Out of Body Experiences | Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 4)

Here is part four of Henda's series of articles focused on traveling through dimensions, based on her out of body experiences.


Few things

I have been experiencing during the last year a more conscious OBE’s and Astral travels because I felt much more aware of what was happening in my life during my spiritual awakening.

I understood that even if it is something inherent to whom we are and what we are here for as spiritual eternal beings, we are not equal in this because it takes time to really live as consciousness in a physical body as we have been under very specific social and cultural believes. It also takes us much time to be able to access the memory of our consciousness, and even to understand that we have access to it.

It is also really interesting to understand that once we have that ability to astral travel and to remember what has been going on during our sleep time we think of it as a universal reality, it fully becomes part of who we are as we fully integrate that reality. We think that everyone is conscious of it. But it is not true. We are certainly equal in this but in different phases because every individual has its own experiences and spiritual journey. We also are the product of our previous incarnations and everyone has a mission according to a soul contract we become able to recognize and remember once we evolve in a deeper way as consciousness. That’s why when some of my patients who see my dragons during the healing sessions I conduct, or the energies I myself see, or visualize multidimensional planes I am in at the same time in a multidimensional way; I really feel the magic occurring and that flowing energy I channel for every healing and every session, works like an extension on my soul.

Souls are multidimensional and are able to be in many planes. That was something I understood through my OBE’s before I found a confirmation in some books. Actually Michael Newton PhD talks about “Spiritual duality” and how souls can “divide their energy to live more than one life at a time. A portion of the energy of most souls never leaves the spirit world during their incarnations”. But in his case, “splitting soul energy is particularly relevant to the study of ghosts “(Destiny of Souls, p. 62).

Out of Body Experiences | Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 4)
‘Dimensions’ Photo by Judith (CC BY-NC 2.0)

I know now That we can be at the same time here and in the spirit world not only because a part of our soul is always there waiting for the other parts to join progressively, but also because we are consciousness. We have to really accept it and fully understand it because when we are on our journey and we are given many signs to see it and understand the process we are through.

In this part I will talk about some of the most amazing OBE’s I had during the last period and the spiritual teaching they hold. One of the things that begin to happen when we take notes and remember our journeys through consciousness is the spiritual knowledge and teaching we access. When the information comes to us we know it is true; that knowing is really there and there are no doubts, our questions are answered immediately and we begin to remember ourselves and our past lives and all that concerns our journey on Earth. 

A world where old people are euthanized

It was during a night sleep on July 2016. I was sent to see what was happening in a parallel world to the one I incarnated in, in Tunisia in this life. I was a little girl living in a different city from my hometown like those old medieval cities but with a high technology. I was in my grand-parents’ house and I was seeing myself as a child of 7/8 years old. That house is also different from the one I knew in my incarnation here. First thing I was seeing my grand- parents living together in that plane and it sounded different from the life they had here as they have been separate for so long until their deaths. My grand ma was preparing herself to a weird ceremony where she was going to take part, and I was given the information that she is going to be incinerated after they euthanize her. In that ceremony there were many soldiers and people around. The city looked like a village surrounded with mountains, and did not have any name of it. There was much control over the people and hard rules were nearly stifling for everyone as no one was free to do anything, every life was under a higher control. People were kind of accustomed to that situation as if it was part of their culture. That day my grand-mother was awaited to die. Old people are executed publicly and in a very strange way. My aunt took her in a place I was not allowed to visit as a child (I ignore why). And my mother told me that she is meant to die that day. Everyone seemed calm and there was no sadness or stress.

Few moments later, a soldier came in my grand-mother’s house with a black plastic bag and I saw it was filled with a liquid thing. There was the body of my grand-mother who has been incinerated after they euthanized her. The ashes were melting with a liquid. When I saw that I finally was sent back to my physical body. I heard “you are better here than there!”

Some parallel worlds are places were the living is of another kind. The population is programmed to live a certain amount of time. My grand-mother did not look that old, she was about 65/70 years old. But as she can no more work for the benefit of that society she is useless and has to die. It is the same for everyone there. People are not allowed to live as they become old, they are eliminated.

My grand-mother (my mothers’ mom) passed away 17 years ago and my grand-father 14 years ago. I know it is a parallel world because I saw myself as a child. I was watching everything and no one was able to see me there as consciousness.

It is a world where people are programmed and even though they can feel overwhelmed by the power of a military government, they are every time reprogrammed to be obedient. So when someone has to leave that life, the information is downloaded in that individual and the members of his family with the law of obedience too. I was told that it is a very high evolutionary world where people know that there is life after death and has no worry about it. They are trained spiritually but kept under the dominance of a higher cast in their society.

Travelling with the Adar Llwch Gwin

Meeting a unicorn

During a deep meditation I Astral travelled with the Adar. We flew over the Loch Ness and arrived at a cave where there was a waterfall. I thought we were going in the cave but no, the Adar told me to swim in that lake. We swam in the water of that little place surrounded with trees. We dove in the lake and a portal opened where we have been attracted by a bright light. It was another dimension and there was a forest. In a meadow there was a unicorn who welcomed us. “This time you came here to receive my energy!” he said to me, “use it in your magical healing and astral travels. Ask for this energy to come through you and direct it to those who you are healing. Some will surely give you amazing feed backs of walking trees, talking flowers and waters, and those who are lucky and gifted will see me”.

The energy I received was soft and nearly fresh like the breeze of a summer night. After that attunement I flew back with the Adar to the loch Ness. The forest had another portal to go back home.

During my sleep time that night, I was in a roman bath where I astral travelled few times ago before that day. I was with many people around but very kind and over all noisy. My y kids were with me and my ex came too (he always finds a way to join in my astral travels and that bothers me so much) but he fortunately left quickly as I was not very pleased to see him. I remember I forgot few necessary clothes to take with me for change after taking my bath there and that was very disturbing because I did not want to go back home and take these clothes. So I was seeing myself with many women and men too. The bath was really like those we find in the roman ruins. It was very big and we could stay there for relaxation and to meet people there. I had that feeling of knowing these people and was talking to them as if they were my friends. I never saw them in this life.

I had then the information that it was another life I had in a roman city somewhere in another world.

In The Land of Merlin

It was during an afternoon when I felt a deep trance; my body was vibrating intensely and was nearly dizzy that I could no more move it. I was suddenly splitting off of my physical body and fell asleep. I was in between two states and found myself on the top of a very high mountain with a snowy edge. I suddenly saw my Adar Llwch Gwin flying my way, as he sat near me I was on his back as by magic. I really don’t know how he does these things but it happen every time I meet him. It was the first time I meet him out of the Loch Ness bank. We flew over the Loch Ness and we went left on the south side of the lake. We landed on a hill. It was a green hill and suddenly a gate opened. We entered and found ourselves in a city like those cities of old times build with huge stones as the one we find in the megalithic period. Many other griffins like the Adar were flying in an immense blue yellow sky. I heard: “You are in our land, welcome to our kingdom”. I saw their king and he told me that I was like them. As I watched myself I was a griffin too. To enter the portal that metamorphosis was necessary, but I could see myself too. We flew from there, because we had to go to another land. The Adar was taking me with him and I was following without knowing where I had to go. That happens always that way.

We sat in a wide place with green grass. There was a pond in the middle of it, so we sat on the bank of the pond, and the Adar told me to touch the water with my hands and to put my feet in the pond. It was gelatinous. We walked inside of it and another portal opened up and we were in a forest. I heard birds singing and trees talking with joy. There was a magical chattering around. We walked there and received that energy which was fresh and lovely. Then we were back to the Loch Ness. That forest was the land of Merlin. A hidden place from humans’ eyes and knowledge. Only these griffins know when it is. They are working to protect the Earth from that plane.

In the land of white dragons

This happened during a meditation. I asked one of my totems to join me and the snow owl came. She took me with her and we flew over forests. A portal opened in the sky that led us to a plane where everything was white. We walked side by side as we could no more fly there, the atmosphere would not allow us to. We arrived at a place where the atmosphere was blue and green emerald we were stuck on the ground but could walk. We entered that place and we saw a huge white dragon waiting for us. He took me on his back and we flew over a white hill, and we entered it from above.

There was giant crystal quartz inside: “Receive this energy in you” said the dragon and at that moment I felt a very exciting cold energy with tingling in all my body. Though it was cold, a huge cleansing was on the process. Then I was sent back to my physical body after we flew back.

White dragons are pure and work with the energy of the crystal quartz; they can help you access those which are hidden from humans since they sued them for other purposes than healing. That mountain is the Giant Crystal quartz mother and it is somewhere in a world kept secret. Having its energy in me is a gift from my spiritual guides to help me in my Journey as a healer and a guide. I also have to use it with wisdom and pass it through healing to help those who are on their journey.

The white dragon told me that I will feel its benefits during the next coming days. That happened actually, as I felt my energy heightening and the healing I was giving were effective and of a higher frequency. My patients were having visualizations and out of body experiences.

The snow owl has access to this world as it is a visionary and a holder of the crystal quartz world. She knows all parallel worlds leading to its energy and has free access to it.

White dragons don’t say their names as they have very high vibrational names leading to their private space and they already put a protection around it. In previous incarnations on Earth, white dragons have been used by sorcerers to hide their harmful intentions. As they are beings of light servants of their masters they have been drained and used for black magic. Their white pure color is somehow like their soul mission: bringers of the Light. That is why they live now in parallel worlds as spirits but they show up to very few. They also have been used by warriors and kings to protect their territories and people. They were used as beings on physical and spiritual levels.

Connecting to the Angels’ Realm

Before sleeping I sat the intention to connect to the archangels’ plane during my sleep time. It was a very interesting trip through that realm. I was with my daughter and my son. There was a man who was my husband and he looked warm and spiritual. In that plane, he gave me an oracle card deck because I had to gift it to someone I was looking for. That person was a young handsome man, with a very intense and pure energy, brown haired, brown eyes, and a beautiful soul. A pure white light was enlightening his face and we were talking. He actually gave me a gift before that day, and I told him that I had a deck of oracle cards to give him as a gift, and it was an angels’ oracle card. He was very happy and thankful. He took them with a feeling of great pleasure which was really showing up on him energetically. That was very subtle and I understood how we can see the energy on a different plane. I also met another young man but this one is an old friend from Tunisia I met when we were students: he was as I knew him: tall, blue eyes, blond short cut hair. I know that few years ago he was suffering from mental disorder as his mother has been before passing. When I him there on that plane he was in a very good health.

The angelic realm looks like Earth but the colors and energy are of a higher level and frequency. Some colors do not even exist on Earth; it is kind of a mixture of many other colors, and I guess it is due to the high frequency of that dimension. There were people around and houses and public ceremonies and it looked amazing. But the two men I met were really radiating an angelic light in a world where the angels are working with the energies in a very futuristic space. I also had the information that many angels have incarnated on earth and in many other planes to help with the shift and learn from different incarnations than the one in the angelic realm. While writing this I felt weird as what I saw and where I have been during that night seemed so real, touchable and true. In a very early channel my guides told me that I was a fallen angel who returned to light. That was something I understood as it was, and I know that space where I have been during that OBE was very familiar. As if I knew the people I met there for so long and some of them are on Earth incarnated in human shapes like my friend and my kids who were with me there. That out of body took place during all the night and I choose to end it by myself, but my head was spinning and hands vibrating. Any place on Earth where angels are incarnated in physical, people will notice their energy and enjoy their light; they are healers, guides, intuitive and simple with the ability to be good and to ignore the dark side of life. They also have a very childlike frame, may appear to others as kids during healings they conduct and have the ability to enhance and heighten the frequency of those around them: the people, the animals and plants. But they can also be in challenging moments of their incarnation now and have much healing to do.

Out of Body Experiences through Distance Healing

This happens to me and to the most perceptive of my clients. In this part of the article I will try to give a feedback of few amazing experiences I had, and many times it happens that my client and I have the same visions with few differences but it is always a confirmation of the OBE as a real one happening at the same time through healing.

The Temple of Healing In Orion

On the 27th of November 2016 I have been once again teleported to Orion. I had that experience on October 2013 where I met priestesses who took me there and showed me a room with a Fountain of Healing. I talked about that experience in my first article about my involuntary astral travels.

This time I have been there during my sleep time and I have been as conscious of it as the other one. There in the Temple I met a priestess who took me in a room where there is a bath with green emerald warm water. I entered the bath with her and received “The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace”, it was the name of that energy I have been receiving few times after my Reconnection, and it is an expansion of the Reconnective Healing spectrum as it is a higher frequency (777). They began sending this energy in me with more effectiveness during May 2016, and I heard them talking to me during that day I was receiving it, my hands were vibrating and shaking and I could no more touch or do anything. I went to sit on my couch and closed my eyes letting the energy flow in me it.

It was very intense and magical, and I heard them saying its name. They had the voice of the guides I used to hear during my channels but this time the voices were feminine.

The Pool of Green Emerald Waters

One day after that event, I had a distance healing session to conduct with John. I began sending that energy and saw myself teleported in that bath, entering the pool of green emerald water. I was turning around the bath and felt the energy doing the infinite from left to right and vice versa. I let it turn as it wanted without interfering; I felt it working by itself flowing in me and in my patient at the same time. Then two priestesses came to help me this time, there was Almeida (who came to me the first time) and another one called Hamalett. I felt a warm energy when hearing and saying their names which was a confirmation from my guides. The two beings were black haired and they started pulling the green emerald water over my head and john’s head too. The energy was floating in and around making flashes of Golden purplish and green orbs. I saw a green dragon flying there near the Temple, over my patient and at the end of the healing session I was nearly burning as I was sitting on the floor. I saw myself entering a cave underground, a like-dwarf being appeared and took me through a tunnel downstairs, into a room where there was a big and thick dragon egg which was placed in a dome made of golden stones. I was told to put my right hand over it. I did. Then I saw a golden dragon shining and moving inside for a moment. That was the time I was sent back in my physical body with burning hands. I was guided to cut the wave of energy mentally, to center and ground myself. The burning sensation was gone.

When John messaged me after the session he told me that he saw a black haired woman “ her face was little like Nabirikia’s”, pumping greenish liquid on him standing in a bath with green emerald water and that he saw the golden and purple lights during the healing in the temple. He also noticed that the room seemed golden too with a “big bath!”

He added “It seemed that way like ancient wonderful baths. I saw it. I don’t know if I swam in it. Unless I swam in it when you were doing the healing”

Few times ago he received the name of the dragon during another healing session: it was Eurit-tha.

Healing in the Temple with Isis

During another experience with a Reconnective Healing Practitioner who had a healing session with me and saw that Temple, I saw her guided by a woman. During the session I saw Isis the Egyptian goddess taking us with her. We walked for a while. There was a red carpet on the floor that was red and a falcon came over her right shoulder. Torches were lightening all along the way. We were guided downstairs and it was a long way too, I saw a portrait with the name Jesus of Sananda who is my first spiritual guide. He was like the being I once saw when I met my spiritual guides for the first time by teleportation on 2013 during a professional appointment.

When completely downstairs we entered a room with a vase in the middle of it and we were told to wash our faces with the water contained in it. It was golden. I felt a work on the third eye and crown chakra. We swam in a green pool. I saw the Goddess Isis washing our bodies after the bath we took. When going downstairs I heard her telling me that we were entering deep in our souls.

From the point of view of my patient she felt she was “able to control and change” her “body functions” that she “could see clearly without glasses” and saw “intense light, dark blue with a glimmer”. The message we had that day is that we have access to more knowledge as a very intense work has been done on us (3rd eye and crown chakra). We are now able to remember ancient knowledge and to heal with it. I also was said that the energy will be shifting too and that we will receive more and more information.

During another session where we had an exchange of healing with the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace ( as she was attuned to the energy from the first distance healing session I gave her) she told me that she saw the falcon “big with white head and brown feathers” at her side and more details of the Temple. She felt “bathed with emerald water by three or four priestesses and at the end” she was “given a golden cape and a golden crown which did not look like the normal one: it was thick and round like a giant ring for the fingers. Then she “sat on the throne” and they welcomed her back. She finally went outside and saw a golden sky and flew around feeling very happy.

During that session she received the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace and was able to use it to heal herself and heal others.

Embracing the soul

I had an out of body experience during the first week of December 2016 that helped John Helios understand his true soul mission. I was sent with him in a place where there was a sort of fountain with a vase but there was no water inside of it. In that vase there was a white organ and new it was a soul. We were standing near that little soul sending energy to it and a flower grew up as by magic from there with green emerald leaves. Water began flowing around the flower. When we sat beside, many other flowers were growing around that fountain and we were surrounded with them. It happened after John knew about Mina’s death, a street puppy he loved so much.

Few weeks later he had a dream and in that dream he was in a room in the temple of Healing where he saw stones like runes holding the Akashic Records. “They were not too big, he said, about the same size as regular notebook paper, but they were thick. And they may be black or dark gray. And as he was remembering much more information he added: “I think once they are recorded they become instantly connected with all of the other ones. Including the ones that are not stored in the Temple. It’s like the temples are all interconnected with each other, and they collectively create the Akashic records archives. But there is no centralized storage, it is a distributed storage. But they are all interconnected as if they are a single storage unit”

When he told me about it I heard in my mind “He is a Soul Keeper”. And in the evening of that day I had information about “what is a soul keeper?” which was the question of John when I told him what he was doing in the Temple.

This is the information as it came: “In every Galactic Temple there is rooms where are stocked the memories of souls in the runes. They are sacred stones and the information is transcribed in them. When a soul is back home in one of these rooms the Soul Keeper puts the soul into sacred water in a vase with its rune to help the soul remember and integrate his new state of being. There is also kind of integration of the latest experiences as incarnated soul in physical shape. Young souls are being helped by these Soul Keepers; because they need to be restructures to become more able to integrate their avatar / body when they decide to reincarnate another time.”

As it was days after the OBE I had, I was astonished to read this comment by John “I see. Would you consider Mina a young soul? She learned a lot in this life” and my replay was new information I was channeling: “Yes sure! Once the soul is emerged in sacred water with its rune (the stones you saw) it recovers the past memories and evolves. There is an exchange of energy that happens in that bathing water. The memories get recorded into the stones and become part of the Akashic records.  I also knew that the connection is entwined in the field (the quantum field).

John added that “Everyone has access. But the access is not meaningless. Those people who require access, access the material that is relevant to them automatically. That’s what’s so magical about having access to them. Nothing is irrelevant, everything is relevant. It is in intelligent system (the quantum field), like the perfect search engine, that searches for and finds exactly what you need”.  This information came in my own channeled message too.

I guess we all can have access at that moment when we feel deeply our multidimensionality. Healing brings real spiritual evolution and growth. I am really grateful to my guides for their help and the way they give us signs that the process is on and that we are more and more understanding our state of being as consciousness. Part of the healing I gave to John and few others who came to me for help was integrating this knowledge. So many things have been happening and I will carry on writing about them to help those in need of such information for their spiritual growth. I would only remind those who read me that everyone has access to different information depending of who he/she is and the level of the spiritual development before the healing.

The Antarctica Events

 OBE through Healing: Healing and seeing through the Darkness

 On December 17, 2016, I conducted another healing session with my friend John Helios, and was very affected by something I read in The Roundtable forum about Cliff High’s last reading.

As I understood lately that I am an energy detector, I guess it is part of my mission to do it from soul to soul when I do healing on a person. That is what happened with John. We did not talk before the healing about what I had read – we just did the session. He saw something interesting during the healing session and afterwards during his sleep time. I had confirmation from two sources exactly after the events took part in the different worlds visited.

The first one during the healing was that vision of himself “in a room with clear cabinet in it. Inside the cabinet were stone tablets”. He thinks “they were akashic records. I talked about it above in this article. There was a woman inside the room, and “she said that she had some tablets also”. He was wondering if that was the place the akashic records are kept, and I later got confirmation from my guides that this was true. He also added this “the other lady in there was perhaps 30 or 40 years old, and she had nice smile, blonde hair and she seemed very friendly. John also said that she was responsible for some of the tablets, and that the ones that he saw in the cabinet were the ones that he was responsible for. John felt like the place was made of stone, and it was underground.

When reading his comments I saw John actually in the Temple of healing in Orion where I travel every time I give a healing session with the Golden Crystalline Light (an extension of Reconnective Healing energy). So I saw that room which was underground actually and just near the one where a Golden Crystal Dragon’s Egg is protected by a dwarf-like being who took me there during another previous incarnations in that constellation. That scene passed quickly but it was the first part of another one he will have during his sleep time after the session.

I also knew that John is called The Soul Keeper in the Temple as related in this article.

So during his sleep time John was sent in another place, underground where he explains it in his article here (link to John’s article on his site). When Talking about what happened in the Antarctica, I told him that I was feeling very dark energies within the information given by Cliff High about the new energy ( aside from instead of Oil and nuclear energy)that some politicians and rich folks were preparing to reveal to Earth. This was also the subject of the comment I posted in the Roundtable Forum.

John understood quickly that the dream he had (which is an OBE from my view) was one of “the dark team’s Explorations into space”. User Pucksterguy posted a link in the forum confirming of what I felt is going on these days in terms of the energy war between darkness and light. We understood that the OBE john had was related to that invasion which is going on in Antarctica.

From what I was feeling, there is a war but it’s very subtle and hidden because some portals have been opened there. The resident ET’s have their keys to lock and unlock them. I am also sure that John entered one of them where he saw the human militaries killing innocent ET’s in their planet – accessible from these portals. The earthquake (which john mentions in his article was detected as a “ground level event”) that happened few days ago was them forcing a doorway into a protected portal area.

When all was definitely clear for both John and me, we understood that the healing he had with me the day before was meant to help him see what was going on. And the way the guides manifested to him and showed him that area is quiet subtle. I understood that john was guided there to confirm these feelings, feelings that something was amiss there in Antarctica, and about the way I felt strange about Cliff High recent energy reports. I don’t feel comfortable with the energy infused in his reports. I cannot explain it perfectly now as some of the information he’s working with is kept secret. I feel there is some manipulation inside these reports on the internet and dark ET energy too. It seems almost as if they allow him to make predictions while at the same time making them happen for real. He is a sort of co-creator in this, and maybe he is not fully conscious of it. I saw him as a robot in a holographic dimension. John and I wonder if actually they have allowed Cliff to make a lot of accurate predictions, and then use his history of accurate prediction to slip in other predictions accompanied by information both John and I have come from direct Out of Body Experiences. So I guess that what we were shown come more from the light side of the Universe then the dark one.

I also feel that good helpers are now giving to many light workers, and that the work they do is directly derived from the light-filled energy fields they are sent into. Those from the dark side, who have high technologies used in wars, are erasing some good information and injecting other info that plays with our consciousness.

This may appear weird. But my feelings about this Antarctica event, reported by Cliff High says so much about things happening now. So the best is to work on opening the third eye to help oneself become more lucid, and most importantly to see things for one self without having to depend on easily manipulated media such as the Internet. This experience is part of the soul journey.

John may be working in another realm with some of these young souls who are actually incarnating here now on Gaia from the Temple where he saw during the healing session with me. This experience is part of the healing and inner guidance which comes within and from it.

Thanks to John for helping me through this as he heals himself.

In a healing session, the healing is rendered not only to the patient, but also to the healing practitioner at some level.

To conclusion

This 4th part of my articles about Astral projections and Out of body Experiences took some time to be written as many information have been sent through healing and through my own OBE’s too. I find it very impressive the way distance healing can open up worlds we never imagined they could exist. I would like to share here one of the latest OBE experience I had with John.

On the 21st of December, 2016, I have been travelling and don’t remember seeing John but a moto outside the house I was cleaning. The moto looked like it was mine and I have to drive it to go home. I cleaned that house and I did that work before few weeks ago. That time I was with my daughter, and my mother. When I finished there was snow everywhere and could not drive home. It was a world in another plane and that cleansing happened during the passage to the winter solstice.

John reported this in the morning the same day: “I saw something last night. I was lying on the table. You are with me and I think you were administering acupuncture. But instead of needled you are using these drills. The drills bits fit into my body at certain places and out of it this black powder comes that I think they’re presented negative energy. Then the wind whipped up and blew the powder away. It was like a purification process.”

So as it happened to me so many times, I travelled and healed him during his sleep but from black magic this time, as he said to me that he had been through that few years ago. I remember the floor of that house was dirty, it was black dirt.

We are not shown the same things during our meetings with friends on the astral plane and also during our OBE’s. But some details are given to us to understand for me it was the moto because John has a moto bike. It was his signature in the OBE.

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I am a Mystic Master Healer and hold a doctorate in French Linguistics and Political Discourse Analysis. I have been teaching French for several years now. but that ended in 2011, few months before I saw changes coming my way. On 2014 I became a Certified Foundational Reconnective Healer Level II/III. On the 7 of July, 2016, I received The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace leading me to a new spiritual journey.

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