The Shift, Reptilian Planet, Earth Changes & More | Melanie the Creator Being — Part 3


This is the third article covering the two QHHT past life regression sessions that Sian Chua facilitated with Melanie, in Perth Australia. This session was conducted in January, 2016.

Melanie transcribed this herself and I have done the editing. The topics covered are listed below.

  • A detailed description of a planet where reptilian beings live.
  • A future Earth where blue ETs come to visit, after the planet of the reptilian’s has approached.
  • Hiroshima: the damage to the earth and the involvement of a galactic federation.
  • Beings and souls on Earth helping stop the Earth changes, in connection to the shift in consciousness and the area of Easter Island, plus Gnome type beings that live underground.
  • Some information on the end process of the shift in consciousness.

As Sian guides Melanie to a significant time and life, she moves back in ‘time’ to the perspective that seems like the ‘past’.

* * *

The Rotting Toxic Planet of the Reptilians

M: I can’t come off the cloud.

S: So you can’t come off the cloud, what would you like to do? Go up?
M: I don’t think I am on the cloud anymore. I just can’t go down. I am above…. I am in space and I am above a planet but it is too dangerous to go down.

S: That is ok, so you are in space, above a planet. You are an observer? Do you see from where you are? What does the planet look like?
M: There is a lot of darkness, there is a sense of evil.

Reptilian Planet - The Shift, Reptilian Planet, Earth Changes & More transients

S: You do not have to go there, so tell me what happens next. You can go somewhere else if you like, with an intention you can navigate yourself away. What would you like to do?

M: I still feel drawn to this planet. But I can not go onto this planet.

S: Would you be able to just observe from above, from a safe distance (I am), position yourself from a safe distance as an observer. Take that position now, but be very, very safe. What is happening there?
M: There is just a lot of decay, death and destruction.

S: Do you know what is causing that? (Evil) and what is your perception from where you are of evil?

M: The opposite of love.

S: So evil, the opposite of live is responsible for all this decay, death and destruction? (Yes) As you observe, what else is happening? What is being destroyed?
M: The surface of the planet and it is radiating out and causing like a toxic fog or smoke and it is leaking out into space.

S: Outside of the planet?
M: Yes it is contaminating the rest of space.

S: Is there anything you can do about that, do you want to do anything about it?
M: No I can’t do anything about it.

S: That doesn’t sound very good, sounds like a major catastrophe? So the surface of the planet is being destroyed and there is death. What is dying? On this planet.
M: The beings. (What are they like?) They are very dark and black, and I don’t know how as I am not on the planet but I know their breath smells.

S: Are they humanlike at all?
M: No there are no humans here
{Melanie doesn’t say it out loud but the beings she was seeing were the reptilians}

S: Is everyone dead, or are there survivors?
M: They are kind of cannibalistic, there are many alive, just everything else is dying and decaying, that is the way they like it, that is how they feed. They enjoy it.

S: So is this, what you are observing, is this a natural state? Things dying and decaying?
M: I am not sure it is natural for that planet, but it is their way of being that has created it.

S: So what is causing this death and decay?
M: There is a rotten smell, gas in the air, like sulphur or rotting eggs, added to that decay.

S: Are there beings who are surviving, are they being affected by this? Sulphurous smell, or by the decay?
M: They seem to enjoy it.

S: SO they don’t seem to be effected by it? What is actually decaying?
M: I am not sure I just see smoke and gas and decay, there is no nature left, it isn’t like it is a decaying plant or tree because there is nothing left. Just them and the whole planet and whatever they are producing out of their bodies produces this stench of decay.

S: It sounds pretty horrible. But that is the way it is. Are these beings who are alive being affected by these fumes at all?
M: Not in the way a human would be. It seems to be a part of them. As we would breathe oxygen, they seem to breathe this stuff.

S: You can go back in time if you like and find out what has created this situation on the planet.
M: What I can see now is that it isn’t a natural planet as I first thought, it is as if they created it, the beings that live there. At first I thought it was a planet that they inhabited but now I think they made it and live on it.

S: How can you best describe this planet they made?
M: I guess it is like a ship of some description and they live on the outside of it, or maybe they are surrounded by a sphere.

S: Can you look closer to see if they are on the surface of the object or if they are inside a sphere.
M: I have just seen star wars so it is a bit like the death star??? But the death star is very mechanical but this I can’t see what is made out of because of the black oozing gasses and decay. The difference now from before is there is not as much as decay as in the future or as many beings on there.

S: Are they within the sphere or on the outside?
M: They are on what would look like the surface of the planet but surrounding them is like a shield (what is the purpose of that shield?) it is to contain their atmosphere, their environment.

Sian has Melanie move to another day in that life time, to another significant day. This day seems like it is in a ‘future’ time.

Future Earth Visitors

S: Where are you now?
M: I am still up there but seeing things from a different perceptive. I can see the Earth now and it is close to, well in the same line of vision to the other thing, the rotting thing has come close to the earth.

S: How doe the earth look like from where you are?
M: Well it is about the size of the moon, from when we are on earth looking at the full moon. It is blue and green and there are clouds.

S: As you observe the earth what are you seeing, thinking and sensing?
M: That I don’t want this thing (the rotting planet) to come too close to the Earth. I am worried it is going to destroy it; the toxic gas will spread its diseases.

S: When you say it is close, how close is it?
M: Well I am sort of in the middle of both of them and from here in the middle they are both the size of the moon, as I see the moon when I am on the earth. (So however far away the moon is to earth, the rotting planet is that far away from me in the middle)

S: I would like you to look down at your body, do you have any feet?
M: I am the dragon again. (Describe yourself) If I was somewhere that had gravity, I would be very heavy but here I just will myself to be somewhere and I just float. I don’t have anything on my face to breathe I just breathe

Melanie recalls feeling like having to breathe wasn’t a thing, like she didn’t have to breathe to survive.

S: Remember the last time you were the dragon, you thought you were a crocodile with three heads and a thick tale, are you the same now?
M: (Laughs) Yes.

S: So move ahead in time in that scene and tell me what happens. Does it get closer to Earth does it contaminate Earth? Does it completely destruct? It still exists? Does anything effect Earth?
M:  There does seem to be some atmospheric pollution. Like a toxic cloud it comes in thicker and thicker.

S: Are there any life forms on earth at this time? (Yes) what sort of life forms are there?
M: There are humans and some blue beings. They are human like. But they are quite tall.

S:  Do the humans and the blue bodied ones coexist side by side? (Yes)
M: To a degree, the blue ones have come to take charge, but not in a bad way, in assistance (to help) yes.

S: Do you know how these blue beings came to planet Earth.
M: They have been watching. They have been watching and waiting for a long time. (why) because the beings from the rotten planet, they have come to spread their toxins and disease onto the earth and into the humans and to neutralise it or make it right, the blue beings also came but they didn’t interfere initially, they had to wait until enough people called to them.

Image Credit: NASA

S: The humans became aware of the blue beings at some stage and asked for help and the blue beings went onto planet earth to assist the humans with this situation (yes). So now that this toxic gas or pollution is coming down into the Earth’s atmosphere are the humans aware of it, what happens with this situation?
M: The humans are aware of it but not as I see it. I see it as a black smoke, like an oily smoke, but the humans don’t have my sight, they don’t see the smoke, to them they just feel yucky, it feels suppressive, it feels controlling and like anxiety. It is like if fear could be physical that is what that is.

S: Do they do anything about this, the blue beings, knowing it is affecting the earth?
M: Not initially, they just watch in their ships, but when they finally have permission, or it is safe, for them to land they finally take over. And tell the humans what is going on and what to do, in a good way (not oppressive or controlling)

S: So there will come a time on Earth where the humans will call out and the blue beings will help in this situation?
M: Yes. (What do they do?) It is like they are the good guys being sent in to rescue and help. (How do they do this?) They tell, well I see many of them standing and groups of humans gathering around them while they tell the humans what to do to change it. (What do the humans have to do?) They have to trust in the higher power and not give in to fear. And connect into themselves and into love and share it. They don’t understand because they think they should be able to ‘do’ something, like physical.

S: But nothing can physically be done to help?
M: Well more things can be done better physically if they do it spiritually (laughs)

S: So it starts with the energetics but the humans are not understanding that (no) so it is like let’s do something in the physical about this, but they are not getting it, it needs to be energetic. Move ahead in that scene and tell me what happens in that scene. Do the humans get it? Do they act on the guidance they are getting?
M: Enough of them do. (how many is enough, is this a very small portion of the entire population) maybe 10%, but it is like some of them start being how they are told, they connect in, the others that, I guess have been doing this kind of work for a while, stand up and say ‘this is what I have been trying to tell you’ it is like a tidal wave and more and more people start to understand, then they start doing it too.

S: Like a remembrance and a reminder and they say ‘ok let’s get on with this’, it will help us and they help other people to remember, is that what you mean?
M: Yes, they are just looking for guidance and for people to stand up and say ‘it’s ok, just do what they are asking’

S: What happens at the end of that scene? Is it contained and controlled, is the pollution cleared?
M: There is a cleanup effort, it is working and it does take quite a lot of time. There is a lot of resistance from the darker beings and the thing (planet) that they are on. (How do they resist) They have been asked to leave but they won’t. (Who has asked them to leave?) The Federation. (Who is the Federation?) Well, the blue beings on the Earth are a part of this and there are a whole heap of others around the Earth too.

S: So the federation is a large consortium? Or group? That if which the blue beings are a part of? What is the role of the federation?
M: For justice and the balance of light through the universe.

S: So the darker beings have been asked to leave. Does that mean the darker beings have actually come to Earth?
M:  There are none here now.

S: Right now none, but was there a time when the toxicity and the pollution was going on that the beings from the decaying planet also came to earth as a part of their agenda.
M: They don’t like Earth, they can’t breathe well. It is not a match to them. But they did, I’m not sure how, but a few of them did manifest for a short period of time (and they were told to leave?) not at that time.

S: I understood that you said they were told to leave.
M: Yes to move their ship (planet), their thing away from the Earth, out of range of the Earth. (Did they do that?) That is what they are resisting.

S: Do they continue to resist or does there come a time when they comply with he request of the blue beings?
M: I don’t think they so much comply, but there does seem to be a movement out of the way.

S: So the threat of the danger to Earth is now gone? Is that correct?
M: It has been postponed.

S: So it sounds from what you have been saying that there is a possibility this may happen again? But for now it has been put on hold? (Yes if it comes close to the Earth again)

Sian takes Melanie to another scene. She goes back into the ‘past’


M: I am still above the Earth. The Hiroshima bomb has just gone off (begins to cry)

S: Why are you crying?
M: (Crying) Because it hurts me.

S: How does it hurt you?
M: All of the destruction, it just ripples through me. (Melanie still feels the Earth in her human form and all that happens to the Earth continues to ripple through her)

S: You feel it right to your very core.

Sian has Melanie float up out of her body so she doesn’t feel the pain.

M: They didn’t need to do that. (They didn’t? Why not?) Peace could have been sought in other ways (what other ways?) Communication, love, compassion.

S: But they chose force instead?
M: Yes and they destroyed so much more than they ever realised.

S: Permanent destruction, long term effects yes? (Yes) So what else are you observing and how else are you feeling looking at this scene.
M: I feel like this was the beginning of MAJOR destruction. (Where) on the Earth (this was the first in the chain, what other observations do you have on what happened here?) As I watch I am hoping the native Aboriginals and tribes from around the world aren’t going to be effected and their traditions and their insights will be strong enough to maintain the Earth and keep it in a place of love.

Bomb - The Shift, Reptilian Planet, Earth Changes & More
Atomic cloud over Nagasaki

S: So you are hoping that will happen? (Regardless of the destruction but it ripples out the whole way around) You spoke of the federation and of the Blue beings before, are they here observing Hiroshima?
M: There are a few of them, not as many (as will be in the future) they were also hoping this wasn’t going to happen.

S: But it did happen, could they and all the Federation not have prevented or stop this. (They did try) How did they try?
M: They tried working with people on the ground, but there wasn’t enough of them. Not enough of the good ones. It created a lot of cracks on the Earth, it created tears and made the Earth unstable.

S: Can the Federation mend those cracks and tears? Can they be fixed?
M:  I think the Earth needs a lot of healing for that to occur. It needs a lot of concentrated conscious effort and at that time, there wasn’t enough. The Federation began to see just what lengths the governments would go to, to destroy and control.

S: Is this the first time something like this has happened to planet Earth? A man made catastrophe? M: Yes one that has had such huge physical impacts on the planet itself. They are not to do that again, or the Earth will break apart.

S: Is it already severely weakened? (Yes)

Sian takes Melanie to yet another important day or scene in that life time.

Easter Island

M: (laughs) All they days in this life are important!

S: Ok just go to the most important, milestones and events that really stand out.
M: I am not sure it is an event but I am seeing the big head statues on Easter Island.

S: And what are you seeing, what is happening.
M: I am seeing some kind of energy radiate out from that area.

S: Do you know what is causing or creating that energy to radiate out?
M:  Yeah. It is something going on deeper inside the Earth in that area. (What is it?) I will ask them permission first.

S: Who are you asking permission of?
M: The beings that are down there creating the light. It is a very sacred space. I have come here before.

S: Are they giving you permission? (Yes, again) The last time you came there what was your purpose there?
M: To talk with them, to get them to reignite their ‘crystal’ or machine, to reignite it and send the energy out again.

Easter island - The Shift, Reptilian Planet, Earth Changes & More
A View of the Monuments of Easter Island, Rapanui. Painted around 1775 by William Hodges. This is the earliest known painting of Easter Island.

S: What is this energy? You spoke of a light? The beings down there were creating a light? What is the purpose of that light and why are you asking them to send it out again.
M: It is like a golden web matrix, healing light, filaments that reconnect damaged aspects. I am asking them to send it out again because there is something, with one of the Earth matrix that needs healing.

S: So this is for healing the earth matrix? (Yes) So they are holders of the light and they help Earth heal? (Yes) and the matrix that needs healing has that got anything to do with Hiroshima and the cracks?
M: Yes, but this is further along in time and the cracks have gotten bigger. They are placing like these webs, it looks like lava but it is pure golden energetic filament lava.

S: Into the cracks to help heal them?
M: Yes, yes, but also under the water. This is where the big cracks are, in the sea bed.

S: They must be pouring a lot of gold lava into those cracks because there were a lot of cracks created by Hiroshima. Did these cracks run the entire circumference of the earth?
M: No radiating out from where it was.

S: These beings that are down there? Inside the Earth? (Yes) Who are they, who do you know them as?
M: They look like moles , burrow digging, blind, smooth pink skin, but human size with big bulbous noses (Melanie later recalls they look very much like the fairytale ‘gnomes’)

S: So they have consciousness and intelligence as they are the ones generating the light. Now you are with them again can you tell what is generating the light? Is it a machine or a crystal?
M: They create the light. They surround, a, it is not a machine, it is not solid, it is not solid like a crystal or a machine but it has form, and item that they surround. Then together they concentrate all of their communal energy into this thing and then that radiates out. It looks pulsing, it is not solid, but it holds a form or shape like a flame, but not wispy like a flame it retains a shape.

S: So they focus their energy in to it and it radiates this energy out.
M: But only when they put their community consciousness into it, that is why I had to ask them to turn the light on. It takes a lot of their energy. It is not permanently on. It takes a lot out of them.

S: So last time you were there it was to assist in the healing of the Earth, this time what is your purpose.
M: I can see they are radiating the light out again and I am curious as to know why? What has happened that they have activated this web again, because the last time a great healing was needed and I knew what had happened but I am curious as to why I can see them beaming out the light again.

They don’t speak with words. But telepathically it is like a preventative, they are concerned that something is going to happen so they send out the light to prevent it or at least send out enough as a scaffolding throughout the earth so whatever happens  is not going to create too much damage. They don’t know who long they can keep this up for.

S: They cannot keep it going indefinitely. (No) it will just occupy all their time (and energy) so do you know what they are trying to prevent? What is the catastrophe?
M:  I hear they are trying to prevent the destruction of the Earth, but they are sending it out now because they have enough hope there is enough people that are also connecting in, and anchoring in their own light work, activation and grids, so they are making me feel like they could only do it for sporadically because there was not enough surface assistance to support it, but now they feel they can do it for longer because it is not just them (so who else is it now?) The humans, light workers, you and Richard. They have a lot more support now, it is not just them, because it is happening through others around the place too now.

S: So there are more humans who have become aware are for the same cause and they can work with us now (yes) So what else transpires in your communication with them?
M: That it needs to happen soon because they are getting tired (what needs to happen soon) the shifting of consciousness, the FULL connection to love.

S: So why now, if they get tired can’t they just stop like they have before?
M: No it is coming to crisis point now. (What does it mean?) If it doesn’t happen now there is a risk it won’t happen. There is a risk that they will get too tired and they won’t be able to concentrate their energies any more.

S: So as far as you know is this the only group of beings below the Earth doing this work? (No) So there are others? (Yes) so if they are tired can the others just do it?
M: They are in different areas, it as to be a whole effort. If they are weakened in their area then the dark has a place to come in, it has to be a whole planet effort

S: So there are others like them working in other pockets of Earth and these ones work with this particular golden matrix in this particular area (yes) what area is this? (Easter Island) Ok can you go back in time to find out how those statues got there and who created them and how they got there?
M: They are markers, the Gnome beings. Did not create them and did not out them there (laughs)

S: Who put them there?
M: It looks like they were placed there. Not from this planet, or not by anyone on this planet, they were put there as markers. (What are they markers of, or for?) I am seeing a vortex, or a star gate. It is half in the water as well not just on the land.

S: So you are talking about a vortex that is partially on the land and partially in the water at Easter Island near the statues? Where does the vortex come from?
M: It is a dimensional gate. So beings form other planets can come and go. (Were they used as markers as far as you know?)  Yes, for the beings that out them there. The Gnomes that are under the Earth at that place do not seem very happy about the markers being there. (Why is that?) It is like all the comings and goings annoy them. It is like those beings using the gate are selfish! I guess it would be like you having a lovely home in the middle of the country then someone building a freeway right through it.

S: At what point in Earth’s history are you talking about with the golden matrix filaments being sent out again?
M: As they light it up again and I don’t know why? That is now, from 2005. (Melanie questions how she can be physically incarnate in the human body in 2005 and also be the Tri Star Dragon)

S: Oh you can because you are a multidimensional being and there is no time and no space and you can be in many places at the same time. Can you tell us about what is happening on Easter Island? Do the Gnomes know you are there?
M: Yes, but they are not bothered by me or excited by me.

S: So you are there on Easter Island as the Dragon being? And they are aware of you?
M: Well a conscious aspect of the Dragon being.

S: Who sent you there?
M: You did.

S: Ok but your mandate, the purpose of your visit who sent you there?
M: Me. I am responsible for everything that happens (in a healing capacity) on the planet so when I see they are sending this healing web/light out again I want to know why

S: You are responsible for everything that is happening on the planet? How did you…
M: Maybe not responsible but I facilitate happenings, like last time I asked them to shine the light, then I move to the next place and ask the people there to do their work and I co ordinate the healing for Earth. But this time I saw the web was forming only I did not initiate this!

S: Is your role to travel and see where help is needed and facilitate help for Gaia (Earth?)- (YES) Is there anything else you want to say or share about Easter Island?
M: The gateway does not get used anymore. They just come by ship now. They are already mostly here. It is like ‘old’ technology. They are not needed anymore.

S: They come by ship how did they come before?
M: Individually through the gate, being by being. (So their ships didn’t come through the gate?) No it is too small for that they’d bust up the land.

S: How do the ships come through the vortex then? (They don’t that is why it is not being used) Well how do they come to Earth then, the ships?
M: The beings that used to use the portal now just arrive in their crafts externally to the planet. Those beings are saying it is nearly time.

S: Time for what?
M: The full shift. A full connection. A full connection to the infinite wisdom, a full connection as in 100%.

S: How will this come about?
M: As it is right now. Love, connection, healing, shifting of ideas and perception and healing. Removal of the toxic interference.

S: How will the people know how to do this?
M: Because they are innately conscious, it is who they really are.

S: So there is an innate knowing, like homing pigeons know how to go home.
M: Yes but it is the CONSCIOUS awareness (as opposed to the innate awareness) that is going to create the 100% shift.

S: So it starts with the innate and then turns into conscious. So how close is the Earth to this shift happening? This time as in present time now.
M: For full complete consciousness of the whole of humanity- 20 years.

S: So it sounds like it is progressive and occurs in phases.
M: Yes but this time frame as opposed to millions of years that beings have been residing on the planet, NOW is the most critical. Because we are nearly there. With reference to time, our human minds think 20 years is a long time but in the universe scheme it is a blip on the scale, we are nearly there.

Don’t give up now. Everyone is really tired, but we are nearly there. And that timeframe can change.

S: Of course it can change from moment to moment.
M: It is really good for me to see it from this perspective because it gives me hope, because I am so tired.

S: We are so close, such a short distance away, it is going to happen in yours and my lifetime. It is good to see it from that perspective. Because you will understand that all is not in vein and the struggle you go through is for a greater plan and will come into being.
M: Which is why we need to keep going even though we are tired.

Sian moves Melanie away from that scene and brings in Melanie’s higherself Subconscious.

Who is Melanie?

S: Subconscious, of the many life times you could have chosen to show Melanie today you again chose to show her that time, when she was that three headed dragon. In that form she went to many places. Why did you take her there to show her this life?
M: Because that is her, that is who she is. It is not who she has always been. But for her purpose on Earth at this time is deeply connected to self in the Dragon. Her physical body and who she is called Melanie is a very, very, small aspect of who she is on a long and arduous journey.  She has had to protect the Earth and remove the Archons. She has been doing this for many, many, years and her time in physical form as Melanie on the Earth is but a tiny, tiny, fragment.

S: So who she is much, much, greater and from your description much greater than her linear 3 dimensional human mind can ever understand. (Yes) You spoke of her purpose last time in the previous session, would you like to confirm that again. Why is she here on this time on planet earth?
M: To heal the Earth. (And to remove the ARCHONS?) YES.

S: Is she unique in this or is she one of many?
M: She is one of many but unique in her own way. (Of course)

* * *

You can find part two of this series here. Sian Chua’s website is here and Melanie’s Empath Healing focused Facebook Page is right here.


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