The Lions And The Shift Plus Other Encounters | Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 3)

From prophetic scenes to information on the shift in consciousness, Henda shares many experiences in part three of her out of body travels in parallel worlds.


Encountering Lions

The Black Lion’s Cave in UK

I was on the Adar Llwch Gwin’s back flying over the Loch Ness (heading north) and then we turned to the left and crossed green hills and many wide green fields. The voyage was a little longer than usual.

Finally we arrived at a clearing in the middle of a forest.

That world was a plane in a parallel world. The name of the location was kept secret. As we were walking side by side, the Adar took me near some waterfalls and we entered a fall which was in the middle of two, over a low hill.

There were many trees and birds and butterflies. I also saw a brown fox. We crossed the rivers in between the falls. Once inside the middle one we received a cleansing energy flowing into us. It was the first step to be there.

We entered the cave where there were white and violet flowers around a huge green crystal.

A black lion was standing there. He was completely black, it was a male. He asked us to sit and blew white energy toward us. He said black lions existed on Earth during the oldest centuries. They were killed because of their power and magic. Some magicians used their magic for purposes other than healing, but healing is their inner force and is the reason why they came to Earth in the beginning. They are creatures from Sirius and they now live as spirits in-between different dimensions having free access to many star gates.

The lion urged me to use his energy for the benefit of those who come to me and to pass it to those who need to use it and amongst all healers who are part of the great current shift.

He opened a gate were there was a blue lake in-between hills, we entered there and we swam together. I felt a warm energy fill my body. I saw my body becoming all black; when out of that lake a white light washed away the old energies from within me.

Black lion’s energy is around during the end of moon cycles. Healers can use it to clear black magic and negative/ bad spells.

When we left the cave we had another clearing and healing energy from that main fall. We flew back on the Loch Ness

OBE in Sirius The 8/8 Lion’s Gate In 2016

I spent my night on Sirius with my felines. As I was preparing my attunement to the Tiger, I saw a big lion coming my way; he took me in a very special place where I received his energy. I fell asleep and then my Black Panther and Tiger joined with their babies. When I woke up my hands were burning with an intense fire and I received the following message:

“We are standing here on a magnificent gate of wanders/wonders. Leave the world you are no more aligned with/to. The fire of the felines is now activated in Sirius/the Pleiades/Arcturus and you notice it in your hands, your heart chakras, in your energetic Holly Spirit and bodies. The fire is now burning harder but you know it is part of this process.

You are burning the old, opening new gates of best opportunities in your life and a wonderful changing is coming at very deeper level. You are shifting and you know a magical word is showing up in you. Trust your instinct Lion! You have the wisdom to breathe and exhale the divine light into this new dimension of light activation; around you a world of felines is growing and you see them around you giving you strength, love, magnitude, magnificent beings of the Sirian energy and dimension.

Black Lion - The Lions And The Shift Plus Other Encounters This Light is golden and warm.

Be there as you are and the healing will happen.

Be that Golden Light of love and healing will happen.

The Earth is now receiving this energy of the Golden gate of The Lion and it is not only that, as Lion is the symbol of all felines, all the felines of Sirius, he is the highest spirit of this gate.

We want you to be open to this huge energy of compassion we are sending now for love, blessing and protection.

Be the Light you are.

Breathe the Love you are.

You are light workers of a multidimensional shape and soul.

Breathe the Sirian frequency on Gaia now.

We are sending from our center of wisdom and love to your center of energy in you.”

The Sirian & Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light from the Lion’s gate in Sirius.

Back to Sirius

At midnight I was sent back in Sirius.

I saw a ceremony where many lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, cats and baby felines were gathering around a wide place where an extraterrestrial being of light, with a lion’s head, was standing. It was on a sort of platform and observing the felines spiritual energy through the multiverse.

Many roars were emitted to tighten the frequency of Light from Sirius to the Earth. They are in front of a very high golden gate from where the crystal golden energy flows in a very magnificent way.

I could feel this connection deep in the heart.

That portal was now open with all the energies that were useful and necessary for the current shift in the level and frequency it is now. Many will experience it, everyone in a unique personal way. It is given to all with no distinction and discrimination, to every being of the multiverse.

On Gaia it is experienced now with an intense change coming in all areas of our lives. These changes are of a different vibration than those before and that is why they will take place in your lives in a very effective ways as you open your hearts to the unknown, letting things unfold in you, and breathing the Magic of the moment.

Magic is really present now so the advice I heard was about using it for the greatest good of humanity and all creatures.

As I was noticing the fire in my two hands that time, I was experiencing and feeling these new frequencies and I was sending and receiving at the same time. The energy was circular doing the infinite in a spiraling way.

My Lion’s Attunement That Night: August 8, 2016

I called him and he came. I was invaded by his energy, my candle light begun to shiver intensely.

He was turning drawing circles around me sending a very exciting energy and it was special, as it was spiraling over me; he then sat gently just behind, blowing another energy into my heart chakra.

It was love energy as the light was golden white.

He asked me to follow him. We walked through a sandy land and we arrived in a place where there was a brown statue of a shaman, made of wood; but the energy in the wood was very clear and visible it was white energy. It was like the statues we find in the African traditions.

We sat on the ground with our backs against the huge statue and a white light surrounded us.

I felt one with the lion and the statue. He was very caring and protective with a sweet soft energy. I looked at him and put my hand on his head.

Back to Sirius B

On the 1st of June of the same year, I had a very strange sleep as I was in-between two states, all the time during four hours and thirty minutes until my phone rang at 6:30 am.

Then I was back in that state even though I was feeling tired of being out of my body almost during all the night.

I projected again to Sirius B, to meet the Galactic Council. They were gathering for two reasons: helping the dolphins who are being threatened all the way by humans and much more than ever in the history of Earth; I could not remember the faces of the members of that council, but it seemed that they were not physical beings.

I was hearing them and could not see any of them, as if it was a computer program. They were actually computerized entities. There was a being (not very tall with a big white head and two big eyes, no nose and no mouth seen). He was coordinating the meeting and sending the information to the other parts of Sirius.

The Galactic Council of Sirius B is now sending into Gaia via this robotic information (there were large screens in the oval room) huge energies to help people be much more aware of the importance of taking care of the dolphins and all the cetaceans as they are being from Sirius who came to earth for a soul contract including raising its vibration and participating in the shift.

Gaia is aware of it and has always been. Those who have been killed through the last years and decades are now in Sirius B standing up for those who are still on Gaia for their mission.

The message was to protect and help those beings of light and much information is sent through them. They are channels of the new energies coming on us now.

In the Council there was one of these dolphins who have been sacrificed by humans called Headra and his message was clear. “We have been sent to Gaia to help her and to raise her energy at a very high level. We are beings of love and peace is our ethic. We have no way to harm anyone, we are trustful and loving beings, always ready to help humans and many other creatures. But humans are enslaving and killing us. This cannot continue, and the energies we are sending now are making a real change”.

This travel out of my body to Sirius was not the first one. On Mars in 2016 I woke up and felt I wanted to go back to sleep, as I could not get out of my bed. I felt an urgent call from Sirius and found myself there as by magic.

I saw beings who were guardians of Sirius B. They were very busy at work and were walking in caverns. I also knew that they are The Galactic Protectors of the Dolphins and Cetaceans. As they are in Earth as old souls incarnated in that shape to bring love and to heighten Gaia’s frequency.

In A Parallel World With Lions

I was there and found myself living with humans who I had never met before. They were living with lions.

In that world I was with a man and a woman who were living together as a married couple. I had the information that they were my friends and that I always go there to see them. They had a big nice house. The man worked from home and received his clients there as he told me to leave that room because he had an appointment.

In that universe humans looked very cool and free from the physical body. It was like we have our physical shape but it is not what we see for real. We actually see our energetic bodies more than our physical ones.

I saw in that house a lion with a human who was brushing his mane which was different from the other ones. The lion seemed to enjoy being brushed. There was a screen like a TV but showing images of an event happening on another plane (I guess the Earth).

I saw a lion being assaulted by humans, and the lions of the plane where I was were furious of what was happening on Earth. My guides told me that these beings are from Sirius A and that they don’t hunt for their survival, they live with the energy provided for them from that star. They are breathers, which explains the presence of these human beings with them.

These humans on Sirius who are star beings are breathers. I was there and was conscious of being single with no children.

It appeared to me that our presence in the multiverse is so complex and difficult to see outside the veil that is still here in the lower dimensions of Earth. I actually have an incarnation in Sirius A, which is parallel to this one here on Earth.

These OBE’s to Sirius were meant to let me know that there is an urgent message of peace and love from that star which is my first home. Many guides are working there to protect the Earth and its peaceful inhabitants, but those who want peace seem to be facing real challenges in their lives to turn them out from their real life mission as Light workers.

The message was to stop the struggle and to bring up peace inside by trusting that Source is part of us and that the Universe always provides for us.

Being in that space allows us to attract that peace, abundance and protection to all beings that are here to shine a light and to make a change.

Action is different from struggle; it is a peaceful and trustful walk in a soul’s journey.

A Travel To A Parallel Life As A Shaman

Helping Animals and The Healing Mission on Earth

I had been in a parallel world during all the night the 21st of October, 2016. I was living in a country surrounded by mountains, hills and forests. I was in a cave under one of the hills which was in a forest and was receiving many people for healing. I also was teaching people, and my cave was my home.

Many animals were living with me; I saw a black wolf, an owl, 2 dragons a white and a brown one who were sitting just beside me.

I had a very subtle connection to trees as they were talking to me and helping me in my healing.

That world was a parallel one as my guides also let me know that the animals surrounding me are my totems from a very ancient life and in this incarnation here. I felt their energy running in me like a stream making me shiver. It was moving from my toes to my head.

Few weeks before this OBE, I activated the shaman in me through an attunement with Dean, my friend and healer from Hessel UK. I saw the shaman in a cave surrounded with his totems too and a fire was lit in the center of the cave. He was dancing around the fire and asked me to dance with him.

I did.

While dancing, much information was being channeled in the field. He told me that one of my missions was to help through the animal kingdom and that it will be shown to me progressively.

That is what happened when I lost my canary and few days before that event when I was led to the birds’ kingdom by the Adar.

Some OBE’s as visions Of Same Events In Two Different Worlds

Our journey is always revealed to us through our OBE’s. This has been a regular occurrence in my life, especially during this year as I was wondering why I have been led to that place or to another one.

We receive new energies and we see ourselves in different realms. The involuntarily OBE’s are given for a purpose and it is part of who we are as natural projectors. It is also and deeply part of the mediumship activity which is part of who we are too. I can sometimes have access to the future through my OBE’s.

One of my last out of body experiences was seeing a friend of mine losing her bag. It was in my hometown in Tunisia but that friend is from France. I met her here. That OBE happened 3 months before she lost her bag here — someone stole it from her at the Gym.

In that OBE her bag had been stolen too and I helped her find the thief and go back home as she had her car keys in her stolen bag. Unfortunately I could not help her here in this realm because I no longer talk to her. I knew that a few weeks ago and I was trying to understand what I saw in that other world and why did they show me that.

I guess it was a premonition to an event that happened later in my friend’s life. But why did she lose her bag? Is it a symbol for something else?

Is it a real event that happened in two different worlds, but only in the first one during the OBE I was still able to help her and I can’t here?

Many times when answers to my questions about my OBE’s or anything else don’t come, it is a sign that I have to wait as something is going on and that I have to experience it.

Another OBE happened last July and I had a visit from my grandma who passed 16 years ago. She was with her son (one of my two uncles). I saw myself as a little girl, about 5/7 years old and I was going to my grandma’s house on my own.

She was searching for me and I could not understand why. As I met my uncle she told me to stay with him. During all that sleep time, I was hanging around in the spirit world sending healing to my uncle who was in the hospital (in Tunisia). My grandma came to me from the spirit world to help him. But this I could not understand why.

I had just to send healing to him. When I woke up, and it was so hard to get out of bed, I called my mother to ask her what was going on with my uncle (who is her brother). She said to me that he was actually in the hospital because of a kidney problem and that he would have surgery soon.

It was at the same time that I gave a healing session to Brooke from Australia. When she sent me her feedback she told me that she saw a little girl as a shadow surrounded by domestic animals during her sleep. That girl was me sending healing around.

When we astral travel we can be older or younger; we can also take any shape or form. It can be an animal or a bright light. When done involuntarily the experience seems profound and we have synchronistic events with soul family members who are our helpers and work behind the scenes for confirmation and understanding of what we have been sent to do in the spirit realms.

The healing session with Brooke was huge on a spiritual level because we are from the same star family. Our connection was strong and I learned so much from it as my Australian aboriginal past life came out of that experience.

Sometimes Entities Play With Us

Running From The Guides Support

I was in a room, in another plane. I was laying on a red couch trying to relax. I was travelling out of my body almost all the time during that night, and I guess I found that quiet place for a little break.

An entity came I heard a voice of a little boy, but as a spirit. He was joking with me trying to annoy me whispering in my ear, laughing in a low voice as if he was hiding from someone; his aura was red and he looked like those naughty little boys who need guidance and love, but his energy was huge and he was trying to invade my space in a very subtle way.

I told him in a loud voice to step back from me and to return to where he belongs before coming here. And something amazing happened; I heard another voice of a higher entity who came by very softly and slowly, caught the little spirit and all has ended as if nothing happened before.

My guides told me that it was the soul of a small orphan boy who died from hunger. He was trying to feed on me, searching for a healing light, but that way of feeding was really weird. When I told him to go back to where he belonged, it was like a spell and the guides came to get him as he always tried to avoid their support for his spiritual growth on the other side.

It happens sometimes that a soul runs away from the place it is meant to be for learning purposes. Those are young souls or those who has just passed. As it is very difficult for them to detach from the physical realm and the things they used to do on earth during their latest incarnation, they act like jokers.

They are not specifically threatening but they gain much power in changing their shapes and can come to you as one of your family member to only laugh at you. And there are many of them on the astral planes especially on the lower ones where souls are errant.

The Wave

That day I had two travels into parallel worlds.

The first one was on a beach and I was with my sister (I have been there before one day as I found myself there and could no longer drive my car back home). We spent some time near the sea and there were other people. We swam and helped a dog from sinking.

The sea was deep blue and I could hear the waves conversing. I could not remember the discussion but a huge event was to happen and it sounded like a big wave coming. I was back in my physical body, but could not wake up or move.

A few minutes later I was again out of my body standing in front of a huge blue intense wave which was of at least 100 meters in height. It was not coming from the sea, but from the other part of the beach in front of it.

It was a wave coming from another world, joining that place.

It was not moving but I could see the movement of the water inside of it turning and making small waves within.

I was then back in my physical body and stayed there trying to understand the meaning of what I saw. The wave is the huge change coming to earth for the last three months of this year. I did that travel on October 7, 2016.

I think it is part of the visionary trips I sometimes do where my guides show me events that will happen. The wave will be materialized by tsunamis, hurricanes and other events which really happened during October, and some others will take place during the next months.

We sometimes are sent in parallel realities to watch the changings coming on us and here on Earth. It can be on a personal level or a general human one.

In The Land Of The White Dragons

During a meditation and I asked one of my totems to come and join me.

Snowy Owl - Black Lion - The Lions And The Shift Plus Other Encounters
Snowy Owls: Plate 121 of the Birds of America by John James Audubon.

The snow owl came.

She took me with her and we flew over forests, then an open portal in the sky led us to a plane where everything was white. We walked side by side as we arrived at a place where the atmosphere was blue and green emerald — we entered that place.

There was a huge white dragon waiting for us.

He took me on his back. We flew over a white hill / mountain, and we entered there from above and a huge crystal quartz was there. Receive this energy in you, said the white dragon. I felt a very exciting energy with much tingling in all my body; it was bit cold but fresh and cleansing.

When we flew back I was sent to my physical body again.

The white dragons are pure and work with the energy of the crystal quartz; they can help you access those realms hidden from humans as they can use them for purposes other than healing. That mountain is the giant crystal quartz mother and it is somewhere in a world kept secret. It is a world hidden since the fall of Atlantis.

Having its energy in me is a gift from my Atlantis family to help me in my journey and I was urged to use it with wisdom.

The white dragon told me that I will feel its benefits during the next coming days. My astral travels are becoming clearer and much knowledge is coming with them. The Snow owl has access to this world as it is a visionary totem and holder of the crystal quartz worlds. She knows all the parallel planes leading to its energy, and has free access to them.

In my out of body experiences I have been learning too much. Two days later I was in that roman city where I have been a few times already. But this time there were many people and many roman baths. It was like public place where people go to relax.

I was there doing the same thing as the others. I was taking a bath with people I never knew in my present life, but someone I know here (France) in this incarnation who are psychic. A healer was there. It was a sign of a previous connection; perhaps he did interact with me during my sleep time as I sent him a message.

The multiverse is full of surprises. We don’t all have access to the same information. Everyone, every projector, has an amount of knowledge to gain from his lifetime as it is given to learn and understand the true nature of life, the true things and challenges which are provided to us so that our soul can evolve and help us know much more about ourselves and why we are here.


Part two of this series can be found here.

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