Farsight’s Time-Cross Remote Viewing October Predictions | Part 1


Here I cover the latest Farsight Time-Cross remote viewing October project predictions. For this article I will closely report on Dick Allgire’s session which shows a possible gas leak at night in a crowded city, and then a financial meltdown type of situation.

The Time-Cross Project is about predicting major news events in the main stream media a month before they occur. The targets that are given to these remote viewers are based on the most popular headlines, such as those from CNN, CBC and the New York Times, that are released the following month.

Only two viewers participated this month. Each received two targets, which means a possible four events could be viewed. The first remote viewer was Dick Allgire below.

Gas Leak  & Power Outage

Monday, September 26th, is when Dick begins. He explains that he has done some work ahead on paper at a desk, and what he first saw was buildings along with traffic, smells of smog and a cemented urban type area. There was yelling. There was the smell of blood and the taste or urine. Cool temperatures were there, along with broken cement.

He saw a tangle of something that was jumbled, then heard voices and sirens. At this stage he could sense the smell and taste of cement based dust, and then warm temperatures.

Tall structures appeared with the sounds of a helicopter — more dust and exhaust smells along with cool temperatures. Dick then saw something in the air; a grey mist or cloud, then voices over a PA system, or something similar.

All these were his initial impressions which he begins his recording at, using them as a ‘jumping off’ point.

Next he begins assembling this into a site sketch based on what he saw.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

He talks about people yelling in the street, outside and below the buildings. He notices docks or piers protruding out onto a waterfront. The smells are not clean at the water’s edge, but dirty, fishy, and possibly a garbage type of ocean smell. It’s pretty cold, the water, and he hears a tug boat or engine down there. But that is not where the action is.

He explains that the important event is occurring in-between the tall buildings.

In the air is something moving slowly between the buildings. He smells natural gas, as well as concrete. It seems that this cloud of gas has been drifting in-between them.

Dick now focuses in closer at the structures, to try and get more detail.

It’s night time as he senses the darkness. There is a lot of shadow. Something important he notices is the lack of light, as he would expect more in a city of that size.

He asks himself the question, “is the power off?” There seems to be a state of emergency with people out in the streets now, running around and looting. The fire department has responded along with law enforcement.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

Cordons are setup, as they want people to leave specific areas. Dick draws lines between the buildings to indicate that people are being evacuated. There are commands being shouted over a loud speaker, which is over a very wide area.

Again Dick re-draws what he is seeing and senses something being in the air, drifting between these buildings. He gets that natural gas smell and continues to hear the emergency vehicles responding, with the fire department trying to help.

People are on the ground, suffocating, he feels. He hears a hissing, seeping cloud moving through the area.

The next image he draws is focused in on a four way street, with tall buildings and people walking all over the streets. The people here have come out at an unusual hour, all mingling together. There seems to be confusion and anger. They are uncertain and looking around, trying to see how wide spread this is.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

They are now talking to each other, taking pictures. Some are using their phones for light. It seems like the cell phone service was knocked out. The buildings around the area have little light. The general services in the area seem to be having major issues, including transport.

Most of the people are not enjoying the experience, but not panicking, as it’s more like they are just on edge.

Now Dick sees a tangled, or jumbled scene in mind. He draws it up and concentrates on it. He sees a structure with parts of it broken. There is smoke and light drifting off of it. Wires and cables are tangled and jumbled together, like a birds nest. This seems somehow important to the situation.

This seems to possibly be causing an interruption in services. Alarms are tripped. Communications and transit systems seem to be affected by what he is seeing. The lines could be fibre optic, power, telephone, and so on.

A hand appears on the whiteboard as Dick Allgire draws a new scene.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

What he is indicating here is similar to how people hold up their phones to take selfies in an emergency. They are using the light of the cell phones for illumination but also creating a video to document the event. In the distance behind the people is the actual event and problem this is all related to.

So this is not a run for your life situation, based on what he senses, as these people don’t seem to be too worried. They seem to be wondering how long it will last and how wide spread it is, but know it will be a good story to share later on.

The next drawing that he comes up with shows people in an enclosed space, some sitting, some standing, which may be an elevator. They are waiting here. They are angry and impatient. Someone is needing to go to the toilet. They have been in there two to three hours, he feels. Again, these people are using their phones for light and one may have a key chain based light source.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

These people are waiting there, in this little room, hoping to get out and escape.

Next Dick draws a new image. At a height of hundreds of miles up, he sees a satellite. Something is not making a connection, as he sees the signal being cut off. For some reason communication that is meant to be going up and coming down is not occurring.

He doesn’t know if it’s because of what is going on, on the ground, or if there is a fault in the satellite. It’s all interconnected and something isn’t working right, he says.

time-cross october remote viewing Dick Allgire 7 transients

Financial Meltdown

Now it’s time for Dick to continue on with his next target, which he records the day after. However, he keeps feeling he needs to return back to that previous scene. While getting a massage, he had more data come to him so wanted to expand on it as it just did not feel finished.

What he begins to see is a room with a lot of people in it. It’s a crowded room with lots of commotion and noise. It’s like bells ringing, people shouting, yelling — it’s just a busy, busy place with a lot of activity.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

It’s not a huge room but bigger than most offices, like the size of several offices which allows a few hundred people to mingle. There are screens up on the wall. He gets the idea of the coin dropping; they seem anxious and frightened, wary, with high heart rates. There is important activity occurring here as they watch something happening on these screens.

What he probes next is something extremely complex. He notices nodes and connected lines, networked together, which are interdependent and interconnected. The level of complexity is all over the places. There’s a flow of information. He senses it could be infrastructure and financial in nature. If he drew all of it, it would indicatehow connected one thing is with another, this and that going here and there, but all part of the same thing. It’s an incredibly complex structure he explains.

Dick says this is very interesting as he has never received remote viewing data like this. He picks up digital information, zeroes and ones, which are connected into some networking based system. They are controlling something. He then gets bonds and gold derivatives, as financial terms pop into his head.

A metaphorical image also comes along. He draws it. What it looks like is a snake eating its own tail.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

A word appears to him, ‘Ouroboros’. So he says that we should picture a very complex digital system that ultimately fails because it ends up eating itself.

Connecting into that situation he sees people in a room looking at big complex displays which are colored with graphs, charts and numbers. There is a lot of data being displayed like bar graphs and so on.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

He is reminded of the stock market. The people are all talking at once. They are yelling. Again he gets that term, ‘the coin has dropped’. They are very concerned about a situation.

There is some market fluctuation as they monitor it on these screens. ‘Meltdown’ comes to him. ‘October surprise’. This is a hectic day for these people.

Two more disjointed images come to him.

The first one is a diagonal line in a structure. It’s a nice looking place with a lot of people. There is an open space. He sees an escalator. People are mingling around a few sposts here.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

As for the second image, he explains that when he was having that massage, laying on the table, while feeling some Reiki type of energy, he was thinking to himself about this target — what does he need to see, what does he need to see, as he looks at that target and drifts off.

All of a sudden he was in a bright light and for a few seconds it came to him; he saw a white structure in the daylight. It was a van perhaps. He saw people next to this.

Time-Cross October Remote Viewing Dick Allgire

Dick explains that it didn’t arrive as an idea or concept, it was a flickering visual, for about 3 seconds. The skies are blue, the sun is bright. It’s about the middle of the day. Something large and white is there, but he can’t be sure what it is, so it could be a structure, not a large vehicle. There is a person stumbling and falling next to this, and the two people beside are taller, in suits, and well dressed.

His thought of this is… Hillary Clinton is going to fall down again and there will be a video. It may be her stumbling out in the daytime and there could be a video of this.

That concludes Dick’s remote viewing October targets.

This will be part one of two parts covering this session. I will write up part two tomorrow and post it on transients.info. You can find the video here on YouTube which covers the entire session, which is an hour in length.

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Laron is an energetic healer, past life therapist, consciousness guide, poet,writer and editor from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others. Editor of the metaphysical site transients.info, Laron is also a bit of a bookworm. Trained by Dolores Cannon in QHHT (Past Life Regression) and Energetic Healing by well-known Australian intuitive and healer Stephen Bishop, Laron is also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.

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I think they got to him and made a deal with him regarding maybe getting out of the embassy since he's been locked up there for 4 years it must be driving him crazy being there. Hilary was really wanting to kill him but they couldn't so I'm betting they made some kind of deal with him that is appealing I mean she will do ANYTHING to be elected why not. It just bothers me since people like her keep lying and keeping the public dumbed down and I'm just tired of it.      Regarding far sight, I'm thinking… Read more »


I' m sorry but you are mistaken Mike. Assange never intended to release docs yesterday. It was all blown up by Alex Jones and other alternatives. Assange did not cheat anyone and when Hillary threatened to assassinate him it was in 2004.

Please see this thread where we are keeping up to date.


Guccifer 2.0 is doing the download.  You can access it here:



Your right he never specified that date I realize that stone told Alex and Alex did blow it up but assange did say he would release the stuff that would get her indicted before the election for the last 3 months but now he's saying the end of the year which is what I'm paying attention to sorry I should have said that. Thanks for pointing that out though I just woke up :p