An out-of-body experience happened to me few days ago. When I returned from it in my physical body I was surrounded with a Druid vibration and light coming from the site of Stonehenge, watching this all spinning around me.

This may actually sound strange and intriguing to those who are not familiar with astral travel. But I can say that these kind of experiences are leading to more knowledge about old sacred sites. I would like to share the knowledge I received here through this article.

After having this experience, I wrote to my dear friend Ben Woodhead with whom I have a strong connection from a past life I had as a Druid. The guides showed me that past life I had about 3000 years ago as a female spiritual guide who had been part of a Druid circle who connected to “The Giants of Stonehenge” who helped build the site.

My first astral travel to Stonehenge happened in October 4, 2016. I can still remember the way I was taken there, guided by a spirit from there and later sent back to my physical body. The way spirits can help us through our astral journeys is unforgettable, as with a single touch they can instantly lead us into a higher level of awareness.

So I will first make a flashback to that event.

First visit to Stonehenge (October 2016)

I was lying in my bed when I suddenly felt that my body was shivering from my head to my toes. Every part of me was in a deep trance.

I was calling the spirits of that wonderful place I visited in the physical realm many years ago in 1985 while I was in London with some friends.

As the spirits came my way I could not feel their physical presence, but I felt as if I was in a very deep trance, which was a Kundalini Energy. And then I was out of my body with much ease. A moment after I was on the bank of a river. I originally thought it was the ocean because of the white sand I saw. But it was the Avon River. A spirit guide took me there just to sit and settle in from the sudden split from my physical body.

We sat there for a moment. It was night, but we could feel the day coming.

On astral the different phases of Earth’s cycles are felt in a very special way. We saw morning’s energy coming our way. It was intense and beautiful – filled with many rays. The lights I saw were manifesting in many different colors, turning sometimes from red to orange and yellow. When entering a dark space, the rays were playing with the frequency of the night.

There is something magical in that place near Avon. It is a portal to parallel worlds leading to parallel places where spirit beings from Stonehenge still live now and carry on protecting the site. This explains why we were also sitting there on the bank of Avon few kilometers from the sacred site.

“Stonehenge is not so far I heard”

The being was just sitting beside me. While I could not see him, I could feel him as a supportive presence. I thought of him as a twin soul, or a spiritual being who was there for help and care.

Then I projected again and saw stones, I felt warmth: Two strong arms were lifting me and taking me on a grand flight. We flew over Stonehenge and I saw it from above as a golden light circle, shining around it circumference.

Atlantis Lights were there spinning from the core of the site down to the core of Gaia. We all know that a huge crystal from Atlantis is buried under the stones in the middle of the circle.

Then we touched down and sat on the ground where there were many little stones and green grass. We described a circle around the site in a spiral. I felt the touch of the spirit being as he took me back softly to my physical body – as if I was entering a box from the side. I felt that my energetic body was as light as a feather.

I felt warmth and relief. But my soul was in awe, as I would have loved to have stayed there longer.

The Spirits of the stones are fused with those who carry the sacred energies coming from the winter solstice ahead, and later the spring equinox. These two periods are moments where the site resides in its highest frequencies.

Second Visit with the Same Spirit Guide (February, 2017)

It was as if I was in front of a big screen.

I entered that space and found myself with many Druids. We were moving in a circle around the site chanting in a language filled with many vowels – very vibrational. I could understand every word as I walked with the others in this circular fashion. A powerful golden light illumined us from the ceiling, entering the site from one of the vacuum spaces in between the stones. We were connected to that light, receiving its energy and our spelling of the words of we chanting was part of it. I don’t remember clearly the message but the words were something like:

“The temple is free from all manipulated energies / The Temple is home for this sacred Light.”

I think it was a ceremony to cleanse the site from harsh energies. I was there as an outside observer and somehow was an actor from within. By attending this activity, I was shown part of who I had been in a past life.

Then I saw giants coming in on that beam of golden light. They carried new huge stones, playing with them, pressing them deep into the Earth. The space continued to echo with the chanting of the Druids. I learned that those giants were old spirits from the Druid Realm. The very tall beings were the first true builders of the site. They played with the stones, making a vibrational sound while scrubbing and sculpting them.

I came back to my physical body after spending the whole night in that world. And I was intrigued by the scenes I witnessed, along with the guidance and knowledge that came with it.

I really ignored all about the history of the site, but when I asked to meet the elders of that sacred temple, my spiritual guide from there, who is a Druid, took me during my sleep time and I discovered part of the truth.

The light vibration of the winds that blows in that place is actually the energy that clears it on a daily basis. It is melded to the energy of the Druid spirits who live there in a parallel world. Druids have their own spirit world because they came to Earth as highly gifted and spiritually advanced beings. So when they begin and end a life here as human, they go back home in their own world. As Stonehenge is a place which opens to many portals as it holds a unique vibration carried by Atlantis energy, their home here gives them access to many other Spiritual Realms. Giants live in Atlantis as the elders of many sacred sites on Earth and in other planets outside of this solar system.

The energy carried by the Druids is part of Merlin’s Energy and the Faery Realm, too. It is the heart of their cults and belief system.

Within the the stones are the voices and vibrations of the Druids’ ceremonies performed in the past.

The epoch I was shown was from 2000 – 3000 years ago when the site had already been build but completed. It was a time when the new stones I saw were brought in from other places. The ones I saw coming from the sky received an energy imprint of Atlantis’s vibration. These stones were not native to the area, as they were gray-black and smooth. They shone like water under the sun. Some of them also may have been part of the heart of Gaia, as they are in connection with the universal grids. Many think that they have been coming from the sea and ancient volcanoes, but their real provenance is from the stars.

As I am always guided to ask my dear friend Ben Woodhead about these experiences within me – which have everything to do with him, too. Ben now offers the below explanation that confirms what I saw that night.

Here is what came from the legend of The Giants of Stonehenge.

Concerning Giants…

Ben Woodhead

“I was asked by a dear friend of mine (Henda) who travels outside of her physical body and physical time to give her some information on Stonehenge. As per usual, when Henda asks me something and wishes for input, a chain of events always occurs…as it has this time.

I was initially annoyed at myself, because I was under duress of physical time in this body and couldn’t lend my keener senses to the cause she constantly witnesses. However, upon further reflection and consultation with the very same energy she has experienced I have much to say!

Legend has spoke of Stonehenge as a place where Giants hurled boulders in order to create it. Many of the stones were locally sourced (Marlborough Downs) but the older stones that still baffle those of a more…erm…contemporary nature, were sourced from the Priseli hills, an impossible journey to substantiate if they were to marry that journey with their own anthropological theories concerning the capabilities of folk that we’re educated to believe as real!

Geoffrey of Monmouth (Roman literal evidence, the first of its kind during the occupation of the British Isles) took it upon himself to write the life of Merlin (the wizard) during his service, and conveniently found no literature to substantiate the things that he describes in his works. Equally conveniently, the ancient Druids of our land, have no literature to substantiate their own existence other than Roman insistence. As a Druid, the motive is as follows:

‘We don’t write literature since it can be changed pseudo-permanently. We tell history through folklore in order to preserve its credibility and longevity in a fashion that can’t be influenced by trend or political agenda. As such, the legend of Merlin is as sacred as it gets, but not the tale that’s told…’

Time to get real.

Stonehenge is an astronomical calendar. I would advise you to ask your most trusted “contemporary” scientist to argue otherwise at this point.

Stonehenge exists upon the Belinus Ley line of England, along with Old Sarum (Saruman?) which stretches from the Isle of White to the wings of the Dragon displayed at the winter equinox clearly displayed by the Cygnus constellation. This axis has lead to the formation of the symbol for medicine, displayed on your emergency vehicles. That symbol is what happens when your sun hits your land on that moment…every year. For ever.

Was it made by Giants though?


How else do you reconcile the paradox of what you see in front of you in the year BC 2083 that has sprung up overnight with what we see in 2017 and is still debated? Should we look to legends…?

Merlin (allegedly in Druid legend) formed a ring of power at Stonehenge which was intended to be permanent. It’s notable that that variety of “magick” is still holding its own in 2017. 5000 (yes…5 THOUSAND) years of contemporary conjecture has not dampened five thousand years of heritage.

Doesn’t it seem apt that one can dip into the Earth’s calendar (by thought) whenever one wishes…still…to this day?”

In Conclusion…

On the day, when he sent me this part of the article as I asked him few hours ago, Ben spent the day in a very special place.

It was Saint David’s day in Wales and he told me that he experienced a few odd things. When in that place, which is the national language school for Welsh, he showed me a few photos he took of the place. The first one “is the building that hosts the whole teaching of the whole Welsh language. University of Central Wales” as he said.

Meeting The Giants of Stonehenge

The building had a Druid vibration that both Ben and I recognized. Inside the building there were many spirits and one of them was sitting on a bench legs up on it and the head down. Both of us saw it – and it was pretty amazing! The building was also made of Oak wood which was traditionally used by Druids and Celts.

In Normandie where I live, we have the same kind of buildings with the same wood. So I guess I was not guided to come here to live by pure coincidence. The universe always conspires to arrange things in our favor.

From what I learned, when I did my attunement to the the Faery Tree Energy with the help of my friend Dean Kingett, a Master Healer from Hessel UK, “Fairy Folks are in Old Oaks”.

This is a true English saying. And when seeing the spirits Ben spoke of, I understood what (and who)was behind that building.

The Ancients believe that the roots of the Oak tree were connected energetically to the Faery Realm deep in the Earth. The Oak, according to the ancient Celts and Druids, holds a divine power as its fibers contain attributes including Ancestry, justice, fertility, protection, strength, wisdom – as well as being a portal to the Faery Realm and the underworld.

This all happened within these few days after I asked Ben about the Giants of Stonehenge.

We are connecting to each other as same soul family, carrying so much history in our DNA and awakening to our mission. There is a guidance behind the scenes that all of us are led to listen to and to connect to with much more awareness than before.

These new energies coming on Earth now are pure Magick.

The sacred places are all connected to different parallel realms because they are part of the Ley Lines that connect the Earth to the Ley Lines of the multiverse and its Grids. The Grids are like cubic weaves attached by knots. They have their own vibration and energy and it changes with the flow of the frequencies.

As the Earth is receiving so much now, its core is becoming more and more crystalline and we are all receiving its benefits. Such experiences are given to us to learn from them and to have access to the information held in the frequencies of light. We are not dreaming, we are living precious and great times of awakening.

Stonehenge is part of the huge energies we are bathing in now. We all receive many blessings from that site even if we are not anywhere near it. It has the power to connect to all the sacred sites on Earth and beyond, as the Sacred Temples of healing that are present in many planets of the star system and out of the solar system are connected with us, too. The Giants are still there even if Science tends to eliminate such beliefs. We have to move on to what is really there, as knowledge now comes to us from other sources, and not only from so-called archeologists who remain trapped within their academic confines.

Knowledge is part of the multiverse, and we all have access to it as it flows throughout the quantum field we are living in. The quantum field is a unique space where much information is carried about who we are and what we came to do on Earth – as if was a giant library with many virtual books we can access once we are connected to the Ley Lines and the Grids of the multiverse. This information is one of the most important nodes we have access to.

Waiting for the next trip ahead…

Edited by John Helios

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Hailstones Melt

Stargazer said it before I got a chance to: transendance allows accumulated memories that are never lost but only fogged over to rise up into daily consciousness. The memories may be soft, in the quiet, silky voice that so often takes a back seat when more strident voices are calling the shots, but that silky voice is insistent, and as you learn to quieten your mind, the memories inevitably rise up. Then it is up to you to receive them intuitively (wisdom) or to shoot them down with the egoic mind, in which case, the silky voice, unperturbed, will keep… Read more »


Hailstones Melt Unfortunately, since the Communist invasion of Tibet in the 1950s there may be less and less Tibetan connection to this ancient treasure trove of a giant race – as so many Lamas have been killed, taking their secret knowledge with them. But, have they really taken their secrets completely with them? The Communist invasion had many purposes (historical, political, economical, etc..) but I'm sure one of them was to explore those caverns and obtain its secrets. By now it those sites have been searched, near-by areas investigated, etc. Who knows how many secrets are now in the hands… Read more »

Hailstones Melt

Carl But, have they really taken their secrets completely with them? The Communist invasion had many purposes (historical, political, economical, etc..) but I'm sure one of them was to explore those caverns and obtain its secrets. By now it those sites have been searched, near-by areas investigated, etc. Who knows how many secrets are now in the hands of the Chinese government -or better said the people really in power there. There were rumors that for example the invasion of Iraq was really to gain control of certain inter-dimensional portals. Was that true or just a fake story to sell… Read more »


I tend to agree with you Hailstones Melt, however they are in an expansionary/conquest mode and what they look for are tangible things. Example, knowledge about old technology and science that will aid them in their purpose -becoming the superpower in the world replacing the US (that is in decline in their view). They will keep trying using all means to obtain what they need/want -worked with Chinese people many times; remarkably persistent and resilient folks that look at things in terms of centuries while we westerners are more short term focused.


Carl But, have they really taken their secrets completely with them? Who knows how many secrets are now in the hands of the Chinese government -or better said the people really in power there. I have no worries here…as I feel that nothing is ever truly lost. What we perceive to be "secrets" or "hidden" knowledge is just something that is not seen or known to us at this moment. It's not lost. Those beings of so-called "higher" consciousness (in actuality, it's not really "higher", it's just more expanded than ours) know all these secrets (and more)–and we will eventually… Read more »


Unfortunately, it is the improper use of such knowledge that is worrisome. If we were a peaceful race focused in the expansion of knowledge at all levels, as many of us in this forum wish, it would be no trouble. Unfortunately in general our spiritual development is running behind other areas and knowledge is often times acquired and used by the people in power to either maintain or expand their power base to the detriment of the rest. Sad but true.


Unfortunately, it is the improper use of such knowledge that is worrisome.

Agreed. But for some, without such improprieties there would be little learning. <:)

Wise, I think, are those who are able to learn from the errors of others. It's a much easier path…


Stargazer But for some, without such improprieties there would be little learning. Unfortunately that would be a big mistake to take that for granted. The people in power know they don't have the development in the spiritual arena so they use what they have (wealth, power, influence, etc.), ethically or not, in order to obtain such knowledge. Isn't that way many of the remnants from the distant past have disappeared? Much is hidden by them in the hope that somehow they will increase their knowledge either to maintain or extend their power base or to support their sick needs of… Read more »


Just to make it clear, I'm not trying to defend or justify their actions–by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just trying to see the situation from a broader (perhaps a more "cosmic") perspective.

I still "intend" for this to be a relatively smooth transition…and thus far, I feel it has been. When one considers a "worst case" scenario, things could certainly be far worse.

And I think we're all doing a great job despite the massively opposing odds against us!