Update On Temporal Timelines: The Old & The New Earth (David Topi)

This is a new translated article by Jose from David Topi, focused on the New Earth and the two temporal timelines, 'The Old' and 'The New'.


Some days ago, in the Focus Session blog that I’m following and reading sometimes, a question was asked to the author about a magnetic anomaly located in Brazil, called “South Atlantic Anomaly”.

Basically it’s located in a region where the Van Allen belts are, hundreds of kilometres above the earth’s surface. This is where the radiation index is higher than in other zones. It seems that the South Atlantic Anomaly is produced by a “depression” in the Earth’s magnetic field in that place, due to the fact of the deviation between the magnetic and geographical centres (around 450 km’s). For further information, click here.

Lynn, the author and psychic who did the reading, answers the question this way:

This is interesting. I see this originating in the ocean, off the coast of Brazil. There’s a tremendous amount of pressure; something seriously wants to erupt there, but… there’s some kind of protective, angelic energy like a giant heavenly hand working to suppress it. I see that when the New Earth is complete, and people have a new place to “go,” that this energy will be released and whatever this is will be allowed to take its natural course. I hear that the New Earth is coming in our lifetime [so start meditating on creating the New Earth, folks!] eventually, then some will start to slowly migrate onto the new path, while others will be born to it. Then the Old Earth/New Earth timelines will totally Split.”

Whatever the reason that causes the anomaly, what took my attention was her mentioning the two temporal lines, using the naming of the “old” and “new” Earth because it’s the way I used to define them.

That make me recall the old posts about a history of ships published two years ago, where we explained the meaning of these two temporal lines, one of them discussing us moving to the “New Earth”.

Two Temporal Timelines - The Old And The New Earth

Anyhow, a couple of days ago my friend and colleague, Manuel González, published on his web site something I feel is very aligned with this, in a synchronicity type of way:

Just a short while ago, meditating, I asked to my guide about the most supporting temporal lines in order to experience in this incarnation (like Manuel), the physical world of the 5th dimension or the 4th density. My guide told me, that in this moment, I wasn’t aligned with the most favourable temporal line and that in the future I wouldn’t experience what is to live that new world like Manuel.

At the beginning, I got very miserable, because the fact to be aligned to this new world means a lot for me, but the answer he gave me was quite curious, because it showed me that the planet that we all know today was submitted to a very strong fight between powers. It was like seeing the world inside a dark cloud, where we were constantly asleep because the external emissions in many levels: feeding, the air we breathe, the news delivered by the mainstream media, programmed waves…

I was asking to my guide if it was possible to approach the most favourable line, the one which goes forward to live a completely new world, and like in other opportunities he answered that in order to get it, you have to grow your willpower, in order to be align with the vibrational frequency of the heart. The important thing is to vibrate constantly to become a channel which radiates the high energies that are coming to this world since a long time ago.”

The Two Temporal Lines Update

Since I wrote that history about those ships the situation hasn’t change too much, both temporal lines are standing firm. The line of the “Old Earth” is the line #33, and is the line which most of us are connected to. It’s a “negative” and dense one, so that is the reason that I told you the following in and old post about “learning to read the numbers”:

“If somebody perceives the number 33 constantly, in this period of the evolutionary change where we already are, that number takes a slightly different meaning. It is difficult to explain how to number these temporal lines, and it hasn’t so much importance but the same way that the number 911 took a kind of meaning of “danger” or “advise” after the 11S because the impact it reached in the collective unconscious, a lot of people started to watch 911 when they were facing a complicated situation, the repetition of number 33, for the same reason, could represent something that is not aligned with the evolutionary change we are already living.”

On the other hand, the temporal line of the “New Earth” is called line #42, that is the line which redirects us to this evolutionary reality — a conscious matrix change that we are immersed in. (Whatever you want to call it.)

Both lines are still running in parallel. If we presented them in the past like two ships with several gateways between them, now I perceive them (It’s very real and “lived” for me, since I meditate I can experience the energies where those lines are already running) like two trains at high speed, and the fact to change from one line to the other (#33 to the #42) it is the same that trying to change from on wagon in the line #33 train to another one in the #42 train both running a maximum speed.

As the Focus Session blog mentioned, both lines are both along, side by side, except the line #42 (the positive one) that isn’t 100% accomplished yet, or crystalized or stable in the multiple levels that conforms it. This causes at least from my point of view, that you experience “gaps and swings” when I’m trying to follow that line, because at the minimal effect from the #33(the negative) you get trapped as if it was a magnet.

That So Bad Understood Energy: Love

It’s like this, because as Manuel states, the frequency needed for the permanent anchoring to the line #42 it is a frequency based on love. Sure, “love” what such a word!! “Love” here isn’t an emotional energy, this love isn’t a feeling — that is the reason why it is so difficult to use.

Love is the energy of the pure light, the quantic energy of the Creation; like electricity, it’s a current of very high energy and higher frequency, which corresponds to a wave that can be channelized by the human being through the 4th chakra and through the heart. The emotional love of romances, attachments, possessions, I just love you only if (That is what I would call human love) …is not that energy that we are talking about, and which we need.

The big issue is, even with the ballast that all of us carry on, yes, we can jump to that #42 line. It is an exercise that consist in rising the frequency through that 4th chakra, tuning with it and “perceive” it, through the willingness, get energy anchored to it. (As we mentioned in old posts.).

But the main difficult here is just stay in the #42 wagon, because, by resonance, and because the critical mass of the collective unconsciousness still put us firmly attached to the #33, live permanently in the #42 line requires continuous work, hard and difficult.

The portals between lines, the jump gateways, are many, but easier to cross from the #42 to the #33 that in the other opposite way. It is tremendously difficult to maintain 24 hour a day a very high resonance frequency that makes you get connected like if your boots were magnetic ones use to get trapped in a high vibrational train. Unfortunately, just a bad news, or a mediatic manipulation, or just a discussion or emotional change, can provokes to return to the “Old Earth” directly.

The New Humanity

The fact of talking about to reaching the critical mass so frequently, (A lot of conferences are taking place in Spain) it is to set up a frequency change that allows a big majority of the humanity to jump from the temporal line and reverse the situation, in order to make this transition in no so complicated way.

In the “negative” line, if we finally are able to leave it in whatever moment, we will leave there only the ones who, in the levels of power of this planet, won’t move from their positions, but we don’t care so much about it, because it is they free will to keep on doing this power games for their own benefit.

But for sure is not the destiny of the new humanity.

So that is the reason why our attention is focused in get a majority of humans to get identified with “the new Earth” and stop getting identified with the “old Earth”, with higher vibrational frequencies, and in the near future, to take the accurate “rails” towards the correct way.

We don’t know how long it will take — years? Decades? — there are other forces in place at the planetary and macro cosmic level, fighting between each other, but what is clear, from inside, each of us has the opportunity to sit in whatever wagon we desire, making that change at his own speed, and knowing what is at stake.

And how the new humanity is? Well I imagine is like this:

[While this video from David Topi is in Spanish, you can click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner and turn English subtitles on]

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Translated by José and edited by Laron.


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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, http://emedt.org.

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[QUOTE="Pod, post: 9617, member: 3"] This last week has been energetically TOUGH! I spent two days with a wonderful feeling of champagne bubbles popping deliciously through my whole Being, then I sunk into an acute fear energy which felt intense. BUT it is only in my body, not in my mind. [/QUOTE] Good points, Pod!  You're absolutely right about resisting and persisting. For me however, it's not so much a matter of lowering my vibration to release something.  I've been at those low places before, I know them all too well, and I have no desire whatsoever to go there… Read more »


Quite a bit of my "work" has been gathering up people or guiding people to one place or another. It is my observation and belief that knowing the words and theory is not as important as having a kind and loving heart. There are plenty of people who can spout tons of words all day long, but have little understanding of themselves and others. Then there are the people like your daughter (and mine) who go out and make each day a little better for others.


[QUOTE="Pucksterguy, post: 9613, member: 27"]Any numerologists here know the meaning behind theae numbers? I understand 33 to be a sacred number in it's meaning. 42 I'm not so sure about.[/QUOTE] 42. One of the most powerful names in Venus' domain. Gallantry and prudence are marked traits. There is a permanent quest for a better life, and by middle age, they reach a formidable position. Great planners, dynamic, kinetic, they have a unique understanding of how things work. Charismatic and optimistic. Opportunities come out of the blue, and they exploit these with the best resources at their disposal. There is a… Read more »


[QUOTE="Angela, post: 9599, member: 28"]There's an error in the link about the two ships.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Angela.

I fixed it. This is the URL: https://www.transients.info/2014/07/the-shift-in-consciousness-status-of-the-new-earth-aspects-of-a-higher-self-david-topi/.

There is a section lower down about his analogy using ships. This is highly recommended reading by me as while it is old, I find it still very relevant to explain what is going on with the new earth.


Ty Pod. I've always worn my heart on my sleeve. Most don't understand that, but I cater to the few not the masses. The few that "know" me know. The rest think I'm nuts(dumb) thats ok I like that.  TY Laron, hard to believe the same person wrote both articles but they're likely different aspects of the same thing. Prob viewing different timelines. We live and learn. These writings you posted allayed most of my feara regarding the ascension. A few more to deal with and I can become freer still. I told a kid once that everytime you learn… Read more »


What I will do is post a new article sometime linking to all the old David Topi articles, but because of the automatic migration, I don't like to link to the existing migrated articles as their formatting is all over the place — I need to edit each one first before … advertising their presence again! [QUOTE="Pucksterguy, post: 9728, member: 27"]TY Laron, hard to believe the same person wrote both articles but they're likely different aspects of the same thing.[/QUOTE] Well, firstly it's in Spanish. It gets translated to English by Jose. I then edit parts of it to try… Read more »