Donald Trump As President-elect & The Science Of Ascension | QHHT Session Info By Suzanne Spooner


Past life regression practitioner, Suzanne Spooner, recently released a video based on a QHHT session she conducted, which covered two main topics; the first focused on scientific information around the shift in consciousness and energies that are raising our vibrations higher, but also information on Trump.

I have transcribed the second half of the fifteen minute video below which focuses on what is really going on with President-elect Trump, and his impact on the world.

Note that this lines right up with what intuitively came to me, which I mentioned about a week ago in the introduction to transients’ Remote Healing Group here.


“HS/Todd: The higher self is guiding. It’s like the higher trump, the ego trump, says something stupid and the higher trump is like trying to put his etheric hand over his mouth and say, “Shut up, idiot.”

But the light has won and there’s no concern.

This is the turning point.

This is the change.

This is a good thing and Hillary was aligned with the dark. She was using dark forces. That would have worked fifty years ago, no, you have no power now that’s done. She’s afraid. She never saw this coming. She thought it was unbeatable.

Suzanne: For those that were behind her, supporting her, or assisting her — very powerful people — how does this change affect them?

HS/Todd: They were misled. They were under… sorcery, no come on that’s the Middle Ages… sorcery. They were under the control of… they believed it.

The light dispels the dark.

Suzanne: So how will this new president change and effect the other countries around the world?

HS/Todd: I see the white house and a pillar of light, and I see not the frail little man, but the higher self standing in the light. He’s telling everyone this is the way, this is how we’ll do it. This is how we will fix it. He’s not controllable. He’s owned by the light.

His ego has to step out of the way.

Suzanne: Do you think that will happen?

HS/Todd: It doesn’t have a choice. It’s going to kick and scream like a little kid. You can’t fight the light, not now, not this time.

Suzanne: There was a belief that she was going to win (Clinton), even if by a slim margin, but things very early on kind of shifted in his direction. What was actually making that shift happen from your perspective?

HS/Todd: The people of the light that are working against the people of the dark wouldn’t allow her to win. She tried to win.

Suzanne: What would the earth and the country been like, had that happened?

HS/Todd: It would have been very close to destroying itself. War was going to happen if she was in office — that could not be allowed.

Suzanne: War with whom?

HS/Todd: Everyone. Everybody was going to start throwing balls at each other. Russia first. Our policies would have continued… the European, NATO build up, would have continued. There would have been a provocation. Russia wouldn’t be able to not respond, they would be forced to respond and the war would have ensued.

That couldn’t be allowed. That had to be stopped.

Suzanne: How will the new president effect all of that now?

HS/Todd: You watch what happens. He is going to clean house. All of these people that have someone else’s hand in their pocket, putting money in it, he is… you are going to see people leaving right and left.

This guy fired, this guy this… oop… suicide, why? This guy… it’s all… just pay attention.

The light is in charge.

Don’t pay attention to the stupid things the ego says. The light is in charge now. He’s guided by a higher power.

Todd: That sounds even stupid… I don’t even like the guy…”


You can find the video embedded below. Suzanne Spooner’s TAUK Messages Blog can be found here and the specific article based on this video is here.


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Laron is an energetic healer, past life therapist, consciousness guide, poet,writer and editor from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others. Editor of the metaphysical site, Laron is also a bit of a bookworm. Trained by Dolores Cannon in QHHT (Past Life Regression) and Energetic Healing by well-known Australian intuitive and healer Stephen Bishop, Laron is also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.

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Dorothy Gayhart-Kunz

This is about as nutty an article on Trump that I have read yet.Trump is more of the alpha male energy, Clinton more the alpha female energy bringing in the female energy.  Trump the worst of the male energy.Trump is a misogynist, racist, anti-black, anti-hispanics, anti-muslins, xenophibiac,bully, liar, homophobiac, has ties to Russia, cheats people out of theirpayments, university scam (which he is paying off to the tune of 25 million), says onething and then changes his mind 10 minutes later, denys saying what is caught on video,a braggart,  con-man, a fake.  His tax plan gives millions to the rich.At… Read more »

Hailstones Melt


The thing about transformation is you can't always see what is about to transform.

All of those things the above poster mentioned are real and ugly, and are basically a description of a monster-sized ego in play. But the soul of the person may be triggered, catalysed, metamorphosed into changing what they radiate externally, when they become in touch with their enlightened nature (as we all can).


I would wager you've been looking at disinformation sites, most of which have fallen into disrepute in the aftermath of the election. While many of the charges you leveled against Trump are half truths or unsubstantiated (and more true of Clinton, IMHO; e.g. it was Bill Clinton who started the privatized prison system which is patently racist), the office of presidency changes a person which is essentially what Ms. Spooner is arguing.  This is not a particularly "nutty" premise at all.  Only time will tell, and while I was not a Trump supporter, I'm willing to wait and see and… Read more »


OMG…this was FABULOUS!  Todd's description of The Wave and the New Earth brought me full-body "soul bumps"!

I loved the quote, "the ego Trump is an idiot, the Higher Trump is guiding!"  LOL!!!  :pO.o:D;):-)):ROFL::-D:)

His disclosure that "The Light has won and there is no concern…this is the turning point…this is the change…this is a good thing!" resounds very deeply with what I've been feeling…especially over the last month or so.

Thank you so much for posting this, Laron!


I think it feels hard to listen to because it puts more "success" for an egotistical man.  i also don't like having the idea that some man (particularly trump) could be a savior-esque type person, healing all the wounds and saving all the people, when it is very much all of our responsibilities.  but i reminded myself while listening to it that that wasn't the intention behind what they were saying nor what they were saying. It's one of hope.  it's one that mentions how his ego needs to step out of the way.  it's one of knowing and seeing… Read more »

Hailstones Melt

If Hillary had won, there would have been repeated future satanic rituals, because you repeat what has worked for you before. Todd's HS specifically said she was using dark forces, and this is not news to the spiritual community.

In the posted session, Todd's HS said "the sickness is being cleansed" (by the tsunami wave of light which is engulfing Earth at this time).


During our weekly healing meditation, I saw that light. No matter the intention, many are sending it. So thank you for being part of shattering an ego so that the HS's messages will sink in. I doubt it will go away, but rather be channeled to "clean house" & not be controled by TPTW. This is an example of the light using so-called negative qualities for good.

Talha Yousuf



TRUMP IS FAR from racist.. yall watching too much TV


How can you not like trump this guy is the answer to stopping the new world order takeover and he loves it. Stop watching the news or going along with the "POPULAR TREND" think for yourself open your eyes he's the real deal. When I tune into him I can see it. Hrs the real deal. Get rid of your tv's for those who spout these unintended lies

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