The Call Of A Soul

Henda talks about the recent loss of her canary, which includes an OOBE. She also explains her viewpoint of what a soul is.


I want to dedicate this article to those who have lost a dear one, whoever that may be, because recently it’s the first time I experienced the loss of a friend with such an intense feeling of connectedness to their soul.

My canary’s departure is the catalysis of this article. Two days before she passed my bird the Adar Llwch Gwin came to me — my canary was very sick and I was healing her through a meditation which led me to an out of body experience.

He took me over a mountain after we crossed the Loch Ness; it was located on the left side of the lake. We flew for a while this time. When we landed on the top of that hill a portal opened and we entered. It was like a big circle surrounded by a large rectangular screen.

When there, the atmosphere was pure and light and we saw many birds flying and singing all around. He said, “This is the Magical Kingdom of Birds. When they split off their physical bodies they are directly sent here to rest. But they keep having access to the other realms including Earth. They can come back to incarnate whenever they feel ready.” And he added, “Your beautiful bird will be here in very few days, you will be able to connect to her here every time you need. She will also keep that connection with you and you will feel her near every time.

When I was back in my physical body I was really sad to know that she was beginning her transition and her soul was ready to leave. This happened and I was trying to keep her alive; as I did not want her to go. The night before she left, I woke up at 4:30 am just after the transient weekend group healing session.

She was calling me.

My right hand was burning so hard, I knew it was her soul calling for help. When I went to see her, she was down in the cage (A healthy bird never stays very long down in a cage), eyes wide open as if she were trying to say her last goodbye, not willing to sleep, afraid to leave without seeing me.

I took her in my hands and put her over in the cage so that she could rest. I stayed with her for an hour and I was talking to her soul. “Please stay with me! I want you to stay for a while.” I guess I was hearing her fight to stay longer but felt also her despair. Her soul was replaying to us at the same time, “I can no more be in this physical body, and I have to leave!”

All my prayers and maybe hers too, were useless, but she finally slept again and I understood that she had a little time to live — maybe also a little chance to heal, I thought. I let a little light into the room so that she wouldn’t feel alone in the dark.

Back in my bed at 5:30 am I was out of my body so fast, I saw myself in a parallel world and my little bird was there sitting beside the cage in a yellow plate. She was talking to me in her language. It was very subtle. I heard a language between the bird singing and a galactic one; there were real words, but I could not understand her message. She was talking so fast like do the birds while they sing; I knew she was asking for help again. I was then sent to my physical body.

Call of a Soul
Henda took this photo in September 2016. She said her canary would talk to the spirits every morning.

I woke up and went to see her; she was again down in her cage. I took her and put her up again. But she could not stay in equilibrium she was tottering. She was overbalanced. I knew these were the last hours that she might be she was with us.

She was again sleeping. It was morning and I let her rest. But she was asking for help and it came to her. So she fell from above in the afternoon as she was not able to struggle against her soul delivery.

As she was shivering in my daughter’s hands when her soul was leaving her, she asked for water urgently making little sounds of pain as if she was begging for relief. We knew that the soul was leaving the physical body.

She drank nervously and her soul left immediately in a little but long exhale.

I kept her in my hands doing some healing on her to help her; she was still vibrating so intensely even after the soul had left. I felt her presence and she was still really there so near from her physical body, she was still communicating through her energetic field.

I then felt a big white bubble of a very warm energy/ light surrounding me. It was a huge one, and it was her healing herself and healing me from the pain I was feeling inside. I saw her flying in a tube of white light she was free. It was the soul delivery.

I know this experience is personal, but on the 16th of October 2013 I lost another canary that way. She left 3 years later as if it was to give me a message.

“Never more birds in cages. Birds are meant to live free, humans are enslaving them making money from selling them and raising them in cages creating caged birds. This must be ended with the new shift”.

The other message I heard from her was that she wanted to stay with us and not be buried so quickly, and that she wanted to be buried under a big tree near my apartment. That made us (my daughter had the same message) happy and we just let her with us. It was comforting for all of us. She was like sleeping surrounded with gems and little stones over her plaid.

As all this happened during the full super moon of October we experienced the fragile thing life can be.

What Is A Soul?

We are here and elsewhere. She was in between the Bird Kingdom and Earth. I understood how strong and powerful a soul is.

It is a very subtle energy that can connect to us while needed.

While writing this I can feel its warmth and peaceful energy.

A soul is really connected to the highest energy of the Universe: it is Love. When connecting to those you love and who are on the other side, you can easily feel that vibrating energy of love and it is so intense and sweet. It stays in you helping you on your journey. When transitioning souls make some progress and feeling this is amazing.

I buried my little friend under a huge pine in the park nearby.

Every time I am out I know that another subtle connection has been done with that tree taking care of the little creature sleeping there. Like humans souls, animal’s souls are also led to an evolutionary process. I guess it is a universal condition and state of being.

Taking care of our little friends and close companions in our journey is necessary as they are beings who have certain skills even we humans cannot see. They are different but this is given to us for a reason, to understand those hidden parts of who we are and the true nature of things.

A soul is a huge entity programmed to integrate any shape or body because it’s part of the life progress which is a place in constant dynamic and movement. I feel that a soul is a real and tangible particle of a bigger picture or body which is the multiverse. It contains all its qualities and all its duties: evolution, creation, love, compassion and freedom.

A soul can also come to you during your sleep time or in your dreams and can bring healing into your life and into you. It can be a messenger. It can also be the soul of someone very dear to you who is leaving Earth. I understood that our souls can do whatever they want out of our will. It is a real entity working on us and connecting to those who are from the same soul family. It has the ability to be 100% conscious of its journey in our physical body. That is why many really disconnect from their souls and live that way as if they were only physical shapes only.

It’s not also matching with our physical reality; it’s working on it to bring it into what we are meant to do and to learn from our journey. It is the wise councilor who always tries to go along with the contract before incarnation on Earth or anywhere in the multiverse.

When leaving the physical body, a soul begins a new process which leads to generate an intense and burning energy. It’s a kind of chemical process of living and dying like an explosion and the birth of a star. I have been always wondered why I had that burning energy in my right hand and thought it is energy of a different kind. We can use it to heal ourselves and to heal around us.

at-rest-call-of-a-soul-henda-transientsBut that energy is a true perceptible connection to leaving souls; when we have it, it is a sign for us that we are light-workers and volunteering to help souls during their transition — it is part of our mission here.

I have been learning from this during the last 2 years and it took me time to fully understand it, to understand the process of life and death and the energy that allows them to be.

When I connected to my bird’s soul, asking it to stay a bit longer with me, it was the same answer I was hearing for more than an hour: “No! I have to leave this body. It no more can host me!”

I understood what happens behind the scenes. The physical body is only a host for a while, and we choose it as it is appropriate to our life mission and spiritual evolutionary process.

The call of a soul is that time when it leaves the physical; it takes time to get free from it as it also gets acquainted to it. It is the new home but a temporary one. The soul knows that more than us. It leads us to the end of a journey with wisdom and power. In his book Journey of Souls, Michael Newton says:

“Our soul may be travelling away from a permanent home, but we are not just tourists. We bear responsibility in the evolution of a higher consciousness for ourselves and others in life. Thus our journey is a collective one. We are divine but imperfect beings who exist in two worlds, material and spiritual. It is our destiny to shuttle back and forth between these universes through space and time while we learn to master ourselves and acquire knowledge. We must trust in this process with patience and determination. Our essence is not fully knowable in most physical hosts, but Self is never lost we always remain connected to both worlds”. (p. 276).

I strangely find many things in this statement of what I have been learning in three days with my bird’s transition.


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I'm sorry for your loss, Henda…but profoundly grateful for the wonderful relationship and experiences you were able to have with your feathered family member and the lessons you were able to share with us!

I know your healing will be quick, because you understand the continuation of life–and soul so well.

Your precious friend will be missed, of course, but she is always with you in some form now–and I've no doubt you'll be reunited one day when you return to her.



I've had the same experience with our dogs telling me they were ready to go.

I understand your joy of having a beautiful companion and your feelings of loss at their passing.

You provided a wonderful home filled with love and joy for her.

Hailstones Melt

You have a very cute and gorgeous bird friend (have, because your soul connection is still strong); and with her permission you had an amazing experiential journey of several of the mysteries of life – the temporary "holding" nature of being in physical form; being a fractal and containing the macro universe in the micro; life-death transition; and astral bird kingdom. You explained all of it very well. Thank you!


Henda, I'm so sorry. Our pets are truly our family and they give us company and unconditional love. Its so hard to be without them even though we know without doubt that we will see them again. My heart is with you.


Oh Henda….I understand the pain of losing a feathered friend and I share your sorrow.


Thank you for reaching through that to share your experiences and insights.


Fly free dear bird. Fly free.