A Future Earth, ET Assistance, An Ice Age & The Crystal Tower | A QHHT Session by Andy Sway


In December 2015 energetic healer and past life regressionist Andy Sway conducted a QHHT session with Jīng in California, USA. With permission I have shared most of that below after transcribing it and making a few slight edits here and there.

Topics Covered

  • A crystal tower. Over the session, more information is revealed explaining what this is, and how it can be used. (I don’t want to spoil anything by revealing more)
  • Spaceships orbiting and observing Earth.
  • A future Earth, where earth changes have impacted the land masses, and an ice age has occurred (Very detailed). It’s explained that a Volcano has erupted in the north west of the USA.
  • The assistance from ET’s in the future: They play a direct role with clearing up radiation based pollution on Earth, monitoring and protecting civilisation after the changes.
  • A purple like grid, laying below a jellyfish type formation, connected to everything including multiple universes and timelines.
  • The healing process of Jīng’s eyes and ears as well as why he had health issues with them.

For those who are unaware of what QHHT is, it stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (formerly the T meant ‘Technique’) and is a past life regression method that the late Dolores Cannon created, and pioneered. It’s unique in the way that the higher self, or subconscious which Dolores called it, is brought into the session with the client experiencing a trance state. From my perspective and experience from not only being a QHHT practitioner, but having developed a clearer connection to my own higher self, the higher self is very close to source, or ‘god’, and has the ability to not only answer questions in a very accurate way, but also provide healing which sometimes comes off as being miraculous in nature.

* * *

Crystal Tower

Andy: “What do you see right now?”
Jīng: “Feels like I am floating on top of the sky, but there seems to be a crystal tower.”

Andy: “That’s okay, keep floating, that’s fine. Are you going closer to the crystal tower?”
Jīng: “Yes, but very slowly.”

Andy: “Describe the crystal tower.”
Jīng: “It’s foggy. I turn around as I am facing downwards, and the sky is clear blue, except for one cloud.”

Andy: “What does your form feel like in this place?”
Jīng: “Basically a ghost or spirit. (Can you see any part of that form?) An outline.”

Andy: “What do you notice as you come closer to the tower?”
Jīng: “That it’s basically made of big crystals. The crystal is mostly clear. The only colors you see is when the light hits it which is like a rainbow.”

Crystal Tower QHHT
Artwork by Antonija Čulin (Her first ever piece)

Andy: “How does it feel as you get closer to it?”
Jīng: “It feels like there is energy emanating from it. (How does that energy feel on you?) Similar to standing next to a small heater. There is a little bit of electrostatic, so you can feel your skin dance in a way. I feel electrified. (When you feel more electrified, how is this changing you? Does it change you such as something mentally or emotionally?) I don’t know if it’s possible but it seems to make me feel lighter.”

Andy: “Tell me about feeling lighter.”
Jīng: “It feels almost like ascension. That’s just an interpretation. (Feel it more. What is the feeling of this ascension / enlightening?) Basically just more feelings of my body being lighter, also that time and space has become irrelevant — almost as if your theatre vision is bending without limit. As if you can see the whole map and whatever you want to see, you can see.”

Spaceships and a Future Earth

Andy: “What do you want to see?”
Jīng: “I don’t know. {laugh} (Well check if you can see the Earth, and what is happening. Can you see that?) Yes. A blue planet with lots of ships in space nearby.”

Andy: “Okay, what does that feel like when you see that?”
Jīng: “Feels like some apprehension, but some excitement.”

Andy: “What do those ships do? You can move them forward in time and space.”
Jīng: “They are just observing what’s happening on Earth. (Let them go forward until they do something else. Now what are they doing?) I see that the Earth has gone through some changes. A lot of land mass has changed. ”

Andy: “Is there anything that you can see that sticks out more than other things? Which land mass do you notice changing?”
Jīng: “I see most of Europe under water. Mostly the lower parts of the land is under water. The Swiss Alps is above water. Some parts of north Europe, like the coast of France, Netherlands and Finland are mostly ok. I can see that the weather changes have made them so cold, it almost doesn’t matter.”

Andy: “It’s either under water or frozen, in Europe? (Right) Does that extend into Russia?”
Jīng: “Yes. (How far does the cold area of Europe go down?) I would say the Swiss Alps would be the lowest line (an approximation).”

Andy: “What do you see on the North American Continent?”
Jīng: “Everything above the Washington DC line is frozen. (What does it look like under that line? Is there a lot under water?) Florida is under water. Parts of the Texas coastline, and Gulf of Mexico, is under water. (Is the Mississippi river different?) Yes. It’s a bit wider. Basically the United States has split in half. (So the river is very wide there?) Yes.”

Andy: “What do you see on the West Coast?”
Jīng: “I see a volcano having erupted in the North West. (What are the impacts of that Volcano?) It’s turned almost the entire North West into an inhabitable area. It looks like it occurred in the Washington State.”

Andy: “What does California look like?”
Jīng: “The first ten to twenty miles of the coastline are all underwater. (What about the central valley?) It is flourishing because of the weather changes, it actually turns that part of the region moist. Basically after the first twenty to thirty miles of coast line, then you draw a line from Washington DC across, which should be approximately around Silicon Valley / San Francisco bay area, anything below that, such as Southern California, is good.”

Andy: “What about the desert area? Is that wetter?”
Jīng: “Depends on the desert area. Certain areas that are more fertile are able to flourish. Other areas are completely sand, have no chance. ”

Andy: “Do you notice any areas where there are new land which has emerged, where it used to be ocean. Is there anywhere like that on Earth?”
Jīng: “In the middle of the Pacific. (How big is that area?) About the size of Texas. (Is that near the Hawaiian area or totally unrelated) It’s further towards the west. (So it’s closer to Asia?) Somewhat in the middle.”

Andy: “What does that land look like?”
Jīng: “Initially when it emerged, like a whole bunch of volcanoes, but over time in five years it looks like it flourishes like a tropical jungle.”

Andy: “What do you see of Human civilisation from all of these changes?”
Jīng: “The ones that survive, depending on how fortunate they are to be able to hold onto certain technologies like solar, are able to cooperate together. However it does set human civilisation back, on average, 200 years. ”

Andy: “What about the spiritual aspect of humanity. Have they been set back or improved?”
Jīng: “I see the way it has improved, because what has happened is that everybody has been forced into survival mode and instead of having to be ambitious, they start realising that it is better to have a cooperative service to others attitude. Because of that, they have changed internally — I can see that across the globe. There are beams of white light shining upwards and you can tell each beam represents a person.”

Andy: “Because of all these changes, what happens with the behaviour of these UFOs around the Earth?”
Jīng: “Some go down to the surface and start cleaning up. For example, there is a mountain in Nevada where there is a fleet of UFOs who have come down, and are sucking up the nuclear waste. Others are monitoring the groups of human civilisation. There’s a fleet that seems to be equal distantly, equidistantly set up around the Earth sort of like a shield, because there are other fleets that seem to want to take advantage. (So they protect Earth from those other fleets?) Yes.”

Andy: “What else are you drawn to look at on Earth?”
Jīng: “Asia. (What do you see there?) Japan is gone. Taiwan has been reduced to just the northern part, near the mountain. The first 300 miles of coastline across Asia, especially China, are all gone. South East Asia is basically wiped out, almost everything is under water and you can tell the reason is that the big landmass completely displaced the water. ”

Andy: “So the Pacific landmass displaces the water and flooded the lands of Asia? (Yes) What about further into Asia, more inland, what’s happening on those areas that are above water?”
Jīng: “The Himalayas have been crunched further up, but that doesn’t help because Mount Everest ends up too high up. India gets hit by earthquakes because of the earth changes. Basically the North plate and the South plate are rubbing against each other. Due to the ice age, you still have the same problem — that is the Washington DC line still applies in Asia as well.”

Andy: “When you say Everest is too high up, what do you mean?”
Jīng: “Right now no human can go up there, I will just put it that way. You would have to wear a space suit to go up there. It’s about double the height.”

Andy: “What about the Southern Hemisphere?”
Jīng: “Australia is generally ok. Just the North East side that faces that landmass — depending on luck — some places have been flooded underwater, and some places are ok. (The rest looks better?) It looks ok. (Is there more water inland? Has it changed the climate?) Actually no, because the ice age also applies in the Southern Hemisphere. (So Australia is cold) Yes. (So the land mass is pretty intact but the weather is not so good?) Yes. (So New Zealand is the same?) Yes.”

Andy: “What else do you notice in the Southern Hemisphere?”
Jīng: “South America is broken up into new islands. (So it’s not a continent anymore?) Yes. (Are many of those islands cold now?) Similar to the Washington DC line, if you flip it over, I can’t tell any major cities, but that is basically the line. (Are there any flourishing areas of South America, of those islands?) Colombia, North Brazil, parts of the Amazon, that’s pretty much it. ”

Jīng said this after reviewing the article: “The 38th parallel North and South are the approximate lines for the Ice Age weather.”

Andy: “What about Africa?”
Jīng: “Africa is mostly intact, but the Earth changes have rendered it unrecognisable. Instead of what you know now as mostly flat land, it’s become a second Europe. (In what way?) What I mean is that the land — the terrain. (It looks more European?) Yeah. Basically in the middle there is a mountain range and the side nearest to Egypt has become more like the Caribbean’s. The Atlantic side has become more like South East Asia and the South side is basically ice.”

Jīng’s Soul’s Purpose & the Purple Grid

Andy: “I would like you to look at the life of Jīng, from the beginning, even before being born. I want you to see if you can see that soul before the birth and how would you describe it?
Jīng: “Sort of an energy being. Clear. Translucent. Wearing a robe like coat. ”

Andy: “I would like you to see when he decides to have the life as Jīng. What is his decision process?”
Jīng: “He didn’t make any choice, he just did it.”

Andy: “What was his impulse when he did it? Did it feel like fun, did it feel like adventure, or a job, or did it feel totally random?”
Jīng: “Random but with a purpose.”

Andy: “And what is that purpose as it seems from this perspective?”
Jīng: “I can’t tell, but I can see that there’s a string from him up higher, somewhere, and apparently it’s basically ordering him to do so.”

Andy: “So follow that string up. What do you see there?”
Jīng: “I see a purple grid. (What does it feel like?) Amazement, wonder. (What can you tell about that purple grid?) That it’s connected to anything and everything. I also see a screen far away that seems to show all the various universes and all the various timelines.”

Crystal Tower QHHT Astral Dynamics Robert Bruce
A visual depiction of the navigational system of the astral planes as experienced by Robert Bruce and discussed in his book, Astral Dynamics.

Andy: “How does it feel to look at that screen?”
Jīng: “It feels both amazing and analytical because it looks exactly like a decision tree, but it’s different because it’s never static and it keeps changing. However, I can tell that the end points are basically the same.”

Andy: “So the end points are more static? (Yes) But the way to get there keeps changing? (Yes) Can you feel the intelligence of that whole decision tree?”
Jīng: “Intelligence by our definition won’t even be able to describe it. I would say wonder because it’s a completely different level.

Andy: “I want you to feel that level, and realise that since you can see it that this is meant for you to see and this is meant for you to have this information and I want you just to get a feeling of your connection to this knowing, just get that feeling. Maybe it goes beyond words, maybe it goes beyond images, it may just be intellectual, but I want you to notice just this connection. What does it feel like witnessing this level of reality?”
Jīng: “Enormous. Duality. The reason I say both of those words is… just being there, you feel both light and heavy. You feel the nothingness and everything. You feel both standing still and moving fast. From a visual perspective by human definition, you can see everything and nothing, and if you want you can see anything. If you focus you can see anything.”

Andy: “Is there something that is all of that? Is it like a being — how would you describe whatever it is that contains all of that duality?”
Jīng: “If I look up above the grid, far above, simplistic imagery — jellyfish — but it’s not. It’s basically a glob of energy. It’s all made up of sparkling stars and they are all falling and mixing together, they are all strings, an infinite number of strings but you can tell they are strings, all directing down to whoever they are meant to be, either the grid or to some other place. Basically it looks like a white bright shining jellyfish with lots of sparkles. ”

Andy: “What is the personality, the energy of that jellyfish? What does that feel like? Is it playful or serious or wise, what is the first feeling you get?”
Jīng: “Calm. It feels like… because it’s all knowing, it’s calm. (So it’s very centred) Yes. It’s basically like a huge galaxy sized being. Like what they talk about in the science fiction books, except obviously this is so big it’s not even worth describing. I just happen to have a visual field to see it.”

The Information of the Crystal Tower

Andy: “I want you to leave that behind and go back, floating to the tower. I want you to go closer to the tower. What happens when you get closer?”
Jīng: “I can feel myself vibrating at a higher frequency as I get closer.”

Andy: “Can you go up and actually touch the tower?”
Jīng: “Yes. (Then what happens?) I feel a surge of energy. It feels like energy and knowledge have been embodied, or unloaded. The energy feels refreshing but the knowledge, I have no idea. It just feels like somebody putting thousands of hard drives in, packed it in there and that’s it.”

Andy: “See if you can ask that tower, ‘how do I open this knowledge?’ It probably wouldn’t be downloaded if it wasn’t going to be used.”
Jīng: “It only says, ‘in due time’.”

Andy moves Jīng to another important scene that is relevant to his session.

Andy: “What’s the first thing that you see?”
Jīng: “It looks like the coastal area of the Nice {France}, but I can’t tell if it’s the future or the past. The reason I say that is because it has futuristic looking buildings, which is nothing like it looks now, but the background is all vegetation. (Are you on the surface?) I am floating.”

Andy: “See if you can come down to the surface. (Yes) What is your position on the surface?”
Jīng: “I’m standing on the beach. (Look down at your feet, what do they look like?) Crystal clear. They look like feet but too perfect to be feet. (Do you see through them?) Fifty percent.”

Andy: “Notice the rest of the body. You can even look from the outside. What does that body look like?”
Jīng: “It looks like a ten foot version of a human body, but the build is similar to the silver surfer in the fantastic four. It’s half translucent / transparent. You can kind of see through it but you also can’t see through it.”

Crystal Tower QHHT Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer. Source: Wiki / Marvel

Andy: “How does it feel being in this body?”
Jīng: “It feels warm. It feels light, but not light in the sense that physical or material light, but in the sense that my strength is super human. Basically like superman. It feels like I can do anything. ”

Andy: “So what do you do next?”
Jīng: “I am just walking on the beach. (What do you see there?) I see a crystal catamaran off the shore. (What do you do?) Float back up into the sky. (Then what happens?) I survey, I take my time and rotate and survey the entire area. (What is your purpose surveying the area?) It seems I am just checking in. ”

Andy: “What do you notice in your survey?”
Jīng: “The sky is slightly purple. What else? There’s nothing going on.”

Andy: “Those buildings that look futuristic, by the coast, is there anything going on there?”
Jīng: “Nothing. It almost seems like I entered this world in a different dimension, that’s stopping time, and phase. As if I am just checking the foundation or something. Sort of like checking the layers of reality. One layer of reality. As an example, all internet websites have layers where you have the front page, etc, it’s almost like I am checking the middle layer so that is… probably like nothing is going on and the sky is purple.”

Andy: “And so what is your conclusion from everything you are checking?”
Jīng: “That everything is running smoothly for this particular layer.”

Andy: “So then what do you do?”
Jīng: “I create a portal of white light above my head and go through it. (What do you see when you go through it?) Similar to Interstellar, but except it’s all white. The travel through space and time, through the wormhole in interstellar, except it’s all white with sparkles. So it’s basically like travelling through a wormhole. (How does that feel?) I feel nothing because it seems I am being encased in some sort of protective pod so I actually feel nothing other than what I see.”

Andy: “Do you enjoy it or does it feel routine?”
Jīng: “Half and half. (Where does this wormhole bring you to?) A room that’s completely white, no ends, no doors, no nothing, just white.”

Andy: “What do you do in this room?”
Jīng: “Physically I am just standing here. (On other levels what are you doing?) It feels like I’m telepathically exchanging information. ”

Andy: “What kind of information are you exchanging?”
Jīng: “I have no idea.”

Andy: “When you are finished with this room and this exchange, then what happens?”
Jīng: “I walk around the room and every step I take, ripples energy and then I just create, either I create, or it just happens. There is a portal that opens up at my feet and I float back out.”

Returning to the Crystal Tower

Jīng is now back at the crystal tower in a silver surfer type form.

Andy: “What happens?”
Jīng: “I’m just floating here. It’s like I am waiting for instructions.”

Andy: “Are you an aspect of that tower?”
Jīng: “Yes and no. (Please describe) On one hand if I look at myself, I feel like I am an individual. However, now when I touch the crystal tower, it feels like the energy and information is the same. I am a little confused.”

Andy: “Is it possible that you are the crystal tower, but you are the part that travels?”
Jīng: “Yes.”

Andy: “So now I want you to feel yourself as being the crystal tower and I want you to describe what your role is, the part that does not travel.”
Jīng: “It feels like the crystal tower is the foundation of all, almost like it’s the central communication centre, the central train station — however you want to describe it. It feels like whatever you want to do between all dimensions, time and space, there has to be some connection, some influence from the crystal tower.  ”

Andy: “What does the crystal tower think about a god concept or a concept of source?”
Jīng: “The crystal tower says that it is true and that it self is also a part of that source, and also not a part of that source.”

Andy: “What is the part that is not part of source? (The crystal tower) How is it separate from source?”
Jīng: “It is directing from this image, and that is separate. You can say it’s physically separate.”

Andy: “So the crystal tower is the communications portal of everything that is separate from source? Everything that is in some kind of identification?”
Jīng: “Simplistically, yes. (I mean source doesn’t require the crystal tower to be source, does it?) The crystal tower is part of source. It was created by source. (So source is bigger?) Right.”

Healing from the Crystal Tower / Higherself

Andy: “Just notice that energy of the crystal tower and I want you to notice if the crystal tower would like to help us a little bit in the healing today. Or if it would rather have us just go to the subconscious. I will respect the opinion of the crystal tower first. ”
Jīng: “Yes, the tower will help.”

Andy: “Okay, I was getting an image that there is some kind of resonance, some kind of vibration that the crystal tower could do, to help with the ears and the hearing situation. Is that true?”
Crystal Tower: “Yes. (Then I’m asking for the crystal tower to heal Jīng’s hearing right now. Please describe the healing process) I’m looking at the matrix of his being and focusing on the areas of his eyes and ears and correcting the energies.”

Andy: “Was there a reason that he needed to have problems with the eyes and ears?”
Crystal Tower: “So that he experiences the difficulties of these impairments in this incarnation.”

Andy: “And why is that necessary?”
Crystal Tower: “This is one of his life lessons for this incarnation. (Is that life lesson learned enough now so that he can be healed?) Yes. (So you are continuing the healing now?) Yes. (How long will it take before that healing is fully complete?) Five days.”

Andy: “Is there anything he needs to do to help with the completion of that healing, or will you do it all?”
Crystal Tower: “I will do it all.”

Andy: “Thank you. Are you the same as his subconscious / higherself?”
Crystal Tower: “Yes and no. (What is the no part?) I am a higher part, but the subconscious is also a part of me. (So you’re a higher part than the subconscious?) Yes. (Can you do a deeper healing than the subconscious?) Yes. (So we don’t need to speak to the subconscious part? I will follow your direction.) You can speak to the subconscious part if you prefer.”

Andy: “Can you heal the right shoulder please?”
Crystal Tower: “Yes. (And the ribs?) Yes. (What else in the body needs healing?) A rib on the left side and the left knee and both elbows. (Can you take care of all of those areas and bring them to an optimal state please?) Yes. (Thank you)”

* * *

The rest of the session is of a more private nature in direct relation to personal questions that Jīng brought in. Andy did decide to call in Jīng’s higher self right at the end of the session to answer one question.

What we tend to find as practitioners of QHHT is that the higher self is not always required because clients can gain access to other sources which have a similar ability and function. For example, with the sessions I conducted with my client Lai, he had regular access to what I have called the grid consciousness, so it wasn’t necessary to call in his higher self after this strong connection was established.

Interestingly, this crystal tower that came up during the session is very similar to what some of the participants of the weekly transients.info distant healing group have experienced. I have been running this group for about two and a half years now and I have also seen a crystal tower during the healing sessions.

This was an interesting regression in terms of the relevance of where we are heading back here on Earth. There is a lot of information out there now, solid and reliable, that a mini ice age is coming. In addition to that, there are some outstanding forecasts, such as from the webbot and many other sources, which are expecting a future Earth that has a certain level of change in terms of coastlines being underwater. The information from the webbot has specifically mentioned the involvement of ET’s on the ground, but possibly in an alternative timeline, depending on freewill and other factors in play. But as Jīng mentioned, the end is more static and the journey is what can vary, between now and then.

The QHHT practitioner for this session, Andy Sway, is able to conduct sessions in both New York and California in the USA. You can find his site here


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