The Creation Of Universes: A Creator Being | QHHT Session Info From Sian Chua


This past life regression (QHHT) session conducted by Sian Chua in Perth, Australia, covers a number of topics in relation to creation, but also free will and the purpose of why we are here. A lot of other information surrounding this comes up, including the time we are in (the shift in consciousness) and how we can take advantage of that, plus how the end of astrological age cycles can be a bit different each time.

Sian begins with an introduction below.

* * *

This Hawaiian gentleman, let’s call him “Aalona” was one of many who felt he was one of 12 working with planet Earth.  There was always something special about him that I couldn’t put a finger on.  So I had an inkling his session would be extraordinary:


The  year  is  1927.   My client finds himself on 4th Street, New York.  A banker, stressed to the nines, “like the world was about to end.”  He and his colleagues were recklessly investing other people’s monies …”to line my own pockets. Greed got the better of us.  I had a choice. I chose to be greedy.  I was so cavalier and went along with the stream.

I can’t do it anymore. I don’t know what to do now to save myself.”

He decides to stay on with the company to “atone for what I have done and help the people I’ve ruined.”  Alas, it had become a bleeding canker. Eventually, he decides to end it all. “I’m standing on the window sill.  I step off and fall 27 floors.” He dies.


“I feel free now….freer than I’ve ever been for a long time.  I feel so light.  Almost like a cloud. “

There’s humour even in death:

“I’m laughing to myself. I jumped out with just my regular white shirt and pants on.”

Q: You find that funny?

“I should have put my best suit on!  It’s bizarre, moving away from the body…WEIRD sensation….it’s like a current I’m able to ride on…like the wind. A current of thought.”

Q:  What happens next?

“I think of some woman.”

The humour continues.  Instead of floating up to the Light, he decides he has to “go to the bar,” and can’t stop laughing.

Q:  The bar?

“Yeah.  I had a crush on a woman in a bar.”  He was too shy to approach her when he was alive. “When I get there…it’s funny. I’m dead now and still feel a little nervous inside.  I see her and she’s just so gorgeous.  No one sees me.  Funny, I came in through the door without opening anything.  I’m standing here in front of the bar and people are walking around me.  I was a big guy, and, if I may say so myself, pretty good looking.  People notice me and pay me attention.  So it’s kinda nice now to be incognito. I’m invisible to everybody.  I really came to say goodbye to her.”

“I’m floating up.  It kinda just happened, magically.  I thought I’d go through the gates but I’m in space.  It’s dark and the cosmos is beautiful…I do see the stars.  The Light is amazing. I’m not hot or cold.  Don’t feel any temperature.  I’m just here.  I am suspended in space right now.”


“I got too tied up with the human experience this time around and didn’t make much progress in the world.  I got so absorbed into money, the greed and desire.  To have it.  Progress is not that.”

“It’s a tool to be used and I got used by the tool.”

He then finds himself as a baby in Munich.

I have been exploring suicide and the notion that people go to a “dark place” and also if they go anywhere other than “the Light” (as has been put forth by some for example,  Cameron Day – that the Light  people go to is the false Light).

So when clients fast forward to another incarnation, I ask them to take it slower to pick up the threads before they leapfrogged.  And so, we freeze the Munich life and ask him to go backwards to when he was:


“There is a brilliant star.”  He also sees Light:  “The Light opens up and I am engulfed in the Light.  It feels amazing.  It feels like Home. Not like my home on Earth.  It’s nurturing and comfortable.  It’s warm and it’s familiar and it’s a higher aspect of me, that’s not me.  It’s more than me… I see figures moving around with white robes… everyone’s part of the Light, including myself.  It feels like Love.  Nothing like I experienced on Earth.  Feeling of belongingness to me.”


Next he sees an upside down crescent moon shaped mark, with a thinner and thicker aspect, with a crystal stone.  He describes himself in a dome shaped space with golden Light:

“We are all standing in a big circle.  The other members… everyone radiating pure consciousness.  A glowing light, yet there is form.  I do see bodies.  It’s kinda weird.  There’s almost tiers here and segments that go down all the way to physical form.  There are 36 tiers.  12 of us including myself.”

“I’m standing amongst them in a circle.  I know each and every one of them.”

Q: What is the purpose of this gathering?

A: We gather, guide and govern.

Q:  What do you govern?

A:  The workings and mechanics of this place.

Q:  Please explain the mechanics of this place.

A:  Like a page in a book.  The story of Creation.

Q:  What can you tell me about that?


A:  There are 12 of us which represent different aspects of this Universe.  What we do is divide ourselves into compartments. We govern aspects of things and how this Universe works, as we send messages to our sub-components and parts.  Angels carry out our will and we continue to segment and divide to imperceptible recipients beyond consciousness.

Q:  What is the Grand Plan?

A:  The plan has always been so precise. Yet organic.  The tiers go on through infinity.

Q:  What is your perception of where you are and your role in all this?

A:  My perception of where I am at is, at the top of the column of creation.  There are other pages of a book with no beginning and no end.

Q:  Can you explain the mechanics of that please?

A:  Like a tapestry.  The threads that are woven into the fabric is something most people aren’t able to perceive.  It’s instrumental because it’s such an important piece.

Q:  Why is it important?

A:  It’s important because everything has a purpose.  Every blade of grass.  Every mountain.  Every cosmic wind. Every solar flare.. every element, all woven into a beautiful mandala of design, which is never stagnant.  Always moving, but always in flux.  As something shifts, one fabric starts to tear.  Things start to go awry.  But it’s the precision.  The mathematics of the Universe.  It’s precise.  An algorithm.  All connected.  Yet seemingly separate.  If one thing is out of whack, then we connect it.  Like a spider’s web.  Woven into a sphere and pulsating and vibrating at different frequencies.

Q:  I’d like you to go back to the very beginning – to the origins of your group of 12.

A: I’m stopping in the midst of infinite darkness.

Q:  Who or what were you to begin with?  Can you describe yourself?

A:  I was like everything in there.  Like a thought and yet not.  A sea of raw potential primordiality.  Being a small speck in the ocean and that speck has no concept of boundaries, and yet the ocean is part of something.  It’s so vast.  It’s hard to conceptualise or exercise any realisation of self in the sea of everything.

Q:  How did you come into existence before that?

A:  I came from myself.

Q:  What is your understanding of yourself that you came from?

A:  It’s a paradox.  Like most things in Creation.  I am me, yet not me. Even though I am an aspect of a small piece in the vast sea of darkness, I am also the darkness itself.

Q:  Mmm…like a hologram?

Q:  Like a television, computer screen… like being a pixel in the context of a screen. Like a hologram, as you say. If you zoom on and within that pixel, it’s an entire world that exists, and while at the moment when you look at the pixel, it represents usually a single attribute or colour.  You expand it from that singularity then as it continues to expand, divide, segment and to explore, it creates within itself, from the spectrum of colours, even though it is a colour, its connected to all other colours, within the spectrum of light and darkness. It expands infinitely and naturally looks back on itself.  So this darkness is a pause in the graph of Creation.  It is like a human body and how the body develops from conception and expands into a human being and what keeps a human being alive on Earth is breath. Breathing in, taking in oxygen into the body and, inevitably, there’s a moment when there’s a slight pause in the breath.  The pause has a beat to it and yet there is a stillness to the beat.  And every breath brings in things.  There’s contraction, expansion and between every expansion and contraction is a pause.  A stillness. A rest. A place where things settle.  In a world of life, there is a moment where there is no life.  Everything contracts into the darkness before it expands back out. A Creation cycle that we are aware of in this universe is merely a breath in the ever continuing cycle of life and Creation.

Q:  Where did that pixel come from? Who created the pixel?

A:  Mmm…mmmm.

Q:  Can you go back even further and see if you can remember?

A:  I can see the boundary of Light, but I am not able to see beyond that though.

Q:  Where are you though in relation to that boundary of light?


A:  I was in the darkness and now I am crossing over into that boundary of Light.

Q:  As you cross the boundary, what’s over there?

A:  Light.

Q:  More light?

A:  Just light.

Q:  Is it the same  kind of light as the light before you crossed the boundary?

A:  No.

Q: Does it have the same properties as the light in the place before you crossed the boundary?

A:  No, there’s a difference.

Q:  What’s the difference?

A:  There’s no comparison.

Q:  How so?

A: I have no words to explain what I am feeling. It’s not even feeling. I have no words

Q:  Try.

A:  I have no feeling.

Q:  All right, can you explain it perhaps, by using an analogy?

A:  There is the analogy of the ocean that I used for the darkness. Even if a speck in the ocean isn’t able to perceive the boundaries of the sea versus land, there still are boundaries.  It’s not a matter of perception.  This is not that there.  This is infinity.  It’s endless.  There’s no emotion that I’m able to, or have ever experienced, that can describe this.  It’s not bliss. It’s not happiness.  It’s not sadness.  It’s like a neutral point.  No emotion.  Like if there was a bell, and as it rings, there is vibration that it gives off, and then the bell is finally still and silent. As if the vibration and the current of the air it emanates from the bell, is this place.  It’s difficult to explain because I don’t have the words.  At the same time, there’s nothing. There is no form.  No shape.

Q:  You have no frame of reference?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Have you been beyond the boundary of light into this space before?  Is it familiar?

A:  It is. Yes, I am not able to remember.  However, I know I was here before and I’ll be here again, and again, and again.

Q: Do you know what brings you back to this space of light, time and time again? Is this a process that you go through every time on your journey.  A beginning point and an end point, and you inevitably end up here?  Is that what you mean?

A:  Yes, it’s like at the end of a cycle of Creation, I always come back.  It’s like the sign of infinity.  There’s a point where things go out and cross over, and comes back.  This is my cross point of infinity.

Q:  Earlier on (before you crossed over the boundary of Light), you said you were “Home in the Light”.  Is there a difference between that Home in the Light and this space of light where you now are?

A:  Yes.  Much like the column, there are tiers and also sub-compartments and categories.  And the place I was – Home in the Light – is a place where emotion, and separation (to a certain degree) and thought, is experienced, but this place is different.  There’s none of that. Even in the darkness, although it’s difficult, you are able to exercise differentiation and realisation. Small as it may be.  Here, there is none of that.  This is beyond any context that I can put it into that would be understandable. Yet the difference between this place and the other is the sensation of individualisation.

Q:  After every journey, do you always go home first to the Light, and then cross over a boundary to get to this place beyond the Light?

A:  No, usually after a lifetime, after every single incarnation, I’ll go back to the Light and take my place. And then incarnate back down where my energy and consciousness returns back. And only at the end of the Creation cycle do I journey in the darkness.  That pause in breath, back to the Light.

Q:  This space that you are in now?

A:  Yes that’s why it was difficult to get here. I’m not supposed to be here now.

Q:  It okay, you’re only visiting… having a look…and that’s okay.


Q:  What’s involved in a Creation cycle? How does it begin and end? How many incarnations does a soul have to go through to reach the end of a Creation cycle? Is it different for everyone?

A:  It’s similar to the concept of the Big Bang, in that from a single point, everything explodes.  And, in that moment, there’s exponential growth, and a release of energy, and everything is released in that moment.  And there are other pages obviously, in the book of Creation. So there are those who are able to cross over the pages who are able to travel between story lines and can cross over the story lines.   And, in a Creation cycle everything explodes and explores the wonders of the process of Creation. And at some point, when the purpose and intent of that page has been reached, it starts again. So it’s a process of creation. It’s a process of destruction.  And while we perceive the existence of this Universe to be something that is measurable in terms of time, there will be a point essentially, when this Universe collapses in, upon itself, and this will be the end of a cycle.

Q:  Has this Universe ever collapsed on itself?

A:  This is the 7th time.

Q:  Have you been there every time it’s collapsed?

A:  I have.

Q:  What causes the Universe to collapse?

A:  It’s not necessarily that something is a direct cause, per se.  It’s like breathing.  There is the expansion as we breathe in. We feel it in our body as our lungs fill with air and then there is breath out. That’s where the cycle, at the end of the out breath, finishes.  The process of creation and destruction, is a normal aspect of creation.  A normal aspect of all Universes. Yet, in that, there’s not necessarily anything that’s been a direct cause. It’s just a process that unfolds.

S:  That’s just how it Is.

A:  Mmm.

Q:  What was your role in this Creation 7 times?

A:  I played my part.  The process of creation is raw and powerful.  Yet there is a precision to it.  Like clockwork.  Like in this cycle of Creation.  In this creation, the singularity in its expansion of Itself, was tremendously powerful.  And there were different ways in which different things were created. This time around, it was focusing a lot on fire and light. With fire and light, it creates in a very specific wave pattern, and to be able to direct those energies in a way that is coherent and organised, is what I do.

Q:  Were the other 6 Creation cycles different?

A:  They are.  All Universes are different.  It’s about the intention with each cycle.  The intention, to a certain degree, is to experience Self in a way it that has not experienced before, and there is so much to experience in bringing things into physical form. To be able to narrow the scope of perception in a way that is nearly impossible, when you go to infinity.  Each time it’s different and based on a specific attribute to be experienced.  The reason that things are so interesting now, is that the variable of free will comes into play, and while as we govern from above, ultimately, our paths are more or less set.  And there are anomalies that occur and those anomalies, especially fire, being the basis of creation of this cycle, has been unpredictable.

Q:  Who or what determines the intention for each Creation cycle of the Universe?  Do you decide that?  Or is your Council of 12 always the same one for each Creation cycle?

A:  It differs. And there is a rotation on who sits upon the Council.  The determinant is God, or the Creator, and that is so as a journey through the darkness to the Light.  A terrific metaphor for the journey for humanity now.  We crunch down back into infinity, and we are imbued to a certain degree with an impulse, and that impulse is what we carry out.  We execute an order of sorts, to pull and tug upon the strings of creation in a way that allows for that experience, that impulse, that intention, to manifest in physical form.

Q:  What is your experience or perception of God?

A:  God is always learning. It’s a beautiful thing because to be infinite, most would expect that consciousness to be completely All knowing, in everything.  And the truth of the matter is, that it’s not untrue.  However, with the 7th Creation cycle, free will, that has been an interesting experiment.  Ha, ha.

Q:  In what way has it been interesting? Is this the first time the element of free will has been introduced?

A:  No, it’s not the 1st time, but the 1st time its been introduced in this quantity, in this mass. In a species that was able to do so much.  It’s been something played with before, but the precision of the equations, algorithms and the aspects of a Creation cycle are not that forgiving, when it comes to anomalies.

The thing with free will is that it allows for a lot of variables to go in many different directions.

S:  Indeed and in this Creation cycle, there has indeed been a huge preponderance of free will and hence the existence of many anomalies.

Q:  Are you responsible for steering the course of humanity in the anomalous exercise of its free will?  Or are you just there in the beginning of the Creation cycle and you just carry out your role and then you go, “Ok, over to you guys -the human species – to do whatever you want? ” Or, are you there to observe, guide or do something else? What’s your role?

A:  Like everything, it’s a paradox.  So, I am both.  I was there in the beginning, with the fire and the expansive beautiful dance that is Creation, and I am here now.  What you can think of it as, is a Cosmic level game of curling.

Q:  I’m not familiar with that game…

A:  One person pushes a block of ice and it slides down, and there are 3 persons.  One person pushes a block of ice with a stick and the other 2 sweep at the ice and the goal is to make it directly into the circle. The middle aspect of the circle, carries the most points. So the 2 players who sweep at the ice are able to just subtly, but every so slightly, alter the course of that stone.  And yet, if left on its own, the person pushing the stone is left with full responsibility as to what happens as a result.  As a consequence.  So it really is a team sport when it comes down to it. I was both there when the stone was cast, and I’m still here, as we sweep, as much and as close as possible, to get the stone smacked out into the middle of the field.

Q:    I’ve heard it said (correct me if I’m wrong), that God or Creator, when he gave this mandate to create this planet Earth, said that nobody is allowed to intervene or do any of the sweeping or pushing at all, what we call an intervention of free will? I understood it was an unconditional and totally open exercise of free will given to the human species, where the humans can do whatever they like.  And the only time intervention may take place, is when the humans are on the brink of annihilating themselves, for example, in a nuclear war.

A:  You can think of it as the understanding of astrology.  There are different forces that pull and tug the direction. With the concept of free will, it is often misunderstood. There are 2 directions a person can go, in any  single moment.  And that is the direction of their true Self, or not.  So a person always has free will.  He has the choice to do whatever he wants.  To do as they please, and that is something we can’t do anything about. That is why there are so many anomalies around (laughs). And yet, what we do to support is, we tug on things, and that’s in terms of actively directing humanity. There are those who are incarnated now that are doing work that’s nothing to do with us.  Those are souls who have recognised what’s happening in this Creation cycle and are attempting to do things that change the shift trajectory of where things are going. So there are active sweepers in physical form.  Yet it’s not us.  We are the forces that tug and pull and yet that doesn’t affect anyone’s free will.

Q:  I’d like to explore the element of fire, this time around…How is this different from the other 6 Universe creations?

A:  It is.  There have been others, where things, like you said, a holograph… where things can still be manifested.  It took away the consciousness identified as God or Creator.  This is often revered as “All Knowing” and yet, that consciousness in Itself, is learning. And so, in manifesting everything at once, took away from the process.  And that process is found to be incredibly powerful, in the depth of a Creation. And so, there definitely are some lessons in the process of Creation, and ultimately, this is what the process is all about.  So, fire, this time around, is to be more explosive, since the impulse to execute was free will.  And it needs to be if we’re looking  at the end.   Reverse engineering from behind. Consequences for what is the outcome that we want to see.  Then we figure out the best way to bring that into form.  And for free will there was fire.

Q:  And so you took a step back and reverse engineered it. And fire and free will go hand in hand? Like a catalyst.

A:  Yes. Indeed.

Q: You also said the destruction and creation of a cycle is a natural process.  That it takes a natural cause.  That being the case, this current creation of this Universe, with planet Earth in it, is there a timeline or end point for its destruction?

A:  Nothing that humanity will experience in their lifetime. And actually this cycle is interesting in that the process of Creation is one of creation and destruction.  There’s always 2 sides to this.  That dualistic aspect of this Universe. And yet, there is an opportunity to create, from the created, in the cycle.  And so, where humanity takes this experience has not fully been scripted yet.

Q:  So what are the options?

A:  If we go back to the analogy of the page it will be like turning the page.

Q:  And you can turn the page forward or backwards.

A:  You can. Absolutely.

Q:  So how does humanity turn the page forward?

A:  Well, it’s ever the journey Home.  The way back to the Source.  The Source of Who We Are.  That’s a matter of consciousness.  Of being able to get to a point in one’s life where they are closer to Themself, if that makes sense.  There is an authenticity to each person that is often very connected to the life experiences within a person.  And when you look at children, children are pure.

S:  Yes, they remember.

A:  They remember things that they are born into.  Yet the purity of the child is something in adult form we tend to lose. When we lose the authenticity or pureness of ourself, our being, then we tend to get lost in the woods.

Q.  Oh indeed, we have to deal with the human condition and this density don’t we, coupled with amnesia?  And so the journey is one of remembering is it not?

A:  Yes.

Q:  So I guess there isn’t any point in turning the pages backwards.  You just turn it forward.

A:  Yes.  There are definitely those who get stuck and it’s not a matter of them not getting to the next page.  It’s a matter of how we proceed with time. Yet, most often, within most Creation cycles, we stick to the same page. Yet there’s a tremendous opportunity for humanity to do something amazing, in this Creation.  And we’ll see.

Q:  For those who’d like to do something “amazing” for humanity in this Creation, can you give them any advice about what they can do, to accelerate this journey back Home?  To remembering and helping others find their way home to Source. What is the most critical thing at this time?

A:  It’s another one of those paradoxes.  It’s focusing fully upon ourself and that’s not to say, it’s not to engage the world or not to support others.  Because ultimately when I say “Self,” it’s with a capital “S” so when I say “Self,” it’s about seeing in every person, in every moment, a reflection of the greater aspects of Ourselves.  Focus our attention on putting those pieces together.  Like in the ocean, we’re part of something greater. And as we recognise that the world around is merely a mirror into Self, then we’re much more able to progress and move forward collectively.  There’s so much in the physical world that is attempting to skew that and bring forth hate and fear.  Yet humanity… we’re able to and they are, because it’s programmed in every human being, to have a reverence for life.  An appreciation for our brothers and sisters and the plants and the rocks.  And to recognise that these things we recognise as separate, are merely just a reflection of Ourself.  Then things will be different.

Q:  In terms of each Creation cycle in linear time (I know this is a linear question), I wonder if you’d care to comment on this postulated timeline eg it is said every 26,000++ years there’s a Pole Shift, followed by the New Dimensional Earth, this time around.  Is there a finite time for the end of each Creation cycle?

A:  They’re all different.  Much like breath when one is lying down, versus running.  The breath and duration changes, where in each breath, there’s something new to be learned.  It’s about that impulse.  That intention.  That desire to experience. When that is achieved in the final pinnacle of the breath impulse, then things shift to an out breath.

Q:  So when we get to the goal, then it’s the end of the Creation Cycle?

A:  Yes.  And when it comes to an end, it’s not necessarily an instantaneous end.  Again, it’s a process.  The process is spurred, and when the process is spurred, then things happen in a way that contract.

Q:  You speak of contraction at the end of a Creation cycle, so is there a physical contraction of the Universe including planet earth?  What actually happens?

A:  Everything comes to an end.  It’s that darkness that we return to.

Q.  Does that mean that in one moment this Universe exists and when it comes to an end then this planet, the galaxies and the Universe just go “poof.” Everything just dissolves in physicality into the darkness?

A:  Not necessarily.  It’s a process.  So once the pinnacle of that impulse, the intention has been achieved, it spurs another process  – like dominoes.  There are always interconnected pieces that allow for, as we’d like to see in this Universe – cause and effect.  And once that is spurred then the process of destruction begins.  And that process of destruction can take millions of years.  And yet it’s spurred nonetheless.  As it starts, then things start to happen that will align in a way for that. As you guys see it, it will be in terms of solar flares and Cosmic level events that cause the slow decay of everything, once everything starts to go back to its true form. When we look at the darkness then there is not so much solid form and things are more fluid.  So planets start to deteriorate, stars explode.  Things start to come apart essentially.  And as things start to come apart, once everything has been dismantled, then it blinks out, on that in breath.  That space that is found, between breaths.

Q:  So, it’s a very slow gradual process.  Not something that happens in the blink of an eye?

A:  No, no.  We found that process is incredibly important.

Q. Given the number of solar flares, the magnetics of the Earth having slowed right down, and other Cosmic and other cataclysmic events, are these indicators that the process of the end of this Creation cycle is already in motion?

A:  Not necessarily.  No.  We’re close to it.  The goal of free will is a choice. Ultimately is a choice to return Home to Ourself.  And while we are unable to necessarily affect things directly within the context of humanity, we can affect other forces.

Q:  What other forces?

A:  Mmmm… things that will affect Earth.

Q:  What sort of things?

A:  We push and we pull.  Natural forces.  The elements are part of something that we have influence over.  Things related to the weather, the ocean, things related to deeper aspects of the Earth.

Q:  How does that push us closer or further away to push and pull, to that goal – the intention of free will?

A:  Ultimately, the ideal aspect of free will is to choose. To decide to do something in this case.  What we have found is that humanity tends to move in the direction of something when the consequence or rather, the circumstance is of need.  And so when we see great tragedy, we also see the most amounts of love.  When we see things in the world where people are affected, and lives are lost, we also see compassion and kindness.  And these qualities are crucial and pivotal for humanity to choose to move toward the direction of Themself, which ultimately, is love and light and compassion, and all these qualities.

Q:  And this is what your role – in the pushing and pulling – is all about?

A:  Yes.  We tug on threads within the pattern in the fabric of creation, to a certain degree.

Q: I have a lot more questions but I’m mindful we’re here to help this beautiful soul on his journey.  He is one of You. A Creation Council member. Earlier on, we found out he is also a member of the Council (the Elders).  So perhaps you could speak for Yourself, which is quite unusual. What is Aalona’s mission in this incarnation?


A: Humanity in the exploration of free will has gone in a different direction than was hoped. And there are many people out there, yourself and Richard included, who are doing the work of supporting and forwarding the evolution of consciousness. Supporting people moving in the direction of Self. And Aalona, this lifetime, is meant to do the same in a different way.  There is, and are, the energies of the Earth that are able to support humanity, if humanity is able to engage with them.  And there is a tremendous amount of energy on Earth and a lot of it is misused, or un-appreciated or disregarded.  And so, in essence, Aalona is a bridge.  A bridge for many different things.  And yet one of his main roles is to be able to connect the energies of the Earth (which again, tug at, through the energies of the Cosmos) to that of the people. And in a way, that is in support of creation, through the further expansion of creation, through the advancement of each and every soul.

Q: He’s had a knowing within him – he’s able to, and does connect to the Earth and planets like Saturn and Venus, and is able to communicate with them.  How can he best give expression to his purpose?

A: He has definitely much to do and he has not been doing it (laughter). So We have been pulling a little harder and pulling in some of the surrounding factors that will support him in moving forward. His ultimate expression of self is to be able to support communities on a global scale and that is something that he’s not to meant to know exactly how, just yet.  It has to do with the planets, the Earth. It has to do with the sacred sites that are on the Earth and the active nodes and to allow more active energies to come forward especially when they are connected with the correct communities.  The communities of conscious individuals are connected to these areas and they are able to create portals of consciousness.  Spots that will allow for those around, and throughout the world, to experience those solar shifts that will support people on their own personal journeys, without ever having to contact any of these communities, or meet any of these people.

Q:  So you’re not going to give him the detail but have outlined the general expression of his purpose.  Is that why very recently he has felt this strong pulling to go to Maui?  He doesn’t know why but it’s been very strong and now he is here in Maui.

A: Going to Maui.  There is a connection he has, to that Island, where he was raised.  What he will learn there is the power that he explored as a child.  That will be how he  learns what he has to learn, in order to do what he has to do.

Q:  So going back there will bring back all those remembrances?

A:  It’s another one of those beautiful paradoxes.  To move forward you must go back.

Q:  To his credit, most people would have been so apprehensive when they heard the call, but he jumped in and said “Yes,” without knowing what he is to do, what he will encounter, and how he was going to support himself.

A: He fought it pretty well initially.  He took some time to consider it but inevitably there’s the choice, the free will but there’s the information you have given him, in reinforcing the surrender, and being able to allow things to flow through, is an incredibly critical lesson for him to learn.  And in doing so, in opening himself to the flow of creation, it allows for more to happen. In far less time. It allows more things to unfold, rather than forcing them.  It allows more precision of the Universe to take over.  And there again is another paradox of free will.  It’s a choice to surrender.

Q:  So, to surrender, instead of do-ing and figuring how to get from A to B, and setting the ego objectives aside?

A: Again, the paradox of living in this Universe is that we identify things in terms of linear perspectives, when in reality, it really is coming in from all sides.  But when you approach it from the linear perspective, in essence we allow only certain things to happen in life.  So, the transition to Maui, where there is nothing planned, is perfect, for it will no longer be limited to the consciousness of Aalona.

Q:  And so when we live in this place of surrender we can open to the unlimited opportunities that Source will provide.

A:  Yes, it truly is so.

* * *

This past life regression (QHHT) session was conducted by Sian Chua in Perth, Australia. You can find Sian’s website here. Sian does travel around Australia so if you are in another state you may not have to travel to Perth to have a session; check out her website for more information.

To find additional transcribed sessions by Sian and other practitioners, including myself, click on into the menu here on transients under Focal Points, then Past Life Regression Sessions.


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Found this part insightful:

The paradox of free will is the choice to surrender.


Interesting that in the paradigm of free will there is superimposed a sense of "duty" like I know I have a job to do, buttttt…oh well I guess I better do it. The other is something I've been contemplating lately, the concept and acting out of surrender. Giving yourself to Jesus or the universe and responding to such impulses. Oh what anworld I/we live in so much to ponder and move on. I guess this is what I get for telling the Universe I'm bored and need some new challenges. (This was about 5 yrs ago) LOL ya gotta Love… Read more »


[QUOTE="Pucksterguy, post: 14430, member: 27"]Interesting that in the paradigm of free will there is superimposed a sense of "duty" like I know I have a job to do, buttttt…oh well I guess I better do it. The other is something I've been contemplating lately, the concept and acting out of surrender. Giving yourself to Jesus or the universe and responding to such impulses. Oh what anworld I/we live in so much to ponder and move on. I guess this is what I get for telling the Universe I'm bored and need some new challenges. (This was about 5 yrs ago)… Read more »


I am fearful of the idea of surrender b/c what if that means I become a puppet on a string? I think it is important to know who you are surrendering to.


I almost agree with both you guys. I don't think the concept of surrender really means handing controll of your life to some other "entity" even if it is your HS. I'm rather thinking it's more like OK I've gone as far as I can with my current skill set now the Universe can guide me, point me in the right direction and I will apply what I know plus what I'm gonna learn to a new role and direction. I really don't think that I'm gonna relinquish controll over what I do and say. I will still be Joe… Read more »