Deciding What To Do With Your Life


There can be times in many people’s lives when they may find themselves at a crossroads and not know which direction to take. Firstly, realize you are not alone! Many people question what to do with their life at one time or another. Sometimes after a period of time a career no longer brings you satisfaction or fulfillment. Or you may be made redundant and need to look for another job or career. Life isn’t always easy, we all usually have to do some form of work to pay the bills. But should life simply be about survival and getting by? What if you can do what you love and also get paid for it? Well you can, but firstly you need to believe it, and take appropriate action when opportunities present themselves.

Ask yourself, ‘what excites me or brings me joy’? You may like to write a list of all the things that excite you and bring you satisfaction in relation to work. Some people prefer to work alone; others prefer to work with other people. Next, have a think about how you can perhaps make that into a business or potential career. There may also be a short course that you can undertake to provide you with the recognized skills to start a business or new career.

Sometimes a hobby or interest that you are passionate about can lead to opportunities of paid work, or a side income. Many businesses start off this way. If there is passion driving you, you are much more likely to be successful. Join a social or interest group and get involved in your local community. You never know, you may discover a niche that you can fulfil or offer to your community.

Visualize yourself in your perfect career or workplace. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Are you alone or with others? The more details that you can envisage will ultimately help to magnetize this situation towards you. You may like to have a bit of fun with this and spend about five to ten minutes each day visualizing all the details of your perfect workplace or career.

It’s also important to remember that in the past it was more common to do one job in the same industry throughout an employee’s life. Nowadays, it is much more common to have multiple careers and changes of employment throughout your working life. As we go through life, we grow and change as a person. Often we are a different person than we were five or ten years ago. I believe if you change careers quite a lot it is simply a result of the growth you are undergoing both personally and spiritually.

Many people do experience a bit of a mid-life crisis, sometimes earlier in one’s life. Perhaps they realize that a big part of their life has gone by, and perhaps feel stuck or unfulfilled in their career. A mid-life crisis is a great opportunity to examine your life and see if you need to make some adjustments. Life is very short doing something you don’t enjoy or are simply doing to survive. I always believe that you can have the best of both worlds, both money and passion. It still requires work and effort, but it won’t feel like ‘work’, because you will enjoy it. There still might be ups and downs, but, until you find your feet, that is simply a part of the challenge of being human on this planet.

It is important to be gentle with oneself when starting something new. In a sense you may be delving into uncharted territory, which can naturally bring up fears or uncertainty. At the same time it can also be exciting to learn or do something new and creative. Many people report feeling boredom performing the same tasks or role each day over a long period of time. In life, we always have a choice whether we play it safe, or explore uncharted waters. This involves risk, but sometimes calculated risk can also reward us with a positive outcome, both personally and professionally.

I believe if you view life as a bit of game, it becomes easier and more enjoyable. When you reach the end of your life, you can’t take your money or possessions with you into the afterlife. All you take with you is your experiences, lessons learned and knowledge gained. You may realize at some point that a corporate career isn’t worth the added stress, even though it pays well. It also comes down to our values and what we consider important in our life. If you can identify your values and apply them to your life, you are on the right path to leading a happy, fulfilling career and life. Hopefully some of the information in this article will assist you on your path to finding the perfect career and lifestyle you desire.

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Great article. I was just having this conversation with someone a few days ago. I asked if her resume was up to date, and she said "No". I told her that she needs to attend to that ASAP because it shows intent.


[QUOTE="Linda, post: 15439, member: 4"]Great article. I was just having this conversation with someone a few days ago. I asked if her resume was up to date, and she said "No". I told her that she needs to attend to that ASAP because it shows intent.[/QUOTE] Interesting point…I had not considered that. For me I believe my movement will be towards doing things on my own and within a network of like  minded folks…don't think my new job(s?) will need a resume. Yet the idea of intent here is quite something to consider…hmmm. Linda, you continually amaze me with your… Read more »


Thank you, [USER=5]Bill[/USER]. (I feel an "aww shucks" coming on.) Here's the thing about a resume – when done well, it forces you to be clear and concise about who you are and what you want to do. The most interesting ones are when people are changing careers because they have an opportunity to take skills and gifts from one career and show how they pertain to another. I look at the ideas of being clear on your objectives much as navigating a ship or plane. If you set off in a general direction, you are likely to miss your… Read more »


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