Time-Cross September Remote Viewing Results


The Farsight Institute’s Director Courtney Brown, just released a short video outlining the Time-Cross September results for the Remote Viewing sessions that were performed back in August.

The Time-Cross project aims to predict the major news events the month before they occur. So far they have had 100% accuracy since the project began.

What were the most dominating news events reported on for the month of September? The riots in North Carolina and the war in Syria.

Remote viewers Daz Smith and PrinCess Jeaneé clearly described the race and police related violence based civil disturbances that occurred in North Carolina, resulting in a declaration of a state of emergency.

Those results are pretty clear in terms of ‘hits’, which you can confirm from watching the video session I posted about back on the 2nd of September here.

Aziz Brown also clearly described the war time activity that related to that war — an armed conflict involving airborne attacks on an armed militarised presence in an urban area. This fits the situations that were going on in Syria in September.

Dick Allgire clearly remote viewed the situation surrounding diplomatic relations in terms of a deal that was made between US and Russia regarding Syria, as hostilities were ceased as a result. Dick came up with a lot of detail here, mentioning those involved in both parties by name, the places involved in the negotiations, noting that the negotiations were done in private and even saw that the negotiators were bypassed by others who had their own agendas. 

Time-Cross September

PrinCess Jeaneé also described one of these meetings that took place and noticed the small group negotiating more so for their own interests, rather than the interests of the population.

Dick and Jeaneé described some buildings in their remote viewing sessions. These buildings looked very similar to those surrounding the location where the negotiations took place.

In Dick’s session he also talked about what sounded like congressional hearings in Washington D.C. He described sworn testimony, suspended witnesses, fact finding and accusations. He even noted in his session that he was having difficulty connecting this with other aspects that came up.

Time-Cross September

What Dick described did happen during September. John Stumpe, the chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo Bank was drilled in a public and heated way during congressional hearings, about the activities of this bank that were ongoing for years. Around two million unauthorised accounts were created for customers of Wells Fargo.

This costed all those customers a lot of money in bank fees. Wells Fargo Bank is one of the largest in the United States and this caused a lot of bad press for them.

Dick clearly picked up on that event. But the hard part of that situation, Courtney explains, is that the Wells Fargo event was reported on, as seen below in the table outlining the number of media articles, but it wasn’t as high as some other events.

Time-Cross September

So there were 31 links to headline storied in relation to the Wells Fargo scandal, but the Riots and state of emergency in North Carolina had 115 links to their related news stories. The War in Syria had 157 related links.

Out of the 27 major news events reported on the Time-Cross monitored news venues, the Wells Fargo scandal ranked in at number six from the top.

What does this mean? The Time-Cross project is aiming at identifying the most important news worthy stories for the targeted month. The remote viewers are trying to describe these stories that will be reported on.

What this indicates is that the project is not perfect, in terms of them targeting the stories at the top of the list, so instead of six down in the above example, they were wanting to get closer to number one.

Courtney speculates that the Wells Fargo scandal may just become far more important in the coming months based on world events, and this could be why Dick picked up on this. He explains that such a situation has occurred in the past within the Time-Cross Project.

So near the end of this update he is really trying to explain that the perceptions of the remote viewers are not just on the major news event stories, but how those events may relate to future stories in the months ahead in terms of importance.

Again Courtney says  that this Time-Cross project clearly shows how accurate remote viewing can be, and that it helps Farsight if people do check out their mystery remote viewing projects and purchase the material that is available for those that interests them, as this helps support the ongoing running of the Farsight Institute.

You can find the “Mysteries” Projects here. To find the update that this article is about, head over to the YouTube video here.

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