Disastrous Channeling and Responsible Information Management


Oftentimes we marvel at the diverse forms in which we have access to information during dream state, deep meditation, visualization, deep realizations or it just happens at any moment when closing our eyes and relaxing. Some pieces come as symbols. Other times it comes as a mixture of memories with certain archetypal elements to add meaning to what we are seeing.

These memories from long forgotten times, in other timelines and in other realities can also be perceived by our other senses as odors, sounds, dialogues, pleasant or unpleasant sensations. What happens though when your crown chakra opens up and you discover a new Universe? What if in this Universe uncountable beings reside, in perhaps uncountable partially known and understood realities or even unknown ones?

There is an irony in this question. Oftentimes when our personal antenna is open and we receive a call from certain beings, we enjoy the conversation or what they have to say; we might not really think that in this physical realm, perhaps we would not listen with such ease to just anyone calling us on the phone or through other forms of communication — then why do we open up with such ease to other realms?

It seems that over the years we have missed some points about what are the possible glitches that we might encounter while we receive telepathic transmissions.

Before getting to the main points about all the things that go wrong during a channeling session, let us first examine some very important dynamics that take place very frequently during this colossal time of planetary and universal transformation.

Diverse forms of channeling during the integration process of your soul

Imagine for a moment that during this time of transformation we are integrating a larger portion of our souls as a whole on a constant basis. We have lived unknown lifetimes in a physical reality both here on Earth and probably outside in other ancient worlds. Since information can come in chunks as we integrate, remove and heal certain amounts of energy or life force, there is a mixture of experiences in different timelines.

Even if we remain static, information floats all around us in many ways. There are beings all around you in the ethers.

It turns out that some of these beings are literally aspects of your very own soul that do not live in your reality or timeline. Instead, they are living in their own reality and timeline. Some of these aspects come from what we perceive as past lives while others are futuristic, or futuristic past (for example, Atlantis). Just like how you are aware of many of your aspects, they become aware of you, and communication between you is established. Other times they are not aware, just like how you are not aware of their presence.

To complicate things even further, you also have the people who are no longer incarnated in a physical body, along with their multiple aspects from other realities or timelines. And then, you have the aspects of the souls of other beings.

That is quite a lot isn’t it?

Yes, the spiritual realms are as vast as the physical universe is, including its own physical history. Billions of years of billions of souls, or way much more incarnating in who knows how many star systems.

When integration your soul essence, usually your energy comes with information from the experiences of those aspects as pieces of different timelines, or as a piece of an experience from one lifetime.

Sometimes you can process this information as images or memories just as how you looked in a different timeline. Other times through symbols, totems and sensations.

It can be quite confusing as integration of a specific timeline does take several sessions and sometimes even years. Also, while working on a specific timeline, other timelines are being worked out. Sometime later, be it days, weeks, months or even years, can we access more from those timelines as we progress through experience in our current incarnation.

For several years, I did not have clear access to information but I would observe and read so much of what other people in general, acquaintances and friends would share and found many inconsistencies in their stories and general collective stories and predictions. I noticed certain problems that are very common to face when we receive information consciously.

Information from our own aspects, aspects of other souls and soul fragments

So many channelers of all ages have been criticized over time for the quality of the information they provide. Not only because much of it would present since the beginning a very fearful and gloomy outlook of the current situation of the collective, but also of past events and future tendencies. In particular, it is the channeled information about predictions for the near future or the fate of society in the long run that people are usually concerned about.

For those who have followed such sources of information for a while, they have become disappointed and confused several times because of such apparent failed predictions. They can contain vague or unrealistic promises and recipes as to how to manage our current reality in order to change our reality to a glorious one full of resources. They even include extraterrestrials coming to save us, or at least to say hello briefly.

In most of the cases, what seems to be the major issue is the download of information from different timelines. In these timelines the social, economic, political and technological situations were similar to our current global reality, either here on Earth or on an off-world scenario.

As these channelers bring forth such information, the beings have spoken several times in a convincing tone narrating the next steps in either a more positive or a more negative direction.

Have you ever considered that perhaps many of these beings are actually aspects of the channelers that reside in their own timeline?

What if they see things the way they live them in their own reality?

What if such realities are just possibilities that are perhaps not applicable to our current reality?

Perhaps the beings are not an aspect of the channeler but instead are an aspect of someone else, but the outcome is the same because these beings live in their own reality, not ours.

Channeled messages contain messages of hope for a better future.

Consider another important point: If we analyze in depth our history, we will discover that we are constantly facing cycles. These cycles are perpetuated over time because so many individual and collective wounds are not healed. In our inability to integrate such lessons from the past, we keep repeating such cycles over and over until finally we conclude all the possible paths taken after an initial event has happened.

Channeled messages that contain futuristic predictions from past events.

Many of these periods of time, both in our previous and current state of duality and developing spiritual collective, including off-world past realities, have marked a turning point leading to prosperity in many areas, or social degradation and large-scale conflicts. Thus bringing forth such channeled narrated memories can represent a conflict to those who read such words that never come to pass.

Remember that in the ethers everything collapses in the NOW moment. This means that it is sometimes difficult to discern where information comes from, such as timelines already lived in the past and what can represent a potential future timeline, oftentimes also based on past repeating cycles.

Other times, so many small fragments of energy of one soul or many souls that contain knowledge and history are being integrated into the energetic vessel of an individual or removed from their aura in case they do not belong to them. At the moment when this healing process happens, information associated to this individual having experienced other timelines is very messy. The content becomes mixed up and thus lacks coherence.

You can then see, for example, channeled material in which an Andromedan being was having a conversation inside a cave during the timeline of dinosaurs and Neanderthals with a guy dressed in a suit from the 1800’s and they were talking about an upcoming nuclear war.

Apparently threatening channeled messages come from subconscious traumas.
The sleep of reason produces monsters, by Goya

When the individual being integrated and healed has experienced much trauma in several lifetimes, information can come as threatening and fearful voices. These voices are nothing more but the narrated memories, or the dialogues that took place at the moment of the traumatic situation. Many times, people have thought they were being menaced by unseen dark forces speaking to them when such process was taking place.

The soul fragments perceived as negative entities or dark forces do have a limited consciousness that reflects the consciousness of the owner of the energy from past lives. They seem to have a lower dimensional voice, which in such case shall not be feared either.

Dimensional consciousness is very fluid and we can communicate with energies that matches our current dimensional consciousness. When our hearts are open to love, we can listen to these energies with less judgment and without fear. Then, the energies will speak in more positive tones to us to understand where they are coming from and why they are present.

In the case of fully conscious beings, or aspects, things can be more complicated. Just like us, they have their own personality and they live in their own realities. They interact very consciously with us. Such is also the case for our loved ones who passed away at some point. The reality of many of these beings might not necessarily match our physical reality as to accept blindly all that they see, feel and suggest.

Their perception is not perfect just like how our perception about our own physical reality is not perfect, accurate or objective either.

Confusing personal information vs information of others

As mentioned previously, after millennia of interactions with others, for several causes beside traumas, we have been carrying energies of our loved ones and they from us. Among the most common problems faced when tapping into the Akasha is the confusion that stems from such “alien” energies.

Many people, mostly young ones and some older people, have confused identities of other people with their own. You might notice at this time so many people claiming to be one or several specific historical characters, and they are very sure of this.

Sometimes people even fight for titles and personalities because of such confusion.

Probably the most common mistake is to believe blindly that we were a certain character from a past timeline when a psychic medium reads our aura and tells us that we were such a character. In some cases, this is far away from truth because either the psychic medium is seeing the energy of another person attached to your aura and etheric body, or the psychic medium is seeing the energy of another person attached to his or her own aura and etheric body.

When the psychic medium does an accurate reading, chances of confusing energies of another person are very high. This is an experience that even happened to me many years ago at a time I was beginning to see entities around me and memories of other people who either were related to me in some way, or not at all.

Information of an individual soul that does not belong to us might be attached to our aura creating confusion.
The Fool Archetype

So many people would love to find meaningful answers in their whole historical record. This comes with a big risk when there are many unhealed aspects that are important to understand, far beyond the apparent importance of the projects such aspects were involved in.

Many individuals who lack love and confidence find an escape in these mixed pieces of information, creating false identities, and in the worst cases seeking fame and power. They can even misguide others with such titles. But they forget the real meaning and importance of a soul path throughout the so many accumulated experiences in such timelines. It is common to witness such phenomena nowadays.

One must always seek a genuine connection to our heart, our soul, our Higher Self. We must discover our potential, our soul journey and mostly the consistency of our current life mission with any piece of information concerning other aspects of our own soul. What is most important is the integration of all our past experiences that have shaped our current position and personality.

It is in the Now where the importance of our soul lies, which is powerful beyond a past personality or personalities when we are aware of the purpose of our soul and our Higher Self.

We will only have full access to the past, present and possible future tendencies once we become more healed and connected to our Higher Self and I AM. Only then will we be able to understand our paths fully and wholly, without judgments or distorted and limited perceptions. Anyway, we are so eternal and vast in experience and knowledge beyond only a few millennia in a small dot in God’s finger… named earth.

Astrology is a wonderful tool to understand the influences of the past that are being played out in our present and future. It includes all aspects that must be integrated and healed at this time of unprecedented change. Some astrologers even give a fair amount of information about the collective state and the future lessons during the coming times in very realistic and objective ways in contrast to the subjectivity of many channeled materials.

Some questions that might be useful while meditating and extracting important pieces are:

-Is the information consistent with my current personality and life path, feelings and what my heart tells me to do at this time?

-Does my current path reflect the path these aspects were following in the past or am I heading to that aspect of the future with all that I do?

-Do the abilities I carry reflect abilities these aspects had or have? As an example, engineering skills, artistic skills, etc.

-Are the ideas and information about my current self and what I believe I am and I was, is making me feel superior to others and am I using this information for appraisal and to gain power in a sense?

-Is this information helping me grow in positive ways and motivating me to be one individual of service to others even more and to love myself and others even more? Or is it showing me important areas that demand attention and healing?

Genuine information will always assist you in your personal path and this will also be useful indirectly for others. You will know much better how to act and what your own life lessons are.

For example, forgiveness, compassion, service to others, but mostly to stop falling into old patterns and taking unwise decision.

Your guide(s) will always assist you in your understanding as long as you can connect consciously with them and follow the highest guidance from them which are your HS/soul group consciousness/I AM/Source.

Vicious cycles

Consider the following ideas that shape much of the channeled materials:

-“All our suffering will end and they (human and non-human beings) will grant us freedom”…but what happens is, these aspects might distract us from the only place that can give us freedom: the Present and Within. It only demonstrates further we are still residing in a place of disempowerment because more integration and healing work must be done.

-We certainly expect a better future, but we have now fallen straight into the trap of feeling at times so much despair and boredom that we forget we are lead by the Will of Spirit. This Will includes everything we are experiencing each moment, whether our personality likes it or not. Understandable, in the sense that the process has taken so far many years and still continues, which becomes at times tedious and overwhelming.

-If we tap into information from past events that are associated to catastrophic scenarios that took place collectively or individually, sometimes the one receiving is not aware this is just a past timeline being healed. The person then interprets it as a prophetic vision that can further create anxiety and fear.

-Most important, when we have loop holes, we are vulnerable to falling into all kinds of self-deceptions because we carry painful wounds and the illusion of seeing ourselves as separated, distant, alone, unprotected and in need of love.

Anyway, we are never meant to be perfect, we never were, society would seem so messed up, yet it has been a collective choice and we are still part of it. However, we can be detached and can see many more angles to it once we start to understand further the most important historical cycles, lessons and wounds we all have in common as individuals and at planetary level.


Not all that we see, hear, and feel, has to be literal.

Much of what we perceive each day through this complex healing process or what we receive as a channeled transmission or in dream state, is a mixture of fragments of scenes from different timelines. Archetypes that distinguish such situations, along with elements taken from our daily experiences, are also included.

Other times in meditation we can also see how symbolism plays out constantly.

Imagine a sequence of images in which you see crosses. Maybe you see symbols related to suffering. This type of imagery does not usually mean something literal but a very symbolic way to represent something that is being integrated.

Let us think about a situation in which you were martyred because you were leading a small group of people in your community towards a common positive goal but you faced opposition. In such case, it can be said you were crucified for a noble cause. Perhaps it was a literal incident.

Some people have taken such symbolism as something very literal, to the point of believing maybe they were Jesus themselves. Other times, they tap into collective memories and they think what they see is something related to them. It is not uncommon to tap into memories of very fragmented souls and extract their memories.

The appearance of totems is another important element, such as animals that represent our fears, a gruesome situation, a feeling, etc. Think about the archetype of the spider, which represents many non-integrated aspects, associated to fears. Other animals like the eagle or the lion represent personal power and the power to led others in one way or the other.

There is also a literal meaning associated to starseed aspects or specific extraterrestrial races or animal incarnations, but each animal and ET race represents an archetype or set of archetypes.

Learn to work with archetypes as this is part of the beauty of the mind of God.

In order to avoid all the previously mentioned inconveniences of tapping into our personal and collective puzzle we can use our mind as a powerful tool by letting the information flow as much as it wants, very much like the water flowing in a river.

The water flows and won’t get stuck, if the path is clear.

Train your mind to become like the river, let the information flow with detachment. Learn to read with discernment and a dose of healthy scepticism. Do not swallow everything that you read, even less because the one who channels is famous.

You will know then if the information you received about yourself and the collective was authentic or not. You see it becomes coherent and sequential through synchronicity given by spirit in order to help you become who you truly are.

What is most important is to understand the sequence, the feelings and emotions that are characteristic of the inner wounded child, or simply the life force we lost for so long and what became attached to us and was not ours.

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