The Connection To Earth & Consciousness: Our Roles As Caretakers For A New Paradigm

Karla discusses our consciousness connection to Earth and all life, as well as soul retrieval healing and the use of crystals with soil and plants.


During the last decades many people have been understanding more in depth their spiritual connection to Earth and all her/his inhabitants, but even so, there is still so much to understand about our relationship to each sentient being, and everything that surrounds us.

Every single object that we see around us is made of consciousness, even if most of what we observe seems inert and lifeless. Since everything is made of the energy of Source, then everything must have a level of consciousness. Very much like we as individuals stem from a soul, all minerals and other elements, as well as plants and animals come from a soul group consciousness.

We all make up as a whole our Earth, which is a huge sentient being.

It was previously explained the importance and responsibility of extracting, keeping and using crystals, as they are part of the balance of Earth and all inhabitants in the post, On the Obtainment and Use of Crystals and Gemstones.

We shall focus now on other life forms that are in many ways part of us; we must understand how healing between them and us, can take place, and the importance of respecting and taking care of them.

When people began talking about the planetary ascension to the 4th density, with a 5th dimensional collective consciousness level, one of the most mentioned roles we would choose for this higher paradigm is the one of becoming caretakers of humanity and nature. I would tend to think that we have already been over time, caretakers of humanity in the sense that we offer our love and care taking skills to our family, meaning our parents, our children and other siblings. Many people over time have chosen to teach in different fields, such as science in general, social sciences, healing, etc. There are thousands of caretakers already, and caretakers have always existed in lot’s of ways.

The shadow side of a great deal of the care taking roles in different past timelines, and our present, is that some have been based on the disempowerment of those who would be taught and a relationship of codependency would be created.

At this time, lots of people who develop spiritual practices who become teachers in different ways, are still into such kind of consciousness — disempowering those who follow them either by instilling in them fearful beliefs or creating a dependent connection, without truly teaching them to access their full potential and in turn the teacher becomes also disempowered.

On the other hand, there are great teachers and healers who assist others in accessing their true inner potential.

Sun-Earth Day -Our Roles As Caretakers For A New Paradigm: The Connection To Earth & Consciousness
Sun-Earth Day 20081 by NASA

While we learn to establish more balanced relationships between each other, we also learn to connect to other kingdoms and we learn to respect and listen to them.

In such sense, we become caretakers of our current home world with a higher level of consciousness that not only becomes aligned to the 5th dimensional consciousness, but also beyond such dimensions, and from there, we manifest a peaceful and harmonious existence.

There is a balance in sharing knowledge and learning and we no longer see each other as less evolved or more knowledgeable beings, but instead, can see that we all carry the same potential and wisdom within and assist each other in such remembrance. We remember the wisdom of the animal, plant, mineral and other kingdoms and we learn much from their consciousness.

Assisting animals, plants, trees, minerals and other life forms in their soul retrieval process

Household animals are the closest beings to our soul that are non-human; they have accompanied us for so many lifetimes and many people have realized the deepness of such connections when they communicate with them and remember them from previous lifetimes.

There are no limits to the shape they can take in each lifetime.

For example, a dog in one lifetime may decide to incarnate in another one as a panther and later on as a small cat. This has been the case of my pet currently incarnated as a cat. Also, our pets can incarnate as humans, even though for many people, this idea might seem impossible.

I had the fortune to discover that my beautiful cat was my dog who had passed away a decade before. Talking to many of her energy fragments that I was carrying in my auric field, and tapping into the memories could confirm this notion. After such realizations you might imagine all the feelings that came to me and the love I could feel for my dear cat soulmate. I always felt, since meeting her as a young stray cat, that she was with me in other lifetimes somehow, but I did not expect it to be literal and also to discover she was my beloved dog that had passed away more than a decade ago, and who I missed dearly. There is much more to this story but with these realizations you get the idea of how deep the connection to our pets can be and even with wild life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in general think that animals are inferior to humans in so many ways, even to the point of believing an animal does not have a soul. We lost our capacity long ago to communicate fully with them, to understand them and to realize that they are as intelligent as us; it can be such a shock to discover many of them, if not all, having experienced other advanced life forms in past timelines and have a similar level of consciousness as us.

Another example is a past life in which my partner Corné was a black wolf. I had seen him a few times in visions, having the face of what seemed to be a black wolf, but at first I thought that what I was being shown was a lycan off-world aspect. He does have a very similar lycan one, but in reality what I was seeing many times was his black wolf aspect. One day he began recalling this aspect of his soul and what we found out was so beautiful and overwhelming. I was at that time a lady who lived in a forest very in tune with nature and had my beloved black wolf as my sweet companion.

Black Wolf - Our Roles As Caretakers For A New Paradigm: The Connection To Earth & Consciousness

Another interesting fact is that at the time I met him I sensed in him the energy of a black dog, or something similar.

We live in a very important time of transition and we are learning to remember our connection to all kingdoms, to each particle of our Infinite Creator/God/Goddess and all the beautiful aspects of our soul.

Equally important is the knowledge of the connection we share with plants, trees, minerals, water and other complex elements that make up our beautiful Home Earth.

I became aware of the importance of the balance of crystals through some of my plants when a few years ago I bought some. I have been learning and remembering so much about them. Many of them died because they became heavily plagued and I could not get rid of the plagues using natural remedies.

Only a lavender plant survived but for almost one year she was very weak and sick and I thought eventually she would also die. To my surprise, as time passed and I meditated with crystals, I began seeing images of her dying of diseases caused by plagues and due to a lack of nutrients in her soil. She looked usually much worse than how she was years ago, so I began understanding that what I was seeing was most of the time images of her in past timelines.

One of the reasons why for so long she had to go through all those diseases was because I abused a piece of land and misused many plants I took care of, giving as a result the erosion of the land and the lack of the nutrients plants need in order to grow and sustain themselves, making them vulnerable to plagues and other diseases. Also, the exploitation of the land to extract minerals and other elements can disrupt the natural balance of the sentient beings that depend on such elements.

What a surprise it has been to understand that my lavender has been with me for so long in so many lifetimes. The sad part of this story is that I had to learn all these lessons as she almost died again in this lifetime and other plants did die along the way. Now she is growing stronger and stronger each day as she retrieves all her soul fragments that were attached to my aura, and possibly to other beings, and she returns to me the ones she has attached to her layers.

Placing and burying crystals in pots and gardens help plants grow healthier. I was guided to place some of my crystals in my plants’ pots and since that moment soul retrieval for them, and for myself, has accelerated. It also helps communicate with their fragments that are being returned to them. Since plants have a soul, the energies of some of them are masculine and the energies of others are feminine, even though we all carry both polarities. It is equivalent to our gender in that sense.

If you have many plants in your house and work place; grass, plants, flowers and trees in your garden, it is likely that many of these beautiful beings have accompanied your journey over lifetimes and you are the caretaker of these beautiful beings. In order to assist yourself and these life forms in your soul retrieval journey, you can meditate, talk to them, show them how much you love and care for them and work with crystals by placing them in the soil surrounding them and also meditating with crystals setting the intention to connect with these beings.

The same applies to your pets, you can hold them on your lap and grab crystals or place them on your pets grabbing them tight, but gently, in case you notice they are feeling some discomfort.

There are no limits to establishing a connection to all sentient beings; you can also start communicating with crystals and stones as some of them, if not all, have also accompanied you for a long time as they are also our soulmates. My partner Corné and I discovered this fact and we could feel deep inside the connection to them.

Other beautiful and equally important groups of beings are all marine life forms, including cetaceans, which have suffered greatly over time with the fall in consciousness of humanity. Now we are starting to see this enormous shift in consciousness reaching humanity in relationship to the sea and its inhabitants:

It is a blessing to be able to find our healing potential and feel the connection and the love that all sparks of Source share, especially during this wonderful transition time.

We do see many manifestations of lower levels of consciousness and how we are witnesses each day of people mistreating animals, forests, rivers, oceans, but we must understand that this planet is made up of so many soul groups and so many of them in different levels of experience and learning, and those who mistreat Earth will realize eventually in the future their own connection to their soulmates belonging to other kingdoms, and they will heal together just like so many of us are now, in this process.


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