During the last months, I had frequent OBE’s for almost every night. It has been occurring many times, and I was sent in two places. I experienced a state of being in between worlds.

That has also been very intense and tiring from time to time.

All the visits I have done were related to the cabal and the battles which took place, against many leagues of the Light from other planets.

I actually had a message on February 3,2017 from my guides telling me that new portals to parallel worlds were opening and that I will see it occurring during my sleep time.

As a natural projector I cannot explain how this happens to me. But few explanations would be good to know for those who need more understanding of such occurrences.

Travelling parallel worlds is one of the highest experiences we can have now during this incarnation. For me it is part of my personal path and I learned to accept it as it is.

An OBE in Another Parallel Plane  

First Experience in a futuristic world

On the 2nd and 3 of February during the two nights I have been projected in two different parallel lives and it lasted all the night. It also happened to me to project again after waking up and going back to sleep.

That night I was reaching home with my daughter ( who is like me a daily natural projector too). The house is located in a residence. I had few sheets in my hands, and I remember I had a hard time carrying my furniture and luggage in the new apartment we were going to live in.

It sounded like a relocation.

When I took the escalator to reach the apartment, I saw a woman who was cleaning the building, another who was crying, and a young couple with a car came there to live in the same residence.

I saw them carrying their furniture too and few things.

Part of the details about the location, the name of the persons etc was not clearly shown during the OBE. I was seeing myself living there : the scene in me was doubled as I am in two different dimensions.

That world looked more futuristic and modern. We have access to the energy, and the buildings were very different from those we see here in this Earth.

They are all white and not very high. The apartments were made of wood and it was very clear and clean. The doors open as they connect to our energy field. we don’t need keys and all the stuff as we do here.

A higher communication between our energy system and the building was very obvious. That was the amazing part of this trip.

I really wanted to stay there.

In that world I was living with my daughter and it was located near high mountains.

When back my guides showed me that life, by opening a screen in my third eye, from where I could see myself working, living and all that is part of my environment.

I was able for the first time to receive these visions clearly when asking about my experiences and it was huge. I never have seen as clearer as that time because many of the messages were coming through automatic writings.

This time it was doubled by visions while I am fully awake and not in a state of trance. My guides told me that this is given because of the shift in consciousness a state of being of the 5th dimension.

Few Information About Portals

The Divided Souls

The portal that opened since the 1 of February give us access to our multidimensional souls. We are shown things during our sleep time. Even if we come back to this world with few details, we are able to see ourselves in different incarnations, on a multidimensional level. We have access to our divided souls, if we choose, before incarnating, to divide our souls in two or more incarnations in parallel worlds.

In that world, I work as a healer and a teacher. My daughter is also incarnating with me in many of theses other worlds.

This is given to help us on our journey, explaining partly why we gave birth to our children and the place they take in our different lives on a multidimensional level too.

While reading Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton Ph.D, I found something similar to what I have been experiencing with more intensity during the last year and this month of February. It was expanding in me with more awareness.

I can relate to it by the kind of experiences I have, when I project during my sleep times.

Since living parallel lives is another option for soul division, what are the motivations and effects from this decision? Many people feel it is common for souls to live parallel lives. I have found this not to be true at all. The souls who choose to split into two or more bodies within the same frame on Earth want to accelerate their learning.

Thus, a soul might leave up to 10 percent of its energy behind and place the rest in two or three bodies. Because we have free will, our guides will allow for these experiments but they advice against it. On the whole, since the energy drain is enormous, most souls who try parallel lives unless they are extraordinarily ambitious.

Also, souls don’t split their energy to incarnate as twins. Dividing your energy to be in a family with the same genetics, parental influence, environment, nationality and so forth would be counterproductive ” (p.119)

In my case, I have been with more than one family and even with people I never met in this life. I think this is the key to understand what is happening now as I my awareness is expanding.

When Back from these parallel worlds, I feel disconnected from this life for a while. I enter my physical body here, then there, and see myself in both bodies. In some of them I am younger or a child. I saw myself in many parallel places of few countries : Switzerland, the US, Tunisia, France, UK and in other parallel planets as Sirius, Orion, Atlantis, and Mars.

The life I saw was in Switzerland in a parallel world to this one, and where I have been dreaming to live in many years ago. This dream is actually a real life I have on physical there in a parallel life.

This means that Earth has many parallel worlds where other divided souls are living. Yet I ignore how many lives I choose to incarnate in. But many of the experiences I had, explain my high sensitivity to the energies and people around me.

Why are we shown this part of us?

If we are shown another part of us, it is necessarily because time has come to help ourselves, with the waves of energy coming on Earth bringing information about who we are and what we choose to be, when we incarnated.

Our soul energy is divided in many worlds if we choose that option and our bodies have energetic gateways.

This may seem intriguing to some people, but knowing that we are responsible and conscious of our choice helps us evolve on a multidimensional way. We also can see that incredible transformation as a  divided soul, and the energy it can handle and creates.

Here from where we are, we have access to a little part of our original and complete souls’ energy. When we decide to incarnate as a divided soul in parallel worlds, we choose the world in which we have the most powerful energy.

It also allows us to be more connected to the shift, by having access to the other worlds we are incarnating in.

We can experience different times and spaces, different ages, different technologies etc

In a parallel World Where Healers Are Persecuted

I was in that world and I saw many robotic soldiers programmed to chase healers and dissolve them in vortexes.

I was with my daughter once again, in a huge property surrounded by high walls protecting us. We were numerous in that big house which was like a city.

Many of the healers were refugees and gathering there. I helped a person who was a master healer and that was related to his mother who did not want energy healing for her cancer.

We were under control of the cabal and the energy we channel is detected every time we channel from Source.

In that time, I took my daughter and we left the property because many militaries of the dark side began invading it.

We were all running outside and I found myself with my daughter in wide room surrounded by huge trees. They were becoming bigger as long as we were watching them.

That was a sign of the support we have access to from the trees if we feel threatened. And that was a subtle message for us to retreat near the trees if we feel threatened in this life too.

Then we were taken inside huge floods with many people around, running and trying to reach the end of that huge avenue. The water was filled with many fishes with different sizes and the more we were going further the more bigger were these fishes. It was like the trees.

Nature has in her womb  all that would protect Earth.  It was like facing the apocalypse with the help of Gaia.

When I was back here I could not wake up completely and was projected in a space with tunnels and outside of them there were many militaries running inside chasing humans wearing white robes like the ones scientists and researchers wear. I felt the threat and fear that were in that place.

All was closed from the inside, there were also other beings who looked like extraterrestrial some were grey and some others were just like white flashes of light. It was a galactic war in Antarctica, as I saw a big screen showing the event and many portals were opening from both sides of that tunnel, which was huge leading to other tunnels.

I asked to come back. I was there with many light workers…

When there is a battle of that kind we are sent to fight and we do and see things with the protection of a higher consciousness and higher light beings. We are shielded and we can move as energy. If one of us want to go back the monitor which we are connected to send us back.

During these wars a higher technology is used and is know by the agents of the cabal on Earth and kept secret.

Back In That City with Terri Carr 

This happened on February 28, 2017. I spent the entire night in two different parallel worlds.

In the first one, I was with my friend Terri Carr and we were doing healing to each other. We were in that same world where I have been with my daughter. Many healers were gathered in that city because of an imminent war.

It was another battle taking place between light workers and the cabal who was enslaving children doing on them weird experiences. That scene reminded me of the trilogy written by Philipp Pullman The Golden Compass and the Kingdom of the North, The Dark Dust etc

Some of the children were rescued by us and some others remained in the laboratories of the dark beings. The ones we rescued had several injuries and were in a state of oblivion. We placed them in a white room to heal their wounds and help them regain their memory reconnecting them to Source.

Some of them were healing faster than others according to the degree of injury they had. The healing took place in big white room, where they were bathed like primary souls in a milky translucide light, coming from Source. Then the light became Golden to shield them, and carry on healing specific areas.

I remember now,  when back in my body, we were in a  city surrounded with high walls corresponding to an energetic shield that no one from the dark side could cross. It also reminds me of Harry Potter, and the shield around Hogwarts. But in that world there were real walls around the city with a magnetic field to shield us, and detect any negative energy coming from outside.

It sounded like an etheric parallel world where many advanced souls and light workers are gathering to bring healing and help these children. I think also that this is a message related to the children who have been abused by pedophiles in the US lately.

The children are being manipulated cut from their souls and all memories related to their soul mission on Earth.

Anyway, there is a deep healing process they are experiencing now at all levels.

Back to Antarctica

I was sent just after that trip to a scene I was watching from my third eye. It was again that huge grey tunnel with robots like beings and militaries wearing black helmets. They were walking fast in the tunnel opening portals on both sides of it. At the end of it there was a bright white land that looked like a light, then I saw a land. Antarctica came in my mind.

The robots and militaries (warriors), who were good ones as I felt, were rescuing other beings who worked for the cabal. They looked like scientists and researchers wearing white coats. They were enslaved to work for the cabal and received many manipulation deep in their DNA to survive there. Many were humans and extraterrestrial beings from other planets.

It was very hard to come back in my body although I was completely aware of my physical. It was as if I was kept there to carry on what I was there to do. I think there is more information about this mission.

The two experiences are related because they were rescue missions in different worlds.

Mars 1, 2017, John’s Melendez Testimony

While writing this article, John woke up from an OBE and here is his testimony, as I think it is a confirmation of the work done now to clear and heal the Earth. And also a confirmation of the experiences I had few days ago. I added this with his own comments:

I just woke up and saw something. I saw a row of square-shaped portals that went on to Infinity. The portals work gold and colored and from the edges of them float the golden crystalline light down into the open space of the Gateway Within These portals period from within These portals float upward a purplish kind of light that went into Infinity going towards the people of the Earth.

The golden crystalline light that dangles and fell off the edges of the portal mixed with the purplish light and was pushed by the last Light along the way to be delivered as a complete package for the people.

However the dark ones found a way to temporarily block some of these portals period so I saw myself putting my hands up against the blockage and allowing the purple light to continue to flow through the blockage anyway through my body and down into the Earth.

That is what I just saw.

By alleviating some of the pressure that is built up behind the blockage to some of these portals, we are allowing the Earth not to have so many earthquakes and extreme weather and geological events.

we are able to help alleviate the pressure that builds up from these blockages, by channeling the purple and gold and Light together through our bodies down into the Earth to help the Earth relieve the pressure”


We are living precious times as we are becoming able to see behind the veil and help on a multidimensional level. We have to carry on this work so that the Earth would be freed and our souls too.

This work is for the benefit of all humanity and light beings all over the multiverse to raise our vibration and live a peaceful life. We came here to face challenges and learn but we also have to learn how to free ourselves from karma and burdens that we have been bringing with us from past lives in different places. We are here to free the earth from that no more serve us.

Being a divided soul is a challenge too, but I choose, and I am lead by my guides to understand its meaning and how I can work with it on an energetic level. Hope you all would enjoyed reading this.

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I wonder if many people currently incarnated have divided their souls to experience what is happening and /or coming from different perspectives. It may account to a point for the great increases in population.


It is amazing to read of your experiences. I am especially happy to hear of the children being rescued and healed with light energies.


Henda But all of them are interconnecting all the time I thought about the interconnection many times wondering if energy could be transferred between incarnations of the same soul across dimensions -and even times. I did some research about it and found some comments indicating that yes, it was not only possible, but that such energy could be transferred consciously. Even one source indicated that by drawing energy in such way could make visualization more powerful -being the same for magical purposes, like spell casting -there is a technique to do so. Do you have an opinion Henda? Oh, and… Read more »


Your article is well-timed for me because I've been struggling to make sense of recent events. One of my friends clarified it for me – I am "visiting" with my other selves. I wrote a little while ago about walking out the front door and into another dimension, which was interesting. Now I'm hearing house noises like knocks at the door, someone walking down the hall, and the front door opening and closing. I did not sense any less lighted influences, so I knew it was something else. Also, I will walk through little pockets of scents, often sandlewood. Going… Read more »