Jesus’ Creation, ET Abduction, Blood Lines: Melanie Creator Being P2 | QHHT Session by Sian Chua


Here is part two of a three part series of transcribed past life regression session information conducted by Sian Chua, one of the worlds most experienced QHHT practitioners.

Topics covered in this session:

  • Why Melanie’s oldest son was born with sensory processing disorder (SPD) and the role he plays with helping her from being ‘attacked’. His stars seed origin also comes up.
  • More on Melanie’s conception, specifically around her genetic creation.
  • Melanie’s youngest son and his soul contract changes, based on Melanie’s interference. His consciousness and energy is found to have problems because of a time space continuum issue. His eczema condition is looked at.
  • Sian is told Melanie is a volunteer and is provided information around the details of this, including the fact that Melanie has had overlays, or ‘imprint’ past lives.
  • It’s explained that Melanie’s creation, as part of an alliance, is a first for them in terms of the genetic and bloodline link. Detail comes in around this situation.
  • Melanie’s bloodline is explained to have a close connection to Jesus’, including Christ consciousness. Jesus’s conception is briefly touched upon.

It’s really best to read this series in order, so head back to part one here if you haven’t yet read it.

An important part of this session deals with Melanie’s children. Information pertaining to disorders can be explained in very unique ways. This information below provides important insight into why people are born with such disorders, like SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). Answers can bring much comfort, and understanding, to parents, through such methods as past life regression.

The below sessions was conducted in Perth, Australia, back on the 22nd of July, 2015. It continues on after part one, where Melanie had healing for her PTSD.

* * *

Sian: The tiredness, the weakness, the fatigue is that all gone?
SC: It was the attack.

Sian: Will all her energies come back now that all this is cleared?
SC: Yes, she will feel so peaceful. She will actually feel what she has been telling herself she ‘should’ feel {SC giggles}

Sian: And the panic attacks will go. Everything will settle down?
SC: Yes. She will be stable.

Help for Melanie & and SPD

Melanie’s oldest son Ben is 7 years old and is an Empath — he is highly sensitive. He was diagnosed with SPD (Sensory processing disorder, which in some research is considered almost Autism). Some of the indicators of SPD are: Hyperactivity, constant need to bounce, move and bang against things, emotional sensitivity and outbursts, issues with concentration and focus, unable to hear his name being called, trouble speaking a full sentence quickly and clearly (they are the most challenging).

Sian: Why did Ben choose to come into this world so sensitive? He has been diagnosed with SPD and he is an Empath. He has mood swings, over emotional and hard to deal with. Melanie finds his behaviour very challenging.
SC: He came in to assist HER. In part, to take on some of the attacks.

Sian: Has he taken on some of it?
SC: Yes, but not in the way you imagine. If a dam was to overflow then he is the reservoir.  When she is full and cannot cope, he takes on the overflow of her energy. He has taken on the overflow a lot. That is why she questions if she is damaging him. She is not damaging him. It was his choice to be the overflow. There are some repairs needed for him but he is not damaged.

The SC repairs the damage in a healing for Ben.

Sian: Now with his ‘condition’, from his perspective, how is he feeling? About where he is at and who he is. How does he feel about his behaviour and condition?SC: From his perspective he feels ungrounded and detached, not here, not there, not ever solid. Except to his mother, he feels the strong attachment there.

Sian: How can we help him? Can she help him? Will you SC help him?
SC: Now that he is safe (that the attack was removed from the mother) we can bring him in. We can bring him in fully. He is not completely of, or in, the Earth. He is a mix, a hybrid as you have called it. He is of Pleiadian and of Andromedan, and only a small aspect is currently in the body, in order to be ‘the reservoir’ for his mother. Now that it is safe, we can now bring the rest of him fully in. As time goes by, by the age of 14, he will be fully integrated.

Sian: So it will be a slow integration. Does that mean by the age of 14 he will be what humans understand as ‘normal’?
SC: {laughs loudly} NO! He will not be normal!

Sian: What will he be left with on his list of challenges?
SC: He won’t have any challenges, but he will not be normal. He will be a healer. He will feel things, he know things and he will be able to move things and do things with his mind.

Sian: Right now at this age, it is like there is a time lag or delay with what he is thinking to what he is saying. He has auditory processing issues and can’t string a sentence together in one go.
SC: This is because he is not all here. We can improve that now, we can make the connections stronger. This will take a week.

Sian: He is very, very, active and constantly moves…
SC: That will settle down immediately, that was to do with the overflow. He won’t need to move and shift the energy any more. Because Melanie was unable to move he was shifting the energy for her. We put these things in place.

Sian: What about this aspect of him- When she calls him, if he is not looking at her, he does not hear her.
SC: At those times he is off planet. (Will you help him — it is a bit of a liability) She needs to make sure she touches him and grounds him first before speaking. He will never be in danger from this.

Sian: How are others supposed to know to do that? How will he get help there?
SC: It is not a problem. Eventually he will need to be here 100%, by the time he is 14 or earlier, depending on how he goes.

Sian: What about taking instructions?
SC: {laughs} He does not like to take instruction. Give the instruction one at a time and decide whether it is important or not.

Sian: If he is very tired and over stimulated he can become challenging and emotional. Is that likely to change?
SC: That is normally in response to the overflow. All of that will come to an end.

Sian: How about him being an Empath. He can sometimes get so overwhelmed and he gets aggressive towards people.
SC: That is more of a reflection, and not actually him. He is not angry, he is not an aggressive child, but in reaction to energy, he may feel he needs to protect himself. So if someone is carrying and an aggressive energy or entity he may aggress against it to protect himself. He will learn how to do this in other ways. He couldn’t learn from his mother while she was being attacked. She can show him now and he will understand.

Melanie now has a headache. The SC informs that she is carrying a lot of emotion. She is upset about her parents not being her parents. Healing is provided to her.

Sian: What can you tell her about that? We got so far as to know the egg was from her Aunty. Where was the sperm from?
SC: It was genetically created. Bits here and bits there. It is human and she is of the genetic lines of her ‘family’ members but not of one in particular. From her father, her grandfather (mothers father) genetic line and others.

Sian: So she is a composite of genetic material. Was any of the material from her home galaxy?
SC: Not this time.

Sian: So she is all human, with this genetic material?
SC: She is as human as human gets! It is a sadness that her mother is not her mother, but also a knowing that her Aunty was always something more.

Sian: But her mother was and still is a pillar of support for her.
SC: She has her mother’s DNA because she has aspects of her grandfather’s DNA, her mother’s father.

Sian: Can you please help alleviate any discomfort of how she came to be. There are many things not of this earth that needs to be because of the larger plan. Is this her first time with Ben or have they had lives together? And how can she best support him.
SC: First time. She can just let him be. (Is there anything else you would like to tell her about Ben?) He is not weak or fragile as she imagines him to be, that is a projection of her own state. (What did she come to learn from him) there are many ways to be supported. Just because the body is younger than you, doesn’t mean they do not have their own purpose and journey and they are capable of being able to, do and handle, a lot more than what you perceive a child to be able to do.

Youngest Son and Melanie’s childhood Abductions

Jason is 5 years old and is the opposite to his brother — very slow moving, sleepy and tires easily. He does not enjoy sports, or too much movement.

Sian: What can you tell us about Jason? He tires so easily.
SC: He is being drained.

Sian: By what or by whom?
SC: There is a force around him. (What sort of force?) Similar situation to his mother, some other contract, he was not supposed to live this long. He was supposed to be taken.

Sian: Who was that contract made with?
SC: From beings from this galaxy. Same dimension.

Sian: Why was he not supposed to be here this long? How and why would he have been taken? To what end?
SC: The end of his life.

Sian: Who made that contract? Why is he still here? What purpose does that serve? Will he be taken and if so by whom?
SC: One question at a time.

Sian: You said there was a contract that Jason was not supposed to live this long, that he was supposed to be taken. Who were the parties of that contract?
SC: The ones that removed the children before.

Sian: You mean her ovaries, the eggs? (YES) from her own galaxy?
SC: No, this galaxy, the ones from her childhood, when she remembers being taken at 7, and 14. They were supposed to take this one.

Sian: Why didn’t they take him?
SC: They tried to, she stopped it. Then we were supposed to end his life here, but she stopped that too.

Sian: She is very powerful isn’t she (YES)
SC: Still not sure that he should be here.

Sian: You said just now that ‘we’ were supposed to end his life and she stopped it. Who is ‘we’? I thought you were the subconscious? Who is speaking?
SC: We. It is his contract.

Sian: And you are still not sure he should be here? What is the purpose of cutting the life short, for the soul to be here but then cut short?
SC: It is all just experience. The original experience would have been with the others but he came through to here. He was supposed to be with the others.

Melanie remembers having her eggs removed at the age of 14 during one abduction and then being shown the children (the result of the eggs) at the age of 21.

Sian: Was that an accident? He chose to come? Used his free will? But they want to take him back to be with them?
SC: The time and space continuum — there is an issue with him staying. The issue with the continuum is being moved now.

Sian: I do not understand. What was the issue?
SC: That he wasn’t supposed to come through. {Melanie makes a movement with her hands to show what she is seeing in her mind. What she can see is like a worm hole with Jason half way in and half way out} There is still a part of him that is mixed in with the times space continuum, he is being drained, he is not fully through.

Sian: Is that why he is so tired, not all of his energy has come through?
SC: Yes, but not in the same way as Ben. Ben’s is a choice to part by part vibrationally integrate. Jason, is that his whole self tried to come through when he wasn’t supposed to and half of him got stuck. If you imagine a worm hole, half of him is through, the other half is not. To help him would have been to bring the end of his life here. It would have fixed it. But Melanie stopped that from happening too.

Sian: Is that a permanent thing now. The end, he can stay?
SC: No he is in trouble. He needs help. We need to bring him fully through. She has recently had experiences of her own self tearing though the continuum; we brought those to her so she would know what to do with Jason.

Sian: She has had her own experience? Ok SC can you do that now with her and bring him all the way through.
The SC takes a moment to heal the tear in the time and space continuum and bring Jason completely through.

SC: He will be very tired for a week or two.
Sian: His eczema, what is causing that?

SC: It is a disturbance in his gut. Parasites.
The SC does a healing on Jason’s gut.

Sian: Is there anything more she can do to help him on his journey?
SC: She will need to care for him and nourish him as if he was sick. His physical body is very weak.

Sian: What is his purpose here? What has he come to do and share with the world?
SC: He is very intelligent. He will create things, technological things. Inventions, an engineer.

Sian: Have they had past lives together?
SC: Who? (Josh and Melanie) No. Melanie has had overlays of past lives but she has not been here in the body like this before.

Sian: She is a first time then?
SC: All her past life memories are due to imprint overlays and memory from her genetic composition. That is why we had to include so many different genetic compositions.

Sian: She has some digestive issues with certain foods. Will this continue (Yes) what can she do to help this?
SC: Her body was made for purity. When you react to poison you do not say you are ‘sensitive’ to poison, you just say it was the poison. Do you know what I mean? She is not sensitive. She just doesn’t need those poisons. If she puts those poisons in her body, her body will react.

Contact Experiences and the Creation of Jesus

Sian: Is Melanie comfortable with the beings she is working with and knows know what it is all about?
SC: {Laughs} She doesn’t think she knows what it is all about.

Sian: Do you wish to tell her any more about the beings who work with her and their agenda?
SC: She does know.

Sian: And they are benevolent and here for her highest good and for the highest good of the planet? And the dark ones who have been attacking her have all been cleared and she has been healed from all the damage? Is she likely to have more attacks from other groups and races?
SC: Yes, she is clear, she is above that now. She is safe.

Sian: She is wondering if she should be teaching. Sharing this knowledge and information that she has.
SC: She needs to teach. That is why she became a teacher. She needs to share it with the world.

Sian: What happened when she was healed after the attack when she was 21? Did she open up full blown, all of her senses? What happened there?
SC: We connected her in fully. We turned all her switches on.

Sian: Melanie has had a recent experience on a ship. She was run down and exhausted and remembers disappearing, woke up three hours later, feeling very refreshed. Are these the ones working with her? (Yes) is there anything more you want to tell her about her life purpose?
SC: Please stop the worry.

Sian: I would like you to do a full body scan on her from top to bottom and let us know if there is any healing, adjusting, fixing, or moving or anything that doesn’t serve her to be released and removed, If there is any soul fragment traumas, just bring back all the fragments to be healed and reintegrated so she can become whole.
SC: We will replace her uterus.

Sian: Why?
SC: It is no longer functional. It has been decommissioned under her previous contract. It is no longer needed, it has served its purpose. It is no longer functional as a human needs it to be. It is not needed anymore. We are replacing it with a higher vibrational energy centre. We will rebalance her hormones that have been effected by her traumas.

Sian: Now the harvesting of her eggs — what she remembers — it has traumatised her. And seeing her children (not her earth children) on the ship has caused her great pain. What was that all about please?
SC:  We have never created a specimen like this before, in an alliance. You have a story on Earth about the bloodlines and keeping the bloodlines pure, because of the light and the gifts that they contain. Such is these children also contain those gifts and the pure bloodline.

Sian: So you wanted to continue this very unique bloodline and that is why they were harvested from her. (Yes) and the children on the ships. What has become of them?
SC: They are on the ships. There are six of them. Some of them assist her. She is not aware of this. They are guiding her from the ships — guiding is not the correct word. They are a part of her ‘crew’, one of the ‘crews’ that assist, but it is not a mother child relationship. They do not consider her to be their mother, they just consider her to be somebody important on their journey.

Sian: Why is she important to them?
SC: Because they have been told she is.

Sian: She has six children from her own eggs but where did the sperm come from? How were they created? What where her eggs mixed with?
SC: Light, as you would have heard of the Virgin Mary?

Sian: Yes. Were all six of them created this way?
SC: Yes.

Sian: Can you explain. They were mixed with light, then how were they birthed?SC: It is a vibrational womb.

Sian: Like the Immaculate Conception?
SC: Yes, but without a body, with a vibrational womb. They just came into being.

Sian: Are these children immortal? What will happen to them in the end?
SC: They are immortal, the human word, but they are of light. They are of Jesus’s line.

Sian: How is that? Does Melanie carry the Christ consciousness and bloodline?
SC: Yes she does.

ET Abduction, Jesus' Creation, Blood Lines QHHT
The Transfiguration of Jesus by Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834–1890)

Sian: But how does that happen when she has not had any incarnations on Earth?
SC: Because of the bloodlines. An aspect of one of the bloodlines from her genetic makeup is of Jesus. And understanding that also Jesus was not all human. {Smiles deeply}

Sian: Who was he?
SC: He was a manifestation of love.

Sian: How was he created?
SC: In a similar way but more consciously.

Sian: So an egg was taken from his mother Mary and then infused with light?SC: Yes, but different.

Sian: How different?
SC: When pure love and radiant energy consciously manifests and transforms, there does need to be some human aspects for him to take a human body, but the original conception was more spiritual, energetic, and pure — of a very, very, high vibration.

Sian: Have there been any others who have been conceived in this way?
SC: Not the way Jesus was and not the way Melanie was, but in similar ways. It is faster, this way, when we need ‘men on the ground’.

Sian: So what is to become of the children? Now that she is aware of this can she initiate contact with them?

Sian:  What will happen with these children? Will they have offspring? Will they come to Earth?
SC: They will integrate back to source.

Sian: Eventually, as we all do? So what is the whole point of this exercise then to continue the bloodline, but if the bloodline doesn’t go anywhere but just stays on the ships what is the point of doing this?
SC: It is vibrational.

Melanie then moves her hands as if explaining something to Sian. As an after note, Melanie could see that the vibration the children were holding and the connection it made to her was assisting to raise the vibration of the whole of humanity, though it wasn’t explained in this way, it was a series of emotions, colours and feelings.

Sian: I see your hands moving. What is going on there?
SC: I am feeling the purpose of it. It is to manifest and integrate the human energy, the strains of humanity into a pure vibration to assist the earth, it assists the vibrational shift, the healing of humanity. It doesn’t need to be manifest, it doesn’t need to come ‘down’. It doesn’t need to be human. The very part of them being a mixture of pure essence and the mixture of ‘humanness’ creates like a grounding.  There will be one of them that will be protected and removed if that energy is required again.

Sian: To make sure there is enough of the pure ‘stock’ there in case something happens to one, there are others to come forth.
SC: Yes. Should Melanie fail at her mission or if the other side should take her, there are others with her DNA and light to ‘finish the job’.

Sian: Can you tell me about her DNA? How many strands are in place?
SC: 42

Sian: Is she ready for more to be put in place?
SC: Not until she moves to the new area and her energy settles.

Sian: Will she come into abundance in her new place? Though it has never been an issue, the only issue was she couldn’t work even though she had the work.
SC: Yes, she will be able to work.  If she wants to learn other therapies she can. The new remedial therapy that she is learning will help connect the physical to the emotional. She will be very good at it. She will bring about a new therapy from it.

Sian: Do you have a final message for her?
SC: She is infinitely loved by the whole of the Divine universe and we really want her to stop harping on herself. She is safe.

* * *

During the description of how Jesus and Melanie’s offspring were created, Melanie saw an image of a vibrational golden ‘womb’ suspended in a healing room on the ship — this is where Jesus was created before being inserted into his mother. Melanie’s children continued on to be birthed vibrationally without the help of a human mother’s body. She said it did look more like a bee’s nest, than a womb shape.

Melanie is at peace with her abductions and now sees them as a part of a plan that she commanded. Her connection to Jesus has always been strong and he has appeared to her on many occasions; the one that stands out the most is when he came to her before the QHHT session and said, ‘you are as I am.’ At the time, she thought he meant a healer!

Melanie did have some grief after coming to learn her parents were not her parents, but at the same time she always knew she was different. When she spoke to her mother about what had come up in the session, her mother stated, ‘I have always known that about you, thank you for choosing me.’

Sian explained to Melanie that as a volunteer soul she was doing exceptionally well because of what she had been through in her life. Even with imprinted lives from other souls to help them, for volunteers, being here on Earth can be terribly difficult as they are usually first timers. Melanie has had four nervous breakdowns over the years, and she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Melanie told me that her life has been extremely painful, and traumatising, at times. You can learn more about this situation, in relation to volunteer souls and the challenging lives they choose to go through, through a QHHT session I conducted with my client Lai, here.

Melanie added that in review, with the gifts she has, and her purpose now understood, from having had a strong earth and spiritual family support, she is grateful and honoured to be here.

She now knows she can do it.

With regards to Jesus’ conception, among the QHHT sessions I have conducted with my client Lai, we had a session which explained Jesus’s conception in detailed, and that information matches up with what came through for Melanie. You can find that particular session here.

Sian mentioned she’d had two other QHHT clients who described ‘the twelve’, as Melanie did, which was mentioned in part one. One was in Hawaii and another in Canada. When Sian asked SC during Melanie’s session, if they should meet, SC said and that they need to stay apart from each other.

Some of you out there may be interested to know that Melanie’s blood is Rh negative. Melanie plans to have another session with Sian later on in the year, which may get shared on

You can find Sian Chua’s website, who is based in Perth, Australia, here. Melanie’s website can be located here.


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Article edited by Laron and transcribed by Melanie.

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