’s QHHT session with Lorna begins below.

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True Spirit Source

L – I’ve just climbed into my symbol. I think when I do that, I unlock a gate from this end or something. I think when I enter my symbol it is like going to a meeting place, which is a conscious interaction.

What they are telling me is that people tend to wait for spirit to contact them. It is as if they passively want a connection to happen. They don’t realize that all they have to do is be at that meeting place, which is a point of interaction. It is the same thing as when they say “Ask and you will receive. Ask and it is given”. So, it is the asking, in approaching the meeting point, but it is not necessarily a physical meeting point. It is a meeting a point of consciousness or the mind.

This is what they are showing me. You know how a spider’s web has intersecting bits?

T – Yes

L – It is like going to the intersecting bits where others can connect with you, and that is a conscious thing, whereas, a lot of people think that somehow spirit is just going to happen to them. It is wondering what to do, and then asking spirit what you should do, rather than knowing that YOU are the doer. Spirit gives, helps, or combines the energy.

This is what they are showing me. Here is the spider web intersection, and you go to the meeting place, then all the other parts of the web that connect and intersect at that meeting place are able to channel through energy. It is like opening up a circuit board that when you connect the right circuits, all the rest of the things light up. Connecting with your ‘higher self’ or connecting with your other selves, which is the term we prefer, is you being at the meeting place.

There are many spiritual people who think “Oh, spirit will give me what I need when I need it” because they don’t realize they are spirit. They can’t give themselves what they need when they need it, if they don’t acknowledge that they need it. It is an interactive relationship and communication, and it is not where something dominates you or controls you or tells you what to do.

Humans tend to think in terms of being very passive, and that the more passive they are, the more things will happen to them when it is ‘the right time’. They don’t see that from every direction, they are the ones that are instigating and initiating. They might not know it consciously, but from other layers of themselves, they are creating and calling into being what they want to experience and how they want to experience it.

That’s why words are so powerful because when you say, “I’ll never understand”, well, you’ll never understand. Whereas, if you say “At this time, I don’t quite understand, but I know the understanding is coming” or “I’m looking to understand”, then it is a whole different thing. Words have to create movement or the opportunity for their energy to flow. Consciousness is communication. If you don’t communicate, then you don’t really have a relationship because you are not relating to each other (other selves). Does that make sense?

T – It does.

L – So, to have increased communication or support, ongoing and consciously, support with your inner selves, your inner team, your higher self, whatever labels you want to use, is to consciously communicate. For example, meditators can sit and wait for enlightenment to drop on them. It will never happen. If you are a serious meditator, and I mean serious in that they have an intention, it might be that they want to grow spiritually, or communicate with their other selves, it might be that they just want to find peace or help their body or their mind or whatever, then they will achieve those things. But to sit passively and think you are not supposed to have any thoughts, just does not work like that.

Human beings are conditioned to being passive. Yet we know that is not the truth of how they feel because they have so much aggression. Whether passive aggression or otherwise that comes out in adverse ways because they are not expressing it in its right context and using it in its right way. When this build-up of frustration comes, they will attack outwards. In reality, what is going on is that there is dissatisfaction with what’s going on inside them.

Then you have those that are conditioned like that biblical adage “The meek will inherit the earth”, that the more passive they are, the more things are going to happen for them. That’s why you’ll have people like Alan Watts, and other Zen teachers teach about the reality of being in the now. So if someone is attacking you, you hit back. You don’t passively think “Ok, I’ll just take the blows”. It is not that you go to seek conflict, but you have the right to defend, or you have the right to speak up, or you have the right to be angry. Put another way, people are conditioned to believe anger is a bad thing and they should not be angry, so there is a huge amount of suppression of this anger. Do you see what I mean?

T – Umhmm.

L – So, it is about communicating with your inner self, you have to… well, one does not have to do anything, but it is best if you approach it from a level of communication, a level of equals. That’s the whole point. Humans do not feel equal, and it is not that individuals might not feel a sense of equality, but that they are conditioned not to as there are all of these hierarchy systems in place.

The higher self is actually a fallacy. (Laughter) The higher self is a fallacy in that when we keep thinking of higher and lower and all that stuff, all that we are doing is separating and splitting consciousness. It is not that it is higher selves or lower selves, or parallel selves, it is really just is THE SELF, but we label things in a way to make ourselves feel comfortable within those brackets.  So, if we think ‘our higher self’, what we are saying is that we don’t feel as good as what we would like, or as whole enough, or as loving and higher conscious minded enough as how we assume our higher selves must be feeling. If that makes sense.

T – It does.

L – Anyway, I don’t know where all that just came from after I entered my symbol.

The Higher Self

T – Is there a way of describing it rather than the term higher self, or is there some way you are visualizing it  in a more descriptive way?

L – Right, so I just saw an orange. If you look at an orange under a microscope, you see all the little holes in the skin, those indentations. Well, the self could be like that orange, and all those little indentations are aspects of the whole. Those can just be us, and our inclusiveness with all of our different aspects as a part of that same orange, but it is still the one orange. If one aspect/indentation is over on the left side and another is on the top or right side, it does not make it lower or higher. It just is still the one orange/self.

T – Are you talking about the orange being like a unique individual person, or us as humans?

L – Right. Same thing.

T – So each separate being is an orange

L – No, they are still a part of the whole; it is still the one orange. It is not like it is suddenly purple or some other thing. It is still the orange, but it is just an aspect or a part of the orange. So, all of the selves are equally part of the whole. When we create this higher self and lower self, we are really reinforcing division. We are reinforcing a duality that really does not exist. The conscious mind likes to compartmentalize things in a way it can understand it, but all that it does is create another limit.  An orange is a whole, whether you take a piece of fruit from the top or the bottom, it is still the same orange. Whether you take consciousness from this lifetime or that lifetime, it is still the same spiritual essence that is flowing through it. That’s where this oneness and ‘everything is connected’ comes from. Nothing happens in your life because it is an isolated event. It happens because there is a force connecting you with it. It is not this simple thing of “Oh, because your belief system is this way, you create it”. It is actually a more tangible, vibrational frequency that we are hanging onto and responding to – what we are hooking up with.  It is not disconnected. When people like to sit and think “Oh, this is happening to me”, they are doing themselves a disservice, rather than focusing on the energy, where it is coming from or where the blame is on what’s happening, imagine instead, ‘what is the connection, how does this connect with me’. Not “Oh, it is mirroring me”. A lot of those New Age things are actually fallacious. It is time for us to go beyond some of them. Some of them are mind control that has been initiated externally, and yet we think it is our original thought.

Orange - Thought Forms, Spirit & Higher Self - A QHHT Session by Tai Ashley-Jones (Part 1)

If we look at thoughtforms – a lot of the thoughtforms are collective thoughtforms that we buy into. Once we buy into it, we make it our own, and then we become it. Ok, let’s take enlightenment they are telling me. A lot of people think enlightenment, – well number one it means a million different things – a lot of people think they have to work towards it, that they have to move towards it, they have to earn it in some way, they have to discipline themselves in some way, they have to follow a certain practice. All of that stuff, they’re telling me are fallacious belief systems. Because we create this mental/belief system stepladder kind of effect, this bridging kind of effect, we don’t see that we are already there. Spiritual teachers say things like you’re already there, and people think they are nuts. They think “Well, no, I’m not. I’ve this going on, and that going on, and all of these problems”. The reality is that they see themselves as the problem rather than seeing that what they are identifying with as the problem, as having some connecting factor within them and their life. Therefore, there is a purpose behind that connection. If they don’t like it and don’t want to find out the purpose or the meaning, then they can simply just step aside and stop talking themselves into staying where they are. If that makes sense.

T – It does

L – It is also checking the thoughtforms that you believe in. There is a shamanic term – recapitulation, where at the end of the day or at the end of a period of time, you’ll reflect, and go back over what took place and see it from different perspectives, or angles, or free up some energy, correct some things in your thinking or whatever else evolves through awareness. Something like that is good because sometimes when we look at our circumstances or where we find ourselves, rather than looking at it from the inside out, “Oh, I can’t believe this is happening”, but looking at it from the outside looking in, you get to see it in a different way. Then you can change your language program about it. It is not “I am this”, but “This is happening in my life, or in my vision, or in my awareness.”

Thoughtforms & Harnessing Your Inner Power

T – Do you want to expand on the conversation we had about thoughtforms (over lunch) and how they can attach or whatever?

L – Do you know those cartoon figures with the cloud or circle above them that’s empty with the little dot, dot, dot, that point to a person so you know that they are saying something or thinking something? They are showing thoughtforms like that. It is like there are empty packets, and these then get filled with all this loud noise, and thoughts, and feelings and frequencies. These empty packets float around and absorb or get filled with whatever is in that space and they keep floating and moving around. It is like dust mites that blow wherever the dust is and they find a space, or hang onto something, or fit in somewhere. Wherever energy is stagnant, you find a lot of dust. Deep thoughts, emotional thoughts, things that have energy encoded in it, especially fear, create and feed the thought forms.

Now thought forms are not all fear-based, they are thoughts in general, but they are showing me that they are like these empty speech clouds you have in a cartoon just drifting around. Then they find things that allow them to be attached to, or are attracted to. If you look at dust mites, you might find that they have some spaces where they inhabit or hang around much more than others.  You might find them in your bedroom or in your bed rather than in your kitchen cupboard where you have spices. In the bed where you have natural biological energy, your own frequency radiation, and stuff like that, you will find the thoughtforms find a way of nesting, or sticking, or hanging like a magnet. So whatever you are thinking… for example, sometimes people have insomnia because as soon as they hit the bed, they are bombarded by everything they did wrong that day, that week, what they have to do, or what never happened. When you get into that space, the energy in your bed or the sleeping area where you are so closely emeshed with your own physical radiation, your own fields, and the surrounding area are attracting a huge amount of thoughtforms, a huge amount of feelings, feelings of passion, anxiety, frustration or dislike. For example, if you have to go to work, and you hate your work or you hate your boss, then those feelings are there in that bed before you go to sleep because you know when you get up in the morning, you have to go back to that situation. Thoughtforms are like dust mites that will inhabit places that they can fit into easily and completely and almost become invisible. The best hosts are usually invisible. You don’t even feel them attaching. You don’t even feel that they are there. They naturally blend in.  It is like insects on a plant. Sometimes you will look at the most beautiful plant and when get close you see under the leaf is filled with insects. They are destroying the leaf from the inside out or from the underneath.

T – Do you think under normal circumstances we can fend them off?   That we can have a strong auric field that fends them off, but when we are depressed it attracts them more? 

L – Oh absolutely. And that is why they say, and they’ve been saying it for a quite a while now, that the underlying thoughts are what are the strongest. It does not matter if someone runs around and says “Oh, this, that, and the other” if underneath they believe and feel something else. The underneath or buried feelings is where the real energy connection is.  The voice given to what you say, is just what you say, like putting your own creation out there, but what you feel is what is going on inside and beyond your own conscious creation.

The image I’m seeing as we speak is one of the energy being sent outwards, but how we feel as energy is being brought inwards, and stirring around inside us, often festering and moving from the inside out. It is not always spoken out loud and it often remains encased within the physical body.  This is why they say go shout it out on a mountain or let your sound out. Communicate if you are angry or happy, express yourself, otherwise the energy that comes in if you don’t move it outwards ends up creating its own life on the inside. So what you are feeling is far more potent and transformative than what you are saying. What you are saying, you create. It is like “In the beginning was the word”, so your words are manifested through you, but what you are feeling on the inside is manifesting WITHIN you unconsciously without your control, without your will. So, it is undermining your will.

T – Can you go back a little bit? You said that they are like empty clouds, that they are there, can you go back further and ask where those  clouds come from in the first place. Where did that energy get generated from? Is it cosmic or is it us ourselves that create it? It’s got to originate from somewhere. 

L – This is the purpose of the mind parasites. They do have a purpose, and it is not always bad. For example, you can have… I’m trying to put into words what I’m seeing… the very same way you can manifest, call on the divine, to create something to rescue you, or your guardian angel, or your guide to help, that same energy can create something destructive. So, the thoughtforms are neutral, they pick up the collective density of the energy that they are around.

Take will power. In the olden days when they first started discovering hypnosis and they came up with the term ‘mesmerizing’ after that guy Mesmer, their belief then was that you could use your will power, by using your eyes for example, and staring someone down, or even like you see in those old black and white movies where the magician would be using his hypnotic eyes. That is actually using his force of will. If someone’s will is weaker than someone else’s, they will submit. It is nothing but energy, it’s a way of using focused energy. For example, a mother sees her child trapped under a car, and finds herself suddenly with the strength to lift the car. She has used her will power to defeat something that is life threatening. It is no different, as will power is an actual force.

If you concentrate your mind in a serious way… you see people who practice psychic things, they concentrate their mind in a serious way directing a pencil to roll across the table or causing the table to knock, or something to happen then they think, “How did that happen? I did not even move it. It moved on its own”.  It is that their will power exerts an actual mental force, but it is not necessarily that it is physically done with their hands. They did not physically roll the pencil off the table. They use their mental energy to roll the pencil. It is a force. It is like chi energy where the master can do whatever they do with their hands and the force of the energy might impact on someone and it knocks them over. There are these unseen energies, and they are largely unseen because the physical eye does not see it easily or readily, but they are there and can be mastered. You will have people who can abuse that energy for negative stuff or who can use that energy for something positive.

It is a bit like remote healing. A bunch of us sit around and we focus on John, who lives across the globe and is ill, or we can use prayer to give that concentrated energy which is another form of will power another use of that force. It is not that suddenly you prayed for John and meditated and sent him energy that God said “Oh, they are doing this. Let me jump into action and deliver this message or deliver this healing”. It is that your actual will power and force of energy transcends time and space and will go to its intended person. So, thoughtforms are a way of packaging feelings, thoughts and will.

T – I can see them as energetic actions, and something happens to thoughts to coalesce somehow. That is what I’m seeing you are saying, and then that becomes a cloud.

L – Right, and the gel that puts and holds it together is the person’s intention, or the person’s energetic participation.

T – Yes, whether that is conscious or unconscious. They are expressing something outward, and it creates its own energy.

L – All of the energy comes from within us. Of course, it is cosmic energy, but within our own creative forces, it comes from us. So, people who sit and wait for something to happen to them through divine intervention, or hopes the higher self comes because they called it, they are not actually using their will and participating. If they actually participated, then they would find a much more steadfast connection rather than their hopes and beliefs. You will have people say, I believe this is how this is going to happen because I believe that my higher self only wishes me good. Really what they are saying is that this is what I want to happen, but rather than saying I am going to create this to happen, they don’t see that they have the power or the vision, and so they don’t have the power and they wait and hope that some external intervention is going to do it for them.  They don’t see that they are the orange, the whole orange. They just see that they are this little part of it.

T – They feel separate from it.

L – Right, they feel separate from their power. It is not power, because in our world, we are given a lot of negative stuff about power. When we think of power, we think presidents, managers, or those that have power or authority over us. What we are talking about is empowerment, personal life force power, source of life power, as in the power is turned on or it is turned off. A lot of people walk around with it turned off because they don’t believe they have the power to turn it on, or that they have to accomplish x, y, and z before it can be turned on, or they are not good enough because someone else has more power than them, or whatever, but this empowerment is where we are at this point in correcting.  Each person has to become their own power. Sitting around wishing that the government was different, wishing that the voting was different, wishing that someone else came into power, does not change anything because we are still giving our empowerment away to someone else.

Calling into being your own empowerment will be your own natural guide, your own natural knowing and self-belief, and it will open your own natural downloads. It is almost like there is a  a whole room or a vault filled with empowerment… ah, they are showing me that story of Aladdin going into a cave and finding it filled with valuable jewels and  ‘wealth’. They are showing me that each of us has this inner place of wealth, but we don’t feel we deserve the jewels, we don’t feel we can go into the cave; we don’t feel that whatever is in there belongs to us. If we heard a story about this happening to someone else, we would say “Why didn’t that happen to me?”.  Or if you hear something about a king’s riches, you would say that would be so great to have all that jewelry and riches, and I’d do this and that. But you own that sitting there, you cannot see it because you feel you have to do x,y,z to have it because you are not deserving of it. This is a part of what is going on in the spiritual communities, for a large part. People are feeling that they need to struggle or ‘it’ is not going to happen, or it should be this or that way. They don’t see that these are just conditioned belief systems that have nothing to do with the personal reality. NOTHING.  But, they can make their reality match that belief.

The Orange & The Higher Self

T – As you are on a theme of higher self, and thoughtforms, what is your sense of the higher self itself, coalescing these energy  ‘atoms’ into the thoughtform that then becomes what it wants to have by us, called by us, the spirit, to go into the physical being? Is that how it is done? Nobody ever really explores where does this spirit that supposedly disconnects from the higher self, where does it come from, and what is it actually? Because it’s a tangible real thing, when we die, it disconnects from the body, but still exists. So is it the higher self that conjures that up as a thoughtform?

L – Imagine an orange, they are showing me the orange. The orange grew on a tree that grew from a seed. But how do we explain where the seed originated originally that could grow into a tree that could create so many different individual oranges, and then depending on where the setting is of the tree, is it in an open space, is it on a cliff face, is it in a nurtured field, the quality of the oranges can vary. They are showing me that the force or the source behind the orange is what makes the orange a plant filled with juice within different segments. Pull apart or cut an orange, not only are there the segments, but there are also if you open them little pockets. All of the segments are little pockets that are full of individual juice. If you ate one, you would have a little burst of juice on your tongue, but if you juiced the whole thing, you would have a half cup, or whatever of juice. They are saying that whether it is the little bit of juice in each peg, or each section or segment of the orange or whether it’s the moisture in the skin itself, it still is all the orange. All the different facets and expressions of the orange are all the different ways thoughtforms can be expressed, in a similar way, if you look at that analogy. Your thoughtform can be as small as each little segment, and in those little segments, you can have sour oranges, oranges that are not fully developed, oranges that are quite dry, not all oranges are the same, you can have blood oranges too. In these little segments, there is so much potential for what or how it could possibly be. Whether you create the orange in your mind and want it to be a certain way….let’s say you are using it in a recipe and want it to be a certain way,  YOU have to participate in how that orange is added to the recipe to get the results that you want.  For example, if you have sour oranges that are naturally sour, you can find ways to use this naturalness. If you are trying to use that sour orange for a sweet orange purpose, it will never happen. To force something will never happen as easily as accepting things as they are.  We   can actually reach ­ out for­­­­ what we do want. This orange is a sour one and that’s not what I want, so I’ll go here instead, or think this instead, and get what I actually want because I see this will bear fruit where that one will not. It all sounds very complex when I explain it, but it is really much more simple as I see it as an image, that I then have to put into words.

T –  Using the analogy of the orange how would the higher self decide which aspect of that orange it detaches to create the thought form of the spirit which then has substance and goes into the body of the pregnant woman?

L – If we dismiss that there is even a higher self and we look at the orange as whole, if you look at the wholeness of everything, you can see then that accepting it as whole can give you a more creative force. If you look at it as a higher self deciding that, then who is above the higher self, above that higher self, then above that higher self making the decision? The higher self, by default will have to have a higher self, otherwise, how do you know one is higher or lower.

For example, if I am here and I think I have a higher self, if I’m at my higher self level, how do I know I am a higher self, when I just am? If from where I am, at what looks to be my higher self level I’ll look around and think there is so much I don’t know or understand, then I must have a higher self that I’m reaching toward to explain more or to help me to understand more. There seems to be this rippling effect of higher selves, lower selves, but in reality, THAT is the illusion. There is no higher self. There just is the self. That is why the spiritual teachers will say it is oneness, it all goes back to this oneness that no one can explain or put into words.

T – If it is something intact in its awareness of being, might it not then still be like we have a sense that there is something more than us?

L – Right. There is at some unconscious drive that we understand that there is the whole orange even though we feel ourselves to be just a little segment of it. There is some unconscious thing that’s factored in that cannot really be put into words. Call it the spiritual essence, for lack of another word, that is running through the whole orange that makes it the juice, that makes it segment, that makes it have each individual pods on the inside filled with juice. So in trying to separate the orange, it is still an orange. I think Rumi or someone says something about the ocean and that the wave is still the ocean. When we focus on the wave, we don’t realize it still is the ocean. So, the orange is the orange, and the wholeness is always there. But when we separate, and because we separate and see ourselves separated, that is where the thoughtforms start to develop. ‘I am separate’.

Take creation. Let’s say Creation bursts orgasmically which they call the ‘big bang’, but in reality  it could just be this burst of creation. As everything is pushed out into creation, all those parts that are pushed out suddenly start thinking they are rejected. They’re being sent away from the warmth and comfort of wherever they were or from that space. There is this kind of ejection that says “Oh, I’m being pushed out or rejected”, so, the thoughts start developing and building, and the further they get pushed from the center, the more the thoughts will keep going. ‘Where am I? Where is everyone else? What’s going on? I must be rejected’, I must be abandoned”. Or there are some who think ‘Wow, I love this ride. Let’s have some more fun”, like people who go to amusement parks, and love the big dipper or other rides. “Wow, I love this feeling like sky diving”. To them it is an adventure. Even then the thoughtforms start “I’ve got to have more of this, I want to experience more”. Then there are others who think “Oh my God, I’m pushed away, what am I going to do now?

So you can see that the original thought of the essence that got pushed out, or the parts of the essence in feeling that burst of separation starts a thought that will escalate and add to all the other thoughts collectively. The more of how they feel is the more of what they attract that confirms their thoughts. Does that answer your question?

T – Kind of, part of it. 

L – What’s the other part?

Makeup Of The Spirit & Our Pursuit Of Going Higher

T – Perhaps explain more in depth what the thoughtform which we call the spirit if you can access that and see more about what actually is that, and, how we know obviously it connects and is the generating powerhouse of the physical body. Is there any more that can be said about that to add to our understanding of it? We just, I suppose most of us, get this image of the shape of a human being made of nebulous kind of smoke or air that goes into the fetus and that generates it, but there has got to be more to it than that surely. Or is it just as simple as a thoughtform of the higher self?

L – While you were talking, I was watching something that looked like a wheel of sparkling fireworks. You know the one that shoots and then it spins, a catherine wheel?

T – Yeah

L – The original thought is that a force shot out and spun, and as it spun off in different ways, into different realities, or spaces, or times, or wherever it ended up, they started having their own original thoughts or what they thought were original thoughts, or their response to their original thought. So, for example, the fuse that the ‘catherine wheel’… the sparks that flick off, each that flicked off, suddenly flicked off with some kind of thought or feeling, or purpose, or something that they have no explanation for, and a lot of the journey is trying to find an explanation for where did these thoughts/feelings come from, where do I come from, who am I, what is my purpose. {Laughter} I get it!!

Do you know that overriding question everyone has – “Who am I, and what is my purpose”?  Picture as they’re being spun off in this way and just flying off into wherever we end up in different realities, and those type of things, that we end up with this purpose somehow factored into ‘me’ is the purpose that I don’t remember, so I have this drive to keep finding out who am I and what is my purpose. Thus begins the start of life as we know it – to find out who we are – to find out what our purpose is, and somehow to remember that if we’re to use the Catherine wheel analogy, we are the force that was able to propel the wheel into motion. So, the thoughtforms did not originally come from us, but came from the curiosity or the adventureness of the original force that set things in motion, but along the way, we can pick up other people’s thoughts as we are always trying to emulate someone else, e.g someone said this, so we want to make it our own or someone did this and we want to have the same experience. So, we by our own nature, keep gathering the thoughtforms of others and they’re neither good or bad, they just are thought forms. They can be positive and helpful or they can be not so positive and helpful in the long run in some kind of way, but we do not immediately see it as helpful.

It can be a number of things. But the original thinker or the original force of the thought is indescribable and we call it many names, including God, Creator, infinity, the unknown, It is just too difficult to explain. I’m seeing it as energy, I’m seeing as whatever it was that set that wheel in motion, and had the vibrancy to scatter off light. If we stick with the description of fireworks do you know how the sparklers burst into flickering light, so all of that is like different beings, and essence or expressions, some sparkle from blue light some from red, some green, some fizzle out really quickly some go on further, some bend and curve while some shoot up straight. Wherever that shooting energy shot someone, they mostly land wherever they find themselves, and then begins the ‘who am I, what’s my purpose’ as though there is something forgotten about the source of where they are and as we have covered before with belief systems, people will take on other people’s stuff rather than allowing themselves to feel and think original things spurred from their own inner self.

T – Do you think the notion of who am I what is my purpose, where have I come from Is that inherent in every one of us as a repeating sense in this existence of human life? Do you think it is a core essence that is the running fuel of why we carry on every day? Something must drive us.

L – It keeps us going because if you take a person who has a good job, they are highly likely to keep on in improvement in that job—keep wanting to move upwards. Very few people find themselves somewhere where they can stay forever. They might have the feeling that they can stay there forever, but after a while when routine and boredom sets in what that does to the brain and the mind is put it into a trance. Once you go into a trance, you are locked into a place. The trance state in that sense is like putting a ceiling on where you are. So, you are just in there. There is no fresh impetus or burst of anything. It is like a plateau of habit routine. The person stops expanding because they’ve now just gone into this plateau. That’s when you find that when people hit this kind of plateau, they start putting on weight, etc. because life force keeps you vibrant, keeps you healthy, keeps you feeling alive. There is always this quest to move, to reach for something more, to elevate one’s self in some other way. Whereas when you are on a plateau, you start actually sinking and compressing and contracting your energy. That’s why you find some people when they are in their 70s and 80s still out there doing things, being part of the community. Not because they need to, but because they find they stay young, their sense of humor stays better, their health and wealth and wisdom increases whereas you have those who hit retirement, or a certain place then think that ‘ I’m now old, everything is over’. So, they start devolving rather than evolving.

* * *

That is the end of part one. Part two will be posted next week. You can find more QHHT session by Tai and other practitioners, including myself, via the menu here on


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Session article transcribed by Linda and Lorna. Editors: Linda, Lorna and Laron. 

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Laron is an energetic healer, past life therapist, consciousness guide, poet,writer and editor from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others. Editor of the metaphysical site, Laron is also a bit of a bookworm. Trained by Dolores Cannon in QHHT (Past Life Regression) and Energetic Healing by well-known Australian intuitive and healer Stephen Bishop, Laron is also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.

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Lorna Wilson

Pucksterguy Another clue for me is in how my thoughts are shaping my life. As I stood back some and reflected on my current life I can see how that happened and how certain changes happening now have/are manifesting it's self I do think that once we recognise that our thoughts are indeed shaping and manipulating our reality, we are then able to monitor, dismiss, or embrace some of our thinking. Many of our thoughts do not originate with us. Lately I've taken to telling some of my thoughts to get out of my head as they are not mine… Read more »


Lorna Wilson I do think that once we recognise that our thoughts are indeed shaping and manipulating our reality, we are then able to monitor, dismiss, or embrace some of our thinking. Many of our thoughts do not originate with us. Lately I've taken to telling some of my thoughts to get out of my head as they are not mine and have nothing to do with me. Doing that makes my headspace immediately clear up. lol I think you might enjoy this teaching from Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (known as Daskalos) on thoughts. What is Thought? Anaekia, if you do… Read more »

Lorna Wilson

What I should have said is that this one was Tai's session, but Lorna also has a lot of sessions she has conducted with clients.

Thanks Laron for the mention. I've lots of sessions I've facilitated covering many topics if anyone ever wants to transcribe any of them lol. I'm happy to share them.

Lorna Wilson

Sure! I'd love to, Lorna.

You're a superstar! I truly appreciate it. If you think about the type of topics that interest you and message me, then I can go through some of them to find those that will really be of interest to you. I must warn you that while transcribing them the energy of the session also shifts your own consciousness in a multidimensional way. That's a bonus. lol

Lorna Wilson

You're a superstar! I truly appreciate it. If you think about the type of topics that interest you and message me, then I can go through some of them to find those that will really be of interest to you. I must warn you that while transcribing them the energy of the session also shifts your own consciousness in a multidimensional way. That's a bonus. lol

Didn't think of that benefit, but it makes sense.
What topics do your have?

Lorna Wilson

What topics do your have?

You name it. Each individual is a compilation of multidimensional history and time/space explorers. I'd have to go through a few notes from over the years to see what I'd find that would be of interest for you. So perhaps if you give me some suggestions I'll have a look.

Lorna Wilson

I just read another little bit of confirmation of what was said in this session. It is something that David Spangler's guide said to him in the book Apprenticed To Spirit: The Education of a Soul "The personality is not your "lower self." You have no "lower self" as such. What you have is a part of your soul adapted to function in engagement and connection with the particular nature of the incarnate realm. Nor do you have a "higher self." These are constructs you form in your mind, and by the power of your belief, you can bring them… Read more »